2018 Honda Accord Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Brakes, Electrical, Engine and Transmission issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

By Brian Jones | Updated on

By Brian Jones | Updated on

Since 1989, the Honda Accord has been a best-seller in North America. Much of the sedan’s popularity centers around its reputation for being one of the most dependable vehicles on the road. But no car, including the seemingly infallible midsize Honda, has a perfect track record. According to the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) website, the 2018 Accord has several problem areas. The most common are the brakes, engine/powertrain, and electrical system.

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Problems with the Brakes

Honda Sensing is the name given to the suite of driver assistance features that come standard on the Accord. The bundle includes adaptive cruise control, auto high beams, lane-departure warning and mitigation, traffic-sign recognition, low-speed follow – and of course, collision-mitigation braking.

The collision-mitigation braking system is quite complex. It uses two primary inputs: a radar sensor, mounted in the front grille, and a camera located in the rear-view mirror. Data from these devices is relayed to the computer controls onboard the car. If the system determines a crash is about to occur, it instructs the vehicle to apply the brakes automatically.

While the feature may sound good on paper, in many situations Honda’s collision-mitigation braking (otherwise known as automatic emergency braking) doesn’t work properly. The system tends to either halt the vehicle unexpectedly or not to stop it at all. Both scenarios present a potential safety hazard.

On the NHTSA website, one owner tells his account that makes the threat all too real. He states, “I was traveling on U.S. Highway 19 and a vehicle turned off about a half mile ahead of me while I had the cruise control engaged. The vehicle had completely cleared the road and my car slammed on the brakes causing everything in the vehicle to be thrown into the floorboard. Had there been a car behind me, the car would have rear-ended my vehicle.”

In 2017, Honda issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) addressing the same problem present on other models. The TSB (TSB 17-064) instructs dealers to update the radar unit’s software to address the concern. So far, Honda has not publicly tackled the matter on the 2018 Accord.

Here are some actual complaints logged with the NHTSA about the 2018 Honda Accord Brake Problems:

I purchased brand new my 2018 Honda Accord sport Dec 28 2017 I have 1450 miles currently on the car and the brake pressure has been lost. When applying breaks at highway speed it’s not as noticeable but around town at 45mph when applying the breaks there is dead space then full brake kicks in which makes others think you are brake checking them. When going to the forums and to this website I saw other complaining about the brake booster failures. I went to the dealership. They advised yes the vehicle has a failed brake booster and is on a national back order. I am currently driving my new car with a failed booster waiting on Honda to fix it. I hope this is safe that that my brand new car isn’t being damaged waiting for this part.

Brakes do not stop smoothly, there is a dead spot in the brake pedal that takes extra pressure to get the car to stop. Makes the car stop suddenly when trying to brake smoothly. Dealer acknowledged the problem and replaced the master cylinder with no fix and now dealer says they need to wait for American Honda to allow them to replace the brake booster that have been successful for others on Honda forums

Just like others have said, I’m also having an issue with the sensitivity of my brake pedal. The brake feels like there are steps to it instead of a smooth linear pedal. I have never driven a car with a brake pedal like this. From the first stop leaving the dealership after buying my 2018 Honda Accord 1.5, i knew something was wrong with the brakes

Problems with the Engine / Powertrain

In the early 2000’s, Honda unleashed a rash of Accords with bad transmissions. It seems history may be repeating itself with the 2018 model car. There are numerous complaints of the 10-speed automatic shifting poorly, jerking and failing altogether.

On Edmunds.com, one owner complains, “Test drove 2018 Honda Accord Sport and ended up buying one for my wife. This was our 4th Honda, we had good luck with the Honda brand and the reliability. We were going to buy the top rated Toyota Camry but decided to stick with the Honda. My wife drove it for 2 weeks, the car had 200 miles on it and it started driving funny, we brought it into the Honda dealer. The technician took the car for a ride and told us that he had some bad news, the brand new 2018 Honda Accord Sport needed a NEW TRANSMISSION!!! So much for Honda quality and quality control. They offered to replace the transmission, we told them that we bought a new car and want a new car not a refurbished car. They refused, very very disappointed in Honda and the Honda brand. We now have a refurbished 2018 Honda Accord the we paid full price, NOT HAPPY WITH HONDA!!”

So far, Honda has not gone public with any TSBs or recalls regarding the issues.

Here are some actual complaints logged with the NHTSA about the 2018 Honda Accord Engine and Transmission Problems:

My brand new 2018 Honda Accord 2.0t w/ automatic transmission is having issues. It shifts very roughly sometimes, I notice the problem most when the engine is cold, however it still happens frequently when engine is at normal operating temperatures. I understand that it’s a first year production vehicle and a newly designed transmission but having problems like this with under 700.00 miles is excusable. The problem did not suddenly start, I noticed the problem soon after driving off the dealer lot for the first time. And let me be clear, I understand what “break in periods” are for cars and I have not driven this vehicle aggressively at all yet, the very rough shifts happen at just normal everyday driving.

The first night I took ownership of car, the engine light blinked and the car lost power, and became a brick. Had to turn car the off, start it, and began to function normally. Car showed 3 misfire codes on my scanner p0301, p0304, p0300. This happened several times, the dealership told me the first time nothing is wrong with the car. They checked the computer and it shows nothing happened. Reluctant to take the car I was, but Brewster Honda was very forceful and took the loaner back. Not even two nights later the car did it twice in one drive cycle. Every time this happens in the rain. Lie Brewster Honda has my car now for quite some time and no one can figure out what is wrong. I am upset that they told me my car was safe, I have a 9 month old daughter that is the world to me. I explained this and still was not taken into consideration. My car is still there, and no sign of being fixed. Only paid one payment on the car. They took my car due to the fact I video taped this happening. I feel the car is unsafe for my family, hope this isn’t something that becomes a trend with 2018 Honda 2.0t. Peoples safety is a number one priority. Very upset I was told nothing wrong with my car, and was puts in an unsafe condition.

The car stutters or stammers when you press the accelerator/gas pedal at times, it does not do it at all times. It is dangerous. It was stationary at a stop light, or pulling off from a stopped position.

Problems with the Electrical system

The 2018 Honda Accord is a feature-rich ride, decked out with all the bells and whistles. Unfortunately, much of the high-tech gadgetry either doesn’t work right, or doesn’t work at all.

In addition to the problems with the Honda Sensing suite, mentioned earlier, there are many accounts of issues with the Accords radio and back up camera.

“Have had this car to dealer 5 times within first 2000 miles. Several braking problems, touch screen stopped working, had to update system, and hood misaligned from factory… which was attempted to be fixed by their “great body shop” to no avail. Very disappointed with new Honda quality. Should have bought the Camry,” writes an owner on Edmunds.com.

Another on the NHTSA website states blatantly, “Reverse camera quit working.”

A recall (18V629000) has been issued to remedy the backup camera problem. As for the radio, Honda has responded in a communication (ATS180105) on the NHTSA website by saying, “We’re currently looking at an issue where the audio system cuts out when using the right turn signal while playing FM radio.”

Not having a radio is a real bummer. Don’t leave you customers hanging, Honda.

Here are some actual complaints logged with the NHTSA about the 2018 Honda Accord Electrical Problems:

On several occasions this cars collision mitigation system has applied the brakes without any reason and this is a very serious safety issue for the public at large and needs immediate attention from Honda. I’ve seen some complaints about the 2017 and 2018 CRV doing this exact same thing.

Car multimedia unit (with a touch-screen) randomly freezes and restarts itself. It happened to me 9 times already since I bought a car in June 2018. If you use navigation system or need screen for other activities while you driving – you are in trouble, because you will lose all the content you had on the screen before the restart and it will distract you from the driving. After restart system is very slow and it forces you to accept legal declaimer while you driving! Two times it just froze without restart and I had to stop the car, turn the engine off and on again, to remove the problem. Very annoying and also not safe because it distracts you. One time it happened while I was backing up using rear view camera, which almost caused an accident.

Trunk would not open, blinkers and wipers would not work, all on board sensors (lane departure, backup detection, etc.) Would not operate. Several error warnings presented on dash in regards to safety sensors not working. Had to stop at dealership and they reset the car computer. Safety issue w/wipers and blinkers not working

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  • Chantrea H

    I financed my car at a little over 19k miles, through Honda North Dealership in Danvers, Massachusetts around February 2021. It is a 2018 Honda Accord Sport 1.5TL. I also purchased the 7-year extended warranty which includes the power training and “free oil changes” and whatever else it comes with, also GAP insurance as well. My main concern about this vehicle is that I’ve been having the service lights coming on my dash from time to time and in the 1st couple of weeks of even driving my vehicle the lights started to come on and told me that I needed to see a dealer. I called the dealership and took it in and they told me it tends to come on from time to time and that “it probably could be the engine tire sensor gets too cold but it’ll go away.” Given multiple “explanations” or “reasons” of the cause of these car issues I’ve been dealing with, sure I could say that it “went away” BUT it absolutely came back to haunt me and had me get my vehicle towed back to the dealership after almost breaking down on the highway, my car felt like it was already giving up and it was during the summer where I was lucky enough to have my car being able to drive slowly into a parking lot of a shopping center and I had to call my mother and my triple A for help… I was and I’m extremely upset. When the dealership took a look at it, they told me that I had to get a “brand new” alternator. Honestly, I don’t really know if there was anything else that was wrong with my car.. since that seemed to be the “only issue” that they seemed to see from their end when they inspected my car. So a couple of weeks ago when it rained really hard, I started my car the next morning and I drove my car to the grocery store and I had stopped at a light and all of a sudden my car started SHAKING SO HEAVILY… that I got SUPER NERVOUS and SCARED that I had to pull my car into the nearest parking lot and I had to turn my car off… So as soon as I did that I had waited 2 min and started my car back up and it was perfectly fine. I AM ABSOLUTELY NOT HAPPY at all with this HONDA and this is by far the worst Honda I have ever driven to be experiencing all of these issues…. there are so many more issues on top of this that I can’t even begin to explain .. but the alternator having to be replaced was by far the WORST I had ever had to deal with.. OH and I almost failed to mention that I had to take my car to HONDA NORTH in Danvers again to take it to get a “brand new” battery that I had to pay a little over 200 dollars for….. I’m upset.. and still upset until this very day.. Maybe this might just be my last HONDA purchase in general.

  • prakash

    Honda accord 2017 poor water drainage problem. my car backside passenger- side carpet wet and driver side also. anybody that problems rainwater does not drain properly.

  • Sam

    Right now it is 9/1/2022. My Honda Accord 2018 four-cylinder has 22,000 miles. Have had this car since Dec 2017. I was away for a month & did NOT drive my car for a month. Come back drive it, works fine, following day as I start the car, ALL the Warning Lights Flash on saying to see the Dealership. Take it to Honda Dealership, it took them 3 hours to do the Diagnostic Machine. They clean the “Spark Plugs” to see if the Warning lights would stop, it didn’t stop. So they REPLACED the “Fuel injectors”- this made the flashing warning signs to stop, i was told, this took them 3-4 hours to Replace the F.I. All this was under warranty. This is my second and Last Honda I Will Ever Own (!).
    Stupid Annoying Car.

  • Brandy

    I to have had problems with my 2018 Honda accord touring 1.5t. All lights came on in the dash board every light you can think of. The only new thing we had done was a tune up. First we were told it was a misfire on 2 for the spark plug. We figured ok maybe we got a bad plug in the new batch and replaced it. Now lights are back on and stating misfire on coil 2. We changed it. Lights went off now on again. Changed coil again and still having the same issue. I was told it could possibly be my fuel injectors. I looked up and there is a recall for the fuel injectors but my car Vin wasn’t apart of the recall this is absolute bull****. I have done everything to maintain my car. Honda needs to do better I will never purchase another Honda after this. To repair and replace the fuel injectors will be $1800 plus tax!

  • Kristen

    I am experiencing similar issues with my 2018 Honda Accord touring. It is currently at the dealership service center for the third time in the span of three months. I follow through with exactly what the dealership mechanics recommend (new fuel injectors, filters, multi point inspection). They told me it is possibly a blown gasket head. At 75,000 miles. This is ridiculous. My car consistently studders/stammers even after leaving the mechanic shop (they had my car for a week “fixing” the problem).

  • Melissa B

    I have a 2018 Honda Accord 1.5, I too am having the same issues. They’re telling me a well-maintained vehicle with only 67k miles has a blown head gasket. Honda is refusing to take responsibility. Apparently this is a well-known issue. I have a goodwill claim but they want 4k to break down the engine. We need a class action lawsuit.

  • Reggie P

    I’m having the same problem with my 2018 Touring 1.5 that I paid in full, and after having it for 3 months, the break collision warning lights popped up and said see dealership, and after taking it twice, they said they found nothing wrong. It’ll go off, but come back on here and there, and you can feel that the car has a mind of its own. Have anyone got any positive results from the dealership? I love the car, but hate the problems with the warning signs, I’m about ready to get rid of a potential great car!

  • Julio

    I have 2018 Honda Accord 2.0 sport and it starting to give me problems ..Sometimes it does not want to start and it says brake system problem see dealership…wtf…They charge you so much money for you to purchase the vehicle with so much problems …There should be a law that gives you the right to return the vehicle if they can’t fix the problem that makes it unsafe..

  • Anthony T

    Same thing happened to me last night… driving on the bridge that’s over water…. I’m in the middle lane when all of a sudden my car has a mind of its own… pulls me to the left and crash into the divider damaging my vehicle and airbags deployed… THANK GOD there were no cars in front,side, or back of me AT ALL…either the opposite side of the bridge were no vehicles…it couldn’t been worse… I left with some injuries as well……HONDA NEEDS TO DO BETTER….IM PISSED

  • Lizet Z

    2018 honda accord sport edition we take this car for the recall since then the car start with problems losing power on the engine we take it back to the dealership 2 times and the 3r one they said car have a problem with the head gasket is already 2 months and the car still on the dealer with the same problem 2 months and this guy’s said is a back up order a head gasket back up order

  • Joshua

    It’s showing brake on the dash board steady

  • Long

    I have a big issue with my 2018 Honda Accord 1.5 T sensing system, such sudden braking when no car’s in front of my vehicle, engine noise is way too loud, inside the cabin is filled with squeaks and weird popping sounds, parking assist keeps beeping when I stop at the intersection, and much more. Today, I ran over a plastic traffic cone and it knocked off the sensor system, including the parking assist in the front, however the front bumper is not damaged at all. Call Honda Customer Service but received an empty answer on this issue, and they told me to refer it to the dealership! This Honda has 24150 miles and less than 31 months. I have been buying Hondas over 27 years and I will become an anti-Honda wholeheartedly if the Woodland Hills Honda dealership in southern CA is charging me to fix the sensor system on Saturday 05/28 at 0800. Honda executives need to pay attention to consumer complaints and address it case to case basis if you genuinely care about us.

  • Alex

    In an effort to save me from having to re write all my problems, I’ll just post the email I’ve been asked to give to HOA regarding my 2018 Accord:

    Hi Ben,

    Today, around 9am I spoke with Carol and asked to have you return my phone call. You did not reach back to me at any time today. I understand you may have been busy. A correspondence such as, “Alex, I understand you’re upset, let me reach out later today when I’m free” would have been sufficient. Your sales manager promised a follow up call today as well and I did not hear back.

    My wife and I came into your dealership on Sunday, March 7 around 2:30pm in an attempt to get help with my 2018 Accord and its list of problems. As of late, the issues with my car have ventured into the unsafe to drive territory and need help.

    What we experienced last night was anything but help. Albert and his sales manager (was never introduced by name or given any business cards) need to be held accountable for their behavior.

    I would like to bring to your attention on the issues I have been having with my car.

    I purchased my 2018 Accord from your dealership 2 years ago. There are issues that are not characteristic of a $37,000 car. I have had problems since my very first service visit.

    My car currently has two major safety issues that leave my pregnant wife and I feeling unsafe.

    About two months ago I went in for routine service. In addition to requesting routine service, I also asked the service advisor to AGAIN look into the pre-existing problems that I addressed on previous visits, such as the hood fluttering at highway speeds, my Theft Patrol not working at all, and my AC producing a “gurgling” sound 100% of the time I have the AC engaged, just to name a few. In addition to all of that, I had a brand new problem to deal with: Dead Brake Petal.

    They performed the routine maintenance, reminded me that the AC noise and hood flutter is “normal operation” but that they did determine that my brakes had air in the line and needed to bleed, and have the brake fluid replaced.

    In addition to the above, my car has had its faulty Honda Sensing addressed twice previously. On multiple occasions my Accord has activated the brakes for no reason at all, no one or anything in front of my car (but the rising sun) and it’s gone from 65mph to 40mph in a snap – effectively “brake checking” the vehicle behind me. I’ve almost been rear-ended because of this twice. This behavior has happened over the past two years no less than a half-dozen times – only recently has it almost resulted in an accident. It’s never been fixed despite the “software updates”. This is unacceptable.

    My car also has tech related problems. The center screen reboots everyday at least once per every drive. On some drives I’ve experienced the screen rebooting up to four times in two hours. It does this both when connected to CarPlay and when not connected to CarPlay. This was addressed in a software update over a year ago but has never been resolved.

    I understand that HOA has pushed the BCM recall again for my car. Last year I was informed of this recall and your service department informed me that although my vin was flagged, my particular car was unaffected – why they didn’t just do the recall anyway is beyond me. Apparently last month Honda addressed the BCM issue again.

    In addition to the above, the car has other problems (although not as serious) that are again not characteristic of a $37,000 car. For example, the Theft Patrol system has never worked properly (if at all) since I bought the car. It currently has my mileage at 4,820,012,122 miles. It was a waste of $1,500. There are also a ton of cabin rattles and squeaks that the car makes.

    Now, I would like to address what happened on Sunday.

    My wife and I were greeted by Mo and Albert the moment we walked in. I gave him the same information about my car that I described above and Albert listened to me and the wife talk about the problems before he asked us to take a seat at his desk. Long story short, he came back with a proposal that I take a brand new 2021 Accord Touring at $900/month for another 72 months. I did not come into your dealership for an upgrade. I came in to get resolution. Instead, Albert and your staff produced a piece of paper that said I had negative equity in the 2018 Accord and that Hamer would only buy it for $14,000. $14,000 + $8,000 (negative equity) + $38,000 2021 Touring + all the other fees added up to a new proposed loan of over $56,000+ for an Accord. This car has caused me to loose all faith in Honda, your staff has lost my respect and I have zero faith that you even want to help your customer.

    2018 was the very first year of a completely redesigned car. Honda sold over 270,000 Accords in 2018. In mass production, it’s not unlikely for a few bad examples to make their way to the consumer. This is only compounded by the fact that this is a first year car and hasn’t had its trials and errors resolved (for example, Honda has addressed the hood flutter on newer models). I believe that I have a bad car. A lemon. My car feels as if it was rushed during its production, fell through the cracks, and wasn’t giving its due diligence with QC. It’s remarkable that a quick google search yields similar situations to mine but is completely absent in the 2019 and beyond models. The new 10th generation Accord clearly wasn’t ready for consumers in 2018 yet.

    I ask that you kindly reach back to me so that we can address this. I just want a safe and reliable car.

    Thank you.

  • Wanda l

    2018 accord sport 1.5t all warning lights on and dealership has my car sense 21st of December. Sad its having issues when I just had the car 4 months before all the collision failure lights started breaking issues steering up hill assistance and many other came on at once!

  • Helen

    Every light on my dashboard has been coming on for the last 3 weeks. My car is less than 3 years old and under 50,000 miles. I have taken it to the dealership, and was told initially it was spark plug issues. So I paid 260 dollars to get it fixed. Then six days later the same issue. Priority Honda claimed they fixed it, took another look at it and sent me on my way. Then a few days later the lights are back on. I take it back. I get another part added, although they still state it is not an issue. Well here I am…about to take my car in yet again for the fourth time. Definitely starting to feel like Honda has let me down.

  • Darli

    I purchased a 2018 Accord 2.0 sport and had issues with the radio since day 1, Bluetooth never works and the techs say that Honda cant find a solution for it, anyways the other issue was when I turned right using the blinker the radio would pause for 2 sec and work again, apparently the dealer found a solution and replaced a faulty board. A week after having the car back another issue comes up and its funny cause this time the dealer can not find what causes it. When I press on the brake petal the radio goes nuts ( seems that something interferes ). I guess I have to live with it and see if other people have this problem so Honda can come up with a solution. Car has 24.000 miles on it as of 10/2/20

  • Jim

    today 2-19-2020, my 2018 accord touring suddenly braked on a side street, no traffic just me. thank god no one around me. scary. will take to dealer to complain. don’t know what they will do. everything else has been perfect.

  • Veronica L

    I am the owner of a 2018 Honda Accord. My car was in the shop for over 30 days last year in April, and then again this month for a few days. It is a brand new car so it should not give me all these problems. The car sometimes breaks unexpectedly without reason, too. Today, I was in a car accident in the freeway, where my car spun a few times and hit the wall. I strongly believe this car was defective. Can you help me?

  • Ronald P

    Engine would not start/brake system problem/radio and digital board is blank

  • Charlene R

    I have a 2018 Honda Accord sport and I am constantly having problems with the ABS. Right now my car is in the VA parking lot and want start. I have been taking it to the dealership since June for this problem, They have updated the system, but I’m still having problems. I had the window regulator replace within a month of buying the car and windows still make a noise when it’s hot and you put them down.

  • Sydney

    December of 2018 I leased a 2018 Honda Accord Ex-L. During the first month with the car, I noticed there were electrical issues with regards to the “information display” screen (screen located in the center of the dashboard). There were two main areas of concern, one issue was resolved while the other still goes unfixed. The issue that continues to go unfixed is the issue of me being in mid-drive in the car and the center screen shuts off and restarts itself, which messes up my hands-free for my phone. I have complained about this issue to the dealer 3-5 times, all the times a software reset is performed and I am given back the car with the same issue as when I took it in. Additionally, I was sold an alarm system through the financing department of the dealer and it was installed and then removed from the vehicle. I have also been given the option by the dealer for them to place me in a 2019 Accord Ex-L, however, my car payment would be an additional $56 due to me not putting any money down. I am not sure what my options are and I am in a time crunch due to me not seeking help from the start.

  • Olga

    How many times does your car have to mess up for it be reported as a lemon

  • Joe A

    I am afraid of either being rear ended or scared so bad that I crash into another car. 3 times this car has made panic stops, momentarily but just the same, the orange BRAKE light comes on on the left of the dash, while a beeping panic sound is being made. The car hits the brakes hard causing me to be scared out of my mind. This has happened twice while the cruise is engage and once when it has not been. Two of the incidents happened with 7 lanes of street completely empty, no traffic either direction, no cars in front to the side or the back of me. I was a lone car on the road. The first time it did this I was very shaken up but figured it was just a fluke. The next two times it was NO FLUKE this car is unsafe to drive at any speed. Honda just shrugs it shoulders…..more or less live with it. Sorry but if I am in an accident and it is caused by this system scaring me into another vehicle or being hit from behind I will have an attorney before the police are called. I’m sick of bringing it back to the dealer and them making a mockery of me. This is a 2018 Honda Accord Touring and it is just plagued with electrical problems. I purchased this car off of the showroom floor 1/2/19. This car is nothing but a very expensive lemon that I’m afraid to drive.

  • Jenny

    Had bout a 2018 Honda Accord in May of 2019, brand new only 17 miles on it. On 8/25, I was approaching a train track, about 50 feet away and had already slowed to about 30 mph. The brake light on the dash blinked and the brakes were applied automatically and I came to a fast halt. It took a couple of seconds for the car to allow me to apply the gas.

    There needs to be a recall issued by Honda. What if I had been going 70+ mph on a freeway? There would have been injuries, potential damage, and/or possible fatalities. This function scared me so much that I just traded it in today for a different make and model. For as much as this car was priced, Honda needs to make sure it’s road ready before they release all these “safety features.”

  • Aquinas Q

    2018 Honda Accord Touring electronic gear shifter sounds like I am driving a 57 Chevy. Hard shift from one gear to another, the radio has decided to shut off several times and the only way to get it back working is to turn the car completely off, if I am using the Car play and I scroll on my phone the air condition speed changes or the radio turns off, inspite of the new transmission the car still changes gears rough and at weird intervals, the car has halted when it sensed a collision however no car was near. Sad to say I purchased the worst HONDA on the Market!

  • Sharhonda R

    2018 Honda Accord sport battery problems battery replaced under warranty ,molding problems dealership ordered new moldings moldings still defected back up camera problem replace under warranty,battery leaking with loud smell new problem.Im over it .Purchased the car new 7miles 26,247

  • Dinesh

    I have similar issue on my 2018 Accord I purchased brand new from Dealer , the oil control valve apparently got faulty that messed up the entire computer system on the car. None the computer controls work – TPMS, Lane departure warning, ABS , etc etc..Pretty much like a car with no computer controls. The dealer has agreed to fix this issue for free. I need to wait and watch how this goes .

  • Daniel R

    I have had similar problems with my toyota camry braking when a car beside me turning .

  • YULI E

    Honda 2018 Sport T2.0 Emergency break system defected!
    I purchased my cars about 4 months ago and noticed some issues as soon as I left the dealership.
    First there’s no Mileage digital speedometer, only kilometer. As soon as you switch to miles it disappears.
    Second, the car play system often times resets itself while in driving mode , also happens a lot when gear is shifted.
    Third, lane sensor system is completely defected as well and cannot be trusted for a second, the worst is the car pool lane, in California is a yellow lane and the car automatically pulls towards it. it obviously cannot detect yellow lines.
    Today something new happened and completely changed the game for me :

  • philip C

    Yesterday morning went out to get into the car and all the windows were down completely and the trunk was open. Trunk has opened about four other times and the ‘check tire light’ won’t go off after checking the tires. Computer system must be questionable?

  • Sandra

    I purchased 2018 Accord Nov 2017. Feb 2018 at approximately 4400 miles speedometer would drop intermittently from high rate of speed down to zero. Dealer found problem after two attempts. Today Mar 14, 2019 at 27,235 miles I have 8 system warnings. Hill Start Assist, Emmission System, Brake System, ACC, Collision, Road Departure, Electric Power Steering, and Vehicle Stability Assist. As a single woman I am really concerned about future problems with this relatively new car and I’m about 8,000 miles from the Warranty ending. I’m very disappointed in my purchase. I researched prior to purchasing and thought I was getting a reliable car.

  • Jean

    Noise, rattles, sounds like an old car! Took dash out and it is worse, they say no fix yet from engineers, so I am stick with a new 201 Accord that is like an old car, now 9,000 miles battery dead for no reason. Owned 6 Honda accords before, all new with only 1 major problem and recall of spark plugs and engine.
    They are turning out terrible cars now, no more Honda for me!

  • Johan

    I have slipping transmission problems with (newly bought) Honda Accord 2018.

  • Mike

    I have had problems with my Accord having rattling sound on the left side of the driver. This is a “common” problem. I tried to get Hinda America involved but they ignored my request to replace the vehicle (a brand new out of the dealer). I owned Hondas for 30 years. I will NEVER buy one ever. A COMPANY IN A DECLINE

  • Crystal R

    I purchased a 2018 Honda Accord with 7000 miles. I brought it in because there was a strange noice coming from the mirror, the gas door wouldn’t open and there was rattiling coming from the bottom of the vehicle. My car has been in the stop for 4 days and they still can’t figure out the issue. Not happy with my purchase, and I’ve owned Honda’s for 10 years.

  • Ruben P

    I have a 2018 Honda touring: already had a check engine light issue ,car was there for three days while they did the repair, problem with tire sensor reading low took it back twice then they changed the tire. Now I have my sensing unit not working I have to take it back to Honda this is the second time this has happened. This is a brand new vehicle why am I having all these problems. What’s gonna happen once the warranty expires. It’s gonna cost me a fortune everytime this issue happens. With these issue how do I even know if my airbags will work if God for bid I get into an accident. NOT HAPPY WITH VEHICLE!!!

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