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Debt Collection Harassment Law protects victims of debt collection harassment.  When you are contacted by a debt collector, you need access to reliable information – fast. That’s why we’re here to help.

Here, you can learn about the illegal tactics and dirty tricks debt collection agencies use to put the squeeze on you, and how you can fight back.

We hope that you find this information useful, and urge you to contact us at 475-277-2200 for a free debt collection harassment case evaluation.

What Would You Like to Learn About?

Your Debt Collection Rights – Learn which debt collectors are covered under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the illegal tactics used by some debt collectors, the role of fair debt attorneys, and how to sue debt collectors.

Debt Buyers – Debt buyers purchase large portfolios of charged-off debt, and then try to collect from consumers – sometimes subjecting them to debt collection harassment. Learn about the major players in the debt buying industry, statutes of limitations on debt, and what to do about time-barred debt.

Student Loan Debt Collection – Learn about the ways in which student loan debt collection differs from other types of debt collection, and about the debt collection agencies that collect for the Department of Education. Discover how to dispute a student loan and how to renegotiate the terms of a defaulted student loan.

Deceased Debt Collection – Unscrupulous debt collectors prey upon grieving loved ones in order to collect on debts owed by the deceased. Get straight information about what happens to debt when a person dies and the rules collectors must follow when collecting deceased debt – and what you can do if you’re subjected to debt collection harassment.

Negotiating a Debt Settlement – Learn how to negotiate a debt settlement at a fraction of the outstanding balance while avoiding the traps that debt collectors often set.

Your Rights and Default Judgments – Debt collectors often sue consumers and obtain default judgments – without the consumer’s knowledge. Learn about default judgments and how to vacate a judgment.

Debt Collection FAQs – Find out what debt collectors can and can’t do along with other Frequently Asked Questions. Lemberg Law’s guide outlines all of the information you need to assert your rights and fight against abusive collection agencies.

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