2019 Nissan Titan Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Electrical, fuel system and steering issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

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While there are some clear leaders in the pickup market, the 2019 Nissan Titan has its own following. After all, the company claims to provide “America’s Best Truck Warranty,” which owners seem to be taking advantage of. This truck has numerous complaints filed against it for the electrical system, steering, service brakes and fuel system.

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Problems with the Electrical System

The Titan supposedly has more standard equipment than the other truck brands, but if the electrical system doesn’t work like it should, this really doesn’t matter.

Just read what this Cars.com review says. “I have 16k miles on a 2019 and it’s been in the shop 3 times. Hasn’t started and the dealer can’t figure out why. I should have to deal with issues on a 40 thousand dollar truck I’ve had for less than a year.”

In fact, the company has issued two electrical system related recalls since this truck debuted. The first, NHTSA Campaign Number 19V495000, states that the alternator harness may short in nearly 100,000 vehicles because it was damaged when the engine was installed. If this occurs, it could lead to a stalling engine and an increased chance of collision. It also increases the likelihood of a fire. Additionally, NHTSA Campaign Number 19V654000 states that the back-up camera image in over a million vehicles might not be functioning correctly. Considering that Titans were considered pre-Olympian gods in Greek mythology, this truck surely doesn’t live up to its name.

2019 Nissan Titan Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Electrical System
Power Train
Unknown Or Other
Service Brakes
Fuel/propulsion System
Vehicle Speed Control
Back Over Prevention
Back Over Prevention: Rearview System Braking

Problems with the Steering

No one assumes that a full-size truck will respond like a compact car on the road, but it should certainly be controllable. Yet, the steering and handling is a sore topic with owners.

One Cars.com review says “I am a current owner of a 2019 Nissan Titan midnight edition after having to trade in my 2019 Nissan Altima SV AWD cause it was also a lemon!, after a short test drive due to an electrical malfunction was noticed in the Titans dome light the test drive was ended an truck was taken into the shop you could tune the light on an off by simply touching pushing on the headliner. It was said to be repaired and working as normal I inspected agreed an purchased the truck with 23miles on it, shortly after I had finally found the need to go over 50mph finding a pretty noticeable shake once I reached 50+ and the same coasting during deceleration around the same speed my truck went into the shop went on a test drive with the service writer he was very surprised at the trucks problem agreed it needed immediate attention. The truck has now been at the dealership going on 50 days straight they have replaced nearly $18,000 in parts with internal labor and the truck is not fixed still performs the same with same problem. I was working very politely with Nissan North America they offered to buy it back the real shock is when I opened the purchase back PDF to see they were requesting me to pay Nissan North America back $7862.10 for a customer cash rebate purchase Incentive that was paid by Nissan North America.”

While there aren’t any communications about the steering, the company has talked about some structural-related issues that could annoy drivers. For example, Service Bulletin #NTB19-102 discusses the reasons why this truck experiences excessive wind noise when traveling at 40 mph or more. So, in the process of attempting to keep this truck on the road, owners also have the pleasure of hearing the symphony of road noise in the background.

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Problems with the Service Brakes

Considering how large the Titan is, the automaker needs to spend particular time making sure the brakes can stop it. However, that seems to be yet one more problem with this vehicle.

Here’s an NHTSA complaint to consider. “Rear brakes will make squealing noise and cause brakes to wear excessively and cause brake failure. Nissan attempted to repair 5 times and were unable to and will not repurchase or replace the vehicle and expect owners to go out on their own to repair vehicle with only 4,000 miles on the odometer. “

The company hasn’t discussed the brake situation publically. However, at this point, it has probably occurred to several owners that they might be better off letting the brakes fail and allowing the truck to drive itself off of a cliff somewhere.

Problems with Fuel System

Above all, the engine and the fuel system must be dependable or the truck isn’t going to go anywhere. These basic systems have been perfected and shouldn’t face any defects.

However, this NHTSA complaint states otherwise. “Something wrong with fuel tank as it blew a hole outward from inside the tank like an exit wound from a shotgun shell. This caused the 26 gallons of gas to flow out of the tank and lose pressure. Spraying gas on the rear wheel and brake pads which could have ignited if sparked. No idea when it occurred as were not in the vehicle it was parked after the 3rd filling of the tank and about 100 of driving on that full tank.”

There’s no better way to start a day than to come out for a drive to work only to find gasoline all over the driveway. There are other fuel issues with the Titan. Even Service Bulletin #NTB19-049 states that these trucks can exhibit a whistling noise during refueling, which indicates that the tank must be replaced. Apparently, the first design wasn’t good enough, so owners are in need of a new one. However, how many drivers have been putting up with the whistle and are driving around with defective tanks? This should have been a recall instead of just a service bulletin, especially considering the fire danger. Hopefully, owners aren’t parking it too closely to their homes.

Your Lemon Law Legal Rights

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  • Collette B

    I have had over 6 repairs on my Titan. It started at 7500 miles end of December 2021. Went into shop for a couple weeks at a time one Jan of 2022, again in March 2022, April 2022, then May 2022 it went in for 378 days until May 2023. Called to bring rental car back and they can’t figure out my truck. Nissan won’t do nothing about it. And to get an attorney. I have been without a vehicle since May 2023 and it’s been towed to a different Nissan dealership in August 2023. They are bringing in field tech investigator, looks like my truck was never worked on even though was in shop for over a year and half and I am still making high payments and no rental car and attorney I hired in May can’t get Nissan to even respond to paperwork. Stay away from Nissans. This is my 6th Nissan and when purchased this problem truck the same night we purchased a nv200 van. Never buying a Nissan again.

  • Michael B

    Truck has been in the shop for same problem 4 times. Each time they say it’s fix but problem keeps repeating.

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