2022 Nissan Kicks Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Steering and other safety-related issues are among the cause of complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

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The 2022 Nissan Kicks is basically the same as the redesigned 2021 model, with Nissan using industry awards for 2021 as a sales pitch for the new model. The automaker also promotes the fact that its Nissan Safety Shield 360 comes standard with all 2022 Kicks. But consumers are complaining about safety issues including steering wheels that malfunction and safety features that don’t work.

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Most Common Problems with the 2022 Kicks

Most complaints to the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) about the 2022 Nissan Kicks focus on safety issues. The main one is steering failure, but faulty lane departure, vehicle speed control, backover prevention, and forward collision avoidance also feature in complaints.

Apart from steering issues, other problems are varied, although most relate to safety. For example, two crashes were reportedly caused by malfunctions. And an owner says the steering problem was so bad, there was no option but to trade the Kicks in at a $10k loss.

2022 Nissan Kicks Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Unknown Or Other
Back Over Prevention: Sensing System: Camera
Forward Collision Avoidance
Forward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking
Forward Collision Avoidance: Sensing System: Camera
Fuel/propulsion System
Lane Departure: Warning

Steering Problems

The 2022 Nissan Kicks press release doesn’t say much about steering except that the Kicks offers electric power steering. But it promotes the steering wheel as being special. For starters, the steering wheel is D-shaped adding to the “sporting flavor” of the car. It’s also wrapped in leather and it’s heated.

But owners who have experienced major steering malfunctions aren’t the slightest bit impressed, especially the one whose report describes a crash.

Malfunctioning Steering Causes Crash

According to the complaint, while driving at about 65 mph, “the steering wheel turned all the way to the left independently.” Then it “veered to the right and he lost control of the vehicle.” Fortunately, the airbags deployed when it crashed into a concrete barrier. He was transported to the hospital by an emergency unit and the vehicle was towed to a tow lot.

The owner fractured his back in the accident and had to have surgery. The complaint states that his lower back was painful and he was hospitalized at the time the complaint was filed. The Kicks had only about 300 miles on the clock when it crashed.

Wind Affects Steering

An owner from Idaho whose Kicks had less than 300 miles when it was delivered discovered there was a wind issue after driving about 100 miles on the Interstate. At the time there was a slight wind under 10 mph. “The vehicle was difficult to control as the slightest wind causes the vehicle steering to drift over, and the steering is so temperamental that the slightest correction can make you overcorrect.

“Driving in windy conditions is very difficult and you have to hold the steering wheel tightly to keep the vehicle from leaving the roadway. Passing trucks also cause the vehicle steering to be a problem. I do not know if it is due to vehicle weight, the design of the body, or the steering system.”

The complaint also states that the owner has a friend who owns a Nissan Versa “that is almost identical to my car and she experiences the same problem with her steering in the wind – her solution is she never drives if there is the slightest wind.”

This complaint states that if there is any wind when driving on a highway, an interstate, or over 45 mph, “the steering becomes super sloppy and the car is difficult to control and maintain lanes in moderate wind conditions. You have to grip the steering wheel hard and fight to maintain your lane in the wind or pull off until the wind is under 10 mph. It is a serious hazard to occupants and anyone else on the road.”

The complaint continues today that everything was fine when the vehicle had 800-1,000 on it, including the tire pressure, and “all systems were good.” But, “the Kicks should not be driven in any weather-related conditions. It was so bad I took a $10k loss on the vehicle with under 6,000 miles and traded it in within less than 6 months of purchase. I am on a fixed income so this was a huge expense and not an easy choice to lose that kind of money but it was better than the alternative and trying to drive

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Other Safety-Related Problems

The other safety-related problems are varied, with different components and systems being mentioned.

Lane Departure & Seat Belts

An owner from Ohio describes a crash and what happened when the seatbelt didn’t lock up 17 days after taking delivery of a 2022 Kicks.

The driver suffered a medical emergency that resulted in the vehicle drifting out of the lane into the guardrail to the right. The complaint states that there was no lane departure warning sound or alert. “The vehicle grazed the guardrail on the passenger side then veered left across the other 3 lanes with no warnings or alerts sounding. The seatbelt did not lock up during the guardrail incident or upon impact of the vehicle into a hillside where the vehicle eventually came to a stop.”

When the owner regained consciousness, “I saw the gearshift (had) broken off and I had a broken nose. Several other items from the dash were also broken off from my face hitting them. I suffered multiple injuries, one of which required surgery. I have a door panel-shaped hematoma on my left hip.”

It appears that the airbags did deploy, but after the crash, the vehicle wouldn’t start. At the time of the complaint, it was with a collision center to determine the extent of the damage.

Kicks Stalls for No Reason

A 2022 Kicks owner from Arizona was driving a brand new car with only 14 miles on the odometer home from the dealership. He stopped at a red light and “the car shuddered and stalled. The battery and oil dash lights came on. I had to place the car into Park, turn it off, and turn it back on to get it moving again. Once restarted, the dash lights went away and the car ran fine.”

There was no indication that anything was wrong or any warning that the car would stop. “This was incredibly frightening as I was worried traffic behind me would rear-end me, even with the hazards on.”

The vehicle was due to be inspected by the dealership when the complaint was filed.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Problems

Forward collision-avoidance problems generally involve vehicles stopping for no reason. That’s exactly what these complaints about the 2022 Nissan Kicks describe. The major concern is that dealerships are often not able to diagnose the problem.

One owner states that while driving at 40 mph, “the vehicle independently came to an abrupt stop, with the brake warning light flashing on the instrument panel.” At the time, “the roadway was clear, and there were no objects in the path of the vehicle.” The vehicle was taken to the local dealer who acknowledged there was a failure. However, the mechanic could not determine the cause of the failure.

An owner from South Carolina states in an NHTSA complaint that when power assist was activated, the vehicle would suddenly stop as if it was about to crash into something. There was also an abnormal grinding noise from under the front end of the car. When reversing or on an incline, there was a popping sound from under the car. The dealer was unable to identify the cause of the failures.

What to do if your 2022 Nissan Kicks is a lemon

Do you think your 2022 Nissan Kicks may be a lemon? Did you know that every year automakers like Nissan buy back, replace, or pay cash settlements to thousands of vehicle owners who find they have bought lemons?

Lemberg Law has many years of experience dealing with lemon law vehicle cases and we have helped countless clients get lemon justice. If you would like us to assess your 2022 Nissan Kicks problems call our Helpline or fill out a contact form. We don’t charge you because the law says that Nissan must pay the legal bills for lemon law cases.


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