2022 Infiniti QX60 Problems and Top Issues – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Electrical system, powertrain, and brake issues are among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones | Reviewer: Sergei Lemberg

Owners looking at the 2022 INFINITI QX60 are normally spellbound by the beautiful design and potent powertrain. The automaker even claims it provides the “re-imagination of luxury.” However, consumers are complaining that the luxury SUV doesn’t start after being parked overnight, accelerates when it should slow down, and doesn’t brake smoothly.

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Most Common Problems

A total of 7 consumer complaints about the 2022 INFINITI QX60 were filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the 12 months from December 29, 2021, to December 28, 2022. Electrical system problems stand out as being the most common. But consumers are also highly concerned about issues relating to the powertrain and brakes.

Other components highlighted in NHTSA complaints are exterior lighting and a rattling mirror that negatively impacts visibility.

One concerned owner from Texas asks, “QX60 2022 did not pass an NHTSA crash test. Is it safe to drive?” The truth is that it hasn’t failed a crash test. But it did only get a rating of 4 out of 5 stars for the NHTSA’s frontal crash test. This is a “frontal barrier test” that simulates a head-on collision between 2 similar vehicles, both moving at 35 mph. Nevertheless, the NHTSA awarded the QX60 5/5 stars for all the side barrier and pole tests. It hasn’t been rated for rollover resistance.

2022 Infiniti QX60 Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Electrical System
Unknown Or Other
Exterior Lighting:headlights
Forward Collision Avoidance: Adaptive Cruise Control
Latches/locks/linkages:trunk Lid:latch
Power Train
Service Brakes
Vehicle Speed Control
Visibility:rearview Mirrors/devices

Problems with the Electrical System

As a luxury model, everything should be in place and carefully quality checked before the 2022 INFINITI QX60 rolled off of the assembly line. So, the question is, how is it possible for owners to be faced with a situation where they cannot start their car after it’s been parked?

New York Owner Reports Recurring Problem

An owner from New York maintains in an NHTSA complaint that this has happened more than 15 times since taking delivery 2 weeks previously. Then, once the QX60 has been jump-started, warning lights display on the dash. The SUV has been in for 2 services and the battery has been changed once. “The battery change solution is not working. The problem is still repeating.” The owner also maintains that the vehicle is being driven sufficiently every day to charge the battery adequately.

Dealer Unable to Fix the Problem

Another owner who leases a QX60 also states that ”the car does not start once it is parked.” Instead, the ignition is turned off and the car is locked, needing a jump to start. But then the QX60 “has malfunction alerts.

“My safety has been put at risk because the car could possibly shut off while I am driving, I could be stranded somewhere with my two young sons due to the car not starting. Once the car is shut off and locked, it does not restart. Luckily I have AAA and I have been able to get jumps 4 separate times over the past 2 weeks, but some are not that fortunate.”

The first time the dealership changed the battery. The second time they changed the telematics control unit. The third time, they changed the battery again because they discovered the connection to the negative terminal in the battery would pop out, causing the battery to discharge. They said that this is why the car wouldn’t start. The fourth time, “they kept it because they want to determine what is wrong.”

Ultimately, this owner says, “No-one should require a jump to start a brand new car.”

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Problems with the Powertrain

A New York owner complaining about powertrain issues describes how trying to slow down while traveling down a hill the QX60 accelerated. He had decided to manually downshift gear, but it didn’t work. “Instead of slowing down, I felt a push in my back and for a second the car began to accelerate and only then began to slow down. I had to urgently apply the brakes so as not to crash into the car in front.”

He tried testing why this had happened. He tried shifting down, but each time the SUV accelerated without him pushing the pedal. Eventually, after more tests, he came to the conclusion that the car’s software increases throttle during manual downshifts.

“This is very dangerous and can lead to an accident, because the driver expects a decrease in speed, and instead of this, the car accelerates itself. I tried to contact the manufacturer, but they didn’t even listen and sent it to the dealer. The dealer said that there was no new software and did not even check the dangerous behavior of the machine.”

Brake Issues

An owner who has had “major electrical problems with this vehicle,” says that when pressing the brakes at all speeds, “the car jerks before it comes to a complete stop.” It brakes more smoothly when first turned on but then gets progressively worse. It also takes longer for the brakes to slow the SUV down. This has turned out to be a big problem, especially on city streets.

“I took the car to the service department and they said they didn’t feel what I described when they took the vehicle for a test drive. They did suggest I bring the car back if the problem continues.” This has not allayed his concerns, especially since he has only had the SUV for 3.5 months.

Your Lemon Law Legal Rights

If you think you’ve bought a lemon, it is sensible to ask expert lemon law practitioners to assess your problems and establish if it is in fact a lemon. The law makes Nissan, the manufacturer of the luxury INFINITI, pay legal fees for lemon law cases. So, without the stress of potential legal fees, you may be able to get your lemon out of your life.

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Brian Jones spent more than 30 years working as an ASE Certified Master Tech and Parts Specialist at multiple dealerships. Brian has become an authority in the industry, traveling across the country to consult for car dealerships and contributing his expertise as a writer for several major automotive publications. In his spare time, Brian enjoys working on pickup trucks, muscle cars, Jeeps and anything related to motorsports.

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  • Donna S

    I’ve had my 2022 QX60 Luxe for two years this month, the dashboard goes black, the fasten seat back warning goes off at any given time, yesterday parked my car, came back about ten minutes later the car would not move out of Park, now the Check engine light is on.

  • Jay

    Covid time. I was lucky to get a 2022 QX60 Autograph. 2 years now. While driving, the volume suddenly went up and was stuck in that position. Made every attempt to keep the volume low, but it kept raising on its own. Control on the steering wheel would not respond. Pushed the on/off knob, but it would immediately turn back on. I continuously turned the volume knob to the left but the volume would auto raise as soon as I stopped. Imagine having one hand on the steering wheel, one hand on the volume knob while driving. Pulled over to turnoff the engine to reset. Did this twice to no avail. Problem continued. Reached my destination point. Parked and left the car to rest for 1.5 hrs. This worked and reset. Contacted the dealership. This happened to another customer one time. They could not get it to repeat.
    Instructed to monitor and video record the next time it occurs as proof and call them. Thanks to everyone for sharing and the heads up with your experience.

  • Erin M

    I have had issues with Infiniti consumer affairs and Infiniti of Suitland. I have 2022 QX60. Since I have bought my car I have been having issue with the touch screen in the car where it has gotten stuck, the Bluetooth in the car has gotten stuck, my screen has also blacked out on me twice while driving it. I took it to the dealer twice and had it taken again on 12/18/2023 for a certified mechanic to examine after speaking to Infiniti Consumer affairs a few times, speaking to two case managers and speaking to a regional manager about my issues. After speaking to the each one the certified technician and the techs at Infiniti of Suitland told me they can not duplicate the problem and there is nothing that they can do about my car and made it seem like I was crazy and there is nothing wrong with my car. One of the techs sat in the car with me while the car disconnected from my phone. I’m so frustrated and disheartened by this entire process. Between my husband and I we have bought 10 cars from Infiniti, 9 from Suitland. I have three videos proving issues with my car. I’m hurt by this experience and refuse to buy another Infiniti ever again.

  • Richard C

    I bought a 23 QX60 Sensory. Day 1 I went into the car wash and when it was on the moving belt I couldn’t select Neutral. Only park. Had a minor accident. Couldn’t replicate it so went in again 2 weeks later. Same problem. Couldn’t get Neutral. Only Park. Another minor accident. They took it back and I’ve been in a loaner for 2 months. They can’t fix it. I had enough. The loaner worked great. So after paying big bucks to get out of the Sensory, I bought a Luxe. And today! First day in it after changing ownership, the transmission screwed u again. I reversed and when I was close to an obstacle the car stopped. And guess what. It wouldn’t go into drive or Reverse. Just kept jumping to Park.
    I have to wait 10 mins. Turn off engine. And then it finally resets and I can drive it again. Thats waht happened in the car wash with my 23 Sensory. It detected rotary brushes and locks. And can’t go Neutral. Only park. I’m right back at the beginning now. Out $8K and the same problem. Same payment as a Sensory too now. And wondering Wtf to do. Anyone else having these issues ? I can’t believe I have 2 different ’23 Models and they’re both the same.

  • Barney M

    2022 QX60 info screen freezes , no volume radio, GPS. Hard reset doesn’t resolve. POS!

  • Ravi S

    2022 Qx60 tilt steering keep getting stuck sometimes I can adjust all the way down and sometimes it will only tilt just a bit this happens every week

  • Victoria

    I just purchased a new 2023 QX60 Luxe. It has three times in two days, lurched forward after being put into park and the door is opened. I can completely duplicate it by having the auto start/stop on and then put the car int park and open the door. This is a huge safety issue. Infiniti says that right now they can’t disable the auto idle start/stop because it is auto set to ON. This needs to be changed before someone is hurt! Anyone else with this problem?

    Apple air play keeps disconnecting, screen stops responding to touch. Can’t see my map.

    Otherwise I love this car! Great drive, comfort and responsive.

  • Klock

    2022 had in shop 3x bought QX60 on May. Two weeks after the purchase we noticed the back end swaying.
    After several visits they acknowledge the problem but have no idea how to fix the problem. Does anyone else have this problem ?

  • V M

    I’ve had my 2022 qx60 for about 4 months now I’m having electrical problems with mine. I told my husband that the car was accelerating on it’s own but he thought it was just me but I knew better so I would ask him to drive it . It only did it sometimes so a few days ago he took it to get something to eat and my 2022 qx60 accelerated and the steering went crazy and he ended up in a pond of water the whole front end was under water he could have died or even a head on collision with another car these cars are not safe at least the one I have isn’t, it’s currently in the shop now, the infotainment keep blinking on and off, area where a/c is lights up some of the time, driver side mirror was stuck and wouldn’t fold in and when I got it to fold in it kept clicking until I pushed it to get it to start back working, also the driver assist and lane departure don’t always work all these problems was before the acceleration issue. I’ve taken my car into Infiniti for the electrical issues and they just tell me they can’t find out what’s wrong with it and the vehicle is too new to diagnose the problems but they have had other complaints about the same problems so I’m gonna have to wait for a recall on it and updates. I was so excited when I got it being it’s the new body style and everything but now I’m really regretting buying this especially after my husband experiencing the accelerating issue he could’ve died.

  • Court

    I bought a 2022 qx60 june 2nd. Since then it had the check engine light on 3 times. It was in service for 2 weeks for some cvt issue. I picked it up and tire pressure warning came on for one tire. Had checked and all were fine. About 2 hours later another tire said low so now 2 tires. Went to have fixed at dealership. Left and it came back on 4 hours later. My screen keeps resetting and when I get gas it keeps stopping the pump ever 10 seconds at every gas station I’ve used. They want the car back in service today. I’ve had it a month it’s been in service more than half that time. I’m glad to see it’s not a me issue it’s the qx60 and something needs to be done. We shouldn’t be buying a new car and have any issues.

  • Dea. W

    Yeap, I agree! Brand New (6miles) on QX60 LUXE model, at first I knew I did not know how to operate the car but after doing some YouTube and reading the manual I found these issues were just WRONG: a) The courtesy light, sometimes it works and other times it does not. b) my seat belt indicator has worked once, now its always RED rather I have my seatbelt on or off. c)Tire sensors kept telling me that I have low tire pressure, had tire shop deflate and reflate the tire that worked about 2 days then alerts started coming back. d) the sensors for the cameras, I nearly have to right up on the curb before the cameras come of if they come on at all (what is the point of coming on when I have gotten that close already) e) oh i love this one, while connected to carplay with the radio off, i get a call after i end the call the radio turns on the FM (i dont listen to FM and who told it to turn the radio on anyway). f) wipes come on at random when it has not rained in 3 days. that is just to name a few

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