2022 Dodge RAM 1500 Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Electrical system and steering issues are among the top complaints from vehicle owners

The 2022 Dodge Ram is meant to be not only a work truck but also a comfortable vehicle for relaxing in. It’s advertised as capable, with the company claiming owners can “forge your own path.” However, there are already complaints surfacing about the defective electrical system and the steering.

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Problems with the Electrical System

Considering all of the high-tech equipment included with 2022 Ram trucks, one would assume that the electrical system is up to par, but it’s not.

One customer wrote this statement on Ram Forum. “I’ve had my 2022 Ram 1500 Laramie for a little over a month. 1,200 miles on it. 12” Uconnect screen has gone black and check engine light is on. Is THIS what I have to look forward to?”

The Ram truck barely made it off the dealership lots before there was a recall, showing the level of care that was put into manufacturing. NHTSA Campaign Number 21V871000 states that the trucks have been built with the wrong equipment for the heating, ventilation and air condition systems (HVAC). This defect leads to an inoperable defrost system, which can reduce visibility and cause an accident. Of course, Ram is taking care of the repair, but it shouldn’t have hit the roads with this issue in the first place. If the customer wants to “forge” a path, they better hope that the windshield doesn’t fog up or they might find themselves meeting a tree.

Problems with the Steering

There’s no doubt that the Ram is a larger vehicle, requiring more care when steering. However, a defective steering system isn’t needed and only makes the situation worse, yet that’s what drivers are dealing with.

Another customer wrote this on Ram Forum. “It just seems loose and like you are always making subtle corrections to keep it in the lane.”

While there are no communications showing how to resolve the problem, all of this seems a little reminiscent of the dreaded death wobble. Is it possible that the trucks are going to suffer from this infamous problem yet again? Some people have found that changing the tires tends to help the situation, but this isn’t something that should be dealt with on a new truck, especially for the high price of this one. The only path that this Ram is going to “forge” is to the top of the list of defective trucks. In a few years, the 2022 Ram will be listed as a model to avoid.

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    Bought a brand new 2022 Ram Big Horn 1500 5.7 liter hemi with 6 miles on Feb 5 2022. It is dead as of June 20 2022 with 6,000 miles. Battery dead. Either bad battery, alternator or sensor is my guess. Something is draining the battery. Should NOT have this issue already. Would not recommend Ram trucks. Had a 2019 Ram 1500 classic with 5.7 liter hemi 4×4 & had the front passenger side wheel bearing go bad.

  • Blanca P

    2022 Ram 1500 Laramie 13k miles on it and the radio dash goes off and on at a wim. Now the check engine light on, dealer reset the computer and back at the dealer 3 days later. Injection code on the phone app. Appears to be the same issue on all newer models. Such a disapoi

  • Penny

    Brand new 2022 Rebel under 1500 miles started throwing a dash full of service lights whe it rained got it in they changed out rear wheel sensors… also trouble with phone linking to stereo systems and back up camera willfreese and not go off until I pull.over park and restart.

  • Jeremiah H

    22 Ram Rebel E-Torque, transmission on downshifts is harsh and aggressive. When coming to a slow stop or even quick stops the truck is unpredictable and feels like a manual transmission when you pop the clutch. The thing will turn itself off as your rolling to a stop and then lunge forward before you can even stop. The SiriusXM antenna has not worked at all. The gas pedal/electronics are terrible and it stumbles from every stop!! Borderline dangerous when trying to make turns as it hesitates and nearly stalls for a split second, then you accelerate like a tool, no control at all. I regret this purchase…..

  • benny v

    1600 miles beeping codes on read out 2200 same replace radio that one did not work they put old one back in and said they reprogram it now same thing warining ect 2022 ram 54 k very unhappy

  • Blaney

    5k on 2022 1500 laramie. All highway driving and it just jumped gears on me. Lost power to accelerator. Put its delft into park with electrical ignition warning. CEL is on now.

  • Roger

    2022 Dodge ram 1500 brand new off the lot and My AC did not work. Then My stereo unit say Uconnect battery needs to be replaced. Then I get a notification on my phone app saying there is a airbag failure and tire sensor failure. My truck has less then 2000 miles on it and the first payment is not even due yet. Dodge says they are reviewing if I qualify for a buy back. I am really disappointed to say the least. They also told me that I could be charged a storage fee if I did not pick up my vehicle from the dealer that I feel unsafe driving.

  • Steph

    Chrysler advertises 18-22 mpg for RAM 1500 Hemi 5.7L V-8 e torque engine and I have had it for 2200 miles driving ALL highway AND combination… and I’m ONLY getting 14mpg!!!! I even have a bigger fuel tank! How can they get away for falsely advertising this range? Also getting a gas smell from the grill when I park it… it’s brand new… just picked up my Limited Longhorn on March 4, 2022.


    brand new 2022 dodge ram 1500 right off the lot with 10 miles electrical issues including radio shutting down with screen saying (screen shutting down overheating). problems with the electrical also defrost.. another problem is either the transmission or the drivetrain whenever i come to a fast stop the car pushes forward. Several times almost hitting car Infront of me at stop signs.

  • William W

    I have heard that dealers and manufacturers are selling the 2022 knowing they are not right especially electronically and knowing the buyer will bring them back and have them repaired hoping they have the proper chips or electronics come in. I heard this from a friend whom is a salesman for a car dealer. So the dealer and manufacturer are knowingly selling sub par new vehicles.

  • Tim C

    425 miles on my 2022 Dodge Ram Rebel GT. Owned for 3 weeks. Keeps stalling at stops. Check engine light on. “Injection system failure” shows up on phone app. Low battery indicator showing 11.5 VDC when vehicle running. After it stalls and I restart battery jumps up to 13.7 VDC for awhile then back down to 11.5 then stalls at next stop. Towed back to home on a Sunday.

  • Thomas M

    Brand new 2022 ram 1500 rebel eco diesel, from New Brunswick Canada, first tank of gas and how RAM boasts about 1600 km’s to a tank of diesel fuel… THATS GARBAGE!
    I have less than 100 km showing on the expected mileage gauge and 560 actual km’s on the brand new truck. I will be lucky to get 800KM’s to this piece of crap. The reason i bought it was for mileage and how RAM can get away with the lies it spews is beyond me, I have no choice but to keep this truck for a bit but 800kms difference on the first tank of gas is not a good showing to me. I will be getting rid of it ASAP! The actual dealer where i bought the truck are as professional as i have met and not their fault this garbage truck does what it does. I sent my evaluation to Chrysler by email and of course will NEVER EVER hear back from them because they are lairs and should be taken to court for publishing garbage lies to customers

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