2019 BMW X3 Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Electrical and random tailgate opening issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

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Drivers looking for a luxury compact SUV, often gravitate to the 2019 BMW X3 because of its sleek style and spacious cabin. The automaker themselves state that “Adventure Awaits” with this model, and that couldn’t be truer. The trouble is that the adventure ahead isn’t what most people signed up for. Instead, this SUV features a defective tailgate and several electrical issues.

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Problems with the Build Quality

The 2019 BMW X3 isn’t a low-dollar SUV; it’s a luxury model that costs a pretty penny. This extra cost isn’t a big deal for most drivers because it’s assumed that the quality is worth it. When it comes to how well this X3 was built, it’s clear that the extra money wasn’t put into the engineering.

Just read one of many reviews left on the NHTSA website, “The tailgate opened by itself while I was driving on the highway. I had a short local drive before entering the highway. About 5 mins on the highway at around 60 mph, the tailgate opened by itself. The car felt very noisy and hard to control (I was on a windy highway). I had to exit the highway, stop on a local street and close the trunk. The same random opening also happened once in my garage while the car was parked and locked, a week ago. With two random openings happening in one week, I am afraid of driving it. You never know when the tailgate will suddenly open again.”

With several service bulletins coming from the company, there isn’t anything related to this situation, despite the numerous complaints circulating. What is shown is several recalls that also show how poorly this vehicle was put together. For example, in NHTSA Campaign Number 19V563000, it is revealed that the front seatback frames weren’t appropriately welded, allowing the seatbacks to fold unexpectedly. This can occur with people in them and during a crash.

Another example is labeled with NHTSA Campaign Number 19V291000 that describes how the instrument panel assembly might have been manufactured wrong, thereby preventing the deployment of the passenger’s front air bag. Where is the adventure? Is it from having all the groceries fall out the back of this SUV while driving or folding into a pretzel when the seat malfunctions? It appears the engineers wanted to make sure there was an adventure included in every part of the SUV.

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2019 BMW X3 Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Unknown Or Other
Electrical System
Service Brakes
Exterior Lighting
Electronic Stability Control
Power Train
Vehicle Speed Control
Seat Belts

Problems with the Electrical System

The main parts of the electrical system include the battery, starter and alternator, but there is much more involved than that. It also runs the power windows, headlights, power steering, windshield wipers and modern technologies. When there is a problem with the electronic equipment of a vehicle, it can reveal itself in multiple ways.

One such case is demonstrated by a NHTSA complaint. “The seat ventilation on the passenger seat has failed three times. Each time the fans within the seat that activate to push air through the vents sound like they are tearing through the seat. Each time, the dealer has repaired the issue, only for it to return again. The car is going to the dealer once again after I asked for them to escalate this issue.”

We see the documentation of several electrical problems. One was part of a recall labeled with NHTSA Campaign Number 19V684000. In this case, the back-up camera fails to work correctly at times. Other electrical service bulletins include trouble with the remote to unlock the car, a missing digital speedometer and lost Bluetooth connection.

One of the more concerning issues is illustrated in Service Bulletin # B130219. This talks about how the engine wiring harness comes in contact with the vehicle’s tank vent valve line. Vibration and oscillation can wear through the valve line. From the failing structure to the faulty electrical wiring, this SUV provides more adventure than most drivers want to deal with. After spending so much time at the dealership, it’s not uncommon for BMW enthusiasts to jump ship for another brand after all this trouble

Your Lemon Law Legal Rights

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  • Milgauss M

    One of the best problem free BMW’s I’ve ever owned. Just over 50k miles and nothing has broke or failed. I’ll keep this for at least another 50k or until they change the styling significantly.

    People saying their tailgate opened…silly. Mine did that once when my keys were in my pocket and I DID IT. Maybe do a recall on the key fob not the car.

    Comfort is above par…love the seats and ability to adjust.

  • safwat N

    one of the worse driver seats on earth
    the seat looks not centralized and to adjust ur posture u have to set on the edge which causes severe back pain since day one also the seat edges are elevated and the middle is sinked down specially the back portion making it even worst and after 5 months i am in my 45th year i am walking like 80 years old person , i went to BMW dealer they said nothing can be done , i asked to change the seat they said we cannot do that just traid it

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