2022 Hyundai Palisade Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Cracking windshields, shattering sunroofs, engine, and steering problems are among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

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The 2022 Hyundai Palisade is designed as a family-friendly vehicle that turns heads. The automaker claims it helps customers “arrive in style, safely.” Yet, the consensus online is that this SUV has a lot of faults that must be dealt with, including faulty windshields that crack spontaneously, sunroofs that explode and shatter, defective steering, and  malfunctioning engines.

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Most Common Problems

There has been a total of 33 complaints to the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) since September 26, 2021. Nearly a third of these complaints (12 in all) relate to windshields that crack for no apparent reason or from minimal impact. There are also 2 complaints that report windshield wipers that have stopped working in a snowstorm. A third complains that wipers come on without rain or moisture present.

One NHTSA complaint suggests that the wiper system is poorly designed and needs an urgent revamp.

Steering is another major issue, with 6 complaints. Some say the Palisade loses power steering while driving while most say the steering simply becomes very difficult to manage. Clearly, it affects safety, not just for the Palisade driver and passengers but also for others on the road.

Exploding sunroofs and faulty engines currently have 3 NHTSA complaints each. Two of the engine complaints also involve the electrical system, which is another area of concern with 4 complaints. Other components and systems that have attracted complaints are forward collision avoidance, lane departure, seat belts, seats, brakes, and vehicle speed control.

There is also an urgent recall that affects the 2022 Hyundai Palisade as well as the 2020 and 2021 models. A total of 245,030 vehicle owners have been warned that their vehicles could catch fire when being driven or when parked. This is due to a problem with the tow hitch harness.

2022 Hyundai Palisade Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Unknown Or Other
Electrical System
Seat Belts
Trailer Hitches
Visibility:sun/moon Roof Assembly
Forward Collision Avoidance: Warnings

Windshield Cracking Problem

Complaints to the NHTSA show that there is a huge problem with 2022 Palisade windshields. For example:

“Our new 2022 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy with 1200 miles windshield spontaneously cracked in the middle after warming it with the remote car starter in the morning. There was no rock chip or hit the night before when we drove it. It just split, possibly because of warming up a cool windshield.”

“Windshield has chipped 4 times in (the) last year.”

“Vehicle is only 2 weeks old and (the) windshield cracked for no reason, the crack is progressing.”

“Cracks occurring on (the) windshield without direct impact. Requesting warranty repair but is not being honored by (the) dealer.”

“Windshield cracks too easily. Glass is not strong, very thin, (and) non-protective. 2600 miles.”

An owner from Mississippi states: “The most infuriating part is that the road was clear, there is no way a rock could have hit my car.” After doing some online research, the owner discovered evidence of “issues with the 2020 and 2021 windshields cracking easily.”

“I’m so irritated, especially because it can’t be repaired, the whole windshield would need to be replaced.”

An owner from Texas states that a Palisade technician said “the Palisade windshields are very fragile and sometimes when chips are being repaired the entire windshield will crack.” After getting a chip in his 2022 Palisade windshield repaired, he was faced with another crack within 24 hours… nowhere near the original chip.

“It will need to be replaced soon because I am afraid it is going to crack all the way to the driver’s side edge and fall in on me and my passengers.”

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Problem with the Steering

Steering issues appear to be a serious safety risk. Complaints to the NHTSA range from steering issues causing strain on drivers to descriptions of terrifying safety issues.

An owner from Arizona states that the steering wheel shakes or vibrates when reaching 65-75 mph. “This is not safe at this speed and uncomfortable to drive. The service manager drove it and agreed the issue was there.” But the problem continues because every time they “fix” the problem, it recurs.

On August 4, 2002, a Tennessee owner couldn’t control the vehicle and said it “was terrifying. I can’t imagine if I had been on the highway or interstate when this happened. The dealership is telling me not to drive my car if I don’t feel safe. But they can’t look at it until the end of September 2022.”

An owner from Oregon reports that his 2022 Palisade “loses all power steering.” There is a message about lane assist. “This is dangerous as I can’t turn. The only fix is to attempt to pull over, turn the car off and let it reset. This has happened three times in the middle of traffic, nearly causing accidents.”

Sunroof Issues

Lemberg Law is aware that an unacceptable number of vehicles manufactured by many different manufacturers have issues with sunroofs that shatter. We have recently launched class action investigations into sunroofs that shatter and/or explode in the 2020 RAM 1500 and Toyota Camry, the 2020-2021 Toyota Highlander, the 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe and Toyota RAV4, and the 2022 Ford Explorer, Kia Telluride, and the 2022 Hyundai Palisade.

All sunroof issues with these vehicles are bad. Here are some comments made by 2022 Palisade owners in their complaints to the NHTSA.

Complaint from an Owner in Virginia

The first came from an owner in Virginia who described how his sunroof shattered while he and his family were traveling on State Highway 170 in Eastern Colorado in December 2021.

“The temperature outside was just below freezing and the temperature inside was set to between 72 and 78. We heard a loud bang and we were showered with broken glass. My wife, two sons, and I received minor cuts. My wife possibly got some glass in her eye but seems to have gotten it out with no ill effect. While I was very startled I didn’t swerve. If I had, we would likely have lost control of the vehicle. We were traveling at freeway speeds and I think we would have been seriously injured or killed if this had occurred.”

A Nebraska Owner Heard a Loud Explosion

“Upon inspection, it was discovered that the glass sunroof had exploded and shattered. The cause of the failure was not yet determined. The local dealer was notified of the failure but no assistance was offered.”

Boom and Another Sunroof Shatters…

A 2022 Palisade owner from Maryland heard a “loud “boom” on the roof of my vehicle” after stopping on the road to smoke a cigarette. “I finished my cigarette and began to close the sunroof when I heard another loud noise with glass falling into my vehicle. I looked up and noticed that my sunroof had shattered completely.”

Engine Problems

To get to the destination safely, a well-built engine has to be part of the vehicle. However, this motor doesn’t do the Palisade any favors.

There are varied engine problems that 2022 Palisade owners have reported to the NHTSA. For example, an owner from Ohio states that the engine shut off while pulling off a highway, negatively affecting the brakes. An owner from Texas says the engine restarted after shutting. But, because there was no key available, it continued to run overnight and filled the car with carbon monoxide.

The owner of a 2022 Palisade from Missouri has a very different complaint. His brand-new vehicle had an oil leak from the head gasket that was so bad he was told not to drive the car.

Ultimately: “Hyundai is covering under warranty at no cost but now I’m concerned over the investment that we’ve only had now for 3 months and future reliability. The vehicle is currently out of service for an undetermined amount of time. If not caught, this could have resulted in a full engine failure as the low oil warning never came on.”

One Edmunds review says, “Engine, by default setting, turns off while you’re waiting for the light to turn green. The gas it saves is minimal at best, compared to the wear and tear of your battery and starter.”

For now, Hyundai isn’t discussing the engine concerns. At this point, the automaker is probably scared to bring up anything resembling an admission of guilt after all the lawsuits about defective motors in the vehicles. In the past, Hyundai motors have created car fires, so this has got to be a touchy subject, one to avoid at all costs. Still, it’s unclear how “safe” the drive is in the 2022 Palisade. Most customers aren’t sticking around to find out.

What Are Your Rights if  you think your Hyundai Palisade is a Lemon?

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  • Joan B

    Turned in the first one within 4 month due to the paint wasn’t right, discolored and chipping. After giving another 2000.00 for another one (they said I had to trade the other on in) I thought a light silver would be better, wrong. The color is just as bad and chipping away, also very easy for any type of mark to stay on the car. This is due to cheap very thin paint. Wiper blades I have changed 4 times within a year at my cost and it runs out of wiper fluid within a month. Now car just won’t start for the past 3 days. All lights flick on and off and system check keeps showing across the dash. I have 5 grandchildren that am raising, one in a wheelchair that has therapy 3 days a week and a husband that just had another stoke and I am his caretaker and also take him to the VA for all his appointments. I now have no car and the first open appointment is December 15. I will never purchase another Hyundai again, this was the first and last. I should have stayed with Toyota.

  • M.A.

    I purchased a 2022 Palisade Limited in May 2022. I approximately 10K miles. Just finished my 2nd oil change. The windshield appears to be weak or too thin to withstand even the smallest rock hits.

    I replaced my front windshield only months after I made the purchase. The very small chip was on the driver side near the bottom of the left pillar where it meets the glass. It was so small it seemed insignificant. But the next day, the car was sitting in the sun in my driveway for about 45 min. When we left in the car, I drove 2 blocks and the windshield cracked from the pillar to the center of the windshield. My insurance company at first refused to replace it with a factory glass. But after All Star Glass talked to them and convinced them there would be a safety issue due to the HUD being blurry with an aftermarket glass, they conceded and approved the factory glass.

    I have zero deductible, so the insurance company paid $1800 to All Star Glass. The dealer wanted $2600. And all the dealer does is call an auto glass company to come and do the job.

    Now only months after, I have already have two more rock chips (one on the driver side & the other on the passenger side). Both were able to be repaired or filled. But because I know they are there, they are eye sores. One more hit and probably another windshield. I can’t believe this. We don’t live or drive in a high risk area where you might expect to see rock truck haulers, etc. all the time. My 2017 Toyota Tundra has taken several small hits over the the years and nothing, no damage.

    I am very disappointed as the windshield appears to be cheap and not well engineered. You would expect more for the price of the vehicle. On another note, I noticed a small crack in my passenger overhead sun roof glass. Heat cause, who knows. In checking the crack, it isn’t cracked from the outside. It appears to be from inside. I had the glass tinted darker as we don’t use the sunroof anyway. It hasn’t gotten any worst and the dealer does not want to get involved with it. They say, call your insurance company. I should have researched this problem before I made the purchase.

  • J G

    2022 Palisade SEL and my windshield has 3 big rock chips, radiator coolant leak, but dealership replaced radiator. Now front collision light comes on and off at times.

  • Annie C

    I was just in an accident 4/25/23. My Palisade calligraphy did not detect a stopped vehicle and I hit it in the rear, went across the street to the right, struck a tree and went air bound. Thank God no one was killed. I don’t know why it did not detect a vehicle in front of me.

  • Suzanne A

    I think I have a lemon. Power steering went out three times total, they continue to say they have fixed problem but all lights on my dash turned on and now a 2 year old car needs complete new computer that they are saying is not under warranty. I have told them the past two visits my car is sticking on gear changes and now it is out of warranty, lifetime powertrain isn’t worth it. This car has been nothing but problems.

  • stan k

    our palisades caligraphy… 2022 white was purchased late 2021. since then after 4000 mi there has nor been any issues. we were impressed with the 24.7 mph city/highway fwd , imay add, hilly area that we reside in. so far ..so impress.

  • Tonya T

    Now that I’ve had my 2022 side days before Christmas I can say the vehicle has a poor interior design. It has the cup holder in the same area as the wireless changer. Not very smart. If anything spills it hits the wireless charging area, can hit the usb also goes down through the cracks to the under section and into wire housing. Not a good set up at all. Not enough room up front to safely put beverages. Paint is thin & vehicle was chipping from highway use within a week or two. For the amount this suv costs I would expect Hyundai to do a higher quality. Can’t get into service even with an upgraded warranty. They want the vehicle for 2 weeks for any diagnosis and will not give you a loaner. Their corporate office is no better. They’re going downhill quickly

  • Amy W

    I have a 2022 Hyundai palisade Sel and I keep getting a engine overheating warning everytime I drive over 55 mph. My reverse camera doesn’t show what’s behind me, it shows what’s in front of me. The sensors indicating a collision keep going off at random when nothing even comes near my car and it causes my brakes to lock up at random. It’s annoying as fuck and they can’t figure out what’s going on with my car

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