2019 Honda Accord Problems And Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Brakes, Electrical, Collision Mitigation and Steering issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

The 2019 Honda Accord is one of the more popular mid-size cars on the road. Since its debut, the Accord has provided many drivers with years of service. Even the 2019 model is said to be “engineered to take you farther.” Yet, many of today’s consumers find that the newer Accord isn’t built like those of days gone by. It seems to suffer from defective service brakes, malfunctioning electronic stability control and faulty steering.

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Problems with the Brakes

When driving on the road, it’s vital that the brakes stop the vehicle on time. Otherwise, a crash might occur and injury would be possible. The 2019 Honda Accord seems to have a lot of trouble with the braking system.

Here is one review left on the NHTSA website that demonstrates what can happen. “When I brake from a speed of 30-40 mph, the pedal feel is not smooth throughout the braking motion. First, I start to brake but I do not slow down, only when I press even harder does the brake engage but at that point it is a heavy brake making the car lunge forward. Basically the brakes only engage when I press harder on the pedal but doing so makes the braking not smooth. This uncertainty when the brakes will engage makes for a dangerous situation when driving in stop and go traffic. I have to heavily concentrate on braking. My car is brand new with only 1450 miles on it. I took it to the dealer but they do not believe my story even when they test drive.”

It appears that Honda is aware of braking problems with this model. Service Bulletin #APaS09252019903 talks about pulsation in the brakes at highway speeds. While they didn’t issue a repair for it, they were using the bulletin to do further investigation. In the meantime, it seems that the dealers aren’t willing to hear customer complaints about the problem. Maybe the brakes don’t work so the driver can be “taken farther.”

2019 Honda Accord Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Forward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking
Service Brakes
Electrical System
Unknown Or Other
Fuel/propulsion System
Power Train
Vehicle Speed Control
Air Bags

Problems with the Electronic Stability Control (Collision Mitigation System)

On today’s modern vehicles, there is electronic stability control, collision mitigation systems and other avoidance programs to keep drivers safe. When these systems fail, drivers are left in danger.

We see one case of this failure through an NHTSA review. “With only less than 800 miles on the car, my 2019 Honda Accord VSA modulator (which was diagnosed by the dealership) failed. I felt the car begin to bog on the highway right before we were on the exit. Then, the gas pedal stopped working properly and the car lost speed. I would press hard on the gas pedal and the car would take about 3 seconds before it started to move forward, jerking in the direction I intended it to go. After struggling a little while, I luckily pulled over and called a tow truck to send my car to the dealership. I felt that I was very lucky to be able to safely pull over. 1st, it happened during an early Sunday morning with heavy rain, so there was not much traffic. 2nd, the event occurred right before we were going to exit the highway with only a few hundred feet to go. Also, it’s in my hometown and I know the road very well. Otherwise, an uncontrollable car could cause very serious accident. If we were to crash, the event would likely be attributed to driver fault – since it is such a new car – rather than a crucial car part failing, which could cause death to many others who buy new Honda Accord 2019s. Therefore, I believe that this issue should not be taken lightly and should be further investigated.”

Honda knows about these issues. They even discuss how the adaptive cruise control and Collision Mitigation Braking system malfunction in Service Bulletin # 19-051. To repair the problem, technicians must upgrade the software. If the company wants this car to take drivers farther, these advanced systems must work better. Otherwise, customers might not decide to continue paying the premium price for Honda durability and might opt for a cheaper model that will take them farther instead.

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Problems with the Steering

One of the other systems on Honda Accord vehicles that customers expect to work well is the steering. While heading down the road, all occupants want to know that the car is going to travel in the direction that it should.

Yet, look at what this NHTSA reviewer had to say. “I bought this vehicle and noticed on the way home from dealer that I had a vibration in the steering. At 62 mph the vibration was very bad. I called the dealer and they said the weight on the wheel probably came off. I drove the vehicle 300 miles and took it to the dealer. They removed the wheel and tire and found a bulge on front tire. They replaced the tire and today I got an email from Honda Motor stating that was not a Honda problem and I needed to contact the tire company [Hankook]. This car should have never been sold and the defect should have been caught either with the tire manufacture or by Honda when it was installed. Their take on this is almost like it is my fault I selected the wrong car.”

The automaker doesn’t have any service bulletins related to the steering or tire situation. They have instead chosen to remain quiet in these situations. Considering the tires and steering are the systems that “take you farther,” it would make sense that they wouldn’t want to draw attention to any problems. It seems that their engineers need to spend a little more time perfecting these systems before making promises to consumers.

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Brian Jones spent more than 30 years working as an ASE Certified Master Tech and Parts Specialist at multiple dealerships. Brian has become an authority in the industry, traveling across the country to consult for car dealerships and contributing his expertise as a writer for several major automotive publications. In his spare time, Brian enjoys working on pickup trucks, muscle cars, Jeeps and anything related to motorsports.

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  • Maleia L

    Took my car to the Honda Dealership with all the lights on dash on and slow acceleration July 8, 2023. After diagnostics I was told that there was a misfire and it was suggested that I have a tune-up, and fuel injectors cleaned. When I left the dealership, the lights were off. Maybe a month later the lights were off and on. I took my car to the dealership on November 27, 2023, after having the same issue from July and once again the lights were on. Took the car to the dealership and had the fuel injectors cleaned and a tune-up and the lights were off. On December 23, 2023, once again the lights were on, and the car would not accelerate this time the engine light was blinking. Days later the dealership called and told me that coolant had leaked into the head gasket and the head gasket was blown. In doing my research usually the coolant reservoir is low which caused the coolant from the radiator to leak into the head gasket. When the dealership did the multi point inspection it stated that the coolant levels were normal. Alter two previous visits this problem should have been identified. I really believe the dealership is at fault for not checking the fluids throughout the car now I have $6,500 dollars’ worth of repairs and my car has 111,000 miles. Honda has the reputation of lasting for a long time…not anymore. Truly disgusted.

  • Deborah J

    My Honda Accord 2019 Sport has been a huge disappointment. As I say a beauty on the outside but ugly on the inside.

    Brakes and Wheel Bearing issues:
    Currently I have wheel bearing issues, I can’t afford to fix. Let’s go back a little. When I first purchased the car brand new (2018) I heard a terrible grinding, whistling noise at I believe 11K miles at worst 14K miles. It was a caliber that failed causing my brakes to wear down rapidly. Carson Honda (they suck), tried to tell me I am hard on brakes. I told them I have had numerous cars and I have never had to replace brakes at 11/14K miles ever, and that this Honda is made wrong! I’ve had Hondas in the past and never experienced this. I then took it back to the dealer in which I purchased the vehicle and they did the repairs for free. It has been stated that Honda built the back end of the car too heavy and it is causing the brakes to wear a lot faster than they should (many people have posted issues on YouTube about this vehicle). Premature wheel bearing issues are reported on line with videos of this issue. I wrote to Honda they do not care. I filed a complaint they have not recalled the care for these issues with the wheel bearings, or the brakes. I cannot drive my car on the freeway until I can afford to get it fixed.
    I called Honda several times asking about the wheel bearing issues being covered considering I have heard that bearings should never go out on a car that just barely hit 50K miles; started at about 30K miles should be closer to over 100K miles before wheel bearings go out if at all. I have been unable to get a straight answer from Honda if it will be covered.
    Latest issues: Steering wheel issues, and slow to start issues. (11/15/2023)
    My car has been slow to start the past few days. Having my company I work for (ambulance company mechanic) to charge the battery all day thinking it could be the battery. Charging it all day does not allow the car to crank up any quicker. Starting it is still delayed. For three days I have heard water in my dashboard as if a faucet is running (others have reported this issue as well). Got home two days ago and the warning light regarding my steering column may be damaged, and not to drive the car or it may lock up on me. I am assuming since several folks have had issues with the steering fluid leaking, and having to get it repaired that could be $500 to $600. Have yet to deal with Honda on this one as of yet. My car is parked and sitting on the streets at this moment. I will deal with this after the Holiday.

    Recalls: there are 7 active recalls. Be careful Honda must be tired of covering all of these mechanical issues. So they will send a recall letter stating that your car is part of the recall and to bring it in. Several weeks later you look up the recall and it says your car is not part of the recall. I’ve been looking for my letters regarding them asking me to bring it in, can’t find it. They also will not just fix the recalls, you call to set the appointment and they will say which recall are you talking about. So they are denying fixing the car, knowing full well all of them are messed up. They are sweeping these things under the rug. Honda corporate are literally putting their customers in danger every time they hit the road. It is hard to see Honda go to such a low point, considering it used to be such a fine car. I used to be able to depend on Honda; low maintenance and beautiful car. Now, again it’s a pretty car on the outside, but it is ugly on the inside. Buyer Beware!

  • Raymont O

    I purchased a 2019 Honda Accord Sport on 2-18-2022. Since I’ve had it the Supplemental Safety system goes off, replaced battery, and now My Adaptive Cruise Control Sensor goes off, My Electric Brake System goes off, My Road Departure Mitigation System sensor goes off, My Collision Mitigation system goes off and at times my car stalls while driving on roads and the freeway. To where I press gas and it dose not even go until a few seconds, I have not even had this car over an year at the moment.

  • Jose m

    Bought a 2019 Certified Honda Accord for $25,000. Within an hour of my purchase the vehicle started to act up, called my sells person about the issues. Told him that all the lights on the dashboard came on he told me to bring the vehicle back for dignostics. After an hour of the diagnostic the mechanic found a blown head gasket. It’s strange that they new so quickly that its a head gasket. To me it seems that this is a common issue and they not reporting this to the consumer. They just trying to steal money from hard working people.

  • Kesiena k

    My audio sound just disappeared some days back, I have ordered for amplifier but it still didn’t work. Can anyone help with a solution? I have tried all I could.

  • Jayma D

    I bought a 2019 Honda Accord sport in July 2021. Nov. 4, 2021 the malfunction warnings for lane assistance, mitigation braking, high beams, steering and several other warnings came on when I started the car to go to work that morning. Also, my horn will not work when these warnings are activated. It is no longer covered by warranty and I absolutely love the car, but now I am worried about my safety. My car runs and drives fine so far. I cannot afford to take it to the dealer. I just want to know that I’m safe. I drive 60 miles round trip everyday for work on major hwy (I-10) in Texas. What can I do?


    I purchased my Brand New 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring with 6 miles on it in April of 2019, has been a great driving vehicle with AMAZING gas mileage till Honda did a software upgrade to the BCM on my car in March of 2021. Since then my car still drives great, but my fuel economy has taken a dive into the dirt. Mine nor my wife’s driving habbits have changed and I have even opt’ed for Low Roll resistant UHP 65,000 mile tires since my originals had 42,000 plus in April of 2021. Now my wife is lucky if she can get 33 miles to the gallon down from 44, and I am now getting 38 down from 51. Dealer says that the BSM does not control fuel economy, but of course they are wrong. Validated with 2 mechanics from Honda, Google searches, ASC mechanics as well who say that the BCM does control fuel economy, that is how you can tell if one is bad, “POOR FUEL ECONOMY” is one of the first signs there is a problem with the BCM. Of course Honda is claiming the same thing as the dealership and they claim is there is nothing wrong with the car’s BCM. I purchased this car for the advertised fuel economy of 48/48 and now not able to get it even though I was getting it with our driving habits but we can’t now. Just would have never thought this from Honda

  • Tami B

    My 2019 Honda Accord has gone into limp mode 3 times in the past 2 years. The first time the car had less than 6,000 miles on it. Each time the car has been towed. They have replaced the cylinders and the fuel injector due to metal shavings in the oil. Now at 58,000 miles they are telling me it needs new fuel injectors AGAIN and that Honda will not cover the cost!

  • Robert V

    When driving on highway my 2019 Honda Accord will brake suddenly when driving at highway speeds when a semi is near it at a curve. The emergency braking system alert comes on the consul. It is a very scary situation.

  • Bryan E

    Breaking system problem with my Honda Accord 2019 LX model what can I do

  • Maria M

    I just bought a 2018 Honda Accord. I have been literally driving 70 miles on the freeway and the brakes apply themselves with no warning even though there is no obstruction or vehicle ahead me. The last time this happened to me a car behind me almost hit me. The lane assist does not work properly always steering me away from the lane even though I am in the right lane.

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