2022 Honda CR-V Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Electrical system and engine issues are among the top complaints

By Brian Jones | Updated on

By Brian Jones | Updated on

Families have loved SUVs over the past few years, so it seems likely that the 2022 Honda CR-V is automatically set up for success. Plus, the automaker claims it offers a “design that raises the bar.” On the other hand, customers are struggling with a defective electrical system and malfunctioning engines.

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Problems with the Electrical System

All modern cars should be equipped with highly-effective electrical systems, not just for safety but also for convenience and entertainment. Sadly, the 2022 Honda CR-V can’t boast of having a great system, especially with the customer complaints.

Here’s one posted to KBB. “I have less than 500 miles on this vehicle and had to recalibrate the TPMS 3 times though the tire pressure was correct. The big disappointment, at 432 miles the infotainment system is all grey. No backup camera, ability to control settings, music, temperature controls, etc. I’ve tried the reboot (push on/off radio button), pulled the fuses associated with this part of the vehicle and even disconnected the battery which are all documented ‘fixes’ in prior models. Nothing works, just a grey screen. I have an appointment setup with the dealership but an utter disappointment at this point. MPGs seem to be 5mpg overstated which I expected since my last Honda (2012 Accord) was similar. My Fords, Chevys, Mazdas, etc would be very close to stated MPGs but Honda seems to overstate.”

Many people don’t know that Honda has been slapped with lots of class-action lawsuit discussions in the past. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that Honda was part of a group of automakers that intentionally failed to tell drivers about defects in the seatbelt and airbag electronics. Because of this defect, the systems wouldn’t work in head-on collisions, leaving people in danger. In fact, a 636-page complaint was filed with more than thirty plaintiffs stating their case. This doesn’t seem like a brand worth spending money with in hopes that the issues have been resolved and that Honda is going to be suddenly honest going forward about defects.

Problems with the Engine

Aside from the electrical problems, there have also been many complaints about how loud the engine is, thereby causing worry that something is wrong.

Here’s one to read from a customer writing on the KBB website. “The engine can be a bit noisy when accelerating from a stop.”

For now, Honda has issued no statement about the motor troubles. It’s as if the company is denying that there is an issue, despite customers and auto publications agreeing that it is happening. To truly “raise the bar,” it’s clear that Honda must take one more look at this “design” that is constantly praised. In the meantime, customers might choose a different SUV brand to hit the roads with – maybe one that is quiet enough to enjoy the conversation of the occupants in the cabin.

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  • Prakash

    I bought New Honda CR V 2022 model. As stated here , the engine makes bit noise when accelerating from stop. I loved the Honda cars for their quite running once. Now, I hate this vehicle. Please guide me if there is any way I can get rid of it.

  • Ms. K

    Bought 2022 Honda CR-V on 3/17/2022, six days later the car would not start. The car was taken to Honda dealership and no issues were found. One week later the same issue ensued along with grainy backup camera. Car was then taken back to Honda dealership, this time they found an issue with the ignition system.
    I am very disappointed and disgusted with the whole buying experience.

  • Judy K

    Bought 2022 CR-V on 12/23/21, paid $38K cash for the vehicle ((13K trade-in). AIS technology worked for 2 days, took in to dealership and they essentially said weather was too cold, battery up front and engine doesn’t get warm enough for AIS to work. At no point during my conversation with sales was this mentioned. Took a road trip to Indianapolis (260 round trip) mid-January 2022. On interstate and used ECON mode to better mileage. Interestingly enough, the AIS worked at two stop lights in 20-degree temp (Indiana). Did not get better mileage, same as in-town driving, and AIS stopped working after it worked for 2 stoplights. Took into dealership 1/21/22 and service dept got it to work. Took a drive with service Mgr and AIS worked twice. Left to come home and AIS didn’t continue to work. Notified service mgr and he didn’t want to assume any responsibility for this malfunction. So, I went online and found a “Honda cr-v consumer site.” The thread was from 2020 and the AIS was a problem with cr-v’s since that time (mgr denied anyone having problems with this to his knowledge). In the thread there were several suggestions with no real solution mentioned. I forwarded the thread to the mgr, who was “fascinated and found info interesting). There was a suggestion by one person in the thread to follow a regimen that includes letting engine warm-up, pull over, stay in car with seat belt on, stop car and release hood, restart with seat belt on and make sure “hood release up” is showing before shutting car off, getting out of car and shutting hood, return to car, fasten seat belt, restart and take off = AIS will work. I did this and AIS did work from 2/22/22 until3/8/22. Once again, I followed the regimen from the 2020 thread and my AIS is working now. Emailed service Mgr this info and shared I am a 70yo female who paid cash for a 2022 Honda CR-V and I expect it to perform according to sale expectations. If it can’t be fixed, I want a new car that has working AIS tech (as advertised), down-grade to lesser model with cash reimbursement for the difference or give me my money back so I can purchase a fuel-efficient car.

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