2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Steering, electrical and powertrain issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Full-size trucks come in a variety of styles and formats, but all owners want capability and durability. For many years, Chevy was known as a reliable automaker for pickups, but that might not be the case anymore. Despite the tagline on the Silverado saying, “The strongest, most advanced Silverado ever,” we just can’t agree. Instead, it seems this company is allergic to advanced technology based on how often it fails.

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Problems with the Electrical System

The electrical system of a truck is like the nerves. It’s responsible to run most every component. When something starts malfunctioning, it can be a simple nuisance or complete mechanical failure.

One NHTSA reviewer writes about this nuisance by saying, “On trucks equipped with the cheaper low trim backup cameras, anytime I touch the brakes while backing up, the camera cuts out. It’s usually a white flash or solid white line, but on occasion will cut out completely to a black screen.”

That’s probably quite annoying for any driver attempting to reverse. It’s more than just irritating, especially for people relying on the backup camera to maneuver safely.

With the automaker adding nearly 80 service bulletins on the electrical system alone, it’s clear to see that they have big problems. One of the more humorous situations they experience is documented through Service Bulletin # 18NA283. It appears that the Wi-Fi hotspot in the Silverado displays the SSID name myCadillac. This bulletin teaches technicians how to change it for the owner. Somehow these trucks left the factory with the wrong brand name being displayed. If they couldn’t get something simple like that right, imagine all the things that are wrong. Furthermore, does the service team really need step by step directions to fix this? These are the same people supposedly rebuilding engines and taking care of the truck’s safety equipment.

2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Power Train
Service Brakes
Electrical System
Unknown Or Other
Electronic Stability Control
Exterior Lighting

Problems with the Steering

Maybe the steering system will perform better? Sadly, after reading through a few more reviews, it’s clear to see that this is just as dysfunctional as the electrical components.

Just look at this NHTSA, “A warning dashboard notice “Service Steering Column Lock” appeared the very day we test drove the truck, and has not been able to be repaired/corrected. GM has my truck for more than 50 days. GM can’t guarantee me that the steering wheel will not lockup while driving down the road. With that statement, I consider this an unsafe vehicle to drive. And as of today’s date, GM and their dealership can’t figure this problem. I requested that GM repurchase the unsafe truck back, I only had this truck about 8 days out of 60.”

While this particular situation isn’t discussed, Service Bulletin #PIP5570A does talk about another steering problem. It appears that a ticking noise is present that might be the result of an improperly seated or deformed steering shaft seal. To repair the problem, dealers must replace the boot. No driver wants to face noisy or inoperable steering. So far, Chevy is having a hard time convincing anyone that this is the “most advanced Silverado.”

Problems with the Transmission

Of course, they might be referring to their powertrain. It’s always possible that they did a good job and built a strong, reliable powertrain that sets this pickup apart from the rest.

Let’s take a look at an Edmunds review to see. “I purchased a 2019 Silverado in July 2019 and it has developed a strange lurching motion while coming to a stop kind of feels like hitting a small pothole after doing some research GM has been aware of this and other issues with the 8 speed transmission for about 4 years now. I’m taking it back to the dealer to see if they can fix it I still like the truck but this issue is really disappointing and is starting to ruin my new truck buying experience so do your research before buying any GM vehicle with this transmission I have a LT double cab with the 5.3 V8.”

Throughout the more than 30 service bulletins, Chevy continues to outline various noises that are heard in the powertrain of this truck. In each instance, they tell dealers that these are a “normal characteristic.” Maybe having the most advanced truck requires it to make peculiar noises that other pickups don’t suffer from? It must be the cost of having the best and as far as the automaker is concerned, customers should be grateful to have it that way.

Problems with the Brakes

This article has touched on nearly every system in the Silverado, but it’s still possible something is made properly. The brakes would be a good components to have durability and exceptional performance. After all, it is the only part that ensures a driver stops when the time comes.

This NHTSA review tells us exactly what to expect from the Silverado’s braking system. “Today 1/29/2019, while attempting to come to a stop at an intersection, the brake pedal became very spongy and I rolled into the intersection before I was able to fully compress the pedal almost to the floor. Any owner of this truck knows how responsive the braking system is and it only takes a slight touch to come to a full quick stop. This was not the case today, I drove it back to my shop and the entire 10 minute drive it repeated this failure. I got back to my shop and called Chevy and they told me to bring it in to have it looked at. On the way to the dealership, I could not get it to reproduce this behavior.”

We see plenty of service bulletins regarding brake issues. #PIT5634 talks about the reduction of engine power with a Service Brake System message and a hard brake pedal. The problem turns out to be a low voltage situation, which brings us right back to the electrical system. It’s all connected – further proving that this truck is anything but strong and durable.

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Problems with the Electronic Stability Control

Modern electronic stability control systems are designed to provide optimal control on the road. When this advanced system fails, it becomes difficult to experience the ride that a driver anticipates.

One NHTSA user wrote specifically about ESC issues. “Pulling out of a gas station onto a highway, my dash display showed Service Power Steering Drive with Care. I noticed I had no power assist to my steering and the steering was extremely hard to steer at best. I also received the message Service ECS at this point I had little control of the direction the vehicle was going and managed to pull over. I also noticed the following functions stopped working, cruise control, traction control, lane assist, auto stop, etc. I let the vehicle sit about 20 minutes and restarted. No errors remained and I went on my way. Scary situation to be in on the highway.”

While the automaker is quick to talk about every other problem with this truck, there is only one service bulletin related to the ESC. #PIT4322J only tells technicians to look for diagnostic trouble code C0710 and inspect the vehicles. There’s no cause or reason listed behind the problems that today’s driver is facing. Maybe part of being the most advanced Silverado ever is to deny that there are any problems present. Denial is a form of strength according to Chevy.

Your Lemon Law Legal Rights

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Brian Jones

About the Author:

Brian Jones spent more than 30 years working as an ASE Certified Master Tech and Parts Specialist at multiple dealerships. Brian has become an authority in the industry, traveling across the country to consult for car dealerships and contributing his expertise as a writer for several major automotive publications. In his spare time, Brian enjoys working on pickup trucks, muscle cars, Jeeps and anything related to motorsports.

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  • Robert L

    I have a 2019 crew cab 1500 4×4 33000 miles as soon as the warranty went off coverage the oil cooling line came apart at the crimp dumped all the oil in seconds ,, turned off vehicle immediately .. always owned chevys and gmcs ! This is just ridiculous. There’s no recall on this and it’s happened to many folks! Very let down , disappointed as all hell.

  • Tracey

    July 25,2022 I bought a used 2019 Chevy Silverado LT double cab, on September 19, 2022 driving to work my upper control arm on passenger side snapped. The dealer I purchased it from at no cost, I inquired about changing the other side and they said no need too. Friday October 7,2022 driving to work the Upper control arm on the driver side snapped the truck only has 48,000 miles on it. The dealer is repairing at no cost to me but how safe is this truck and why are control arms snapping with only 48k miles. This is very dangerous to be driving on the highway which I commute 60 miles a day on the highway for work to pay for this truck that is unsafe.

  • Sharron

    2019 Chevy Trailboss, 34,000 miles been in the shop several times for hard shift in the transmission, sensors but Saturday takes the cake. Driving 75 down the highway hard jerk, pickup shuts down completely, no brakes, no steering nothing. Very scary moment currently in the shop saying ECM, we shall see.

  • A L

    2019 sierra elevation 110,000 kilometers today, never had any issues, regular oil changes, wiper blades, etc the basics only. Not one issue, Love this truck!

  • Keith W

    My 2019 Silverado boss LT
    43,000 miles on it I’ve had it into dealership numerous times tire changers oil changes inspection sheets all turned out clean no problems.. had brake module adjuster replaced.. now a year later they say my brakes are gone the pads are gone and the rotors need all to be turned and last month my brakes info center told me 90% front 95% back and then last week it told me adjuster malfunction who’s to pay??
    I say not me.

  • Don r

    I have a chevy Silverado 2019,infotainment not working 30000 no radio ,no voice commands, no onstar,neen to the shop waited 2 hours,told me it was the radio,went to shop again had the radio replaced,told me it wasn’t the radio after waiting 4 hours,have to bring it back again,last chevy I buy,cant even built a friggen radio

  • Gail

    Bought my husband a 2019 chev silverado custom, brand new in December 2019, it arrived January 4th 2020. December 2020 the oil cooler line failed, and we had to get a new motor and starter installed, so far since then we have been left stranded with this lemon numerous times, the starter keeps going…this morning it went on a flatdeck again. Going on starter number 5….I am so disgusted in this truck, paying over 70 grand for a piece of crap…unbelievable.

  • Craig P

    Several warning light coming on brought it to the dealership sat there for 4 hours they never looked at it this after I made an appointment. While driving the AC shuts off radio shuts off engine light comes on brake warning light comes on I have an appointment with another dealership on Wednesday but don’t feel safe driving it there. Paid 70.000 for this truck not happy at all. Also got an oil change from them several months ago and they shorted me two quarts of oil.

  • Kurt D

    I’m stuck with a truck that I paid 40+k for that has been constant issues… Been in the shop 4 times to fix a repeated shift to park message that eventually kills the battery, then the computer goes completely wonky making the truck unsafe to drive until it decides it’s better. Brake sensor has been bad since week 3 , radio glitches out and just streaks everywhere then it quits , sometimes when driving it feels as if the wheels stay stuck right even if you’re going straight. The android auto crap barely works and when it does it’s only briefly as my truck continues to tell me to connect an android auto phone. Had multiple recalls , the ac drips on the exhaust or something so the truck just sizzles when you shut it off. The onstar radio stuff works about half of the time , like you request it to call so and so and it will tell you to purchase onstar minutes even if your phone is connected and you may have just made a call. It rarely gets the right name usually it just tunes to sirious radio even when I go out of my way to speak clear, loud and annunciate like I’m speaking to someone who can’t hear and maybe barely understands english. I’m so beyond frustrated with this vehicle and I really can’t afford to trade with the negative equity that I immediately inherited thanks to a crap vehicle.. by far the worst vehicle I’ve ever owned and after being a chevy guy my whole life I will NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER .

  • Kevin R

    I brought a 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 Texas edition Pickup at the start of 2019. I currently have 21000+ miles on it. It’s been in the shop more than 7 times with the last 4 for the same code. The engine check light and anti-slid comes on and I lose power. The dealership states that the fix is to stop, turn off the truck and the anti-slid and loss power with be reset. The engine light will stay, but will clear up in a few days. The problem is, this doesn’t fix the problem. It’s a quick fix, but come back in a few days. It’s is currently in the shop again for this same issue. They have replaced all components that cause is issues, but the issue continues. I call the dealer the other day to get an update and found out they don’t have no clue what to do next. I’ve have experience other problem to, but this seems to be the major problem. I like more information on the lemon law for Louisiana

  • chris

    Purchased a 2019 silverado z71 ltz with 19000 miles. When you go to turn off if reads “shift to park ” constantly and wont shut off. Notice more when its cold.

  • Wendy

    We own a 2019 Chevy Silverado Custom and we have had issues with the brakes not stopping properly and when we hit a bump, pothole, or just some uneven road the back of the truck fish tails. This is very unsafe and our service advisor told his just hold onto the wheel and point where you want to go when the truck slides again. I have spun the truck a couple of time which is dangerous not only to me, my family but to others on the road that could come slam into us because the trucks stability is no good!

  • Chad

    19 silverado 20k miles
    I have hard trailer braking issues 5 times, and frequently pulling a campor or trailer. My concern is failure while under load.
    Also shifting while traveling in traffic seems a very hard shift up or down
    Touch screen and camera are extremely bright and go fuzzy when pushing on brake.
    Everything listed above has not been fixed, chevy told us its software for brakes and hardware for screen issues but they are not doing anything to fix. I currently am explore lemon law options but could use some guidance.

  • Matthew P

    Got a 2019 Silverado 1500 5.3 2wd two weeks ago and touch screen it’s working and a noise coming from drive terran

  • MIke

    2019 Silverado Trail Boss. Bought new in April of 2020. Currently sitting at 8400 miles. So far my list of problems include; very hard shifting, especially when down shifting. The touch screen system is now blacking out while driving down the road constantly, my phone won’t even connect to it anymore because if how often the screen blacks out. Yesterday morning when leaving for work, I went to hit the start button and all it would do is turn over for about 20 seconds, but would not fire. I tried this for about three attempts. Finally I got out of the vehicle with the remote in my hand, I locked the vehicle until the alarm honked then unlocked it. When I got back in it Finally fired up. Not very happy with GM at the moment, especially making the $800 per month payment. Its going to the dealer to be “looked at” next week…

  • Seth

    Going in next week for my THIRD STARTER!! Also, brake assist light goes on and off. Stabilitrack light goes in and off. Radio works when it wants to as does the Bluetooth. Now there’s a grinding when I turn right at speed and it sounds like the bed is going to fall off when I go over a bump. This truck was leased in April of 2019 with 0 miles on it. Currently at 27175 and it’s falling apart.

  • Mark B

    My 2019 Silverado has a list of things wrong with it the Radio, outside temp control, trans slips, phone commands do not right, door buttons do do work right, truck says on every start up need to update, ask for it to call someone gives me a radio station, etc………. To say the least not happy with Chevrolet at all. They know they have problems, I am tired of hearing that they can not it to do this Any of this BS. It has done some of the things I have shown them but their answer is it checks out ok on the testing like it should and then they give it back to me. I can pick it up after they say it is ready and it will act up before I can leave the dealership. It is like Chevrolet just does not give a sh*^% at all tuff luck we got your money now go away and do not Bother us anymore. It is your problem not ours.

  • Dawn H

    2019 Chevy Silverado Custom, can’t tell you the mileage right now because the entire instrument panel has failed, no speedometer, no tac, no way to tell how much gas I have. Can’t hear or see the turn signal… just dead. This happened to me before and it started working again after a day or so, took it to the dealer the following day to have it looked at and one of the 4 recalls I’ve already had on it fixed and they said they couldn’t find a problem. This after Chevy had the truck for 4 days because the 4 wheel drive went on it and had to be replaced. I had only used the 4 wheel drive 2x’s for a total of 10 mins the entire time I’ve owned the vehicle. In the past month I’ve been back and forth to the dealership 3 times. This is a lemon

  • Bill C

    I bought a brand new Silverado RST. At about 5000 miles, I began to hear a grinding sound in the front wheel. I brought it back to Chevy 3 times. They kept telling me it was an anti rattle clip that was rubbing against the rotor, until they finally figured out that it is an issue with the 4WD. Chevy apparently knows about it, but has no fix for it. They said to call back in a few months to “check on it.” Until then I have a $56,000 truck that’s driving me nuts

  • Robert T

    2019 silverado LT. Returned for brake recall. Simple fix. Transmission shift really hard from 1st to 2nd especially at slow acceleration. Sometimes going from 1st to 2nd, there’s a long delay, then a drop into gear. I’m waiting for my drive shaft to drop right out of the truck. Steering has been weird lately, like doesn’t want to return to center on its own after letting go of the steering wheel. Radio powers off when it wants to randomly, while driving down the road. Now it’s currently in the shop for a whining noise under the hood. 23,000 miles and this truck has been in the shop more than Id like. $40,000 for a piece of crap.

  • Matt D

    2019 trail boss. 21,000 miles on it
    Multiple recalls. Including breaks seatbelt retraction/etc
    Trucks blew the water pump off. Yes off. Gone
    Squeals like a loose belt.
    Lounging forward at stops
    Hard down shift 20% of the time and growing
    Oil coolant lines leaking
    Radio volume goes up occasionally without warning
    Pant blew off side steps
    Breaking seems hard at times

    Do I have a lemon?
    Time for a buyback?
    Class action suits?

  • brett

    I have a 2019 Silverado 1500 LT all star edition crew cab with 7,500 miles on it. From day one it had a transmission whine till about 15 miles an hour so i thought it was normal. Then all of a sudden the transmission just sitting at an idle sounds like i have a pete jackson gear drive. Dealership has it now for about week and hasnt touched it yet so im waiting to find out whats wrong and how long to fix!

  • John R

    2020 LT Trailboss stickered at $59,800. Buckets seats, leather seats, heated seats and Chevy decided to not provide a passenger power seat. Driver side is power but the passenger side isn’t. Seat permanently sits so low that my 5′-1″ tall wife feels like she is sitting in a hole. I have owned 14 full size trucks and this is the first one that she can’t see the hood when sitting in the vehicle. So far, Chevy won’t do anything about it. My bad for not realizing this before getting it but ultimately it will cost Chevy because my next 14 vehicles won’t be theirs.

  • J. T

    Transmission jolts forward Is hard to put into gear. Jumps forward at crawl from 2-1 causing to apply break to keep from making contact with forward vehicle. Excessive pressure has to be applied to break going from park to drive. Lurches forward very violently This is not right and after 9 silverados I think I’m done this will be my last

    Onstar/ myChevrolet app nightmare. Months of goat roping and hours of call after call to incompetent advisors and clueless techs with attitudes. Onstar could be the largest con I have ever seen. Pretty much complete disappointment not to mention the amount of money a texas edition 5.3 let lt crew cab cost. Thought I was paying for quality. This has been the worst experience buying a new truck by far and no one seems to care

  • Bernard B

    New 2019 Silverado Custom 11000 miles, intermittently when I start my truck my radio touch screen do not respond and sometimes I get a blank screen. I tried turning off the radio but to no avail. I turned off the truck for a short period of time and it still does work but after leaving the truck off for a couple of hours it seem to work.

  • Glen R

    2019 chevy silverado, when truck is turned off it stats beeping that ” shift into park” (it is in park) and then “no remote detected”. So much B.S. with a brand new truck with 3700 miles.

  • Jesse

    I have a 2019 Silverado 1500 RST with 12,000 miles on it. When you put it in park the parking brake sets itself, the service esc, service four wheel drive, and traction control light stays on the entire time it’s running. The 4×4 doesn’t work at all and the stop engine doesn’t work. Engineers have no fix at this time. Glad I got it in writing. I love my truck but not sure I want to spend $45,000 to let it sit in driveway.

  • Jimmie

    Backing in my drive way with no incline to park my truck 2019 Silverado LT CREWCAB every time parking brake light come on with out pressing the button and then it will come on when I take it out of drive and put it park while my foot on the brake show in engage. Took it to the dealer 3 times and they said there were no code

  • Donald J

    Bought a 2019 Silverado Trail Boss in November 2018. Unfortunately, I do more than just drive on a Hockey Ring. 32000 miles so far and have had emissions failures, service ESC, paint coming off the cab, flaking factory bed liner, orange peeled rocker panel paint, engine ticking, hard shifts, tapping noises in the engine compartment. The truck looks hot but I’m embarrassed to have clients ride with me for all the light shows that occur. You want me to make this payment? I have to work for a living and I got this truck to do just that. Should’ve waited for that Tesla apparently.

  • Keith

    Starting on 12/29/2019 with about 2300 miles on my 19 Silverado, Service Brake Assist came on..no brakes, rolled through an intersection. Luckily it was light traffic. The dealer re programmed the brake module 3 times since then, problem is still occurring. Truck is now sitting at the dealership and I have a loaner while GM decides what is causing the computer to fail

  • Francisco R

    2-2-20. I have a two month old 2019 Chevy Silverado 2.7 it’s the second time I bring it for service, first time was 2 weeks ago for the same issue. They errase the codes and say it was something about the A/C. “ i do not think so”.
    It just does not start. After a while or many attempts will start again, once even shout off while I was driving in the freeway. I’m so frustrated. I feel bad, can not sleep. I owe a lot for something that’s worthless.

  • Chris

    New 2019 Silverado 5.3. At 6700 miles broke down in Illinois. I live in Md . Codes flashed for esc and parking brake. Truck starting violently shaking then flashing engine light stayed on . Illinois dealership had to tear engine down to replace broken lifter ,solenoid , valve etc. got a rental from enterprise to get us home. It was a 2020 with same engine and tranny. Did the same thing (I have pics of codes and vin on both vehicles). Only difference is rental reset after we stopped driving . Of course GM doesn’t want to do a buyback or trade in assistance for me as I would like a reliable vehicle like I thought I was paying for !

  • Mazen

    sorry about that! follow up on the situation with my Truck. i forgot to mention in my first email my truck is 2019 Chevy Silverado Z71 6.2 engine. got my truck back from the dealer on Monday 12/30/19 they told me that GM engineers said that i have a faulty battery and that’s why my truck went hay wire.drove it home and things seems OK! Tuesday new years eve the same exact problem check engine light. trailer assist …brakes spongy. needles to say i gave them a piece my mind. obviously it’s not the Battery it’s got to be a computer issue. will keep you guys posted.


    just got into my truck turned it on to go to lunch. The following warnings appear on my display, 1) ‘action required, steering assist is reduced dive with care’. 2) ‘service, trailer brake system’ 3) traction control run diagnostics. 4)service engine light is on. started to drive it then i noticed i had no brakes felt kinda spongy to me won’t completely stop. when it did stop the speedometer kept on going down 10,9,8… called the dealer and drove it very slow stopping 200 yards before i need to stop just to make sure it does stop. of course they never heard of such a thing! yeah right.

  • Jose G

    My issue is also with the transmission. I also experience hard down shift from 2nd to 1st gear and the truck launches forward right before coming to a complete stop while the down shift happens. I haven’t taken it to the dealer because it doesn’t do it all of the time and not sure I can show proof once it’s at the dealer. Now I’m reading a lot of people are having the same problem and am concerned since I didn’t buy the extended warranty. Currently about to hit 20k miles.

  • Richard S

    My 2019, 1500 silverado has the problem with the 8 Speed transmission, where the first shift of the day form 1st. to 2nd. it hesitates. the second problem is the truck twice has not started. it has keyless entry. It will crack over but will not fire. keep trying and then it start. I have had it to the dealer 4 time and they haven’t found nothing.

  • Zach F

    2019 Silverado RST.
    Power steering failed while driving down the interstate at 75 MPH. Trucks been in the shop since 10/16.
    Should I consider lemon law?

  • Chad R

    I bought a 2019 chevy silverado in august, had it three weeks and the transmission failed. It had 1200 miles on it. It has been at the dealership for eight weeks now, still waiting on parts. The dealership said they have had three more with the same issue since I took mine in.

  • Lonnie M

    Bought a 2019 Cheverolet Silverado at the end of August. The brakes went out 3 weeks ago. Took it to the dealership 3 weeks ago and the vehicle is still in the shop. This is a lemon law case. Please call back.

  • David

    Our family purchased a 2019 Silverado in October 2018. The vehicle has less than 5,000 miles and it has developed a jerking motion when coming to a stop. It is extremely disheartening that we made such a large investment with this vehicle and it has not lived up to the hype of Chevy. We have taken it in for service 3 times only one of the times a reset was done and now the motion has increased to every single time we come to a stop. This is supposed to be a reliable family vehicle and it’s more of a lemon, we expected to travel across the country but seems like our reliable 10 year old Toyota is better suited for this task. As a first time Chevy owner I would not recommend this vehicle for an investment of $60,000k all I’ve gotten is a nice looking parked truck but it has not lived up to its hype.

  • Larry F

    We have a new, owned for 2 months, chevrolet silverado 1500 with about 2300 miles on it. While driving my grandsons home about a month ago, the power braking system failed to work. The check brakes light as well as the check engine light both cam e on the dash. After finally coming to a slow stop, after only going 25-30 MPH, I pushed the onstar button and had them check the issue. The answer was that both engine and brakes showed to have a problem and I needed to get it back to the dealer within the next week. After taking a week to get an appointment at the dealer’s shop, I took it in, which is where it still is 3 weeks later.
    My problem is from my readings is that GMC put us in danger knowing there were issues with the braking system

  • Dale A

    While celebrating our 41st wedding anniversary we towed our camper to a KOA. The next day, while detached, we experienced a complete brake failure with our 2019 Chevy Silverado. Fortunately no one was injured. The truck only has 2500 miles. Frankly I’m afraid to tow with.

  • Mike S

    New 2019 Chevy truck LT with about a thousand miles on it. Has anyone had the starter stick while pushing the start button. (like you are using a key and don’t let up on it while starting it) I had to turn it off several times while starting it, walked away for 5 min. and then it worked like it should. Only once but am concerned it will come back and not start.

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