2021 Honda Accord Problems and Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Engine & road visibility issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

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The 2021 Honda Accord continues to be one of America’s favorite sedans, even in a declining segment. The automaker claims that this particular model has been “engineered to take you farther,” but customers can’t seem to get out of the service center. This model continues to suffer from a defective engine, a poorly built structure and issues with visibility.

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Problems with the Engine

The car engine can make or break a vehicle. If it runs as intended, the driver will be happy and look forward to every adventure. However, that’s not the case with the Accord.

One NHTSA complaint states, “While driving in heavy rain for most of the morning, I entered an interstate and attempted to pass a semi. The engine lost power as I moved into the center lane. I had to slow down and re-enter the far right hand lane as the engine trouble light began flashing and I had either very little power or too much power to keep the car in a steady state. This put me and my wife’s safety at risk as the rain was heavy, and pulling over to the shoulder did not seem to be a good idea since I could keep the car in forward motion in some way. I pulled off at the next exit and we ate lunch and apparently the car reset as the engine light quit flashing and the car acted normally after that. The dealer was approached and said, since the light was off there was nothing they could do. A TSB is out that applies to this problem but the dealer said the manufacturer was contacted and declined a repair.”

Honda has discussed some concerns with the engine. In fact, Service Bulletin #A21-052 states that the MIL flashes and the car loses power. This problem is caused by humid air infiltrating the intake tract, where excessive moisture causes performance issues. To correct the issue, Honda needs to replace the intercooler and gasket. Additionally, the PGM-FI software must be updated. Some of these failures are happening with just a few hundred miles on the engine, providing that Honda didn’t engineer this Accord to go anywhere.

2021 Honda Accord Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Forward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking
Service Brakes
Unknown Or Other
Electrical System
Forward Collision Avoidance: Warnings
Forward Collision Avoidance: Adaptive Cruise Control
Vehicle Speed Control

Structural Issues

A lot can be said about how a vehicle is built. When the company puts quality control measures in place, there are virtually no complaints, but the issues with the Accord are mounting up into a large pile.

One Edmunds review says, “The rear window leaks water before the car hits 3000 miles and I am still waiting on replacement parts to replace the molded parts inside. Super low quality control, stay away.”

A new car should not leak water at any place in the structure. However, it’s clear that Honda no longer cares about building a high-quality structure. Service Bulletin #ATI&08092021907 discusses how the suspension clunks and rattles. Yet, Honda has no plans of doing anything about it right now. Instead, the company is simply getting feedback from customers. The best feedback would be if Accord owners jumped ship and chose another brand.

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Problems with Visibility

Seeing out of the vehicle is essential to on-road safety. When it comes to the new Accord models, there are serious complaints coming in about the windshield.

A final NHTSA review states, “The contact owns a 2021 Honda Accord. The contact stated that while driving at various speeds, the view out of the front windshield was very distorted. Additionally, the brake pedal hesitated to operate correctly when depressed. The vehicle was taken to [dealer] where the technician verified the failure during a test drive. The contact stated that the windshield had been replaced three times. The contact stated that both failures recurred. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. A field representative investigated the issue with the windshield, however, no further assistance was provided.”

So far, it seems that Honda does a lot of investigating but takes very little action. While there’s nothing to be said about the visibility concern, Honda did release a bulletin about brake trouble. Service Bulletin #ATI&06152021907 goes on to further discuss investigating issues with the brake application but offers no repair instructions. If anything has been engineered to “go farther,” it’s the tactics used by the team at Honda who surely knows how to string customers along.

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  • Daisy

    I see Jimmy and Michelle have had the same horn sound when reversing as me. I’ve been told also it is due to living in a high humidity area.
    I have owned a 2018, 2019, 2021 and older models. This is the only one with this issue.
    I didn’t see that Jimmy posted which part it needed. If anyone can tell me that’d be awesome!
    They also had to replace my stereo screen due to it doing it’s own thing. When I received it back the preset stations were still programmed. Is this normal or would the new one have to be programmed?
    I wasn’t sure If there was a memory box or something that stores them and transfers them to the new one

  • Ricardo

    I have taken my 2021 Honda accord in 5 times for the struts making clonk sounds when turning right or left also that start when it had 22000 miles on it I bought it brand new. So they fixed the issue by greasing the stop on the struts top and bottom but my guess is that’s a temp fix. What is going on with Honda and this year make and model?

  • Jimmy

    Like a few others on this page. We have had our 2021 Honda accord sport in the shop multiple times for the rear breaks making a loud horn like noise when reversing on the 4th time taking it back to the dealer they told me I was now out of warranty and would have to replace a part that is on back order and it would cost 1200 with labor.

  • patty f

    like Michelle I also experienced my 2021 EXL make the same noise while in reverse. Took it to Honda dealership 2 times and they said it was ok. My backseat was replaced at 11 months as it incurred 2 deep impressions on the rear seat. the replacement seems ok–for now anyway. there is a major problem with the interior on the EXL. in my 14 months of having the car–I do not know why it would have “wore” so poorly–especially since there has only been 10-15 times that anyone ever sat in the rear seats. I was at Honda dealership in October 2022 and a lady just turned in her leased 2021 Accord EXL with 13K miles and her rear seat looked worse than mine. i am very disappointed that after 12 years of Honda’s–i have now jumped ship to the Toyota. Honda definitely has so many more benefits to the consumer but what will it matter if the inside of car won’t hold up for daily use.

  • Michelle

    I drive a 2021 Honda Sport Accord. Every time I go in reverse it makes a loud horn sounding noise. It’s been in the shop 3 times & on the next day it would the same thing. I was told because I live in a humidity state, that it would keep doing it. I spoke with Honda Consumer Affairs & was told my car was not defective so they won’t buy back. Is there anything I can do?

  • eric m

    Hello, I brought my car to a dealership in Los Angeles county Ca. I have 21,000 miles on my 2021 Honda Accord touring. It seems that the suspension is off. It bounces violently when on the freeway. I’ve brought it to the dealership to figure out what the issue is. They drove it once down the street, and said it was fine. I requested they drive it a little farther on the freeway. Still

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