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Airplane travel in the modern age is extraordinarily safe, but when something goes wrong, often the results are catastrophic. Sometimes strict liability could be at issues and federal aviation laws will also apply. This is why it is best rely on the help and expertise of an airplane accident lawyer in the event of a plane crash injury.

What are the most Common Causes of Airplane Accidents?

  1. Pilot error  – Accounting for 60% of plane accidents since 2000
  2. Mechanical failure – Accounting for 18% of accidents
  3. Weather – Accounting for 7% of accidents since 2000
  4. Sabotage – Accounting for 9% of accidents since 2000
  5. Other – Accounting for 6% of accidents since 2000

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It is never an ideal situation for a vacation or business trip to take a terrible turn for the worse. As optimistic as we may be regarding our decision to fly, there is always a possibility for an accident to occur. This could be caused by mechanical or personnel errors as well as acts of terrorism or problems caused by inclement weather.

Most personnel errors are derived from the pilot’s negligence, such as ignoring a warning light or skipping over flight procedures, though this is not always the case. There are those instances where the pilot is not at fault in any way, such that the air traffic controller is responsible for a collision or inaccurate directions.

Poor maintenance performed by either airline personnel or private party workers can also lead to an accident. In this case, determining the origin or specific part responsible will best lead to an accurate and effective case. Sometimes it is the manufacturer that did not create a working part. When this happens, the company, not the airline, is responsible for damages, losses, and injuries.

Weather as a sole factor in the case of an airplane crash is rare considering that pilots are knowledgeable of conditions prior to the flight. It is usually the pairing of poor elements with other problems, such as mistakes or defects in the design of the aircraft, that causes an accident. An accident, without the variable of inclement weather, may not be detrimental enough to cause a crash, but heightened by the conditions outside, it might be. This is the danger in flying during poor weather.

Aviation Accidents Statistics

Surprisingly, airplanes are not nearly as dangerous as is commonly believed. That is not to discount the fears of those who refuse to fly commercially or otherwise; however, the likeliness of perishing in an airplane crash is extremely low—1 in 29.4 million; to be involved in an airplane crash in general has an odds of roughly one in 11 million and there is a casualty percentage of approximately 77%. Unfortunately, accidents of this nature, despite their infrequency, have a high yield for casualties.

Airplane Crash Preventative Measures

Even the most seasoned flyer should pay close attention to the warnings and instructions provided by the flight staff prior to takeoff. Though these directions are not expected to change, barring some minor discrepancies depending on the airline or staff member in charge of instruction, it is pertinent to your safety to take heed of these warnings. If something does happen to go wrong, having the knowledge of what to do will reduce the panic of not only yourself but those around you as well and survival is more likely in the face of danger when a calm mind is in control.

Plane Crash Investigation

In many scenarios, separate investigations are conducted following the event of a plane crash, by the National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration as well as any attorneys representing victims or their families. Negligence by manufacturer or airline personnel as a cause for the accident is means for the appropriate parties to be held responsible, though some firms do rely heavily on the findings of these federal agencies given their expertise. These investigations often entail eyewitness interviews, listening to cockpit recordings, and analyzing reports and maintenance records.

Involved in an Airplane Accident? Next Steps

If you have been involved in an airplane crash caused by negligence, or if you have suffered the loss of a family member because of such an accident, it is vital to know which actions come next. Because of the intensive procedure these cases tend to follow, it is best to find a knowledgeable attorney who can alleviate the stress you currently endure. At Lemberg Law, we believe you are entitled to the compensation you deserve given the hardships you have been placed into. Victims or family members of victims may be owed compensation for any of the following:

  • Disability
  • Physical pain
  • Medical bills
  • Home healthcare
  • Mental anguish
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Lost wages

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