Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident? Negligence? How The Lawyers at Lemberg Law Can Help

It is an all too common occurrence for an individual to quickly descend to the floor or ground upon encountering some terrain that cannot properly allow for safe foot traffic. When this happens, there are any number of possible outcomes. It is hopeful that a slip and fall yields no injury to the individual, but with obstacles on the way down and stress or damage inflicted to the body, it is more likely than some form and degree of injury will take place.

What are the most common causes of slip and fall accidents?

Slip and fall accidents are somewhat universal in the sense that they are not caused by any one source. If a facilities flooring or the sidewalk outside is cracked, for instance, there is a chance for this type of accident to occur. Other such possible contributors are snow, ice, slippery surfaces, debris, potholes, uneven steps, changes from one type of flooring to another, and any type of broken stairway. The list is virtually limitless as almost any walking surface has the potential to create a slip and fall accident.

What are the most common injuries caused by Slip and Falls?

The most common injury with slip and fall accident is injury to tissue, muscle, or bone, with many instances resulting in actual fractures. Bruising can occur in many cases as quick unexpected collision with the body is inevitably damaging to whichever portion strikes the ground. Back injuries or injuries to the spine are also possible with accidents involving falls. Similarly, it is not unheard of for brain trauma or damage to the face or skull to be sustained during a slip and fall accident.

Age as a factor in the resulting severity of a Slip and Fall Injury

One of the largest factors in both how likely an accident is as well as how poor the outcome may be is the victim’s age. Younger and middle-aged individuals may indeed slip, but they are more apt to catch themselves or regain balance. Similarly, if they do happen to fall, their bodies are less likely to suffer as much harm during the accident. It is those of us over the age of 65 that are most at risk with slip and fall accidents. Their bodies, especially in terms of bone and tissue, are not as strong or resilient as those of us who have yet to reach that age, and, as such, often suffer far worse results because of it.

Most likely locations where slip and falls occur

A slip and fall accident can happen virtually anywhere: in Church, at school, at work, on the street, and at home. Hotels and restaurants are also known for being privy to this kind of lawsuit. Legal action can be taken against the owner or management of any facility, business, or location if negligence is involved.

Who is Responsible for your injury and why you need an expert Slip and fall Lawyer

If you slipped, fell, or tripped on someone else’s property because of their negligence, there’s a good chance that you can recover damages.

Although personal injury slip and fall laws vary from state to state, most jurisdictions distinguish between people who are called “invitees” (such as customers in a store), “licensees” (such as house guests), and “trespassers” (such as burglars). Typically, there’s a cause of action for invitees and licensees who are injured, as long as the property owner was aware of a dangerous condition and didn’t repair it or warn the visitor. The property owner’s standard is more stringent when it comes to children who are at risk of injury.

Some states partially limit liability for the property owner through what’s known as “comparative fault.” In other words, when the person who has been injured is partially at fault, his or her personal injury award is reduced by a certain percentage.

Most often, personal injury claims are paid by the property owner’s insurance company. Victims often agree to settle for a sum that is far less than they need because an insurance adjuster has offered them what they call a “final settlement” and the victim believes they must take the offer or leave it. What most people don’t understand is that it’s the insurance company’s goal is to pay out the least amount possible. That’s why, before reviewing or signing a settlement agreement, it’s important to speak to an attorney who has experience with premises personal injury cases.

Slip and fall Statistics

Falls are the leading cause of death for adults aged 65 and older. This is unsurprising given the state of their body, but should also motivate everyone to provide much safer conditions for everyone.

Of this same population, bone fractures are a common occurrence, with 87% of this type of injury being sustained during a fall.

The CDC reported that 46% of fall-related deaths in 2000 were a result of traumatic brain injury. A person does not need to fall from much height to damage themselves and this is especially true for the head; the brain is extremely susceptible to injury and a fall, even from standing height, can be severe enough to cause death.

Injured in a Slip and Fall accident? Here’s what you should do

A slip and fall accident may entitle you to make a personal injury claim against the responsible party. As either a result of the party’s action or inaction, depending on the specifics of the incident, you or a loved one has been injured. It is a complicated process, navigating the legal system, especially on your own. Remove the headache and extra stress by hiring a knowledgeable, professional attorney to help ensure your success.

You may be entitled to compensation for any of the following:

  • Physical pain
  • Medical bills
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Mental Anguish
  • Lost wages
  • Disability
  • Home healthcare

The attorneys at Lemberg Law will work for you to get the compensation you deserve

The attorneys at Lemberg Law have extensive knowledge when it comes to slip and fall accidents. We know you’re a hard-working individual who has been dealt a bit of difficulty. Let us make your time that much easier by handling your case. Adversity is not meant to be handled alone. Lemberg Law is here to help. Call 475-277-2200 for your case evaluation. It is free and there is no obligation to use our services after the review. Call today and see how our qualified attorneys can assist you.


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