2024 Hyundai Palisade Problems Guide

Top issues include: Powertrain, Electrical, Lighting, Brakes, and Steering

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The 2024 Hyundai Palisade suffers from multiple problems with the powertrain, electrical system, exterior lighting, service brakes and steering. There’s even a concern about a car fire. The Palisade has only been on the roads since 2020, and sadly, many of the top problems have yet to be resolved.

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Most Common Problems

With the 2024 Hyundai Palisade, some of the top complaints involve the defective powertrain and issues with the electrical system. Drivers have also submitted reports about the malfunctioning exterior lights, service brakes and steering system. In addition, we are investigating complaints regarding sunroof shattering with this model year.


  • Slipping transmission: Drivers notice a slipping transmission, with the problem occurring as often as every time the SUV is driven. After the vehicle takes off from a stop, the engine can be heard accelerating, but the SUV doesn’t go anywhere right away. There can be a significant hesitation that makes it feel like the transmission is stuck in Neutral.
  • Premature transmission failure: One owner reported the transmission failing with 800 miles on the odometer. Right before the failure, the vehicle jerked and kept getting stuck in gear. The engine would rev up, but the transmission wouldn’t shift as it needed to. This led to delayed acceleration, which caused a safety concern when pulling into oncoming traffic. While the transmission was replaced under warranty, this problem shouldn’t occur on something brand-new.

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Electrical System

  • Digital Key trouble: The 2024 Palisade has the available Digital Key system, but it doesn’t always work like it should. Drivers may have trouble unlocking the vehicle or starting it. The system keeps asking if they have the key, making the system completely unreliable.

Exterior Lighting

  • Dim low-beam headlights: Drivers find the low beams to be too dim for nighttime driving. They aren’t capable of illuminating the road, leading to many safety concerns.
  • Severe low beam cutoff: Aside from being dim, the low beams also feature a cutoff line that seems to be too abrupt. There’s minimal visibility and all of a sudden, there’s nothing. It’s difficult to see areas where there should be illumination. This problem is most noticeable when coming around a curve or going over a hill.

Brake System

  • ABS defects: The anti-lock braking system in the Palisade is causing problems for drivers. When pressing the brakes, it’s possible for the brakes to start shaking because of the ABS. This problem seems more common when driving on uneven road surfaces.
  • Brakes get soft: Drivers report that the brakes can go soft and fail to stop on time. Most often, the soft brakes happen when driving on a bumpy road or while trying to brake on an uneven road.


  • Drifting to one side: The Palisade struggles with drifting to one side. This is an issue that’s occurred on previous models but has not yet been resolved. Dealerships are struggling to figure out what’s causing the pulling sensation while drivers are left without their new vehicles.
  • Vibration in steering: Along with having trouble controlling the Palisade, there also appears to be a vibration in the steering wheel. At the same time, the wind noise can become uncontrollable, creating anything but a family-friendly ride.

What Can You Do?

If your 2024 Hyundai Palisade is experiencing recurring issues affecting its functionality, value, or safety, it could potentially qualify as a lemon. Unsure if your vehicle meets the criteria? Contact Lemberg Law for free assistance.

Reach out via our Helpline or fill out our contact form. We’ll swiftly assess your concerns and provide guidance. Should we determine your Palisade qualifies as a lemon, we’ll advocate for you in negotiating a settlement. Remember, Hyundai is legally obligated to cover your lemon law legal expenses, ensuring you can seek resolution without financial risk.


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