Nissan Titan Transmission Problems

Class Action Investigation

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Lemberg Law is investigating complaints concerning the transmission in the 2021 Nissan Titan. Vehicle owners are reporting to the NHTSA that the transmission in the Nissan Titan shifts roughly. This can result in the vehicle unexpectedly jumping, jerking or lurching forward.

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Does the Nissan Titan have Transmission problems?

Yes, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has logged several consumer complaints from vehicle owners regarding transmission problems in the 2021 Titan. More specifically, the Titan shifts harshly when coming to a stop causing the vehicle to jerk forward. As of January 2022, Nissan has not issued a technical service bulletin or recall for this issue.

What Problems are Nissan Titan Owners Experiencing?

Many complaints state that when driving low speeds or coming to a stop, the transmission harshly downshifts causing the vehicle to jump forward. This could be a potential safety hazard for other vehicles or pedestrians.

An owner from Texas states:

“2021 Nissan Titan is having major transmission problems jerking when down shifting. This has become a serous issue when try to maintain speed. I have taking the vehicle to the dealership to which I am told, “Nissan is fully aware of the issue and is working on a fix”. This has been on going for close to a year.”

An owner from Nevada filed a complaint on the NHTSA website stating:

“The truck is prone to harsh transmission shifting. It is abrupt and harsh enough when coming to a stop to create a safety issue. If one is not hard on the brakes at the time, the truck will lurch forward with the last downshifts, with the potential to strike pedestrians or the car in front. My Titan has about 800 miles, and this behavior has been going on since I bought it recently. I will list today’s date below since a date is required.”

Some of the complaints state they brought the vehicle to the dealership:

“Purchased vehicle with 2000 miles on it. Vehicle shifts very rough. When the transmission downshifts to stop it will bump or lurch forward. If you are not expecting it the truck will go forward. There is a lot of lag while accelerating. Dealer looked over vehicle and worked with Nissan to check several things. The dealer techs all noticed the problem. They compared it to a new one and tne new one did the same thing. It is a little frustrating because it acts like a damaged worn out transmission although the vehicle has very little miles and is babied.”

“I have a 2021 that is prone to harsh downshifts and jerking just before coming to a complete stop. I have taken the truck to the dealership and they informed me that their technician could not find anything wrong. The problem still continue to happen”

What should you do if your Nissan Titan is experiencing this issue?

It is possible that your Nissan Titan is a lemon. Allow our experts to work on your lemon case at no cost to you. The law requires Nissan to pay the legal fees for your claim.

If your Nissan Titan is shifting harshly & jerking forward when coming to a stop and you are interested in becoming a class action plaintiff, complete our case evaluation form or call us at 844-928-4443.

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  • Jim

    I have a 2021 titan sv and its been to the dealer 3 times, heading for the 4th visit of transmission issue. When slowing down to make a left or right turn, the transmission stays in a higher gear. If you accelerate, you have to give it extra to get it to shift down to where it should be. They have to me its normal, they have told me its an issue they are trying to resolve ( over a year ago) and have also told me they made adjustments and its taking care of. (which it still exists)

  • Darrell D

    I have a 2023 Titan SV that I purchased on Labor day. The truck now has less than 2000 miles, and I’m now experiencing the same hard downshifting. I’ve already had the truck serviced at the dealership for a misaligned tailgate which was causing all the weight to ride on one cable. They also replaced a leaking license plate light at that time. Not looking forward to another visit for this
    Transmission issue.

  • Kelvin P

    I am also experiencing my 2020 Titan having transmission problems jerking in 1 and 2 and when slowing down. It will shift directly into 1 and begin to lurch forward at a red light. I have a 2020 Titan with only 29000 miles on it. This is not normal and Nissan should fix this issue before they have a lawsuit on their hands AGAIN!!

  • Thomas W

    I have a 2021 Nissan Titan S. Experiencing hard downshifts between 2nd and 1st gear when coming to a stop. From the the State of New York. Only just reached 10,000 miles on the vehicle.

  • Hunter L

    I have a 2021 Nissan Titan SV 4X2 that jerks consistently upon starting to move forward in first and second gear, when letting off the gas the truck also jerks and brakes need to be applied at a higher pressure to slow the vehicle.

  • Greg

    Same thing, Jeff Wyler Nissan told me this was normal behavior of the 9 speed transmission. I have almost been t-boned numerous times because of the lag when trying to accelerate.

  • Brian L

    i have a 2021 nissan titan SV model and i have not been happy with the transmission since day one, the hesitation coming from a stop and rough gear switching makes the overall performance of the vehicle poor and does not meet my expectations.

  • Tim M

    I have a 2021 pro4x with 18,721 miles on it. I noticed radical shifting about the 10,000 -12,000 mile mark after the dealer did a Nissan required update when i took it in between that mileage. I have taken it into the dealer and the are aware it if but they said they all do it and nothing came out of it. Getting ready to take it to another dealer soon. Truck in low speeds does not know what hear to be in. When at higher speeds, when u go to slow down u have to use more break to achieve a safe stop. Is is almost like someone is pushing u from behind. When you are at the red light and take your foot off the gas the teuxk want to take off very unsafe.

  • James H

    I have a 2021 Titan Pro4x and the same thing. I also have a bad winding sound that doesn’t allow the truck to shift to the next gear. Terrible buy!!

  • Tyrone S

    I have a 2021 Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve that has hard downshifting issues. It has about 7,800 miles on it. I live in the state of Virginia.

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