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Sick of Your New Car lemon? Want to Get Justice? You Need Lemberg Law.

The steep price of a new car may lead you to believe that the manufacturers test each and every single vehicle, making sure they are defect-free, but the reality is much grimmer. Automakers know that every single car that comes off the line can’t be perfect. Nonetheless, they roll them out to customers anyways. These cars have hidden problems that owners eventually discover, causing disappointment and frustration. Here are some of the biggest problem areas:

Most cars have some recalls or other problems. Often dealers and manufacturers fix the damage, but still, thousands of cars fall through the cracks and into your hands.

When a car has ongoing, repeated problems, it’s known as a lemon. Around 1 percent of cars out there are “lemons.” If your new car continues to break down, despite repeated repairs, then it’s a good chance that you may have landed yourself a lemon.

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Defending Your Rights Won’t Cost You a Dime

You won’t have to pay a Lemon Law lawyer to handle your lemon law case. Here’s how it works:

With a trusted lemon lawyer, you pay zero costs out of your pocket. If your dealer or manufacturer aren’t playing fair, then we’re here to help you. Our friendly staff is easy to work with and will ensure you receive a more substantial settlement much faster than you would if you worked alone.

Remember that the dealers and car manufacturers aren’t on your side. Their goal is to pay as little as possible, leaving the burden on you. And their teams of lawyers will fight you, and your lemon law claims every step of the way. But you have an advantage: the law is on your side—and so is Lemberg Law.

So, What Are Your Rights?

If you own a lemon car, you have rights under your state’s laws as well as the federal law, and you may be entitled to:

  • A vehicle replacement (with either an identical or comparable model)
  • A refund totaling the price you paid for the vehicle (minus a deduction based on mileage)
  • Reimbursement for other damages and costs associated with your lemon vehicle
  • Other damages (including punitive damages)

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Moreover, there are situations where your rights also apply to recalls. For example in 2018, we helped thousands of car owners who opted out of class settlements receive compensation. In one case we represented car owners who were being offered $50 by the car maker. We were able to get our clients between $1,500-$5,500!

What Can You Do?

The key to a good and fair settlement is to keep notes while seeking help from car experts. It’s useful to keep a log of all your interactions with the dealer or manufacturer, including the dates and brief notes about issues that occur, and when you had your vehicle serviced.

In most states, if your dealer or the manufacturer is not helpful, you can try to sue yourself or go to arbitration alone. It can be difficult, and often the dealer and manufacturer hope that you won’t know the full extent of your protections under the law. They rush to reach settlements for much less than what is fair.

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The dealership and manufacturer have attorneys; you should as well. If you think you have a lemon, don’t count on the automaker’s good faith to repair or replace it. Get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation review of your case.

Don’t let manufacturers drag out the process over months, forcing you to wade through “owner loyalty hotlines,” “customer satisfaction departments,” or “quality care divisions” while waiting for them to resolve your problem. These departments don’t offer meaningful, immediate assistance, and they rarely solve lemon law problems.

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What You Can Expect

It will take weeks. It could take months. But, we’ll work behind the scenes to push your lemon law case forward. We’re relentless. If there’s a speed bump, we’ll let you know. Perhaps one more trip to the shop. Maybe a bit more documentation. But we’ll take the lead. And we’ll keep you posted on the progress of your lemon law case.

Don’t Delay.

We’re good. But we’re not magicians. We can’t turn back the clock. Lemon law claims have an expiration date. The lemon law date varies from state to state. If you suspect you have a lemon, pick up the phone. Don’t wait another day. We want to file your lemon lawsuit before the clock runs out.

We’re the go-to law firm for lemon law. We deliver refunds, replacement vehicles, and cash settlements to people just like you.

Put Lemberg Law in The Driver’s Seat

Think for a minute. Who’s on your side? The dealer isn’t. The manufacturer isn’t. They have teams of lawyers who do nothing but fight lemon law claims.

But the law is on your side – and so are we.

We’ll give you straight answers. We won’t charge you a dime. And we’ll fight to win.

We’ve delivered more than $35 million to more than 15,000 consumers.

If you think you have a lemon car, lemon truck, lemon RV, or lemon motorcycle, you deserve to be compensated. Lemberg Law can help you get justice – at no cost to you! Complete our form for a no-obligation case evaluation, or call toll free 877-795-3666 

  • Sharon R

    I have heard I don’t Qualify for the lemon law, but I still need a good attorney. I will have to fight this so I can be made financially whole I still owe 40,000 dollars on this car, it has only 37000 miles way below the 60,000-mile power train warranty.

  • Navneet

    Hi, I bought 2023 wrangler sahara unlimited 3.6l (Automatic) in June 2023, brand new from dealership, it’s less than a month, and having 2000km on it, yesterday while driving, jeep started making hard shifts to gear, jumping while acceleration, was difficult to speed up above 50 km/hr, and then engine light came on with service transmission on dashboard

  • Jeremy k

    2017 Chevy Trax I think I’ve found over 65-75 percent of people in the Chevy forums to have the same issues I have which start out with vacuum issues to turbo and then an issue with spark plug misfiring but when you change the spark plug no change and then to an issue with the stability track on top of the car losing miles per gallon, shattering moonroof going down the highway and etc etc please let me know if this thing needs representation

  • MsDebb

    I purchased a 2018 Chevrolet Trax August 2022 purchase extended warranty. In October 2022 Vegas trip incline engine censor light came on. Good thing I had another car. Took the car to Chevy dealer I was told the clamps came lose due the vibration of the incline, that was fixed I thought. Ok February 2023 another trip to Vegas same incline engine censor light on. I drop the car off at the Chevrolet dealer rented a car continued my trip, a week later. My car was repaired new turbo installed, under warranty thank God. Reading these comments I’m in the process of taking this car back to the dealership for a trade in. My 2004 Lexus with over 200,000 miles can still make the trip to Vegas no problem.

  • Mr.Hudson

    My Infiniti QX60 airbag light won’t reset so it blinks.My A/C will not shut off.I cannot control anything on my center console other than my hazards and eject button on my CD player.My whole electrical system seems to be slowing shutting down.I was told that it’s going to start at $3000 not Guarantee to fix the solution.Sadly I am no way at fault with this issue however all I seem to see is they want my money and care less of myself nor my kids safety.

  • Olaswor

    2018 Chevrolet Malibu my gas gauge don’t work

  • Terrence

    Toyota RAV4 2017 with 93000km transmission bearings busy failing.

    Done lots of research and it’s a common problem caused by poor design. Lots of current RAV4 owners dealing with the same issue.

    Toyota keeps dismissing when I point this out to them. This is our only car and lifeline, we are a family of 4 that needs to get work and school.

    We don’t have money to repair faulty design flaws.

  • Keith

    Bought a 2020 Ford Explorer Limited new (54k in KY) in may 2020 and the auto hold system fault started happening around 4K miles that year. It’s currently in the shop for the 4th (or possibly fifth) time being fixed. I initiated a Ford buyback and was told it didn’t meet qualifications and I can try again in a year. I’m having the shop print the entire service history when I eventually pick it up. It’s currently at 36k miles. When dropped off at the shop to have auto hold system fault fixed for 4th (or fifth) time, it was at 35,999.9 miles. It’s been having nothing but issues since purchasing. Vehicle is paid in full. Would it be possibly to either sue for MSRP to MSRP swap or settle with cash and keep our vehicle?

  • Andretta A

    I still owe 14 thousand on a car I can drive the dealership won’t help and they send me to hyundai who said they fix the problem and charged me 1768. Dollars and the car is doing the same thing they only change tires and oil and spark plugs and my ca still hesitate to start when it warms up stop at each light the won’t start back up its a 2017 hyundai elantra that I read has alot of recall issues but they claim not my 2.0 engine but the 1.0 and I had to have it towed twice all this and my car still not fixed

  • Sam

    In November 2020 I leased a 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and 9 months later the check engine light comes on and it is the start/stop issue. This begins my over 3 month ordeal and ongoing of it being in the shop to try and fix. Oh yeah at one time the dealer says they drove it for 2 weeks (using my lease miles of course) and they said the check engine light does not come on anymore. I pick it up again and drive to work and on way home the check engine light comes back on. It’s in the shop again 3Rd time.

  • Lemuel

    I purchased a 2008 Toyota rav4 at a purchase price of $6850 totaling $8152.01 ( with fees) on September 18 2021 and on September 25 2021 I had it inspected and discovered that  the rear subframe was completely rotted and unsafe to drive . I was given a DMV dealer vehicle inspection form implying that the vehicle is in safe operational condition. I also was charged a sales tax of 6.90%instead of the standard 6.35% ,which is what it’s supposed to be. If I signed an “as is” contract, can anything be done to get my money back given I was sold an unsafe vehicle?

  • Samuel S

    I own a 2009 BMW X5,
    sold to me by Road Ready Autos in CT!
    My electrical in my car has been a problem since week 2! Told we couldn’t return it, and we could go to the service dept. The scheduled an appointment 2 months out, to tell me most of the issues aren’t under warranty! Then begins to charge me thousands of dollars. 3.5 years and it has been in the shop 7 times for major issues! I need some help dealing with this..

  • Stacey

    I have a 2020 Ford.Mustang GT convertible with 4800 miles on it.I have had transmission problems and have a new transmission after 3 large repairs and continue to hear whining noises from the transmission. Now the dealership is blowing.me.off and.telling.me it is a Ford.engineering problem.

  • Melinda R

    We have a 2009 Chevy Silverado that we just paid off. The lifters have gone out 8 times in the last two years and we have spent $20,000 on fixing this truck when the dealership can’t explain why this keeps happening?

  • Damon G

    Transmission and car shakes and shutters while accelerating from a stop or initially taking off! Getting ready to go back in the shop for the third time this year for same problem! 2018 Ford Focus purchased new April 2018! Mileage 38000

  • Joe F

    I own a 2016 GMC Yukon. It has been in the shop approximately 4 times within a 3 week span for an unknown problem that affected the exhaust system, the tail lights have been bad, there is now a safety recall for the engine-mounted mechanical vacuum pump/power brake assist. In addition, I received a letter from you firm regarding a transmission problem.

  • Jae Y

    I have the infotainment system problem. Screen is blacked out. I cannot use map with apple care, audio, back up camera, and so on. First, i got hard reset service at early april. I had same problem after 2weeks and then I got the service of replacement whole system at end of april. After 6months, i had same problem and then dealer gave me update software for 3rd service to fix oct 17th.

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