Lindsey Sporrer Awarded Lemberg Law Scholarship

Lemberg Law is pleased to announce that Lindsey Sporrer of Santa Monica, California, has been selected as the recipient of the firm’s $1,250 “Entrepreneurial Spirit” 2019 law school scholarship for her lemon law-themed Facebook-style ad.

Sporrer has traveled a wending path to USC Gould School of Law, where she will begin her studies in the fall. Her father’s career and mother’s fibromyalgia took the family from Iowa to South Carolina, where Sporrer began attending high school. “When I was 15, I moved to New York to model for Wilhelmina,” she said. “My principal was kind and allowed me to continue school remotely and fly home to South Carolina for exams.”

Tragically, within a week of Sporrer being accepted to New York University, her mother was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease). As a result, Sporrer moved back home and enrolled at Clemson University. Her mother passed away at Christmastime during her freshman year. “My dad comes from a big family,” she said. “He’s one of eight children, so I have a lot of pseudo-mothers.”

Her mother’s journey motivated Sporrer to pursue raising money for ALS research that seeks to better understand the development and progression of the disease and to discover new treatments and therapies. Once she received her degree in business management from Clemson, Sporrer headed to Los Angeles, where her mentor advised that the best platform for raising money was pageants. As a result, Sporrer was eventually crowned Miss L.A. and went on to compete in the Miss California pageant.

That led to an unexpected opportunity. “Two of the biggest casting directors for 20th Century Fox were in the audience,” Sporrer said. “They approached me and asked me to come in and read for a part.” The rest, as they say, is history. Sporrer has appeared in “Blue Mountain State,” “Some Kind of Beautiful,” and a variety of television series.

Although she continues to audition, Sporrer is excited to be currently working as a legal clerk for a Los Angeles-based law firm. “I’m working on a case slated to go to trial in the fall,” she said. “My business degree really helped me understand how all of the pieces of the case fit together.”

When she’s not working or in school, Sporrer continues in her family’s tradition of volunteering internationally. A Spanish speaker, Sporrer has been to Juarez, Mexico, Northern Peru, and other locations in South America to build homes and orphanages. “Most recently, my brother and I drove down to San Diego and worked with an organization there to bring refugees from internment camps to shelters,” she said. “Eventually, they’ll go on to stay with their sponsor in the U.S.”

Sporrer expressed her gratitude to Lemberg Law for the scholarship. “I was so excited to hear that I’d won, and told my dad right away,” she said.

You can see a list of past scholarship recipients here, and find information about Lemberg Law’s current open scholarships here.

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