2022 Honda HR-V Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Structure and electrical system issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

The 2022 Honda HR-V is a fun SUV that’s designed to provide a nimble ride with all of the top tech features. The automaker suggests that it provides “relentless excitement,” but the thrills are causing owners to visit the service center instead. Many people have started complaining about the glitchy electrical system and shoddy structure.

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NHTSA Complaints for the 2022 Honda HR-V

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Vehicle Speed Control
Service Brakes
Unknown Or Other
Electrical System
Forward Collision Avoidance: Warnings
Air Bags
Power Train
Forward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking

Problems with the Electrical System

The 2022 Honda HR-V is designed to provide reliable travel without costing as much as many other brands. However, in the process of keeping the price lower, the automaker must have forgotten to create a reliable electrical system.

One Edmunds review states, “Not crazy about my new 2022 Honda HRV LX.  Very choppy ride and noisy. Infotainment center is disappointing in that it will not notify me of text messages but keeps my phone from notifying me. I do like being able to listen to my music on my phone via Bluetooth.”

It appears that the “excitement” only extends to certain areas of the HR-V. When it comes to the electrical system, drivers are transported back in time to where their entire lives weren’t on the phone. Disconnecting someone from their phone for a drive to work could cause people to short-circuit. What is the world coming to?

Problems with the Structure

Honda hasn’t created the structure of the HR-V any better. It’s amazing that this Honda SUV can make it to its destination.

Another Edmunds review shows, “Had a Honda fit. This was suppose[d] to replace it. What an expensive joke. The lane watch tried to drive me into a wall. The driver’s side leg room is a joke. The center counsel is huge with no storage and just takes up space, cup holders are hard to reach, USB ports are hard to get and so is the 12 volt plug can’t be accessed from driver unless you reach over it. And worst of all the driver seat makes my legs go numb. The Fit was a 12 plus the HR-V 2022 is a 1. I have had it 1 month and hoping to get rid of it if it doesn’t cost me too much. My advice don’t bother with it.”

If the driver above was happier with the Fit than the new HR-V, there is clearly something wrong. Obviously, this customer has some delusions alone by rating the Fit above a “10.” With this scale in place, any other car should have easily been about to achieve a higher score, but the HR-V has gone down pitifully to the bottom. The tagline should be something along the lines of “relentless complaints” instead.

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Complaint Data

CategoryForward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking, Forward Collision Avoidance: Warnings
DateMar 18, 2023
The collision mitigation system has operated four times when no collision was imminent. Car braked in heavy city traffic twice and at highway speeds twice. No accidents occurred .
CategorySteering, Unknown Or Other, Vehicle Speed Control
DateMar 09, 2023
**I have made the dealership aware of the ongoing situation as well as honda corporate but I am waiting on a call back.* a month ago, I had my car on cruise control going around 76mph on flat land. After a while, while driving on flat land, my rpm's shot up to almost 6000 and the speed got up to 88mph in less than 10 seconds. I pulled over, shut the car off so I could calm down before driving again. Later that day, I was driving around 77mph on the interstate again but this time I was not using cruise control and my car dropped to around 50mph almost immediately, even with my foot on the pedal all the way to the floor but the car would not accelerate. During this time the car jerked forward really hard (I was told the cvt is why) but also multiple dash lights came on. I had picture and video proof of this, took it to the dealership but they could not find any reason. Since this day, my car has lost speed multiple times while driving but the steering wheel has started locking up the last few times making it impossible to even steer and get off of the roadway while the car is dropping speed. This is a huge liability for myself with my children in the car as well as other drivers on the road, as I was almost rear-ended by an 18 wheeler yesterday when this happened. It does not do this consistently but over the past month, it has happened about 4-5 times a week, sometimes more.
CategoryElectrical System, Engine, Unknown Or Other
DateFeb 07, 2023
The vehicle started to encounter mechanical issues 10 days after delivery. The vehicle's radio, apple carplay, bluetooth, and anti-theft system/radio unit started to encounter electrical issues, stating it had lost power. The issues were not as common at first but, grew to be persistent as the vehicle continued to be driven. The vehicle was in for service approximately 1-2 weeks ago from today's date and all the issues have started again. The issues that persist are the vehicle not being able to start multiple times in a week (does not depend if the vehicle is hot or cold, and/or if the vehicle has been recently driven or sitting), apple carplay consistently disconnecting, the anti-theft system/radio unit continually losing power and needing to acquire gps satellites. The dealership did conclude that the battery was at fault for the no-start issues and replaced the battery, unfortunately, that did not solve the issues and they continue to arise on a consistent basis thereafter. The other issues could not be replicated and were recommended that the phones connected via apple carplay be updated & repaired, the phones that were connected were already up to date in the ios version, and the hondailink version, and were using apple oem cables. These issues were not solved as well, and could not be replicated by the dealership. Most recently, the vehicle had a hard time starting and refused to accelerate above 40 mph.
CategoryEngine, Fuel/propulsion System, Service Brakes
DateJan 03, 2023
While driving multiple warning lights came on stating braking system failure, collision system failure, check engine lights , emissions system problem, brake hold system failure etc. There were no lights prior. I was at highway speeds when all of this took place which could have turned out to be rather disasterous. The vehicle was taken to the dealer who stated that this was caused by the drain of sunroof being clogged from the elements. The drainage system backed up and water entered front cabin. Dealer states this is not covered under warranty. Even though this is a near brand new car.
CategoryAir Bags
DateNov 04, 2022
My daughter was in a car accident, and the air bags did not deploy. The honda hr-v was totaled out. The other drivers air bags deployed. My daughter said the air bag was smoking like it tried to deploy, but never did. The hr-v collided with another car pulling onto a busy street. The car that was hit was going 35-45mph. The hr-v had the most damage done to the front of the car. The other car has damage to the front passenger side panel. The impact to the hr-v was on the driver's side which caused my daughter to hit her head on the driver's side window. The vehicle is at the insurance company's lot with the air bags not deploying she was not protected in the crash. The car has been inspected by the insurance company and they have totaled it out. The car did not have any warning lamps on prior to the accident.
CategoryVehicle Speed Control
DateAug 23, 2022
While driving my 2022 honda hrv the vehicle started losing acceleration on its own. The vehicle abruptly slowed down while I was driving it. There was no warning. This is a major safety issue as the car lost speed without any warning and can easily cause an accident.
DateJul 28, 2022
The contact owns a 2022 honda hr-v. The contact stated while driving approximately 40 mph and attempting to accelerate the vehicle failed to respond. The contact stated that the vehicle failed to shift into gear before stalling. The contact stated that the brakes, check engine, and several unknown warning lights were illuminated. The vehicle was towed to the dealer and diagnosed for the fourth time. The vehicle had received unknown repairs three times before; however, the failure reoccurred. The dealer reset the software. The manufacturer was not notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 17,000.
CategoryElectrical System: Instrument Cluster/panel, Engine And Engine Cooling
DateJun 21, 2022
The contact owns a 2022 honda hr-v. The contact stated that while driving at an undisclosed speed the instrument cluster warning lights were flickering. On another occasion while driving 65 mph, several unknown warning lights illuminated. The contact stated that the parking brake warning light was also flashing. The contact released the parking brake and the brakes locked up and the vehicle drove off the road onto gravel. There were no reported injuries. The contact was able to restart the vehicle. The contact was unable to drive above 50 mph due to the vehicle shaking abnormally. The contact called the local dealer however, the vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. The vehicle was taken to the local dealer and an unknown module was reset. The vehicle was repaired however, the failure recurred. The vehicle was then taken to autonation honda roseville (230 automall dr, roseville, ca 95661) where the vehicle was diagnosed and the contact was informed that an unknown module needed to be replaced. The vehicle was repaired. The manufacturer was notified but no additional assistance was provided. The failure mileage was approximately 3,654.
CategoryStructure:frame And Members:underbody Shields
DateJun 02, 2022
I just now noticed when looking out the window at my car parked in driveway, the underbody is is like falling? It is hanging low to the ground. Not normal. Earlier that day, when driving, it felt like I was in low gear, as if I was dragging or driving in the mountains.
CategoryEngine, Power Train, Vehicle Speed Control
DateMay 13, 2022
This is a continuation of nhtsa id number: 11463644. Secondary issue is minimal acceleration output when entering the freeways. At times, it can take between 20-30 seconds to get 0-60 mph - creating a very dangerous environment with the vehicles behind me braking hard to avoid crashing into my 2022 honda hr-v sport. American honda denied my claim to replace ecu and repair body damage to the vehicle after examination.
CategoryVehicle Speed Control
DateMay 06, 2022
This accident took place on april 19, 2022 - - ten days after I took possession of my new 2022 honda hr-v sport from the dealership - - sudden unintended acceleration. The facts are I came home on april 19, 2022. I drove slowly up the driveway. I stopped. I inched forward. I stepped lightly on the gas pedal. Then the vehicle suddenly accelerated without warning at high speed. The hard-hitting impact resulted in damage to the front of my vehicle. The building supplies on the driveway took the full impact of the accident. Otherwise, the vehicle could have crashed through the garage door and hit another vehicle - -likely resulting in serious injuries or death to myself and extensive property damage. American honda denied my claim to replace ecu and repair body damage to the vehicle after examination.
CategoryAir Bags
DateApr 30, 2022
I was involved in an accident where my car was totaled. The impact was on the front end. My airbags never deployed, and the honda certified body shop that reviewed the damage said this was concerning, and based on the damage and the speed during impact, they should've deployed. There are no current recalls on hr-v airbags. I sustained some soft tissue injury/bruising across my lower abdomen from the seatbelt, as well as some soreness in my shoulder and neck from the seatbelt. My concern is that the accident could've been much worse, and the airbags may not deploy and provide the protection they're supposed to. I contacted honda about the concern, and I'm unaware of any subsequent action on their part to mitigate this potential problem.
CategoryForward Collision Avoidance: Warnings, Unknown Or Other
DateMar 28, 2022
Sunroof suddenly exploded and shattered in millions pieces. The car was purchased on november 2021, brand new.
CategoryService Brakes
DateFeb 22, 2022
The contact owned a 2022 honda hr-v. The contact stated while driving 60 mph, the brake pedal was depressed but the vehicle slid on the road. The contact stated no warning light was illuminated. The contact stated it took a while to stop the vehicle completely. The contact stated on 2/14/2022 while driving 35 mph, she depressed the brake pedal but failed to stop the vehicle completely and rear-ended another vehicle. The contact stated no warning light was illuminated. The air bags did not deploy. The contact sustained injuries on her neck, left shoulder and right knee hit the side panel. The contact did seek medical attention with her chiropractor. A police report was filed. The insurance company deemed the vehicle a total loss. The vehicle was towed to a repair shop. The contact called the local dealer and made them aware of the failure. The manufacturer had not been informed of the failure. The failure mileage was approximately 10,000.
CategoryElectrical System, Service Brakes, Unknown Or Other
DateFeb 20, 2022
Just bought this 2022 hrv awd ex back in october 2021. I already have one prior issue with the emissions problems and the brake system. When I took it to honda they said they would take care of it and they did. Something about calibration and getting a part for my car. This morning I tried driving it when out of nowhere I get all the parking lights emissions problems and parking lights flashing and the car won't even go faster than 10 mph while white smoke coming out of the exhaust and starts pulling and yanking it's pretty scary when you driving and it happens out of nowhere. Now the I can't even drive my brand new car that I bought. It shows me on the dash for me to pull over and park. Take to dealer sign on dash.
CategoryService Brakes, Visibility/wiper
DateFeb 14, 2022
Our 2022 hr-v continues to have a problem with the windows fogging up after driving a few miles. This happens when it is very cold outside. (below freezing) I have also had two incidents when the inside of the front windshield has had a thin layer of ice and I have had to scrap the inside before being able to drive. The front brakes seem to grab when first applied when wet or iced.
CategoryEngine, Power Train, Vehicle Speed Control
DateDec 24, 2021
The suv decelerated rapidly while driving uphill on the grapevine in los angeles. I was driving 70 mph and then the suv's speed just started to drop and I was pressing down hard on the accelerator. This may haven been an issue with the engine or the transmission. My daughter and I could have been seriously injured or killed since we were surrounded by cars going 70+ mph and no one could have expected our suv to decelerate so quickly on this stretch of highway. We really could not figure out what to do. The dealer said they could not replicate it, but I have had this happen more than once. I told them how serious this was, but they said they could not help me. I have read online of others complaining about the same issue for both the crv and the hrv (www. Thedrive. Com) and I read that this issue has been reported to the nhtsa before so I wonder how the honda dealer has never heard about this before. The suv has not been inspected by anyone but the dealer. The suv also intermittently shakes on the highway as it picks up speed. This also appears to be an issue others have experienced. No warning lamps, messages or other symptoms appeared for either issue. Both issues present safety concerns.
CategoryElectrical System, Service Brakes
DateDec 19, 2021
Car parked. When I went to drive, engine light, ((p))! Light and park light remained on. The car would not go into reverse. Turned car off. Turned car back on. After 15-20 mins car went into reverse. While driving on I-95 all 3 lights turned on with the park light blinking. I pulled onto shoulder. Googled causes. I checked gas cap which was on tightly. This is extremely concerning as it states there is a problem with the electrical braking system. I purchased the car on december 11th 2021 and it's already having issues. I was driving with an infant in the car. Someone needs to investigate why this happened and how to fix it before people end up in an accident.

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  • Lissette M

    I financed the Honda H-RV on Aug 16th, 2022. On Oct 3rd, 2022, I was going down a hill as I tried to apply the brakes the brake pedal became soft. Mind you, I’m going down a hill catching speed and pedal to the metal foot on the break. As I start to panic and trying to think fast, the car stalled and comes to a stop. I shut the engine off and remove the keys from the starter. I then tow it to the Honda dealer I purchased it from. Just to tell me there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the car. Now I’m stuck with a painful lower back and a dangerous vehicle. (I went to the hospital and my disc from my spine are inflamed.) Feel free to email me some advice

  • Christy Y

    I agree with everyone about the electrical system on the 2022 Honda HRV. I want legal representation for this. Since I got the car in april or march of this year 2022, there’s already 2 big major electrical issues, the odometer and the bluetooth system and the screen keeps resetting itself multiple times weekly. I am disappointed as this was one of my dream car.

  • Marion S

    Bought my 2022 Honda HR-V LX last March 2022. The engine is noisy and feels like the power is not enough upon acceleration. HELP!

  • Natacha G

    Honda HRV’s electrical system sucks.. Bluetooth doesn’t connect to the car, so u have to use phone’s loudspeaker or use ear pods.
    Though it’s 2022 model I feel, I am in black and white Era. Big failure from Honda.
    They Need to recall them , I am tired using this defective system . The problem become worse day by day.

  • Akshata S

    Totally agree. Honda HRV’s electrical system sucks.. Bluetooth doesn’t connect to the car, so u have to use phone’s loudspeaker or use ear pods.
    Though it’s 2022 model I feel, I am in black and white Era. Big failure from honda.

    Never expected this.

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