2020 Nissan Kicks Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Fuel system and engine issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

2020 Nissan Kicks

It’s becoming more popular to drive compact vehicles such as the 2020 Nissan Kicks. The automaker claims that this vehicle helps owners “flex your technology,” but the overall consensus is that this model is a dud. From the faulty engine to the defective fuel system and poor visibility, Nissan has a lot to answer for.

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Problems with the Engine

Arguably, the engine is the most important part of any vehicle. If this component is defective, there’s no way to enjoy the drive.

That’s what this NHTSA complaint discusses. “The car stalled while driving causing a safety concern. The engine was still running. However, the car would not move. After shutting it down and restarting the car a second time, the car started moving again.”

It turns out that there are other engine concerns. Service Bulletin #PM945 talks about vehicles requiring an Engine Control Module calibration to change alternator control and idle speed to resolve trouble with the engine stalling when coming to a stop. With this in mind, it might not be best to “get your Kicks on Rt. 66” with this Nissan model.

Problems with the Fuel System

Working in conjunction with the engine is the fuel system. If this equipment is defective in any way, it will also drastically change the ride and handling.

Here is another NHTSA complaint to look at. “I purchased a 2020 Nissan Kicks with 11 miles on 1/1/20. The car began shaking and stalling when stopped in traffic, and at lights on 1/10/20, with 250 miles on the odometer. After 3 service appointments, taking pictures and using the event recorder as instructed, I was informed on 3/5/20, there is currently no fix for this Kicks. Engineers are aware of the problem, and they will contact me when an update is available that may resolve the problem. This vehicle has stalled out 19 times as of 3/9/20, with 2039 miles on the odometer. The Nissan dealership where I purchased and serviced the vehicle could not repair and would not replace the vehicle, after 3 visits totaling 9 days in the shop within the first 60 days of purchase, I have been directed to follow up with Nissan Consumer Affairs with my concerns. Nissan will be sending an engineer to further inspect the vehicle within the next 2 weeks. Concern: The vehicle shakes/shudders and/or shuts down while driving in stop and go traffic, stopping at traffic lights and signs, and also when stopping to park. During these events the vehicle is in Drive, with brake pedal depressed. No warning lights appear on the dash display except the battery and oil light after the engine has stalled. Each even has been resolved by placing vehicle in Drive and restarting the engine. The events are inconsistent/unpredictable, having occurred twice in the same mile, or up to 358 miles between events; also having occurred 0-4 times every 0-10 days.”

When it comes to the fuel system, Nissan doesn’t really want to discuss any problems. As of now, there are no communications between the automaker and technicians regarding any trouble. Still, it’s clear that owners are unable to “flex” their “technology” due to the lack of care and concern by the Nissan dealerships.

Problems with the Visibility/Wiper

Finally, any vehicle must be equipped with reliable visibility. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to see and puts a lot of people in danger.

Yet, there is another NHTSA complaint about this part of the Kicks. “Back window cleaner keeps leaking, leaving streaks down back window.”

It’s as if the Kicks wants to constantly bathe itself and wash itself clean of all the defects. Still, it’s evident that this isn’t the only design problem with the Nissan model. Service Bulletin #NTB19-111 also talks about how the front seat belt might not extend down from its stowed position, further leaving people in jeopardy. At this point, it might be best if owners  “flex” their choice to pick a different car altogether.

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  • David M

    Got This Car as a Rental While Waiting for My Car to Be Repaired following a Collision!!
    This Car Simply Feels Unsafe.
    have not felt this insecure driving an automobile since I had to drive My brothers ’73 Pinto during High School!!
    Sadly, I am Stuck with Poor Acceleration (Dangerous when merging into Traffic) and al the other things that Make it Feel Unsafe, until My Regular Car is either repaired or Totaled, and God Knows how long That will Take!! I strongly recommend that you pass this model by!! As For Enterprise Rental Cars, You would do yourself well to Pass them By as Well!

  • Liliane

    Hi i have Nissan kicks 2018,
    The light doesn’t switch off in auto mode and doesn’t give the voice signal while opening and closing it. Please advise how can I fix it.

  • Jessica M

    I have a 2020 Nissan kicks and I am having an issue with the back rear tire. I took it to get an alignment and they told me that there’s no way that it could be aligned I took it to Nissan and they refused to fix it I called consumer affairs and they refused to help me with the situation I don’t know what else to do it’s wasting at the back of my tire faster than the rest of them. I also took my vehicle in for regular service and they just committed fraud because they didn’t even do the service I requested on my vehicle at the time I had to get a second opinion to find out about the alignment and the defect in the right rear tire if anyone else is having that issue

  • Vince

    Have a 2020 Nissan kicks with 747 miles on it and the power training indicator light came on checked it cylinder number 2 miss firing

  • Myrtle D

    Has anyone had a problem with the safety system?

  • Caitlan

    Nissan kicks S 2020. I have had issues ranging from the car stalling, radio and camera displays blacking out randomly, car not cranking, auto brake feature going off randomly, and crash sensors going off for no reason. I have taken it to the dealer three times now and raised the concerns and everytime they say”oh we reset the sensors, we updated a chip, or we can’t get it to replicate” I have had this car for only 6 months and only have 13,000 miles on it. I hate this car yet they refuse to replace it or take it back.

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