Hyundai Palisade Hazy Window Problems

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Lemberg Law is investigating complaints that the 2023 Hyundai Palisade has major issues with hazy windows. Vehicle owners report that while it doesn’t necessarily affect all the windows, it does impact visibility and therefore safety, often severely.

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Is There a Problem with Hazy Windows

There are already 14 consumer complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about the 2023 Hyundai Palisade’s hazy windows. And there are still more than 8 weeks before the start of 2023.

There are also discussions on Palisade forums and Facebook about the issue. One forum member started a poll on September 25, 2022, to try and gauge how widespread the problem is. By November 4, 47 people had voted, and of these, 57.4% (27) had experienced the issue.

Typically, dealers give the windows a good clean and say the problem is fixed. But owners generally don’t agree, and many are demanding replacement windows.

What Problems are Palisade Owners Experiencing with Cloudy or Hazy Windows?

The first complaint about the 2023 Hyundai Palisades having hazy window glass to the NHTSA was on October 3, 2022. This was only about 2 months after the new SUV was released in the U.S. Complaints talk about a hazy, sometimes milky, film on the windows that make them difficult to see out of. Most owners say that cleaning doesn’t help. Those that find it does help admit that they don’t stay “clean” for very long.

But it’s not just because they seem to be dirty. Rather, because drivers can’t see out of the windows clearly, there is a serious safety concern. The haziness is especially bad in sunny conditions.

It also seems that the hazy effect is more common on the second row of windows.

Complaints to the NHTSA

Most complaints don’t give much detail other than those mentioned above. One of the most detailed complaints is from an owner in North Carolina. This owner states that the “Second-row windows are hazy in direct sunlight making it difficult to see through the windows.”

The complaint points out that these particular windows ”are double-paned with tint in between the two panes of glass,” which could be part of the problem. “The design of these windows apparently causes the hazy glass appearance in direct sunlight.

“I reported this issue to Hyundai Customer Care online.” He was told to take the vehicle to the dealer. “The dealer compared the windows to another car on the lot and it had the same defective hazy windows.” They confirmed the problem and reported it to Hyundai. “Hyundai has not responded to the issue. This is an apparent problem for other owners of the Palisade as it has been discussed many times online in Palisade Forums.”

An owner from Virginia says that both side windows on the back driver side (between the B and C pillars) are affected. Essentially, the complaint states that they have “a haze color” that is “impacting (the) blind spot visibility slightly.”

An owner from Florida is a bit more pragmatic when stating that both second-row side windows have a haze on them. “This causes not only an obscured window but also a hazard when trying to see out of them.”

An owner from North Carolina also says that the second-row windows are cloudy and hazy. “I have taken it to our dealer and they confirm that the windows are hazy.”

An owner from Pennsylvania believes that the second-row window tint is faulty because there is a white hazy fog between the glass.

Discussions on Palisade Forum

There are several threads on Palisade Forum dot com that discuss the hazy windows issue. Like the NHTSA complaints, members are saying that typically a haze appears when sunlight hits the second-row windows.

Even though there has been no explanation from Hyundai, 2023 Palisade owners have theories. One theory is that the problem is “a combination of factory tint and acoustic laminated glass.”

The windshield and first-row windows are acoustic laminated but not factory tinted. No haze.
The 3rd row and rear window are not acoustic laminated and have factory tint. No haze.
The 2nd row are both acoustic laminated and factory tinted. There is haze.

But it’s not that simple because the haze isn’t always limited to the second row. Another member states, ”I just had my two front windows tinted and noticed that same milky look and figured it would go away in a few days but it didn’t.”

In September 2022, one member said, “This is potentially a safety issue that will warrant a very quick recall/TSB.” But by early November this hadn’t happened.

Some owners who belong to the Palisade Forum are encouraging other owners with the same problem to push for replacement window glass.

Here’s a comment from someone who has done just this. “I had to request new windows as this dealer asked me to wait for a few weeks to see if it cleared up. Be prepared to push back.

“I have 2 concerns over the windows that have been ordered.

  1. They will not be acoustically laminated in which case I don’t want them installed.
  2. They will be acoustically laminated and still exhibit the same haze issue.”

What Should You Do if Your Palisade Has Hazy Windows?

Lemberg Law is investigating complaints relating to hazy windows in the 2023 Hyundai Palisade. If your Palisade has hazy, milky, or cloudy-looking glass windows, you don’t have to live with it. If this is, indeed, a defect, you may have recourse from Hyundai.

All you have to do to see if you qualify is to call us or complete our case evaluation form. It won’t cost you a cent because the law says that Hyundai must pay all legal bills for lemon law cases.

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  • Michele S

    I took my Palisade calligraphy to the dealer twice with cloudy window complaint. First time it wasn’t sunny so they couldn’t see it. Second time the service manager saw it and said they would fix it but was waiting to hear from the tech to see how it was going to be handled and that he saw a lot of people were complaining about this issue. I was told he would contact me. After not hearing back I questioned when I would get my windows replaced and they responded that Hyundai has discovered that this was not a safety issue and no replacement necessary. I am not happy with that. I didn’t pay all that money for a new car to have it look like it does. Safety issue or not it looks crappy

  • Jodie H

    Finally someone acknowledges this. Driving 50+min to each dealer with “hmm, come back next week/tomorrow/first thing in the morning” etc, wasting my miles and life on this weekly for 11 months!

  • Kathryn T

    Palisade windows foggy

  • Kathryn T

    Just picked up 2023 palisade calligraphy last week. 2nd row and rear window are hazy. Dealer acted like they’ve never seen the issue before.

  • Domenic S

    I have a 23 Palisades Calligraphy.
    I have also noticed the hazy windows both sides when the sun shines through.

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