2019 Volkswagen Jetta Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Structure, engine and transmission problems issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

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Since the 80’s, the Volkswagen Jetta has been motoring down roadways worldwide. The ever-popular sedan, now on its seventh generation,has been completely redesigned for 2019. Although the revised car is praised by many for being both sporty and economical, some owners also complain of mechanical issues. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website, main problem areas for the 2019 Jetta are the powertrain, engine and structure.

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Problems with the Transmission

In 2019, the Jetta debuted an all-new 8-speed automatic transmission. Many owners claim that the unit makes a grinding noise or scraping noise at lower speeds. The torque converter, a fluid coupling device located between the engine and transmission, may also be to blame.
“Torque converter makes a grinding sound at 1,400 rpm. the sound is louder with “eco” mode selected on transmission but is still present when not engaged,” writes a consumer on the NHTSA website.

Another owner states: “While accelerating, a distinct grinding noise comes from the transmission. The noise is consistently heard while the vehicle is accelerating between 25-30 mph. My vehicle is roughly 5 months off the lot and has less than 10k miles, so this noise is very concerning. Third party mechanics have confirmed the noise is a hazard for the transmission, and have advised to bring the vehicle to Volkswagen for a warranty repair. Both the Volkswagen dealership and Volkswagen customer service have notified me the grinding noise is normal and of no concern. However, a software patch is available to “fix” the “non-issue”. Volkswagen customer service also notified me the patch does not completely fix the grinding noise. When I pressed further, customer service notified me there are no other options and “there is nothing we can do at this time to fix it.” The dealership also confirmed the noise is present in other 2019 Jettas on their lot, which is why they said the noise is normal for my vehicle. It sounds like VW has a transmission issue with all 2019 Jettas, and they do not know how and/or refuse to fix it.”

Some sources, like the owner mentioned above, say dealers have a software update designed to reduce the noise. Though, whether the software patch actually fixes the issue is unclear. A technical tip (32-18-01TT) issued by Volkswagen says the sound is “a normal operating characteristic” and does not recommend any repairs.

There are also accounts of the transmission leaking. “Car was bought brand new. After 6 weeks of driving and approx 1,200 miles noticed leaking oil in the garage. Took it to the dealer. transmission seal needs to be replaced and it could take 2-3 days depending on the availability of the parts,” says another consumer.
At this time, it’s unclear whether the alleged leaks and grinding noises are related.

2019 Volkswagen Jetta Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Power Train
Electrical System
Unknown Or Other
Service Brakes
Exterior Lighting
Fuel/propulsion System
Vehicle Speed Control

Problems with the Engine

Two engine options are offered in the 2019 Jetta: a 1.4L turbocharged four-cylinder and a 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder. Some owners claim their engine runs low on oil before the 10,000-mile recommended service interval.

On the NHTSA website, one consumer says, ”First issue is the car running low on oil before it reaches the 10k mile mark. This car should be getting an oil change every 10k miles however it will run out of oil before the 10k mark is achieved.”

“The engine. I believe there is a internal defect because today I was driving a the engine oil light came on. Once I checked the oil I saw that the dipstick was clean, no oil, nada. Where has all the oil gone on a new 2019 Jetta? It sure hasn’t been leaking on the ground of my garage because there is no fluids,” says another owner.

So far, the NHSTA website does not list any communications from VW regarding the concern.

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Problems with the Vehicle Structure

Some owners allege their brand-new Jetta is improperly sealed from the elements, allowing water to leak into the interior.

“Takata recall- I took the vehicle in because the horn on the vehicle was going off randomly while driving. Once diagnosed VW dealership said that it was because the firewall of the vehicle had not been sealed, therefore water was entering the vehicle. There was mold found in the vehicle, which now they have to replace the interior of the vehicle. The vehicle has been at the dealership for over two weeks, and I have not received a completion date from the dealership. They have actually made no efforts to contact me,” reads one complaint on the NHTSA website.

Another states: “This car has vent issues and cowl seal issue. The seal is not tight and the inside the windshield and window freezes.”

Volkswagen has released a Technical service bulletin (TSB 50 18 04) to address leaks. The document outlines a “water leak due to improper application of body seam sealer”. Dealers are instructed to apply seam sealer to various parts of the vehicle, depending on the car’s VIN number.

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  • Morgan M

    My 2019 Vw Jetta 1.4 turbo engine runs out of oil before the oil change is due. I also have a gurgling/ bubbling sound when idling. I have had it at dealer a couple of times, they keep telling me it’s normal. Poor customer service. Charged me $200 for an oil change
    No way this is normal

  • Alison

    I have a 2019 Jetta SEL which was purchased in August of 2018 brand new with 30 miles off the lot. I love my car and am upset about having to write this but the service charges and constant issues with the car have come to a point where its ridiculous. I go to college 5 hours away from home and am in constant worry that the car will not make it. I have to put it in for service every 10,000 miles and every time the dealership charges an insane amount of money for what should be simple issues. I understand that all cars will occasionally have issues, but the amount of money spent on maintaining my Jetta is equivalent to those of a luxury car. On top of the noticeable grinding noise, the brake pads have gone out TWICE, the oil needs to be changed and refilled constantly, and the tires need to be aligned almost every service visit. The sound system was great for a while and the the passenger side door started making a terrible rattling sound as if the speaker was blown, which should not have happened considering I do not listen to my music especially loud and keep the bass at a regular level. Every time I try and talk to someone about this, they try and suggest that it is operator error, when in reality I know multiple people who drive the same amount and do the same things with their car as I do, but never have these issues. If anyone with a 2019 Jetta has had the same experience, I would appreciate if you could reach out.

  • Peter

    I am Generally pleased with my Jetta however I read some comments that ring similar to my only super GRIPE. I have been used to cars that have Turbos and accept SOME LAG when leaving a stop light When I harder than normal Acceleration demand The Car BALKS stalls in speed then After 2 seconds will rocket to 60 KMH. This is Known As TURBO LAG When at Idle the Turbo Falls asleep (normal). But when Demanded Its fails to respond Pooling Gas in the Injectors Cylinders then it Spools up . This takes a Dangerous 2 or more seconds. Sitting in a Line of traffic that is Eager to move they seem to attack me during that Stumble time. Also at higher freeway speeds when Floored to PASS the same Stumble occurs this could cause a Head on collision is the pass is not done rapidly.
    The issues are part computer Part transmission and Part turbo.
    1/ the turbo spools forcing more fuel air into the motor
    2/ the computerFAILS to respond to the demand.
    3/ The 8 speed transmission fails to shift to a Lower Gear Ie. 8 to 5th. gear. THe 0 to 60 MPH is more than 6 Seconds according to specifications . however the timed 1kmh to 102 Kmh. is around 4.5 seconds. This acknowledges the issue. is in the 3 parts I mention. Once the Car is in motion its Faultless the Turbo is Adequate I would like More Boost. The transmission is working very well and the Computer manages the fuel Air Correctly. However the 60 MPK to 80 Passing Speed. While Cruising in 8the Gear is Likewise the same it takes about 2 seconds to think about accelerating but does seem to stall to 55 mph before its MOVES then its rapid . However on a bi directional road When passing response is required this presents a real safety issue. Choosing a time to accelerate cannot be PRE road clearing it must be in sequence to the oncoming vehicle Leaving the scene then instantly responding to the demand. We build vehicles able to reach 155 Mph Top speed for this reason to provide SAFE Passing Acceleration. in order to pass a vehicle return to driving Land post Haste . That 2 second Lag can be the difference to cause a head on collision. I was hit by a Vehicle head on in 1968 I still suffer pains from this. Thus I am reminded to Forget speed limits and just Make a very fast pass. I travel with a VHG and HF radio Communications and was once aided in a pass by the Trucker I needed to pass on a PEEK it would have been a close for a NON turbo to pass but with that 2 seconds Of Vacuum it was within my unsafe Zone for a safe Pass. I was patient and requested the driver to allow me to make the pass NO pass decision, because I always ADD a minimum of 5 seconds + 2 Seconds extra for this TURBO LAG time to be safe. Passing a 70 foot vehicle I will reach speeds of over 160 Kmh ( 100Mph), thus it will pass Very much faster than expected by that driver. Its Not a slouch it goes but on its Schedule not mine. For only 1400 CC its a Strong motor, when the computer decides to shift the transmission, its fast smooth and Quiet. Or I go Manual select in sport mode.
    What is a consistent issue I read in the comments is The lack of acceleration from 60 to 80 This is A transmission issue under Full acceleration the System refer itself to my comment. USE the Shifter manual before you Stuff your foot into the injectors. Drop to 5th gear then it will shift to the best Choice to achieve the demand. THINK of what you are doing before doing it . Prepare the car Manually first. It then responds as you want.

    Noisy transmission. ASK have you abused it over the distance driven . Its a Lightweight Not a Crown Vic that’s built like a tank and can take it .

    IN reducing to CO2 foot print we have smaller vehicles that are built Light the engines are smaller thus all the parts are tiny and do not have the MEAT to accept the Abuse that we were used to giving the 22 foot Land yachts of yesterday. Drive accordingly, use the performance when its REQUIRED only. Tires last longer economy rises. And Bearings are not Worn wrong. Needle bearings oft used in transmissions are often tapered but Wheel spinning starts can alter the taper and the parts dig into the wrong places. raising the risk of premature failure. I love Very high speed, I chose the time and conditions, but They are Near perfect. YES my 2019 Jetta regularly Goes from a roll 1 Kmh to 102 in under 5 seconds. Showing that turbo lag is an ISSYE of up to 2 seconds. Pre spooled 0 to 1 Kmh slowly then full throttle eliminates the lag. It not a dragster its A comfortable driver. Treat it that way, know how to get the best from i t without hard Acceleration thumps Bring the turbo on with a pre spool and it works well.
    ITS A TOTAL failure freeways handling is Sloppy but adequate. I have a 12 mile mountain road to get home the curves are tight and banked against you the Jetta Can Benefit from a total rethink of its suspension. MUCH beefier Sway Bars Full independent suspension Not the typical structure front l drive cars have. use multi Link axels that allow Camber and Caster some latitude. The 1971 Datsun510 had an unbeatable suspension that is why it was so successful on the rally scene. POWER can Do so much . But when 560 Miles From Vancouver BC to Calgary can be completed in under5 hours with a car who’s top speed in only 105 MPH, Power is not the answer Its Handling The Jetta FAILS. Taking the Old routs to CGY from VAN it was held to a lower 70 mph thru most curves and 30 on the tough turns. Don’t try to run from a police car.
    The Car is too high and Wallows in slow to 45mph curves, and is dangerously under sprung in slower curves.
    VW listen if you turbo charge a car expect it to be driven g=hard that’s how the turb o should want to be driven. MY 2.8 Merc. Capri turbo Added on wanted to be Driven hard. The Jetta says NO dont hurt me. When a car moves on a green light then Stumbles in mid intersection That’s BADER THAN BAD. FIX The Issue Its a computer. Many Complaint’s read Above .
    issue I am Shure.

  • Cecia

    It’s really not even worth 1 star. The 2021 Jetta is awful, mine was a safety hazard and a huge waste of time. For 3 months out of the 9 months that I had it, it was out of service for at least a week each time. First problem I ever had was the throttle system messing up and a bad fuel injector at 6000 miles. There were 2 times where the engine stalled and the whole car completely shut off while I was driving over 75 mph on the interstate. They blamed it on the fuel module both of those times. A few days ago, I was driving up a small hill on a highway and the engine abruptly stopped, after shaking and making a grinding noise. This last go around I got an RPM warning, start/stop error, the car was even low on oil before 10,000 miles. The EPC light came on and off ever since I first got it. I don’t recommend the 2021 Jetta if you want safety or reliability.

  • Cori

    2019 VW Jetta SEL Premium purchased 2 weeks ago with same grinding sound at 25-30 mph. This is ridiculous.

  • Chris

    I just bought a used 2019 VW JETTA S/SE/R-LINE from a VW dealership in FL at 24000 miles and I too noticed a scraping sound when accelerating between 25 – 45 mph. Took it back to the dealership service dept and it was dismmised as a “normal” sound for the 2019 Jetta models. Though the car is still under warranty, there’s concern that this might be a lemon which would affect the resale value. It’s a bit disappointing and wondering if there’s recourse or a fix from VW yet.

  • Dave

    I bought a 2019 Jetta SEL in Nov 2018. The engine does make that rattling noise, and one of the service people did make some statement like, “It sounds the same as all the others. ” I took a service guy out, and he heard it too, which made me feel better. But I think they have to make up some bullSh*t to protect themselves and to avoid getting sued. There have been a few recalls, but all have been addressed. It drives great, the stereo (Beats audio) is awesome, and I love the features for the price. I also got the 6 year 72K warranty, so if anything does happen, I shouldn’t be responsible. The oil light did go on within the first 6 months of owning the car. What I was told at the dealer is that the cars were shipped with very little oil from the factory. I was told they do this to save money, time, and weight, when they ship them. What’s disappointing is THE DEALERSHIP DIDN’T CHECK THE OIL……obviously, if new cars are showing up without/low on oil, then they should be on that. The mileage on this thing is phenomal…..on a road trip to Chicago, I got 460 miles on one tank of gas. That’s doing 80 on the highway, AND driving in the city quite a bit. If I would drove the speedlimit on the highway, I might be able to get 500 miles on a tank.

  • Jordan S

    I have the 2019 base model jetta I noticed the noise from the transmission the first time driving it. I was previously drove the 2014 SE edition and didn’t have too many problems. Has anyone else had a problem with the brake I am at 22k miles and have already replaced brake pads in front and back and I still hear a loud squeaking from them. I also have problems with the apple carplay it randomly disconnects from my phone while driving. I have not noticed the burning oil but will keep a close eye on this. I am very disappointed by this car and personally do not see the appeal of this VW jetta and would like to get rid of it as soon as possible.

  • JC

    I bought my 2019 Jetta in June of 2019. Going on 28K miles. I did notice I have to be refilling the oil about 1qt every 5-7k miles. Which is not ok for a new car. I spoke to the dealer and they said it’s normal for European vehicles to burn oil. Then right off the bat since day 1 I also heard the transmission grinding noise, I mentioned it to the dealer and was told it’s normal. The vehicle is driving good and performing well. I am impressed with the fuel economy, in the city I’m averaging 35mpg and on the Highway 46mpg.

  • Russell F

    I have had my Jetta R line for about a year and a half now. After a rough start where it was brought back into the shop after 14 miles (a bad sensor, that took a week to repair) it has been fine. I enjoy driving the car and only have one complaint. When accelerating (most noticeable at higher speeds) when attempting to get out of the way of a problem the response time is slow, slow and slow. When it finally does kick in it will practically throw you into the back seat. However, there is a 2 or 3 second delay in reacting and has scared me a few times thinking that I wouldn’t get out of the way in time. Even then it depended on when I noticed the need to make a quick move. I took it in and we tested other R lines on the lot and they all did that. So much for German engineering. Otherwise a fun car to drive.

  • Daniel C

    Jetta uses a lot of oil. I have a 2019 with 18,605 miles. Oil has been changed 3 times. Now the engine is getting noisy.

  • Oscar

    2019 Jetta , oil level light on 3 rd time , car only has 13k miles , oil has been changed 3 times , vehicle would not make the 10 k miles change interval, yesterday it was low 2 quarts.

  • Abhi B

    I own new jetta in December 2019 I drove only 21500kms car cylinder (2&4) started miss firing . If any one else this problem let me know

  • Gilbert M

    Same issue here, who is going to do something about this??? Sound like my car is gargling metal…. This is a safety hazard for me as an owner and the surrounding drivers on the road. SOMEONE MAKE THIS RECALL A REALITY!!!! I AM NOT PAYING $5,000 for a new transmission when it is a manufacturer defect!!!! This has been an issue since day 1 and after a lead tech stated there is an issue there, the other service department employees swore up and down that is normal.

  • Beau

    Honestly, I have the problem with the transmission doing the same exact thing between 28-40mph. It is so sad. My two previous Volkswagens have been trouble for me. These newer ones seems to have a little bit better build quality to me but that is only because I haven’t had near the problems i have with the previous two new ones I owned. Water also pools in my right-rear passenger door whenever it rains. I am going to attempt to call and get this in the shop for this issue. We’ll see how it goes. I always have luck with the service department when I go but I’ve gotten pretty established with them (lol). So sad to see all of these comments yet there is STILL no recall out.

  • Jamal

    I got the 2019 VW SEL Premium in June 2018 one of the first batches from the factory. I was impressed with all the features and the 72K Mile Warranty, I thought what could go wrong. Within the first three months the dealer added oil over and over again. Other problems: The muffler rattles and sounds like a diesel car in cold days. Theres a rattling from the passenger door speaker as if its blown. Of course the dealer says it’s all normal. The bluetooth speaker on phone calls, everyone on the either end complains about because its echos. And like everyone else I have the grinding noise at low speeds. At 29K I had the EPC and Engine light come on and the Engine belt made a terrible sound on start up. The car was in service for two weeks while they replaces the belt, and replaces the battery and ETC. I’m very worried about the reliability of this car. I’m in the dealership several times a year for various problems. I also now change my oil at every 5K, that 10K is a joke.

  • Ben

    Bought 2019 Jetta in Sept. 2018. Jetta SE, Habanero Orange. Currently has 39,500 Miles on it. Had been complaining to the service department ever since my first oil change (roughly 5000 Miles). I change the oil every 5000, and every time I asked about it, they refused to acknowledge the issue. No recall. However, at 39,000 miles my car began “hard-shifting” and would get stuck/locked in gear at slow traffic speeds (20-40mph). It would then slam into gear, and I would continue on my way.

    Took the car into Volkswagen, requested to see the foreman to replicate my issue. Talked to VW Customer Care in order to open a case. Replicated the issue with the foreman, and they took my car for inspection and repair. They found as follows:

    – Burnt Transmission Fluid
    – Metal Shavings in the transmission fluid
    – Metal Shavings in the oil
    – Metal shavings in the oil cooler.

    Transmission and oil cooler were replaced, under warrantly. However, even after the change, the car still makes the same noise. Sill shifts pretty hard under load. Overall, have lost every ounce of trust with Volkswagen. Requested the car be repurchased, they deemed that they would not repurchase the vehicle. Would not extend a warranty. Basically told me “Tough Sh*t!”

    Very unsatisfactory result. 10/10 would NOT recommend buying the 2019 Jetta. Only a life full of problems. Buy a GTI, or the new GLI. Bullet-proof power train and transmission. Wish I had done that originally.

  • Steve

    I bought a used 2019 Jetta S about 12 days ago with only 9100 miles on it. I thought it was a steal. I too have noticed the grinding noise at 20-30 MPH, which I didn’t hear in the test drive because I was paying attention to the salesperson, I called my dealership and they said it was a normal sound. How can that be a normal sound? I haven’t noticed any oil leak in the short time I’ve owned the car but will watch out for it. I like the car alright, it’s just that I’m concerned that VW made some production errors when they redesigned the newer model in that year. I guess I should have waited for a used 2020 because I think they may have worked out the engine bugs

  • KH

    I have 2019 Jetta SEL, it to has same “odd” rattle/grind noise. I also have a BIG issue with Bluetooth system. I have both Galaxy S4 and Apple 8 and when I call someone (cell/land line) USB or Bluetooth the receiving party has a bad echo in there earpiece. Anyone else have this issue?

  • Jay H

    2019 Jetta s 1.4t
    My car do the same exact thing. Make the same noise at 30 mph. When I test drove the car the sale person kept turning the radio up. And I kept turing n.v it down to hear the engine. Now I took the car back for service and it’s even worse. It has 250 more miles on it. They only had the car for two day. I took pictures this time before and after. Plus my window tents were RIP and pelling off with cracks. Was not like that.now my brakes dont have stopping power. Plus before I drop the car off I’ve had a claim against them for auto fraud. They keep lying to me. Lied about my warranty. Lied about free tire rotations lied about 2year oil change warranty lied about the type of car performance added products I clearly told them I didnt wanted auto armor. I’ve ask for a car at a later years. Clearly lied to my face said they didn’t had them. I look on they website they had it for the price I could afford. Plus kept me locked into the dealership until 1am plus been up sense 5am from work. told me I couldn’t leave I was locked into the deal. Witch was another lie. Plus pressured me into buying and rushed
    the whole signing process This was my first time buying a new car. They completely broke my consumer rights. Plus they lied on legal documents. Lied on my credit application. Lied all over the car. And I believe they sold me a use car as new. And rolled back the odometer to 37 miles. The engine looks worn and has rust into it. So I filled auto fraud against them. now they took revenge against me by dogging my car out. The brakes dose not feel the same it had no stopping power. Like come one that’s someone life. I have a 4yrs old and 7 yrs old kids that I have in my car. Cowards. My warranty was with them. A bad reputation and review you can get past and move forward after time. But my dam life you dont get back. That’s the same as attempt murder. And vehicle vandalism to property and manslaughter Someone should be in jail. People shoot office’s business for much less. And the sad thing is I was gonna let go of the claim and move forward. But this time I have before and after pics and video. Time stamp. An Help from a 3rd party. Not saying what station they work for. But crazy thing is the kid in the service department watch me make a second video right in front of them. How stupid?. Also today while I was picking my car up they had about 7 police officers inside the dealership for a different sales person. Now that just confirms my suspicion that they are in business of screwing over humans and just making money. I even apologize to the coward and tried to move forward. I was actually gonna let it go. But 6 yrs is a long time to be stuck with a lemon. VW had a bad rep for lying to the government in open court, imagine what they do behind close doors to honest costumers that have no knowledge about the history or service. Billionaires such cheap bastards. They should do buyback for the faulty vehicles they are continuing to make an put on the road. That is sad. Money over human life. Plus time and money it takes to fix your car. I was a fan of VW. My last car was a jetta. You lost me from your brand for dishonesty and willing to put people in a bad car with knowledge of your own faulty parts but wont confess or admit to your mistakes. At least be a man or adult and own up to it and make it right. If everyone
    has the same issue it’s a problem not normal. Cars is not supposed to make that noise. Guarantee there cars dont sound like that. So why should mines. Why are you guys so dam deceptive? Now once the news get involved
    there gonna try to discredit the customer and claim victim. All you do is cash my check and sell the next pos car. Stupid I gotta keep cashing checks for the next 6 years to pay for this car. Give me my money back. New engine? Huh yeah alright Redesign my ass. ????????????

    This has been nothing but a huge emotional distress . I’ve been extremely embarrassed and emotionally anguished and upset. Yall dont know what yall did to my life. Then it was your job to fix my car but you went more then out your way to make it worse. My brakes? Shame on you guys.

  • Lorenzo P

    I drive my dad’s 2019 Jetta every once and a while and I’ve noticed this sound. I know that new models have pumped in engine sounds meaning the engine sounds resonate through the speakers to try to sound more sporty. I believe the grinding sounds could be a defect from this feature. The car has always run smoothly.

  • Jian

    In 2019, I purchased the jetta on December 6, the second day was found to speed up to 25 miles per hour when the apparent friction sound, get a reply to the dealer is a normal phenomenon, and also found similar problems in other new car, now I worry about is that if the problem after the warranty period for this reason, and maintenance cost will be very expensive, can consult me first in do?

  • Adhish

    I just brought the car 2 weeks ago. Wish I would have read some of this before buying. I have the sa.e issue with the grinding noise. Hope this is not transmission issue. Hope VW takes this seriously.

  • Vincent

    Same here, scraping and rattling noise on 2019 jetta sel. Dealer repair shop gave it back to me stating “operating as normal , it is characteristic of 8 speed transmission” after only having the car 2 months. for a brand new car, between the transmission sound and the noisiest (again normal deal claims) brakes I have ever known, VW makes me feel like they do not care about customer satisfaction.
    This video is the exact same problem/sound

  • Dan M

    My girlfriend’s VW 2019 Jetta has that grinding sound when accelerating.

  • Keith

    I bought a 2019 Jetta R line November 2019. I didn’t notice the noise during the short test drive, talking and trying to hurt before they close. Next day I noticed the grinding noise that’s obviously in the transmission. The grinding is getting worse with time. I have 4200 miles now and have been told by dealer since day 1 that it’s normal.

  • A. W

    On Dec 14, 2019 I purchased a 2019 VW Jetta SEL with only 7 miles on it. The next day I noticed a consistent rumbling or grinding noise. It doesn’t sound right, I’m concerned something is wrong – the sound won’t go away. I took the car to the dealership & rode in the car with the service manager & was told the sound is normal – there’s nothing wrong with the car. Then I searched the internet only to find that many, many 2019 Jetta owners are hearing this noise & having transmission & oil problems. Now what? Wait for VW to issue a recall? What kind of resale value will this car have now?

  • Ashraf

    I bought a new 2019 VW Jetta. I heard grinding noise. I hear it all the time and everyone ride with me asking about this noise. I brought it into the dealer they told me they didn’t hear it. Which was a lie.
    I contact the VW and NHTSA . VW come back to me to take the care to different dealership. I search about the problem i found many have the same issues.

    VW they do not want to acknowledge the problem.

    Now the car runs like 10 years old car, and after the warranties done, we have to fix it on our own expensiveness?

  • Stacy

    I just bought a 2019 Jetta SE on 11/10/19 and I’m hearing that weird grinding kinda noise between 25-30 mph – I called to make an appointment it’s scheduled for next Wednesday , it didn’t feel right and sound right when this noise happens- reading all these comments now has many very concerned on what they “won’t find”!!!

  • Alain R

    car vw 2019 quit again – few months ago they had to replace my transmission
    today a clicking noise occurs during ignition – sounds like piston?
    may be engine
    I will tow it tomorrow and find out more



  • David M

    just bought 2019 VW Jetta about 2 weeks ago. It has a grinding sound in the transmission and the dealer says its normal but he googled it and its a common issue. Milaege 300. Please call back.

  • Jan

    Many of these complaints surround the performance of the car in “ECO mode”. Granted, it’s an idiot feature that I find very annoying – especially that I have to turn off every time I turn the car on. Future models should make it an option not an auto feature. But it seems to me few buyers took the time to read the manual to understand why the car works the way it does. If they had read the manual, they would have understood about the ECO mode feature that the car goes into a sleep idle sitting for more than a minute, etc.
    I would advise VW dealers to take a few extra minutes promoting the ECO mode to avoid buyers that end up complaining because they think the car is stalling out.
    I think the new design of the car causes a leak issue in the gas cap housing; first hard rain, my CEL was on in my less than two week old car. Dealer said it was a recall fix & sent me on my way. Next heavy downpour, same thing, but since I found water in the gas cap area, I suspected that was the cause. So I dried the area very well & after two days the light went out. I added a rubber seal which was noticeably absent on the gas cap door & haven’t had a repeat since. VW really pulled out all the tech stops on this car but some features like the ECO mode are just better left out. The tires are barely a match and the body style not conducive to handling at high speed. The brakes are not high performance, so there’s a bit of mismatch with this Frankenstein of a Jetta. Knowing VW, they’ll get it right with the 2020 model. Lease before you buy & these minor issues won’t be so stressful.

  • Danielle

    My first VW was a leased 2017 jetta and it used oil so i purchased a 2019 jetta thinking it was a new car. How stupid i feel. It uses oil, i have chaned the oil 3 times because it was low on oil. I have 11k miles and vw said i for me to have them change it every 10k. The math don’t seem right. The eco button keeps shutting off and shows an engine error. The seats seem to get hot when its not even on. I have taken my car in 4 time including oil change and vw dealership keeps telling me nothing is wrong. Hhhhmmmm also, they won’t document or provide me any documentation when i pick up my car. Im pist now.

  • Jereme H

    I too Am having the same grinding issue with my 2019 jetta. I got the car in September and it has less than 2k miles on it. I have not gone to the dealer about this yet because I don’t want to be lied to and told that a grinding transmission is normal. I’m hoping that it doesn’t get worse and I’m able to wait until that class action suite is settled.

  • Wendy E

    I’m having the same transmission issue with my new 2019 VW SEL Jetta. I brought it into the dealer one week after I picked the car up and they told me they didn’t hear it. Which was a lie. Dealership called me and said the spoke to the “specialists” in Germany and they were told that is a “normal” sound and to return the car to the customer. Another issue I am having is there is a buzzing noise coming from the glovebox or passenger door. Almost like the speaker is blown but not. These are two things that many 2019 Jetta owners are complaining about. Now I have to listen to these two irritating issues for 39 months. Clearly there is an issue with this new model. I really hope VW takes care of the issues or it will be the last VW that I will purchase.

  • Robert J

    I just bought a 2019 Jetta 1.4t 8spd auto on10-05-2019 and within 2 days I’ve noticed the transmission just loses power and makes a grinding noise at 22-28 mph. I will be contacting the dealership in the morning to ask them if their cars make the same noise because 2 of the employees say they are driving the same vehicle as I just bought. Curious if they are having problems too. I’ve also noticed it at other shift points but not as bad as the low speed shift.

  • Oscar

    My car was out of service for more than 30 days under warranty. It was a brand new car from the dealership and I wanted to know if the car was considered a lemon and if I could get my money back.

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