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Lemberg Law is unwavering in its commitment to victims of debt collection abuse, credit harassment, and credit reporting errors. We help our clients assert their legal rights and fight unscrupulous collection agencies, stop cell phone harassment, and remove errors from credit reports. We level the playing field and – more often than not – achieve excellent results for our clients.


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Stop harassment by debt collectors

Being hounded by debt collectors is a special form of torture. There are any number of reasons why folks aren’t able to keep up with their bills, but debt collection agencies sometimes won’t let up. They’re like a dog with a bone. Often, they’ll continue to call even if the person they’re calling doesn’t owe the debt. The good news is that debt collection agencies are regulated, and you have rights under the law. It’s important to understand different types of debt collection – like student loan collection and deceased debt collection – and how Lemberg Law can help you sue over illegal debt collection practices and recover money.

Stop cell phone harassment

Everyone from debt collectors to retailers to telemarketers use robocalls to reach consumers. In fact, the Federal Communications Commission estimates that consumers receive 2.4 billion robocalls each month. Robocallers use automated dialers to call you, and then either connect you with a human being or with a prerecorded message. Everyone knows that robocalls are annoying, but most folks don’t realize that cell phone robocalls may violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The TCPA says that robocallers must have your express written consent to robocall your cell phone. Lemberg Law holds robocallers accountable by representing consumers like you who want the calls to stop. We can help you sue for TCPA violations and recover money.

Know your credit reporting rights

Although most people rarely think about credit reports, they rule many aspects of life. Missed payments, a spotty job history, and even the people you live with can impact your credit score. A lower credit score means that you pay higher interest rates, that you might be denied rental housing or a mortgage, and that you may be passed over for a job or promotion. Credit reporting errors are rampant, yet most people aren’t aware of errors on their credit reports – or that they can fight back. Information furnishers and credit bureaus have to follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act. When they’re caught violating the law, they’re responsible for fixing the mistakes and for paying damages to the consumer. Lemberg Law is determined to help clients clean up their credit reports and deliver the justice they deserve.

Debt Collection FAQs

Debt collection is a wide-ranging topic. Our Debt Collection Frequently Asked Questions guide outlines all of the information you need to assert your rights and fight against abusive debt collection agencies. You have the questions, we have the answers.

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