2020 Hyundai Tucson Top Complaints and Problems – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Steering, electrical system and engine issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Compact SUVs are often stylish and fun to drive, as was expected from the 2020 Hyundai Tucson. Owners were excited to hear about the “all-around-you safety,” but this model seems to put more people at risk than needed. This vehicle suffers from a defective engine, malfunctioning electrical system, shoddy steering and poor visibility.

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Problems with the Engine

Even with a compact SUV, the engine needs to be powerful, equipped to handle passengers and cargo. However, drivers are complaining, not just about the power, but about defects.

Here is one complaint left on the Edmunds website. “The first instance almost got us smashed on Hwy 90 because the engine just died just as we entered the highway, my husband managed to get it out of the way of a Semi, but it was too close for comfort. The second time, we were on Hwy 285 and we were following a dump truck, we pulled out to pass and engine slowed to a pace, we were blest to have the space to fall back behind the truck. We took it to the dealership twice in one day for similar incidents; they said nothing was wrong. Today, they have had the car for a week, they say nothing’s wrong.  So frustrating.”

Hyundai isn’t afraid to discuss engine troubles with the Tucson. Service Bulletin #20-AT-007H even talks about the Check Engine Light coming on because the vehicle needs a new solenoid or oil pressure harness. With the situation above in mind, it’s difficult to see how the Hyundai SUV is providing “all-around-you safety,” unless the automaker plans to cover the vehicle with cushions that prevent the tractor-trailers from demolishing it every time the engine dies. Maybe the tagline should be “all-around-you danger” instead.

Problems with the Electrical System

The electrical system is another aspect that is causing trouble. Whether it is used to start the engine or run accessories, this system must be in properly running order.

However, this NHTSA complaint says otherwise. “The backup camera is blurry and fuzzy during the day and even worse at night. Almost useless at night time. The camera system is supposed to be a safety feature but it is not very good when you can’t make out objects and there isn’t a warning noise when you are about to back up into something. I have taken to service department at dealership 3 times now and they have installed a new camera and it is still the same as the first one. I think Hyundai needs to get a much better quality camera system for the 2020 Hyundai Tucson Ultimate. I was at Walmart 3 nights ago backing out of a parking space and did not see the lady walking behind my car because the camera system is horrible at night time.”

In all fairness, the Tucson tagline doesn’t guarantee safety for those around the vehicle, just those in it. With that in mind, there are many other electrical-system errors that need to be dealt with. One such communication, Service Bulletin #20-BE-001H, talks about trouble with the head unit and USB connections. It seems that this Hyundai can’t even get the basic down, nor can it see people walking around the SUV. Maybe owners should put a sign on the back that says, “Don’t walk behind this vehicle – we can’t see you!”

Problems with the Steering

Keeping control of a vehicle is something that most operators don’t think about; it just comes naturally. That is, unless the system isn’t working right.

One such example is found on the NHTSA website. “Was getting on entrance ramp to Interstate 35 north bound from Robinson when orange Electric Power Steering (EPS) warning light came on. When I was about 90 degrees into the turn. Shortly after read EPS came on, power steering became non-existent. I exited I-35 at Indian Hills and turned the power off once I got to side of road. Steering became normal after restart and all warning lights were off. Vehicle has around 400 miles. I don’t think my wife would had the strength to turn the wheel and I consider this incident would have been extremely dangerous for her.”

This is one area that Hyundai chose not to talk about. As of now, there are no communications discussing trouble with the steering system. Instead, customers are left wrestling their vehicles off of highways in an effort to protect themselves. Moral of the story – if driving a Tucson is in the future, start building arm muscles now.

Problems with the Autoglass

A final look brings the research to the auto glass. It turns out that there are many defects with this system as well.

An NHTSA review states, “SUV has been in shop 4 times due to a loud cracking pop noise coming from panoramic sun roof. I know there was a recall on this exact issue, then the windows would explode. Apparently Hyundai has not fixed the problem, I am afraid to drive the car, and want my money back or a new car.”

While there isn’t a current recall on this vehicle, it has been a problem for many other owners. In addition to the auto glass concerns, communications show trouble with the lighting, which is also a visibility problem. Service Bulletin #20-BD-014H talks about moisture accumulation with the headlamps, daytime running lamp, fog lamp and rear combination lamp. However, the automaker claims that it isn’t necessary to replace the assembly to repair the problem. Instead, the company just wants to run the engine for a few minutes with the lights on, which supposedly eliminates the condensation. If that were the case, there would be no problem, as owners are regularly driving their SUVs. Maybe a drive to the dealership is what’s really needed – so they can fix the problem for good.

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