2019 Chevrolet Blazer Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Electrical and engine issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

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The 2019 Chevrolet Blazer is a mid-size SUV that builds on a long American tradition. This particular model claims to offer “attitude on arrival,” but owners get more than that with the delivery. They also receive a defective engine, malfunctioning vehicle speed control, glitchy electrical system and a poorly-built structure.

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Problems with the Engine

The motor is the heart of every vehicle. When the engine doesn’t run as it should, the entire ride is unenjoyable, when it can be accomplished at all.

Here is a Cars.com review that discusses some concerns. “Still awaiting GM’s decision on what to do with that piece of garbage. We have to make payments to maintain our credit score while it sits at the dealer with an engine that grenaded itself at 375 total miles.”

It turns out that Chevy is not oblivious to engine issues. Even Service Bulletin #N192208640 talks about the engine running rough in some vehicles to the point of hesitation, stalling and not starting. To repair the problems, the technicians must inspect and repair the ground terminal or harness. In the meantime, lots of customers are dealing with a bucking bronco instead of a Blazer. Maybe they should switch to driving a Ford.

2019 Chevrolet Blazer Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Electrical System
Power Train
Unknown Or Other
Service Brakes
Power Train:automatic Transmission:lever And Linkage:floor Shift
Vehicle Speed Control
Air Bags
Forward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking

Problems with the Vehicle Speed Control

The vehicle speed control concerns might also be related to a defective engine. Whatever the cause, owners are worried.

Here is another Cars.com review. “I purchased this car 11/29/2019; it was in the shop the following business day, the driver door was catching on the rear passenger door. Last week (02/19) I thought I was going to die! The accelerator stuck, and I was on the expressway at 5:50 am, with BOTH feet pressing on the brakes. The RPM’s were at 6, and I was going roughly 90 mph. For THREE plus miles I rode my brakes, until I could take the next exit ramp. As I approached the stop sign, the RPM’s dropped back down to 2. I pulled into a parking lot and shut the car down. After 20 minutes of sitting in my car, at 23 degree temp, I started the car back up and drove the 8 miles to work. The dealership picked my car up, and they still have it. They inspected the car, and in fact the gas pedal sticks, GM is now involved. YET, I’m paying for a car that I can’t drive, and one that I NO LONGER want nor feel safe in!”

Again, this is another customer stating that they are paying for a car they don’t drive. Maybe that’s what Chevy intended – selling a lot of SUVs that never head out on the road at all. Unfortunately, Chevy hasn’t issued any statements about the speed problems, so no one really knows what is going on at this point. Instead, customers are left in the dark and told to accept it. It won’t be long before Ford takes a majority of this automaker’s customers as a result.

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Problems with the Electrical System

Every part of today’s vehicles run on the electrical system. When there is a glitch, it is felt and can create many nuisances.

That’s what is talked about from this Cars.com review. “I’ve owned this vehicle for a little over a month. It is now in the shop for the 3rd time with less than 750 miles on the odometer. First issue was the radio. Second issue was transmission went out going 70mph down the highway. 3rd issue is now all electrical and looks like they have to replace the whole wiring harness and I will be without my vehicle for weeks. Customer care sucks.”

The automaker has talked about lots of electrical concerns. It’s one of the most popular sections of the communications. One such note, Service Bulletin #PIP5708 states that the starter flex plate might have broken teeth, creating a noise when the Blazer starts up. It could also create a starter spin that prevents the SUV from cranking over at all. To fix it, the technician must replace the flex plate and starter assembly. Is there any part of this vehicle that works the way it should? Maybe the tagline should say “disappointed attitude on arrival,” because that’s all customers seem to experience.

Problems with the Trailer Hitch

The 2019 Chevrolet Blazer isn’t a high-priced luxury SUV. No one is expecting the best materials and high-end parts, but it should hold up for a few years. Yet, that’s not the case.

Look at this example from Cars.com. “I’ve had my 2019 Blazer coming on 3 months love the vehicle in general, except the cover that goes over the trailer hitch keeps coming undone. I am afraid its going to get damaged. Makes me wonder what is going to happen this winter with heavy snow, is all the plastic on the bumper going to break too.”

Chevy addresses the problem with Service Bulletin #N192270970. It states that the hitch cover top isn’t attached securely from the lot, even though the bottom is. Dealers must repair the vehicle by using the updated rear bumper fascia trailer hitch accessory hole service kit. How many dealerships are actually following through on that direction? Probably not many, and from what owners say, Chevy isn’t doing much about it. This Blazer is surely blazing its way to becoming one of the biggest lemon cars in history.

Your Lemon Law Legal Rights

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  • Janette M

    I have a 2019 Blazer this car is a piece of Junk this is my 1st time buying a Chevy and it will be the last time

  • Pamela j

    I have a Chevy blazer2019, car would not shut off, message was Shift I ot park, meanwhile it was, I have 17,000 miles on it, I googled , it was a recall, dealership,didn’t know, they replaced 2 electrical wires to the shifter. Works right now, but I’m not happy at 17,000 miles that my car would not shut off, whaat if it damaged my engine, don’t trust it.

  • Harry h

    My 2019 Chevrolet BLAZER RS HAS BEEN BACK TO THE DE A LER 3 TIMES FOR THE SAME ISUE NO START AND THE TRANSMISSION WON’T SHIFT.They replaced the ground wires and the battery and both key fobs per GM still having the same issue.I love the Blazer, but I can’t trust it any more…HELP GM

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