2022 BMW X3 Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Electrical system and seat issues are among the top complaints from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

The 2022 BMW X3 is designed for the luxury-minded consumer who is looking for something exciting. The automaker claims it provides “a bold outlook,” but the average driver has found several aspects that are causing discouragement. From the faulty electrical system to the uncomfortable seating configuration, there are a lot of reasons to start looking for something else.

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NHTSA Complaints for the 2022 BMW X3

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Unknown Or Other
Electrical System
Service Brakes
Forward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking
Power Train
Vehicle Speed Control
Back Over Prevention: Rearview System Braking
Back Over Prevention: Warnings

Problems with the Electrical System

There’s every reason to assume that the 2022 BMW X3 comes with every tech feature consumers could want. After all, the price is not rock-bottom and this luxury model is hailed as a tech haven. Yet, problems are all that seem to be delivered.

Here’s one Edmunds review worth reading. “You can somewhat customize it. Due to supply chain issue, most BMWs are missing wireless charger, mine did not come with one.”

A luxury SUV should not be “somewhat” customizable. That’s simply ridiculous. Furthermore, how does the new luxury model come without a wireless charger? The automaker actually thinks that consumers want to plug their devices into the vehicle ports? Imagine the mess and clutter that creates. Clearly, BMW is expecting far too much from its clientele and many of them might start jumping ship to drive a Mercedes-Benz instead. It doesn’t look like BMW has a “bold outlook” on retention.

Problems with the Seats

When driving a luxury vehicle, the seats should surround drivers and passengers with complete comfort. There’s no reason for there to be any discomfort, but there seems to be plenty.

Another Edmunds review states, “The driver seat is not as comfortable as I would like it and I wish it had maybe 1 more inch of lift capability so that I could sit a little higher.”

At this point, customers have to be wondering what they are paying for. First, the top electrical features are missing and now the seats cause discomfort. This isn’t the type of SUV most people want to take long rides in and it’s too expensive to use just to head to the neighborhood grocery store. The only “bold outlook” that BMW can count on is that record numbers of customers are going to choose something different next time.

Your Lemon Law Legal Rights

Think you have a lemon? Sit back and let the experts work out your lemon case at no cost to you. The law makes BMW pay legal fees. You may be able to get your lemon out of your life. Every year, auto manufacturers buy back, replace or pay cash settlements to thousands of ‘lemon’ owners like you.

Complaint Data

CategoryEngine, Service Brakes
DateMar 01, 2023
I have two major concerns 1) when I drive in the snow and engage "traction control" the brakes stop working properly - to the point that I had to stomp on the pedal with both feet to get them to kick in. It was truly terrifying. Another friend with a 2023 model x3 experienced the exact same thing. No warning signs appeared and my car only has 9000 miles. This just happened so I have no complained to the dealer yet. 2) when I leave my house and head down hill to the stop sign the transmission automatically kicks itself out of "drive" into "neutral." this is also dangerous as I pull away from the stop sign into the street I have no idea when I hit the gas nothing will happen and I've almost gotten t-boned by cars who find me stalled in the middle of the road. I had the dealer look at this and they could not duplicate it. Meanwhile I had a 2023 loaner car from them that did the exact same thing! They said there have been no recalls for this so I felt it should be reported too.
CategoryBack Over Prevention: Rearview System Braking, Back Over Prevention: Warnings, Forward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking
DateFeb 24, 2023
I have lane keep assist set to early with steering intervention. Lka would sometimes shut off by itself in the 45-60 mph highway speed range in sunny weather with clear road markings, and sometimes would stay on even when my speed decreases even to 35 mph instead of 40 mph. I understand if weather is bad, lka might not work, but I am very confused, in broad daylight, what would cause the lka to turn on or off and deactivate/activate at different speeds? I have the standard pdc with the "forward and rear corner sensors that trigger a warning beep at approximately a 2 ft. Distance from the object." is there any way to control the distance the parking distance control sensors activate automatically like in merc? Since I don't have active park distance control (option zx1) which "automatically applies emergency braking when the reversing vehicle gets too close to an object behind or at the side of the vehicle when a collision is imminent at speeds below 3 mph," would the car still auto brake for me if I am backing up reverse in a parking garage if there is cross traffic alert or I am hitting object behind me?
DateFeb 10, 2023
2022 bmw x3. Consumer stated that their vehicle went out of control while driving.
CategoryPower Train, Service Brakes
DateFeb 08, 2023
When the vehicle is moving at a speed of 4mph and lower, it is impossible to shift the vehicle from neutral to drive without applying the brakes. I was pulling out onto a 4 lane road from a side street when I accidentally bumped the transmission gear shifter into the "n" neutral position. When I realized this (I was only going 4 mph at the time) I tried to shift it back into drive but it would not work. The vehicle made a sound that I was doing something wrong. I tried to shift it again (vehicle was probably now moving around 3 mph) and it gave me that same warning sound but this time I looked at the instrumentation panel and saw that the warning text displayed on the panel said that I needed to apply the brakes before I could shift it from neutral to drive. When I applied the brakes the vehicle came to a complete stop because I was going only 3mph and at that point I could shift the vehicle into drive. I believe that if I had pulled out with cars coming at a high rate of speed that I could have been hit on the drivers side because I had come to a complete stop in the right hand lane of the roadway. I could only imagine what could have happened to an inexperienced driver because I somewhat panicked and I have over 35 years of driving experience. This safety issue was brought up to bmw through their customer service/satisfaction center. The representative that I spoke with said he would forward the concern to their "research and design" unit but didn't know if they would respond. I have not brought the issue up with the dealership where I purchased the vehicle because I notified bmw directly. I am concerned that this design fault will one day cause catastrophic injuries.
CategoryForward Collision Avoidance: Adaptive Cruise Control, Unknown Or Other
DateFeb 06, 2023
At time of purchase sales executive mentioned about adaptive cruise control is in build with premium package but it is not installed in my car. Waiting for dealership to respond on my query.
DateJan 06, 2023
While driving at approximately 45 mph on florida highway 10 with no other cars around the sunroof suddenly shattered. There was a loud “pop” and the sound of glass hitting the top of the car. The sunroof and shade were closed at the time and most of the glass ended up in the street. There is considerable paint damage to the roof of the vehicle from the glass hitting it after shattering.
CategoryElectrical System, Unknown Or Other
DateOct 19, 2022
While driving on the highway my rear hatch opened and I was not given any warning that the hatch was open. My car was full of luggage on our return trip to florida and I could not see that the hatch had opened. We lost boxes that were in the trunk. It could have been a lot worse if we were not notified by passing drivers that something was wrong with my car. Looking for previous issues this happened in 2019 for my model car, bmw x3. I do not understand why this has happened again.
CategoryForward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking, Forward Collision Avoidance: Warnings
DateOct 17, 2022
- bracket holding kafas camera system to windshield failed causing driver assistance system errors in vehicle; surrounding area gets very hot to the touch - system errors restricted certain driver assistance features including collision warnings - problem was found by two dealerships; first dealership denied claim, second repaired via windshield replacement - service advisor mentioned another vehicle had similar failure - bmw forum (bimmerpost) confirmed several identical failures
CategoryElectrical System, Lane Departure: Warning, Vehicle Speed Control
DateJun 13, 2022
Instrument cluster sporadically working. Front collision and lane departure not working when the cluster isn't working. Unable to judge speed accurately, yes problem has been reproduced by sandy sansing bmw in pensacola fl. No the part hasn't been inspected. No other warmings but have had warnings since that the driver assistance restricted. Frontal collision warning, pedestrian warning . I have been given a time frame to fix this as completly unknow- forcing me to drive this car without working instruments.
CategoryUnknown Or Other
DateMay 04, 2022
My bmw x3 was less then 1 month old with less then 200 miles. On the way home around 11pm I noticed sparks and some coming out the hood. I pulled to the side of the road and as soon as I stepped out of the car flames were coming out from under the car, drivers door. Called 911. Police and fire department showed up within 10 minutes. The fire was put out unfortunately the whole car melted by then. I'm glad I escaped unhurt. Few minutes more I could have been seriously hurt or dead.
CategoryPower Train, Unknown Or Other, Vehicle Speed Control
DateFeb 26, 2022
Limpmode: life threatening failure of vehicle shutting down accelerating in heavy traffic in speeds over 70 mph. On 9 nov 22 I was driving on interstate to take my wife to her radiation appointment. Within 1 mile of exit, traveling in far-right lane in 4 lanes of heavy traffic with an additional two lanes of heavy traffic merging in from the right, I had to get over into the merging oncoming traffic. When I went to accelerate to merge right into the heavy traffic, my bmw dash lit up red and the acceleration was shut off leaving the car coasting. I could not accelerate, stuck in my lane the car started slowing from 70+mph traffic down to 60mph, 55 mph and I was able to get over into exit lanes at 45 mph with car still decelerating up exit ramp. I pulled off to the exit ramp onto the side of the road into the grass/pavement to safety. The bmw's failure to operate was a life-threatening incident for me, my wife and mother in the car in the middle of very heavy traffic. In addition, all on-coming vehicle traffic was put at risk of life threatening injuries with a high risk of rear end multiple collisons. I sat looking at the dash reading and it read a few minor problems with sensor for pedestrians and cameras and if it proceeded to fail to contact maintenance, however the car was ok to drive. I shut the car off and restarted it and was able to get my wife to her appointment. I drove the car home with no issues. Vehicle was towed to dealership the next day at century bmw where it was purchased and informed by bmw mfg not to touch the vehicle. Bmw n. A. Sent engineers to dealership to investigate cause. Bmw n. A. Could not recreate environment, however choose to do repairs thought best to resolve issue. Bmw n. A. Sent report to dealership for parts order and repairs. My many requests for trouble code reports from bmw n. A. And century bmw starting from 24 nov 2021 to jan 2022 were ignored. 18 feb 22 partial rpt. Received by accident from service rep.
CategoryStructure:body, Unknown Or Other
DateFeb 24, 2022
Suv's lift gate has opened on its own twice. Once in the garage resulting garage door damage as well as 8. 00 in lift gate damage. The second time the vehicle was outside unattended.
CategoryElectrical System
DateNov 03, 2021
When a door or hatch is opened, the car horn is continuously activated for up to two minutes. No switches or key fob buttons deactivate the horn. The dealer service department thinks it is a defective switch or relay in the steering column. The vehicle is underivable because of he loud noise of the horn. It risks damaging hearing, making other sounds undetectable, disturbing others including drivers, pedestrians, and neighbors (one called me to complain, thank you). It also puts one at risk for violent road rage incidents.

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