2024 Subaru Crosstrek & Subaru Ascent Driver Mirror Shaking Problem

Class Action Investigation

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Lemberg Law is investigating widespread consumer complaints about driver-side mirrors vibrating and shaking, especially when traveling at highway speeds. Consumers complain about headaches, visual problems, and safety issues. However, there doesn’t appear to be a solution in sight. 

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What’s The Issue?

Complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicate that there are very definite problems with the driver-side mirror of both the Subaru Crosstrek and Ascent 2024 model year. Most complaints state that the problem has been evident since the day these SUVs were purchased and driven for the first time.

There is also an ongoing thread on Reddit that identifies the same problem.

What Are Owners Experiencing?

The mirrors of these vehicles shake excessively while driving at highway speeds or on rough roads. The problem is the repercussions this has, from distracting or disorientating drivers to causing headaches. It appears that dealers generally confirm that this is an issue but are unable to fix it. Some owners maintain that dealers confirm that the mirror shakes but refuse to do anything about it. Others say that dealers claim this is normal!

Most consumers are prompted to complain to the NHTSA because they identify the problem as a safety issue.

Ascent Complaints

Complaints about 2024 Ascent driver-side mirrors are very similar. But they are all from different states, adding credibility to their grievances. For example, an owner from Texas complained in June 2024 that the “driver-side mirror vibrates and shakes excessively on rough roads or at highway speeds, making it difficult to use, especially at night. In contrast, the passenger-side mirror is stable at all speeds with minimal to no shaking. The dealer’s service department confirmed the problem and replaced the mirror but was unable to fix it, stating that nothing else could be done. The driver-side mirror has had this issue since the car was delivered from the dealer.”

An owner from Arkansas lodged an NHTSA complaint in July 2024 describing exactly the same problem. In this case, the dealership confirmed the problem and was working on finding a solution.

An owner from Maryland stated in a complaint issued in April 2024 that the “driver-side mirror has (a) vibration that increases with speed. At highway speeds, it is difficult to safely see the lane next to you, especially if there is a vehicle behind you with their headlights on.” The dealership replaced the vehicle’s mirror glass and housing, but it made no difference. The mirror continued to vibrate. “There is no observable vibration with the passenger side mirror.” Nevertheless, the local dealership told the owner there was nothing more they could do to eliminate the vibration!

Crosstrek Complaints

An owner from Pennsylvania tells how the 2024 Crosstrek driver’s outside mirror started shaking when the SUV was “brand new”, with less than 400 miles on the clock. The complaint states that there was a “massive blur” and it caused the headlights to “dance” around. The mirror also seemed to be “buzzy.” This was “quite distracting and disorienting when checking for safe lane changes.”

The local dealer “took a look at it,” and reported that it was “operating as designed.” The technical person said, “The mirror glass itself does shake but that is going to be normal because of how the mirror glass sits in the housing.” The owner’s response was, “I’m sorry, there’s no way that a mirror should be shaking like that. The inside rearview mirror is pristine. The passenger side doesn’t shake. It’s the driver’s mirror, and now two Subaru employees have confirmed some shake, but won’t do anything about it. This is a safety issue.”

Other Online Discussion

The owner of a 2024 Crosstrek Wilderness started the conversation in about October 2023. The SUV had done a little more than 1k miles. “I noticed a lot of shaking in the glass itself on the driver-side mirror. I took it to my dealership today to get it fixed. But they told me that it was normal and by design, which baffles me since it doesn’t do it on the right side.” His question was, “Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? If so, did you take it to the dealership to get it resolved?”

Responses have been varied.

  • They said a mount in the mirror assembly was broken and replaced the whole mirror assembly. But the new driver’s side mirror vibrates just as bad…
  • Another owner who got a replacement said the Crosstrek was also in the shop for rattling issues on other parts of the car. They replaced the mirror again, and it still vibrates. He was told that Subaru hasn’t acknowledged the issue yet.
  • I’ve noticed a little bit of shaking — enough to slightly blur the license plates of overtaking cars. But I can see the cars just fine. I kinda thought it was related to me cranking up the music.
  • My Premium driver’s side mirror still vibrates even after tire pressure adjustment. They have a replacement ordered, but it sounds like it will not make a difference.

Some owners think it has something to do with tire pressure. “I noticed that most Crosstreks come with tires filled up to 40 psi, even though the recommended tire pressure is 33 in the front and 32 in the rear. I dropped mine down from 40 to the recommended psi and the vibration was drastically reduced. It still occurs but not as bad.”

What Should You Do if Your Crosstrek or Ascent Has a Mirror that Shakes?

If the driver-side mirror of your 2024 Subaru Ascent or Crosstrek vibrates and shakes, Lemberg Law would like to hear about it. Let us know by filling out a contact form or calling our Helpline. We’ll assess your case and you may be eligible to join our new class action investigation.

It’s not going to cost you anything because the law says Subaru must pay the legal bills for lemon law cases.

Sergei Lemberg

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