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Hartford is the capital of Connecticut and it’s nicknamed the Insurance Capital of the World. The tag dates back to the 19th century when a large number of insurance companies set up shop in the city – one of the oldest in the U.S. According to reports, there are still at least 100 insurance companies operating out of the city, even though many have moved to suburban areas to cut costs.

But of course, this doesn’t mean that all the insurance companies Hartford, CT personal injury attorneys deal with are all based in the city. Lemberg Law has considerable experience helping Hartford, CT residents with personal injury cases, and our attorneys deal with a wide range of insurance companies located throughout Connecticut and in other parts of the U.S.

And attorneys don’t only deal with insurance companies. Depending on the circumstances, there are often individuals, companies, and state or local government entities involved in personal injury claims.

If you are lucky enough never to have had personal experience filing a claim after being injured in an accident, you might be wondering why you need a lawyer to help with a claim.

Lemberg Law Can Help With Your Claim

Personal injury claims can be involved and complicated. They invariably involve a range of legal and procedural issues that only professional lawyers fully understand.

Lemberg Law offers top-rated professional legal representation to people who are involved in the full range of personal injury cases, from minor to fatal cases, including auto and other road-related accidents.

When insurance companies are involved, we deal directly with them to ensure that our clients get a fair settlement. They are often willing to pay out compensation, but not that willing to pay out as much as victims claim or deserve. So, our lawyers negotiate on your behalf, which commonly has positive results.

We handle all the paperwork, including police reports and medical records, and get statements from witnesses, if there were any. If you are struggling with medical bills as a result of an accident, we will help you unravel the options and see whether your health insurer or the insurance carrier of the person you are claiming from can pay or at least contribute.

While we always build a strong, persuasive claim, if we don’t get the results we want for our clients, we will go to trial if necessary. Lemberg Law only gets paid when we win, so there’s no risk or out-of-pocket costs for you to worry about.

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Typical Types & Common Causes of Personal Injury

Personal injury comes in many different forms and in vastly different levels of severity. The type of accident suffered doesn’t define injury either. For instance, an auto accident could result in broken bones and lacerations that require hospitalization and lead to loss of earnings. But they could be even more severe, resulting in head injuries that affect the brain, spinal cord injuries, or amputation.

Vehicle accidents including motor cars, motorcycles, and trucks are extremely common causes of personal injury. Usually, there are at least two parties (drivers) involved, one of whom is likely at blame. Road accidents involving pedestrians and bicycles are also very common. Dog bites, burns, and dangerous or defective products are all typical types of personal injury, leading to legal claims.

FAQs From Our Hartford, CT Clients

Our Hartford, CT clients always have lots of questions about personal injury claims. For example:

If I file a personal injury claim will I have to go to court?

Most personal injury cases never go to trial. Even if a trial date is set, most resolve before this time. You will only have to go to court if your case goes to trial. Your best way of avoiding court is to build your case carefully so that the other party knows there’s more chance of the trial going in your favor. Our lawyers will work with you all the way.

What can I do to strengthen my personal injury case?

You need as much evidence as possible to strengthen your case and get the maximum settlement. Our professional lawyers will help you do this.

Why Choose Our Legal Team?

The Lemberg Law team of attorneys is dedicated and experienced, and we are in it to win it for our clients. If you have been injured in Hartford, CT, contact us as soon as possible to ensure our attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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Lemberg Law has a reputation backed by 13 years of service and $50 million in recovery for 25,000 clients nationwide. We know personal injury law. You have rights, and you deserve the best representation available. All you need to do is send us your information for a free case evaluation, or call our Helpline today. We’re knowledgeable; we’re friendly; and we’re here to help. There is no charge unless we win.

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