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Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

Wilshire Consumer Credit is a subprime lending company which receives a lot of consumer complaints to our law firm for debt harassment. Find out who they are, why they might be calling, and how you can stop them.

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What is Wilshire Consumer Credit?

Wilshire Consumer Credit is a consumer finance company based in Los Angeles, CA. Wilshire Consumer Credit has received a number of very serious consumer complaints alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) such as using false and misleading information, and other financial crimes. If you are attempting to resolve a dispute with Wilshire Consumer Credit, make sure you know your rights before taking action.

Wilshire Consumer Credit is a wholly owned subsidiary of Westlake Services, LLC located in Los Angeles, CA. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Wilshire was founded in 1988 and incorporated in 2010. The BBB categorizes Wilshire as a consumer finance and loan company. Buzzfile estimates Wilshire’s annual revenue at $4.2 million.

Wilshire’s parent company is Westlake Services, LLC, also located in Los Angeles, CA. According to the BBB, Westlake has the same founding and incorporation dates as Wilshire and is also listed as a consumer finance and loan company. Alternate business names include Westlake Financial Services. Buzzfile estimates Westlake’s annual revenue at $61.5 million.

Wilshire’s main source of revenue is derived from its “Auto Equity Loan Program [that] compliments your current loan options by providing higher-limit loans to customers with valid titles to their vehicles.” In other words, Wilshire enables consumers who own their vehicles to offer them as collateral for cash loans of up to $50,000.00. Selling points include a loan process conducted entirely online; financial backing by their own auto finance company; immediate approval; and a policy that does not require borrowers to provide Wilshire with a set of keys.

Wilshire’s website includes a link to two Frequently Asked Questions pages—one for potential borrowers and one for auto dealers and other financial and loan servicing organizations. An illustration of how their program works uses an example loan with a 70% annual percentage rate (APR).

Westlake sells itself as a lender that “offers competitive financing options for customers in all categories of the credit spectrum.” Their website offers direct online auto financing with instant approval through their own network of dealers.

How many complaints are there against Wilshire Consumer Credit?

The BBB has closed 32 complaints against Wilshire in the past three years, with 11 closed in the past twelve months. Complaints are evenly split between billing and collection issues and customer service. The BBB has closed 377 complaints against Westlake in the past three years, with 135 closed in the past twelve months. Most complaints were about billing and collection issues, with a large number of complaints about customer service, as well. Both companies have posted on their BBB profiles a Notice of Government Action dated October 2015. In addition, the BBB has posted an Alert on the profile page of Westlake indicating a pattern of complaints resulting from inaccurate reporting of information to the credit reporting agencies. Justia lists at least 10 cases of civil litigation in which Westlake Financial is named as a defendant.

Can you help me file a No Fee Lawsuit against Wilshire Consumer Credit?

Absolutely. Here are some Sample Complaints in Federal Court.

In October 2015, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued an enforcement action against Wilshire and Westlake “for pressuring borrowers using illegal debt collection tactics.” After an investigation into complaints of misconduct, the CFPB found that both companies had used deceptive business practices including making phone calls under false pretenses; using phony caller id information; making false threats of investigation or prosecution; and illegally disclosing financial information to the employers, friends, and families of borrowers. For example, both companies employed debt collectors who used a web-based service called “Skip Tracy” that allowed them to choose the phone number and caller ID text callers would see when they made outbound calls. Since January 2010, both companies have placed deceptive phone calls in association with over 137,000 accounts. In addition, by disclosing financial information to borrowers’ employers, family members, and friends; by failing to disclose the annual percentage rates on loans; and by changing the due dates and extending the terms of loans without the borrowers’ permission, both companies violated the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA); the Truth in Lending Act; the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act; and the Consumer Financial Protection Act. The enforcement action requires both companies to pay $44.1 million in cash and balance reductions to borrowers; to end deceptive advertising campaigns; to cease all threats of investigation and prosecution; to protect borrowers’ private information; to provide truthful information about the terms of loans and full disclosure when proposing changes in those terms; and to pay a $4.25 million civil penalty to CFPB’s Civil Penalty Fund.

Contact Information

Wilshire Consumer Credit
4727 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 100
Los Angeles, CA 90010-3874
Telephone: (866) 709-5200

Westlake Services, LLC.
4751 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 100
Los Angeles, CA 90010-3847
Telephone: (323) 900-2445

Wilshire Consumer Credit Calling You?

Federal government agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) enforce laws that prohibit certain unethical business practices. Federal laws like the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulate the way in which collection agencies can conduct business. The FDCPA prohibits activities such as the use of abusive or threatening language; harassment; or the use of false or misleading information to collect a debt. The FCRA regulates how collection agencies and creditors report delinquent debts to credit reporting agencies. Additional consumer protection laws include the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Consumer Financial Protection Act (CFPA). The enforcement action above illustrates how consumer complaints can be a useful tool in ensuring that companies who demonstrate a pattern of unethical or illegal activity are brought to justice.

In addition, these laws provide individuals with a means to seek monetary damages in court. For instance, the FDCPA allows consumers who have been violated to recover damages of up to $1,000, plus attorney fees and court costs. If you are currently involved in a dispute with a debt collector, seeking legal assistance may help you find relief.

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“Thank you for standing with me Lemberg Law. I was so afraid I could lose my job because of a caller who called my job number 4 hours straight back to back. He not only harassed and threatened me but also abused workmates who received the call when I wasn’t around. Since I solicited for your services, I’ve had a peace of mind, and I’m happy because of the few dollars I got as a settlement.”

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About the Author:

Sergei Lemberg is an attorney focusing on consumer law, class actions related to automotive issues, and personal injury litigation. With nearly two decades of experience, his areas of practice include Lemon Law (vehicle defects), Debt Collection Harassment, TCPA (illegal robocalls and texts), Fair Credit Reporting Act, Overtime claims, Personal Injury cases, and Class Actions. He has consistently been recognized as the nation's "most active consumer attorney." In 2020, Mr. Lemberg represented Noah Duguid before the United States Supreme Court in the landmark case Duguid v. Facebook. He is also the author of "Defanging Debt Collectors," a guide that empowers consumers to fight back against debt collectors and prevail, as well as "Lemon Law 101: The Laws That Lemon Dealers Don't Want You to Know."

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  • Kimberly J

    The same as everybody else, I took out a $2,500 title loan and have paid $130 for 2 years and the loan is more than what I got to begin with. How can we fix this? This has got to be illegal.

  • John E

    Well we are on week 2 and Wilshire hired a bunch of clowns to watch me.they even paid my neighbors money to stay in their homes. Camera pointed at my paid. They think I’m dumb. Using Morris code. The tracker I found I stuck it on the inside of my garage door. They literally follow me everywhere. Where do I sign I need help.

  • Kristy S

    I had a car title loan with Wilshire. My vehicle was repossessed “slightly more than” 24 hours after I made my payment to them.
    Yes my payment was late.
    But my payment was paid and the payment was received (as I verified that it was through money gram) all 24 hours plus some BEFORE THE REPO. OCCURD.
    How is that legal and O.K.?
    I spoke to the company the day of the repossession and the lady on the phone agreed with me and didn’t know why it was repossessed. She then transferred me to the supervisor which he stated that the gal should not have gave me the information and she was wrong in stating that it shouldn’t have been repossessed. He went in
    on stating that that it was a valid repossession because I did not call to tell them I had made the payment slightly 24hours plus some, prior to the repossession. Since when does someone need to call to say they made a payment; remind you, a payment that was verified by money gram (money gram is how I sent the payment) and money gram stated that they received my payment within 30 minutes of me making the payment. This particular company had tossed out all of my work supplies that I had in my truck, 2 pair of my sunglasses were missing, I had to rent a vehicle to continue with my life, I had to miss days of work to retrieve my truck back… after going to two different toe places to pick up my vehicle. This was stressful and time consuming and caused me a ton of issues ALL OVER a payment that was made by me and received by them but because I didn’t call to say I made a payment….. that is unreal and not ok. All of this could have been avoided if their company were up on their job duties. Either someone was slacking on the job and my payment was overlooked or their system, in which is supposed to notify the tow company that a payment was received, is an old system and needs to be updated (the company makes enough $$ to have a better technology.)
    But the company don’t give a flying jacks *** about the people who are struggling to make it in life and has not a lot of options to turn to when needing to borrow a grand or two. They worry about being “right” and trying to tell you that you are wrong.
    Please someone tell me if I am wrong…. if I am, I can take it…. but I am not sure how making a payment and more than 24 hours after the payment was received, my truck is being towed!!!!! More fees are being added to empty my pockets; all which doesn’t make since. There is not a rule stating I had to call to tell them I made my payment!!

  • Ryan D

    They came and took my truck while I was incarcerated. And than sent me a bill of what I owe

  • Michelle T

    I have a title loan with this same company.My vehicle was repoed from walmart parking lot one evening after missing a payment.It took me two weeks to get approval to even find out where my van was being stored after they that they told me i needed to pay an extra 850 for towing and storage.I was told that i could pay the past due plus the 850 and my van would be returned to me however after paying 1750 dollars was informed my car had been towed to san diego to an auction lot to be sold.I drove there picked it up and it had almost no brakes at all and motor mount had been broken.I slowly drove back to calexico almost 2 hours away and called the loan company.They said there not responsable for damages to vehicle from towing also said i had a balance of 704 after the 1750 i payed to reclaim my van and that i had 6 months to pay the balance.I never signed anything however they said a agreement to settle the debt had been sent to credit agency.The minth after the repossession took place when i knew i needed to make a payment towards the 704 i called customer service and the lady that helped me told me not worry that i should try paying at least 120 a month to insure the 704 would be payed off by the sux months which would have been april 26th.Because of the pandimic i havent been able to work but the first of april a family friend offered to help me out paying the 704 as i knew it was due by tge 26th so i called ready to pay the full amount if 704 and the gentleman proceeds to tell me that the deal was no longer valid that because i didnt pay monthly it voided the agreement even though i never signed anything agreeing to those terms the verbal agreement was only to pay the balance of 704 by april26th.Now they say i owe 3500 more then my loan and want repossession of my van.I need legal help please this is my only means of transportation for myself and four children.This company lies and vary rude to customer’s.

  • Wilshire c

    […] Wilshire Consumer Credit Collection Complaints. Stop the Calls […]

  • Brandy

    Stuck in a loan with them and need to get out. Was definitely deceived in what they explained. Been paying for over a year and still owe more than what was borrowed. I live in Utah. How do I get out of this and keep my title? Please someone help’

  • Thomas W

    Horrible Company definitely predatory loan tactics met me in a walmart parking lot to sign loan documents ive been paying a year almost 300 dollars and because i was a few day late on my payments a few times which they still got paid the full amount.I asked how much to pay of loan this month the amount is more then i borrowed to make a one time pay off.I was devastated I have no late payment on my credit report from these people but I owe more then i borrowed to pay off? I was not explained that in the begin and who knows what was all in that catalog i signed.Im going to report to the BBB and see what options i have thanks for info,Tom

  • Georgina

    Terms of loan
    Beg.03/01/2017. $197.17 /30 pmts./ maturity date at 08/01/2019. Getting ready to pay my 30th and final pmt.when I was told I had A BALOON pmt. $1369 I filed a complaint stating Predatory lending.Rebuttal letter received stating Contract shows cost of loan.I requested a conventional loan to pay of an EXISTING TITLE LOAN I was having troubles paying more than the interest.I was deceived into signing a contract .Baloon pmt. Balances keep changing it’s up to $2026 just got a Offer Letter stating they will accept a one time pmt. Of $1633 Reposession steps have been taken because re po man came to my home twice this week.I feel I do not owe a Baloon pmt.I need ADVICE ON WHAT STEPS TO TAKE TO STOP OR HALT REPOSESSION STEPS WHILE I GET LEGAL ADVICE FROM CONSUMER ADVOCATES TH A T FILED COMPLAINTS FOR ME.Business consumer alliance,attorney general’s office,dept. Of Business oversight,please help

  • Myesha

    This has to be the worst company on the plant, I wish I would have never ever done this, I signed up for the loan telling them I am only paid once a month at the end of the month. They send me a bill in the middle of the month due for the 15th, I immediately call them and they tell me after I make my first payment they will change my payment to the 30th, I call these __and they tell me the only day they have available is the 16th which means I am continuing to accrue late fees and every time I make a payment my balance never changes. I spoke to a manager whom didn’t care, they set you up for failure so they can constantly make money off your hardship and are very unreasonable. Then the interest rate is %129 percent annually. They are a total rip off! If you have a hardship just find another way people this isn’t it. I pray they go out of business and if I could find a loop whole to sue these people I would sue.


    Same story. Took out loan for 44 payments. In May 2019 WCC reported I made 43 payments. Now they want 7981.00. I paid July n Aug and they said I still made 42 payments. They didnt tell me how much dsily interrst rent was and or is daily intetest rate added in the amount
    finance. Us that compound interest which is illegal. Supervisor told me after I mske last payment in Sept Ill get my title back in 10 days. Im still waiting. Other workers said I still owe 7271.00 in July 2019. They change my payment date from 2nd to 17th eavh month n added fees and said i was 31 times late. They need to be sued again. Make your complaint with Consumer Financial Bureau who sued them for 48 million for their bad conduct. I already made my complaint.

  • Christine

    I currently have a loan with WCC. I had NO idea that every month ONLY $15 goes to the principal & $431 goes to interest. How is that even legal? I can’t believe what a nightmare this has been. And somehow my loan amount keeps inching up instead of going down. I have paid $446 for going on 9 months. I have 4 more years & 3 months left. If I don’t refinance this with another lender who is fair – I will be paying over 20K in interest alone. This is what I get because I didn’t have a good credit score due to having no credit history. I’m trying to build my credit up & hopefully get it refinanced with a reputable lender. Wilshire can still profit off people without being absolutely ridiculously greedy. This is way overboard – it’s been a complete nightmare.

  • Vasiliki D

    Sane predicament same deal. Payments made go to interests and future interests and then the balance..yet after several balance hasn’t decreased much? I know they have sent a repo To get my car with no luck though. I haven’t received notice from them informing me of this intent, however I have received letters of attempting to settle for half of the balance owed. My loan was 2500.. somehow I owe 2690 after making 1200 in payments… Supposedly if I pay 1170 I will settle and get my Title back…yeah sure… I need to get out of this!!!! Any lawsuit in process???

  • Bobbie G

    I took out a loan with Wilsure Consumers Credit for 4,900. I have paid them 10,000 and now at the mature of the loan they claim I owe them 1,100 in fees! I have requested a printout of how they came up with this amount and was denied proof, I was told I needed to pay it so the said they would reinstate my loan for the fees where they would charge me more intereste so under distress I signed the contract and made the payment I was told I need to make on November 13,2018. I then received a letter stating I owed twice the amount I was told then December 16 they reposed my car and refuse to return it unless these fees are paid! Please we the consumer need help with this company who is taking advantage of the working class because we can’t afford lawyers!

  • Michelle L

    I am in California. I am an Uber driver. I approached WCC because I was shopping for a short-term loan and they offered the best interest rate. I took out the state minimum $2500 last month, to make repairs on my car and put a down payment on another one (purchase pending). The first loan payment is not yet due. Now, as I look over all the paperwork that we completed, everything appears to be legal and done correctly, the terms of the loan and repayment seem to be clear, and I read all the terms well before signing, and I did sign it all myself, no forgery. Now I read on here about this company allegedly forging names and withholding information and taking people’s cars and harassing them on the phone in spite of the ten day grace, stuff like that, and not that long ago. Well I need my car in order to work, go to college classes, and care for my preschooler. I would like to know what my rights and protections are. I understand that my payments would have to be really late, like about three months late, by state law, before they can repo. I don’t plan on being late ever of course, but I would like to know my rights.

    (My phone number has voicemail and text messaging, please utilize both if there is no answer, because I am hard of hearing.)

  • sharon a

    I have been paying !53.38 for 4 years. The loanfor 2500 has cost me over 8k. My last payment is in September. They are rying to add an extra 1,k on the bill. I want my pink slip.

  • Gary H

    Last Year I had taken out a title loan on my 2008 Chrysler Town and country. The title loan was for $2500. I had made my payments every month, and missed my payment in January due to short pay from my employer. I was contacted by Wilshire to ask me if I am still in possession of my vehicle to which I answered yes. Wilshire representative stopped speaking on the phone so after about a minute of no response from the representative I disconnected the call. Two days later I awake to my son telling me that our van had been stolen as it was no longer in our driveway. I called Wilshire Consumer Credit to ask them if they had anything to do with the vans disappearance, and to make a payment. I was told by the representative that they had nothing to do with my van missing and told me to call the police. I contacted the local sheriff’s office to be told that they have a record of the vehicle being towed then gave the toll free number to Westlake. I called the number to be re-directed back to Wilshire, and was told after some time that they had repossessed my Van for a past due payment.
    I was advised My $238.00 payment was past due, and I now needed to come up with over $1000.00 within 48 hours or the vehicle will be transported to the auction yard. I obviously didn’t have what they where asking for because of my short paycheck in the first place. I need help as they are increasing the amount I need to pay them daily.

  • Elaine S

    Took out a loan on vehicle for $2500.00 /24 months in May 2014. Several payments not credited to account on date paid (over phone/10-15 days till applied) and requested audit and payment history without success. In Sept 2015 I made arraignment to pay 2 payments (1 late/1 current) on 9/19/15…Prior to payment date Wilshire called everyday to verify payment. Told everyday the arraignment…. The Sat before payment due (On following Ties) my car is repossessed.. I called Wilshire and told they had no info why repo done and to call Monday.. For next 18 days given run around no calls returned no info given. Finally told it was repossessed due to no payment… for next 5 weeks I didn’t have info where car was. On 10/26/14 finally told by Wilshire that THEY SOLD MY CAR 5 days earlier and SORRY you didn’t recieve paperwork…….Never received any paperwork at all to this day. On my credit record for owing over $5000.00 and STATES I HAVE VEHICLE/NO REPO……I really need assistance with this horrible issue.

  • Patricia C

    I want to take action againest Wilshire Consumer Credit for Financial Fraud

  • Billy r

    In March I did a title loan with Wilshire, they had mee sign title paperwork for the wrong state then refused to provide me with what I needed in order to transfer the tittle to the state I lived in. Finally I refinanced my loan with a differrentt company. Got a letter from Wilshire saying my loan was paid in full and thery had sent all the requested paperwork to the new loan company. Then I started getting calls stating that I owe them a few hundred dollars. The last one said they were going to peruse the idea of repossession. Can they do this if they have sent me the notice of payment in full? Can they legally comed for a vehicle that they don’t have a lien on?

  • Patricia C

    Wilshire Consumer Credit Repo my car took it to action the next day it was during a payout they wouldn’t let that happen to find out they forge my name to application and to contract this did all to me for nothing please help me

  • Angela D

    I’m in the exact same position. Help please!

  • Amber s

    I opened up a title loan with wilshire consumer credit union on 2/14/14. I had a 44 month contract, I have paid 43 payments and now they say I still owe 5400.00 dollars and need me to refinance at 60% interest again for another 44 months. I can’t get this resolved all they say is they are going to repo my vehicle. I need some advice. My original loan was 8330.00 and I have paid 21,345 bsk so far now they want 5400. Dollars.


    I want speak with someone regarding their illegal collection practices and false information.

  • Linds k

    Wilshire has lied to me they with held information from me
    Im on social security and i made it clear i only want the loan for 1 year turns out its 3 years at 6000.00 dollars on a 2500.00 loan on top of that i was never told they was gonna put s LIEN on my car unitl i was sent a new title from DMV. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO PLEASE HELP


  • Caroline S


    I have a title loan with Wilshire Consumer and recently they have been allocating extra payments into an interest accrual account, instead of principal balance as I have requested. I have called them numerous times and yesterday finally received explanation as to why they are allocating funds the way they are presently doing.

    They never sent any documentation of the new changes, nor have they sent a revised contract stating how the payments will be applied. My principal balance has been the same for the past 3 months, and at the rate I am going, I will never be able to pay this loan off.

    They are stating that the new process is any extra payments you make on your account, will first be applied to current interest and future interest, and then if anything else is left, it will be applied towards principal balance. This is not what I agreed upon when I was told by the loan officer that extra payments will be applied towards principal balance that way you can pay your loan off early.

    This is not legal is it? I need someone to look into this, as I feel that they are taking advantage of many decent people who are making timely payments and are just stealing money from us,

    Any changes made to current contracts should be acknowledged by the borrowers correct? This company is very shady and they will never call you back, or return calls. You have to harass them daily with calls regarding status on your account. They never let you speak to someone in accounting who manages the payments. They sent a payment history with all payments and in the beginning it was going towards principal balance.

    Can someone please contact me and advise on whether there is something here to look into? Thank you kindly.

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