2022 Chevy Blazer Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Electrical and computer system issues are among the main causes of complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

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It’s understandable that supply-chain shortages can impact vehicles, leading to features being omitted. But this doesn’t account for malfunctions and dangerous electrical and operating system faults. General Motors warns potential buyers about the limited or late availability of certain features, but leaves it to dealers to specify what these are. And there is no warning about possible malfunctions. Complaints from owners are varied, ranging from malfunctioning computer systems to an electrical issue that caused a 2022 Blazer to go up in flames.

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Most Common Problems

Complaints to the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) about the 2022 Chevrolet Blazer relate to several different components and systems. Electrical system problems top the list. These range from acknowledged computer problems and issues with the car alarm to dashboard failure. The worst reported malfunction resulted in a Blazer catching fire.

There are also complaints filed as problems with the fuel/propulsion system, the structure of the SUV, and steering issues.

A complaint from an owner in South Carolina describes how Chevrolet’s “stick-on after-market steering wheel emblem” was dislodged when the airbag deployed during an accident. It hit his daughter in the chest and then ricocheted and stuck in the driver-side door panel “like shrapnel.” It penetrated the panel by about half an inch, and the complaint states it was “very lucky this emblem did not penetrate her body as it could have been fatal.”

Additionally, there is a recall that affects several Chevrolet vehicles including the 2022 Blazer, Equinox, 2021 Malibu, and the Cadillac XT4. NHTSA Campaign Number 22V359000 warns that the power tilt-adjustment mechanism on the seat cushion frame of 221 vehicles may not have been welded properly. In the event of a crash, these frames may not restrain the driver adequately, which would increase their risk of injury. Cushion frames of affected vehicles will be replaced by dealers free of charge.

2022 Chevy Blazer Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Electrical System
Fuel/propulsion System
Back Over Prevention: Rearview System Braking
Forward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking
Power Train
Unknown Or Other

Electrical System Problems

As mentioned above, the most serious electrical system complaint describes a fire. According to an owner from Tennessee, “On June 1 (2022), I parked my Blazer in the driveway and went into the house. I came back out to my car in flames. I have had lots of electrical issues with the vehicle (and) had it in the dealer to be repaired and reset several times. It was never fixed and now it has gone up in flames.”

An owner from Wisconsin complains that the “dashboard randomly goes black and does not work. This happened one time while driving and I was unable to determine my speed since the speedometer is digital. I was also unable to see important information like service lights due to the faulty dashboard. Other times it happens right after I started the car in the garage. I also noticed when the dash goes black (that) the climate control system starts to act weird and turns on and off randomly.”

A complaint from an owner from California states that it is possible to push off the power (and therefore switch off the engine) when the Blazer isn’t in Park. Describing this as a hazard, the complaint states that “when I push (the) power-off button and open the driver door and (am) almost ready to get off, I realize the car is moving since (the) shifter is not in Park.” The danger is that this increases the risk of a crash that might injure people.

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Computer System Problems

The first complaint lodged with the NHTSA about the 2022 Blazer is from an owner in Montana. It states that they “were sold a new vehicle with known computer problems. The dealership knew of the defects but sold it to us anyway. They consider it a warranty issue. Chevrolet doesn’t seem to care.”

While the complaint doesn’t detail specific issues, it is filed as a combined steering, electrical system, and fuel/propulsion system problem.

Problems with the Accelerator

Identifying a fuel/propulsion system issue, an owner from Michigan describes two incidents involving acceleration. On a highway, he pressed the accelerator to pass another car, “and the accelerator stuck. I tried to tap the brake (but it) did not change. I had to repress the accelerator for it to return to normal. The second time was pulling out of his garage to park in the driveway. “When (I) stopped to shift into Park, the accelerator was stuck, and the motor started revving up.This time, I just turned the engine off. Also, there is nothing to interfere with the accelerator, such as a floor mat (or) carpet.”

The complaint states that his daughter has a 2021 Blazer that has the same issues. Also, “I know this is just hearsay, but on the local news, a lady’s car ran out of control and ended up on the railroad tracks. She just made it out before the train hit her car.” Understood to be another 2022 GM product, the “police report stated she was having problems with the accelerator.”

Problems Relating to Shortages

GM’s online 2022 Blazer brochure has repeated warnings that some of the features illustrated may have limited, late or no availability. There is no reference to what these are. The repeated message simply states: “Due to current supply-chain shortages, certain features shown have limited or late availability, or are no longer available. See the window label or a dealer regarding the features on an individual vehicle.”

Park Assist Semiconductor Shortage

Dealers were notified in May 2023 that because of an industry-wide semiconductor shortage, the Park Assist feature on certain 2022 and 2023 model year Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, and GMC vehicles isn’t functional. This manufacturer communication, including service bulletins, is one of 312 for the 2022 Chevrolet Blazer.

The notification states that, “The affected vehicle owners should have been made aware of the condition at sale, and notified, that once parts are available, they would be eligible for a no additional cost retrofit to enable the feature. Dealers are to replace the Park Assist control module to restore the Park Assist feature.” It adds that “some vehicles may also require reprogramming of the instrument cluster or the active safety control module.”

An associated document dated May 4, 2023, is marked urgent and describes a planned Park Assist retrofit. It states that, “As parts become available for additional makes and models involved in this retrofit, we will communicate the revised bulletin in an upcoming message.” Dealers are instructed not to order parts “for use as shelf stock.” They may only order parts if customers’ have been “validated” and they have scheduled appointments with the service department.

Transmission Parts Shortage

The owner of a 2022 Blazer complained on the Edmunds website in April 2023 that the SUV’s transmission had malfunctioned. The complaint states that it is “7 weeks now and they say they cannot get parts. They won’t take it back either. It has 13,000 miles and sits at a dealer. I say junk. Never again.”

What Should You Do If Your 2022 Chevrolet Blazer is a Lemon?

Lemons come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. No vehicle is potentially exempt from the possibility of being a lemon. But it’s important to recognize what is legally accepted as a lemon. Broadly, if you have substantial problems that recur and affect your use and the value of the vehicle, it may be a lemon.

If you think you’ve bought a lemon, Lemberg Law will assess your problems free of charge, and if it is, will help you get compensation or a settlement. Every year automakers buy-back, replace, or trade-in lemon vehicles. The law says that the automaker, in this case GM, must pay the legal fees for lemon law cases. So, legal assistance isn’t going to cost you anything. All you have to do is call our Helpline or fill out a contact form.

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