2024 Honda Accord Problems Guide

Top issues from owners are: Electrical System, Forward Collision Avoidance, Seat Belts

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The 2024 Honda Accord suffers from a malfunctioning electrical system, forward collision avoidance system, seat belts, seats and steering. One recall further expands on seat belt concerns. Despite Honda nearing the 50-year mark of creating the Accord, the reliability and quality have gone significantly downhill.

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Problems Summary

2024 Honda Accord drivers complain about electrical system issues, primarily with the backup camera. There are also alarming reports of malfunctions with the forward collision avoidance system, seat belts, seats and steering, causing this car to get lower marks than some previous model years (NHTSA)

Electrical System

  • Poor quality backup camera: The complaints about the backup camera continue rolling in, with drivers concerned about the quality. One driver found that the display is foggy and pixelated at night, making it very difficult to see anything. They almost ran over one of their family members while backing up because they weren’t visible in the camera.
  • Random warning lights on the dashboard: While driving at 25 mph, an owner noticed that some of the communications failed. Odometer gauges became inoperable and random warning lights appeared at the same time. After restarting the vehicle the next day, the warnings seemed to disappear, but the problem has persisted at times.

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Forward Collision Avoidance

  • Brakes slam on without warning: The Accord tends to activate the forward collision warning when there’s no need for it. One driver writes about times when an exit must be taken with two left and two right turn lanes. If turning from one of the middle lanes, the Accord will slam on the brakes even with nothing in front of them.
  • Can’t backup: Other drivers have stated that the collision avoidance systems will remain active while backing up, keeping the brakes applied. If the brakes were to disengage during this time, it would be easy for another vehicle or person to get hit by the car.
  • Brakes drag: Several people have commented that the Accord feels like the brakes are applied when they shouldn’t be. The forward collision avoidance system seems to activate and drag the brakes to the point that some people can’t drive more than 10 mph when this issue occurs. Not only is this problem dangerous, but it also causes premature wear to the brakes.

Seat Belt & Seats

  • Painful seat belt design: The way the seat belt is situated has led to pain for some drivers and passengers. One complaint tells of injury to the right hip because of its design, with it striking against the hip socket. For some, it can become painful to walk after sitting in the Accord for too long.
  • Passenger seat sits too low: There aren’t adjustments to make the passenger seat higher and several people have complained about how low it is. The driver’s seat seems to be adjustable enough, but some passengers are having difficulty seeing out of the car.


  • Sticking steering wheel: The strange thing about complaints of a sticking steering wheel is that many people don’t notice it occurring until they are well into a drive. For some people, the sticking starts after about twenty minutes of driving. It also seems to occur more frequently when traveling at higher speeds, above 65 mph.
  • Uncontrollable steering: With the lane keep and lane departure systems on or off, the Accord can become hard to control. Drivers have noticed even more trouble if the roads are slippery, leading some to believe that there’s a steering malfunction.

What If You Have a Lemon?

If your 2024 Honda Accord is having issues with the electrical system, forward collision avoidance system, seat belts, seats, or another type of issue, it could be a lemon.

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