2017 Nissan Titan Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Engine and transmission issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

In 2017, Nissan unveiled the completely revised, second-generation Nissan Titan pickup. Although the refreshed truck was supposed to be “new and improved”, owners soon found it has problems. According to the NHTSA website, the main areas of concern are the engine and powertrain.

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Problems with the Cummins Diesel Engine

Starting in 2016, the Titan got an all-new engine option: a 5.0L Cummins turbodiesel, available in the XD model. Diesel aficionados everywhere rejoiced upon hearing the news, but sadly, the celebration was short-lived. There are numerous accounts of exhaust fumes entering the cabin, leading to an unpleasant – and potentially dangerous – driving condition.

“When the diesel engine goes into DPF regeneration mode, the cab of the vehicle fills with unpleasant fumes that smell like evaporated diesel fuel or other noxious substance that is irritating to the mucous membranes and may cause health issues. The problem is worse when the vehicle is at low speed or in stop-and-go traffic when exhaust fumes are able to collect around the vehicle. The most recent instance occurred in a drive-thru line at a fast food restaurant, and was so pungent that I was forced to abandon the line, park the vehicle and evacuate myself to fresh air,” writes one owner on the NHTSA website.

On Cars.com, another complaint reads, “We were really excited about a Cummins Diesel in a Nissan. I traded my 2015 Titan Pro4X gasser to get the diesel. The brakes are really squashy, the engine surges at a stop, the heated seats don’t work right, exhaust fumes enter the cab even with the AC on recirculate.”

Nissan issued a technical service bulletin (TSB NTB16-056a) to address the concern. There are two repair procedures outlined in the document; the vehicle production date determines which is used.

The first process involves replacing the cabin filter, cowl and accompanying components. Meanwhile, the second procedure only calls for replacement of the cabin filter.

Whether or not the TSB solves the problem is up for debate. Some owners claim the repairs do not work, and in certain instances, Nissan had to buy the truck back.

Here are some actual complaints logged with the NHTSA about the 2017 Nissan Titan Engine Problems

When the diesel engine goes into DBF regeneration mode, the cab of the vehicle fills with unpleasant fumes that smell like evaporated diesel fuel or other noxious substance that is irritating to mucous membranes and may cause health issues. The problem is worse when the vehicle is at low speed or in stop-and-go traffic when exhaust fumes are able to collect around the vehicle. The most recent instance occurred in a drive-thru line at a fast food restaurant, and was so pungent that I was forced to abandon the line, park the vehicle, and evacuate myself to fresh air.

The truck I have purchased on NOV 24th, 2017 has the Cummings diesel engine. The truck is known not to start in weather below 12 degrees f. Nissan techs tell me now (after the sale) that this engine needs an anti fuel gel additive in order for the vehicle to start in cold weather.

On Feb. 16 2018 I was driving my 2017 Nissan titan truck with 5000 miles on the odometer along a rural two lane road in Missouri with three other passengers riding with me. We heard a noise from the engine compartment and suddenly the power steering of the vehicle ceased to operate and the truck drifted across the double yellow lines of the highway. Luckily no cars were coming in the opposite direction and I steered hard to the right and slowed the vehicle down rapidly. I drove a short distance to a gravel parking lot of a church and we examined the vehicle and could see the serpentine belt was no longer in place. The truck was towed to a Nissan dealership 55 miles away and we awaited their report. Several days later I was informed that the belt tensioner bracket had broken in half and Nissan was going to order parts as they were not in stock at the dealer. Remember this is a new 2017 truck with only 5000 miles on it. The serpentine belt runs all aspects of the vehicle and without it engaged the vehicle becomes undriveable. The vehicle is completely stock with no modifications of any kind. The Nissan dealership advised me that I was the only person in the us. with this malfunction to date. This problem could potentially kill.

Problems with the Transmission Shifter

These days, nearly every part of a vehicle – including the transmission – is controlled by a computer. Unsurprisingly, bad programming inside these high-tech devices can lead to problems.

Such is the case with the powertrain computers (called control modules) found in the Titan. Some owners complain of poor shift quality, while others experience lack of power. According to Nissan, both problems can be attributed to bad software inside the truck’s modules.

“Acceleration delay from a standstill or while driving including making when making left or right turns. Transmission shift delay between gears and confusion whether to up or downshift,”an owner states on the NHTSA website.

Another driver states, “Truck will stutter at times when accelerating from a low speed or dead stop.”

“When pushing on the gas pedal, the vehicle does not always respond immediately. On at least 3 separate occasions, I have been stopped, pressed the gas pedal and the vehicle rolled into an intersection, but I wasn’t able to accelerate for about 3-4 seconds. I was essentially sitting in an intersection blocking traffic waiting on the truck to respond.

Nissan issued two TSBs (NTB16-068b and NTB17-016b) to remedy the concerns. In the first, the automaker tells dealers to reprogram the transmission control module to fix shifting problems. The second document, which addressed the lack of power, says to reflash both the engine and transmission control modules.

Whether either of the two TSBs fix the trucks permanently has yet to be seen.

Here are some actual complaints logged with the NHTSA about the 2017 Nissan Titan Transmission and Shifting Problems

Transmission shifter can pop out of gear. Saw it happen first with going from drive and switching to neutral. Recently experienced several times it going from park to reverse. Happens while shifting the shifter. After exiting the vehicle the alarm lets you know car is in gear. If you’re lucky the truck does not roll you over with the open door. Has backed into a building and busted out the right tail lights and crushed side of the bed.

TL* The contact owns a 2017 Nissan Titan. While driving approximately 45 mph, the vehicle vibrated intensely. The contact pulled the vehicle over to the side of the road, tightened the bolts on the drive shaft, and took the vehicle to the dealer. The dealer diagnosed that the drive shaft was detaching from the vehicle. The vehicle was repaired, but the failure recurred and caused the reverse camera to fail. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 300.

Loud rattle/grind/chatter from the transmission area that is clearly heard from inside the cabin during up and down shifts at random times. Most commonly occurs when the engine is being used at high rpm up to 40 mph then the accelerator is released allowing the 4-5 and 5-6 shift to occur at light load. The grind is most noticeable on the 4-5 up-shift. This happens in all driving conditions, towing, or unloaded. Some facts: rattles in almost any gear. Heard from the front of the tranny area. Happens when going from a high rpm situation to a low rpm situation. Does it in both regular and tow modes. Seems to happen more when the transmission is hot. Only happens when driving (not revving in neutral). Happens both when I drive or my spouse drives. Seems to happen when the throttle is partial or less than half way. Some shifts are very hard and some shifts are very soft. The noise comes and goes and can be very loud or very quiet. It coincides exactly when the shift occurs. The transmission does not appear to be slipping. The noise is abnormal as i drove other identical vehicles on the dealer lot and could not duplicate the problem. Attached is the entire saga with Nissan and at present Nissan has decided to do nothing to resolve the issue. I have been dealing with this issue since the truck was new 500 miles.

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  • Jan l

    My 2017’s Titan pro4x is making a pronounced ticking noise. Is this the engine? No service light is coming on. Help

  • Lar J

    2017 Nissan Titan XD Attention Diesel fumes entering cabin. I learned that this only happens when I am running the windshield defroster and/or button selected for outside air. Choose inside recirculation and fumes are gone. Why? Inside air uses filter outside air doesn’t. I love this truck and is the only Truck engine on the road with a 100k warrantee.

  • Mark G

    Nissan Titan XD 2016. 140000 miles mostly highway, rare towing. I was driving down the highway/interstate and noticed some white/blue smoke from exhaust, suddenly lost power and at 70 mph had to coast off to side of road. The vehicle was towed to dealership where they said the motor was seized and likely needed a transmission also. They offed no help cause out of warranty and is going to cost me approximately 18000 to 20000 to have it repaired. I still have a loan on the vehicle so I have to have it fixed because I’ll have to eat the 20000 for loan cost. The customer service in their national office said all they can do is make sure they expedite the repair time. Ha. After researching this, I have found that it’s a common issue and people on the forums are calling for a recall. I have previously replace the fuel pump, drive shaft and rear differential and some other miscellaneous problems. All paid out of pocket. This truck cost me more than it’s worth. I could of bought the top of the line, best truck out there for what I have and am going to have into it. In my opinion it should be recalled or warranty extended. They discontinued the model for a reason and I feel they are deceiving the owners and not taking responsibility for their lemon.

  • Bobby L

    Nissan xd diesel 2017 is the worst truck I never had I bought the truck with 25000 miles on the motor was change after couples of months( took 3 months for have I new motor )I have problem with air climate I need to go 3 times a dealership for fix this next problems oil seal leak front end after that is not the end I stay stuck with the truck doesn’t engage 2 times for the same problem (engage handle problems) towing needed after all of this the main harness wiring have problem Nissan refuse to change the complete harness he cut the wiring at the connector and by-pass them the truck is under warranty is not very a professional fix-it .Closer of 55 000miles the transfer case refuse to engage on 4×4 need a new one complete transfer case and the last one problem diesel urea problem heater line .I bought the truck at 25000 miles a keep them until 60000 miles only drive on aplat road this is the kind of truck you can call a LEMON don’t touch Nissan

  • Stacy

    2017 Nissan Titan XD Pro4x with 36260 miles
    Bought on 11/18/16 So the first thing was transmission not shifting right as not knowing what gear it wanted to be in. Then not wanting to go after pushing the gas. So at red lights people would be honking for you to go but the truck didn’t go. Then on steep hills the truck would stop going and set there for 4 to 5 seconds before it would take off again. So after like 6 months they said they had an update for the transmission and mine was supposed to be the first one to get it! So try it out and let us know what you think! So I it work from Southwest VA to Baltimore. MD and back and told them what it helped and what it didn’t help. So every time I go in for oil change or yearly inspection sticker I would ask if they had come up with another program? That my truck was still having problems and they said no. I even called Nissan in Tennessee and talked to a lady and still nothing! So then the dash piece on the driver’s side speaker or whatever was replaced because of fitment issues. Then came the rattle that nothing was ever done about they said they didn’t find anything. Oh then the driver’s side glass would keep getting stricks in it took 4 years of complaining to get that fixed. So in the end of 2019 like August I started to get sick and then went on till January of 2020 to find out I had a stage 4 tumor in my right eye tear duct and so then the truck wasn’t a priority!! So The chemo treatment and the immuno therapy and proton radiation treatments. So I spent like 12 weeks in Houston Tx at MD Anderson. So then I had to recover from that and everything else in life. So then I remembered the truck was about to run out of warranty. So I take in to get oil changed and tires rotated and all of the problems looked at! Then rattling that drives me nuts and to see if they have anything else for the transmission at is now starting to slip but they said no on any updates and that was it for the transmission then the tech rode with me and listen to the rattle. Took back in the shop and said he found nothing and that it may be some of mine stuff in the truck make the noise. So the next week I took it back to the aliment done and took everything out of truck including the cup holder and another divider in the console. So the only thing in the truck was the registration form, owners manual and yearly inspection report. They did the aliment and said that he greased the hood latch and couldn’t find any other thing wrong. So I leave and the rattle is still there! So I have to go to another town to pickup my mower and they have a Nissan dealership there so I stopped in to see if the service director had anyone complain about the same rattle. They wouldn’t let me speak to him or take my phone number and have him call me but instead since they knew that warranty runs out in a month they give an appointment over two weeks later to eat up the time!!! Then said they told me that it would be $110.00 to look at the truck! But the lady never did because I would have asked why if it was a warranty issue and not a service call is there a charge. They got thier best tech to ride with me to listen to the rattle and then when we got back he went around the truck beating on the hood and the inner fenders. I told him that the back driver’s side was the worse and that I had told the other dealer about it but nothing ever got done about it and that they greased the hood latch last time and that wasn’t the problem.But they took the truck back and said that one bolt in a heat shield was almost all the way out and that it was a hamburger helper box laid up on another heat shield and that they was only going to charge me $54.98 instead of the $110 that she told me over two weeks ago that it was going to be. I told her she never said that to me and she insisted twice that she had! So I got upset that she had called me a liar and said fuck it take the money but that was lie that she told me that! Then as I was going out the door the service director said that they found the bolt loose and the helper box and if that doesn’t fix the rattle let us know! So I drove the truck around and the rattle was still there! So I took it back like he said! He then said that they would look at it again. I told him that the inner fenders are still rattling around so they didn’t fix them. He then said that I had hurt the ladies feelings with what I had said earlier! I said that she had hurt mine be calling me a liar! That I had paid Nissan over $50,000 for the truck and that I wasn’t trying to screw anyone that Nissan had gotten their money within 24hours of me taking the truck and if not they would have come looking for the truck.But that was a man and that I would apologize to them so I took him with me and apologized to the cashier and then to the lady that I affinded and she still said that she had told me about the charges and that she had been doing that for 17 years! No well Thank you and I’m sorry if I didn’t tell you that! So anyways they look at the truck again and the service director drives the truck around for a few minutes and returned. He was heading like he was going to take it back in the garage and I waved my hand at him to roll down the window so I could ask him if he heard anything? He stops and gets out and said that he heard the rattle but that his tech guy said that all the trucks make the rattle and that it was nothing they could do about it! That I was the first one to ever complain about it in the last 5 years! Then the lights go on in my head!! Well if all the trucks done it but no one had ever said anything about it then how did they know that all the trucks done it!! So I was like whatever let me go before I get into trouble here. He then said that they could refund my money back to me but then the sad story that he would have to eat the time that his techs spent twice looking at the truck and tighten the bolt! That the other dealer missed seeing several times!! And that they could have been working on other things!! I was thinking if the truck was under warranty why aren’t they charging Nissan for the time since I already paid Nissan over $50,000 for the truck why should I have to keep paying them!!!! So I leave there and had to go back to the same town as I bought the truck to pickup something so I was like let me go back to the other dealer and get my yearly inspection sticker this week instead of waiting for it run out. Because it’s not going to be anything wrong with it NOW because it’s still under warranty!! But after next week it won’t be so the whole truck will need replacing since I have to pay for it then!!! But they put the sticker on it and found nothing wrong. I asked that service advisor about why they can charge me money to look at the truck at the other dealer and he said that they shouldn’t have! So then I was showing the service advisor the inner fenders and how much they rattle but never get anything done to! He went and got some foam rubber patches they call a rattle kit and we put the on the inner fenders and the front tag. But I told him that I don’t think that is the whole problem but it would help some. So I had him ride around the lot with me and listen to the rattle. He then got in the bed of the truck and rode the listen and then he stood outside and listened to the rattle. He said he would make me an appointment for Monday morning and see if they can help me. I have spent all weekend driving the truck videoing the rattle and putting rags on my running boards to show that’s not the problem. Then having people help me jack the truck up and crawl around under the truck my self to try and find the problem out in the cold when they have garages and lifts. Why should sick people have to do something like that after paying that much money for something! But I climbed up under the truck again today and think the problem is in the brake calipers. The driver’s side is worse than the passenger side. But we will see tomorrow!

  • Ben

    Purchased my 2017 Nissan Titan 5.0 Disel and went dead and lost all power. Thank goodness we didn’t get out of the neighborhood and got towed back and put on a roll back to be towed. Nissan cannot find the problem and still can’t even after being in touch with Nissan. Thank God we didn’t have our 32 foot camper cause my family could have died. Very disappointed and I will never go with this truck again. I will never purchase anything but a GMC ever again. Scared even if I get the truck back. Wish they would just trash it and give me a settlement so I can get a reliable truck.

  • Billy R

    2016 XD diesel Last six months my truck has been in the shop. Part not available and on back order. Even simple parts such as brake pads you have to wait for. I have had turbo issues, drive shaft issues. Constant Regens. I have used a no ash oil T6 and fleet guard fuel and oil filters. Recommended internals is10k I have been doing it at 5k. Nissan put this to market to early. If they spent the time and came out a year later when the garbage eco diesels came out they could have stole the market. Every shop I have been to can’t fix this truck or doesn’t want to. Found out on last device of turbo that someone had kink both inlet and outlet oil lines to turbo. Explains why they went out 2k after my last long sitting for drive shaft. Finally traded it off after all the bs

  • Megan W

    Bought the Nissan back in October 2020. Have been in for the headlight that wouldn’t turn off. They replaced the whole unit under warranty. Was driving back home and went to get on the freeway and we started loosing power. Complete lost power and had to pull over. Tried to start again and a weird sound was coming from the engine and it would sputter and RPM needle was jumping everywhere… then it would die again. Had to get a tow home then get it towed the next day at my own cost again! Waiting to find out what they found but I’m really upset because we have even had it less than 6 months and already had this happen. Supposedly they may reimburse me for the towing but yet to be seen.

  • Ronnie D

    Wife and I bought a late model 2016 (considered a 2017) and immediately regretted the buy due to the fuel mileage. The truck is barely getting 9-10.5 mpg in the flat lands normal driving conditions in the city. On highway barely 11-12 mpg only driver and no cargo while on the highway. There is a bad lag in the shift points from starting out from a stop. Truck requires you to depress the pedal 1/2 way to get it to downshift for better power (waste of gas). After searching the issue and finding several complaints and the fix (re-flash the ECC and Tom) we Took the truck to the Nissan dealer and asked them to check for updates and why we keep smelling burnt oil. Dealership found nothing causing the burning oil smell that comes in through the vent but said there was an update for the trucks main and transmission computers. Seemed like it helped about 50% but still has the same issue of loss of power and lag in shifting. Also, still smelling the burning oil smell (very concerned that it’s entering the cab of the truck as it’s toxic to breath).
    Positives are, the truck has awesome features and if very spacious inside.

  • Robert B

    Transmission Failure on a 3 yr old Titan. I use it for work. Gaser, XD 4×4. Just went over 100k. Truck will barely go into reverse. Took it to Nissan and they can only recommend a new transmission. Installed 12k!! Will never buy another Nissan again. 1000’s of transmission stories for failure. Nissan doesn’t stand by or recall their product.


    My 2017 Diesel truck has had fuel line problems, the dealership when purchased did not alert me that the fuel filter has to be changed every 10,000 miles which seems a little excessive now they are saying they will not warranty it & that I will have to replace the entire fuel system at the tune of $12,000 plus labor, not taking the truck to the dealership every time for an oil change how was I to be alerted. I have had a Ford diesel before this & never had this issue.

  • Michael

    Love my truck but as everyone else has said, fumes, hesitation, false regen’s, horrible fuel mileage. But when it runs, it’s great. Currently looking at other options to change to a competitor. Dealer always try to fleece me when I take it to the shop and threatens that if I don’t perform maintenance as if it was in extreme duty that my warranty would not be good.. I drive the truck unloaded 60 miles twice a week to work. Back roads with top speed of 55 and bottom speed at 45. Average speed for trip is 50 miles per hour.

  • Carlos

    Right at 15k, the truck started leaking gas through the muffler and did all the items listed above, lost power, had hard time staying on. I took it in and they tried telling me I put diesel in my gas tank so I took them the last 3 receipts I had, they said an injector was plugged, so they drained the whole system out at no charge. I told them that how did I know this would not happen again right after warranty expired and they just said it would not. I just hit 75k and the engine light came on again with same like symptom

  • Tom

    I recently purchased a 2017 certified nissan titan diesel with 14K miles. I put 500 miles on it and the DEP error message came on and take it to the dealer. They have had it over 2 weeks and cannot figure the problem Service advisor told me he has never seen this problem ever. Nissan is trying to figure out what to do with this truck. Do I have any recource because it is used?

  • Tom H

    2018 Titan Bought in December of 2018 had problems with Engine fan then Bluetooth and still doesn’t work after being in the shops numerous times today lost transmission and engine ,must have it towed tomorrow.

  • Roxane

    I’m with Rachelle G having problems with Ac it does what ever it wants had it in 4x finally got it cool but when I accelerate ac blows very low and than when I left off gas it blows high also just today the truck put itself in 4wd and I could barely maneuver the truck it locked itself for some crazy reason so now have to go back for that. I’m about over this truck love the look of it and always liked Titan but I think I have a lemon

  • Rachelle G

    My truck is in the shop as I write. It’s already been in twice since I bought it in April, 2017. Same things as the others have listed. Hesitates when I try to accelerate. Revs up when I am barely pushing the pedal. Seems to have a mind of its own. First time I took it in, they did a computer update; no change. Second time I took it in, they said they “couldn’t replicate the problem”. This time, it’s been there for 6 hours so far and I haven’t heard any updates from them.

    In addition to the transmission, the a/c does whatever the heck it wants. I set it to cool, it blows warm air. I set it to recycled, it changes to outside. I turn my truck off with the a/c fan speed on high, I turn the truck back on and the a/c fan is on low. It’s completely off. I am still sweating after a 40 minute drive home. With the a/c on high. Doesn’t matter if it’s on auto or not. Just doesn’t work.

  • Joel M

    2018 has serious transmission issues. Jumps into too high a gear and then fails to downshift when power is needed. Will actually stall itself out rather than downshift. Supposedly was updated. No change. Factory rep agreed I had problem but Nissan has no fix. Pretty sad. Going back to a Ram.

  • eric h

    2017 Nissan Titan SV 5.6L V8. it feels gutless. when I floor it,there’s a hesitation before it moves,the transmission slips at times.I bought this truck in April. I’m already considering trading it for a Ram


    I have a 2017 Titan pro 4x. Gas burner. I have complained about the truck stuttering at low rpm like it’s missing, since I bought the truck. It was reprogrammed. It helped the shifting but the stutter is still there. 35000 miles and the transmission slips. Want move sometimes for 30 to 40 seconds. Air condition has quit blowing cold air. Getting alarms like headline alarms???. Starter hangs up and will not start till I press the start button over and over . Then it will disengage and it will then start. At what point do I call a.lemom a lemon? The truck has been at the dealership for 2 weeks. Nothing resolved.

  • Timothy J

    Nissan 2016 XD truck. Dealer keeps blowing me off about making repairs.

    Where do I start with issues…

    Engine quits while driving
    No power to accelerate
    Takes 3 to 5 seconds for truck to respond to throttle
    Transmission slips AND bangs so hard I think its going to break something
    Fuel mileage is only 11mpg
    Code keeps showing up on dash about exhaust filter
    Already had to replace turbo at $1,600. With less then 65k miles

    Have had all factory updates done as of April 2019

  • Robert G

    I have a 2017 Nissan Titan Hd with the Cummings diesel. I love the truck rides and handles excellent. But I randomly get diesel fumes in the cab when the truck goes into the degeneration mode, you have to shut A/C off and I live in South West Florida and not something you want to do,we open windows and wait for smell to stop. At one visit to the local Nissan dealer Harbor Nissan after repair attempt I asked hat do I do if this happens again response open your windows, I was also told by a Nissan rep on the phone this is a non essential issue. Ask if you your wife and kids are on vacation and you pull in rest area because you are tired leave truck running dose of 2 days latter state trooper smashes out window all are dead how would you feel. No response

  • Miguel

    I have a 2017 nissan titan I bought it new…I took it back to the dealer for repairs 4 times already in one year..two recalls and two leaks is there sometime that I can do about it?..

  • frederick d

    2016 Nissan titan pro 4 x multiple problems. Worried for the life of my family. 4 way stop. Going into intersection. No throttle response. Lagged for 5 or so seconds. Almost caused a wreck. With pregnant wife in truck.

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