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Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

Specialized Loan Servicing - SLS
Specialized Loan Servicing, LLC or SLS is a residential mortgage servicing corporation based in Colorado which receives a lot of consumer complaints to our law firm for debt harassment. Find out who they are, why they might be calling, and how you can stop them.

What is Specialized Loan Servicing?

SLS’ headquarters is located in Highland Ranch, CO. They also have offices in Arizona and a payment processing center in Atlanta, GA. The BBB indicates that SLS was founded locally in 2003, and incorporated in Delaware in the same year. The BBB opened its file on SLS four months after SLS’ initial founding. The main web address for this company is www.sls.net, but the BBB lists a secondary site at www.samreo.net. Buzzfile indicates a founding date of 2011, an estimated annual revenue of $183.4 million, and an estimated staff of 1,258 people at the headquarters location.

SLS is not a collection agency, but they sometimes operate in a similar capacity. SLS describes itself as an asset management company and works exclusively with real estate loans, many of which are delinquent; thus, like collection agencies, SLS’ processes delinquent debt, but their efforts are focused on home foreclosures rather than credit card balances.

Normally, approving a home loan requires an applicant to appear at a lending institution such as a bank or savings and loan. After lending managers determine the borrower’s ability to successfully assume the loan, the bank exercises its professional judgement to either approve or deny the loan. The new homeowner typically pays off the loan over a course of thirty years. The bank’s interest in providing this service is realized in interest income and the potential for refinancing based on property improvements and appreciation.

As a third-party servicer of mortgage loans, SLS does not issue home loans. Instead, they work with financial institutions after loan signing to purchase home mortgages, often without the knowledge or consent of the borrower. SLS claims the benefit of this service is to provide more effective and profitable loan servicing. SLS also operates a group of affiliated loan service organizations, including Altavera Mortgage Services, Capital Markets Cooperative, Computershare Loan Services, and Mortgage Solutions.

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Complaints against Specialized Loan Servicing LLC – SLS

The Better Business Bureau lists 359 complaints closed against SLS in the past three years, with 126 in the past 12 months. Only 38 of these complaints have been resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant. Many of the complainants indicate that their mortgages were sold without their consent, and that SLS institutes new methods of distributing mortgage payments that result in increased interest rates, missed payments, late fees, and reports of delinquencies on their credit reports. The 63 negative reviews allege openly abusive customer service and fraudulent business practices. Justia lists at least 50 cases of civil litigation naming SLS as a defendant.

SLS Contact Information

Specialized Loan Servicing, LLC
8742 Lucent Blvd., Ste. 300
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129-2386
Telephone: 1-720-241-7200
Website: https://www.sls.net/

Who are we? We are Lemberg Law, a Consumer Law Firm

Lemberg Law is a consumer law firm helping victims of collection harassment and abuse. We are ranked A+ by the BBB. We’ve helped more than 15,000 consumers stop harassment and recover money from debt collectors. Harassed? Abused? Misled by a collector? Call our Helpline today!  There is no charge unless we win.

Understanding Your Debt Collection Rights

Federal laws protect you. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) regulates the behavior of collection agencies by prohibiting actions such as the use of abusive or threatening language; harassment; or the use of false or misleading information to collect a debt. The FCRA regulates how collection agencies and creditors report delinquent debts to credit reporting agencies. Additional consumer protection laws include the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Consumer Financial Protection Act (CFPA).

But here’s the rub: If you want to enforce your rights, or recover money for violations — you need to sue. These laws provide individuals like you with a means to seek monetary damages in court. For example, the FDCPA allows consumers who have been violated to recover damages of up to $1,000, plus attorney fees and court costs.

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What Our Clients are Saying

“I was almost going nuts receiving calls every afternoon from a person using profane language to push me to pay debts I don’t owe. Someone I trust referred me to Lemberg Law, and I don’t regret having contacted them. The attorneys were very kind and always available when I needed them.”

“Thank you for standing with me Lemberg Law. I was so afraid I could lose my job because of a caller who called my job number 4 hours straight back to back. He not only harassed and threatened me but also abused workmates who received the call when I wasn’t around. Since I solicited for your services, I’ve had a peace of mind, and I’m happy because of the few dollars I got as a settlement.”

“I just called in to thank you for the incredible help you offered to my sickly father who was bothered with frequent calls from scammers. At a point, he just wanted to pay them to get rid of all the annoyance, but because of Lemberg Law’s assistance, he got free help, and the bothering calls ended immediately.”

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  • Jean A

    I have been approved for help from making home affordable in Michigan. They want to make payment but cannot get info needed from SLS. SLS claims they need info from MiHAF also. There seems to be miscommunication between them. I do not want to lose my home to foreclosure! What can I do?

  • Lisa E

    We need help opening a suit against SLS. can someone please contact me A.S.A.P.?

  • Carolyn M

    Can they change a small 2nd mortgage fixed rate to a balloon without your consent? Have been paying same amount for nearly 15 years and coming up on end of term and trying to say we owe over half of original amount. Citifinancial sold loan to these crooks! Conventinal 15 year loan now demanding nearly 9 thousand by Nov 22. Need a good lawyer in Virginia Beach!

  • Amy

    We did a short sale on our house in 2011 and haven’t lived in it since. We settled the second mortgage on our home with a settlement payment at the sale of that house. The second loan that we settled was with E-trade. After we sold the home, we started getting bills from SLS, saying that we owed the entirety of the second mortgage which we had just settled. They claim that we still have a second loan on a home that we don’t own.
    For about 18 months, they would call and harass me daily multiple times. Oftentimes they would call me at work and speak with my secretary. Their calls were not only a nuisance, but threatening. In the meantime, bills kept being sent and they were attaching fees on top of fees to the total. Our credit took a 200 point hit when they reported to the credit bureau that we had multiple “missed mortgage payments” on a home that we no longer owned. This was back in 2011. This still plagues our credit as they have had to admit to our mortgage lenders on two occasions that they have “written off” the debt. As soon as they “write off” the debt, they re-charge the debt to us and ding our credit again. We have been advised by our lenders not to accept phone calls from them, so we haven’t for two years now. However, our credit has still not fully recovered, and it just caused our interest rate on an investment property to be much higher than it would have been if our credit were higher. I blame our credit score directly on SLS.

  • Anne P

    SLS sent me a demand notice for a property currently in bankruptcy in August 2020, this was after numerous phone calls to me directly when I informed them they could not contact me, only my attorney. I also sent them funds for my escrow account for the difference when I changed insurance providers, they placed these funds in a suspense account for months (close to a year actually). These same funds were used for my monthly payments when they used part of these funds as interest and when they “fixed” it they still did not reverse these payments. For more than a year I was overpaying my mortgage along with my bankruptcy repayment.

  • fed u

    I called 14 days after my mrtg went into foreclosure to cure default. A couple months of run-around and a faulty reinstatement quote that contained a years worth of mrtg payments not yet due. Then they sued me in foreclosure after not allowing me to reinstate. The Act 91 Notice was defective and they literally deceived the court with false certifications of documents. All of this is in the court record, but I had a terrible attorney who was suspended from practicing law and now I’m pro se. It is now going on 4 years, been through trial, appeal, and Supreme Court and the merits of the case were never heard or addressed. I CAN FIND NO COMPETENT OR AVAILABLE RESOURCES.

  • Robin H

    They have me in foreclosure over an $11,000 heloc that belonged to
    My ex husband who is deceased. My home has been paid for many years. They would not give me any info until after they put me in foreclosure! I faxed and sent certified documents they requested and they say they did not receive. Now they say I owe $31,000. They are the devil. I’m a single mom who worked hard to pay my home off and now they are trying to steal my home too. We need a class action suit. The loan was originally with Bank of America and was sold to them. They are crooks!

  • Jake

    SLS took over my loan 5 months after I purchased my first home. After 3 months SLS sent me a $769 check for escrow surplus. And also lowered my house payment and amount going to escrow without my knowledge. Then a month later my second property tax bill came due. There wasn’t enough money in my escrow account to cover the taxes. SLS paid the $1,185 never notified me my escrow was negative balance then proceeded to pay two more tax payments and a home insurance payment. The next escrow analysis in December of 2021 showed I was $2,500 short in my escrow account and owed the balance to SLS and my house payment was going to go up from $530 to $869. SLS SAYS IT’S THEIR POLICY THEY DO NOT INFORM CUSTOMERS IF THE ESCROW IS A NEGATIVE BALANCE AND HAS NOT OFFERED TO HELP ME AT ALL.

  • Joshua T

    I paid my loan off through my bankruptcy, and I have the proof to show it. However, SLS did some tricky, and now they are saying that I still owe $48,000 dollars, and they sold my loan to another crooked loan company SPS Select Portfolio Servicing, inc.

  • Beth J

    When Wells and Fargo is handed over my mortgage loan to SLS I was a payment ahead now they’re saying that I’m not a payment ahead I have a modification through Wells Fargo’s because I closed my house with Wells and Fargo now SLS is trying to tell me that I have missed payments that my payments are going up I am on Social Security Disability either trying to take over half of what I make per year and I am just sick to my stomach that all these people are getting messed over by this company and nobody’s doing really anything to shut these people down absolutely absurd I will be getting ahold of the Consumer Financial

  • Mark Y

    FOR 3+ YEARS WE’VE BEEN FIGHTING SLS due to improper payment handling. They apply home equity payments towards our 1st mortgage & visa versa! I don’t know what to do anymore. We’ve provided proof of payments & mishandling on their part & they still harass us . Now with foreclosure letters. Even though we’ve sent them all of the paperwork proving their mistakes to 2 different addresses & by email! I just want to know what to do next. I need a competent attorney to advise us. My wife has spent countless hours, days dealing with multiple SLS representatives & getting nowhere. All they want to do is collect $1680.88. Every representative gives a different excuse & promises they’ll fix the issue but they don’t.

  • Isabel C

    What can I do to SUE THIS COMPANY (SLS) ??? They put us in FOREBEARANCE and can’t refinance 🙁 and NEVER even filled for it .
    Can’t reach anyone been calling for the past two weeks and only got one person on the phone PHIL and he was useless and said he would have someone call me back and NOTHING .


  • Vee

    They give me the run around, payments marked as late, not reporting to credit bureau.. also claims my home as a natural disaster..for 6 months

  • RK

    Anyone here who wants to join me to file Class Action Law Suit against SLS?

  • ddruquet

    I filed a Motion for Contempt and Sanctions in bk court DoNJ and won. I got actual damages, plus, for a portion of the case I had an attorney who got fees. They violated to Contempt and Sanctions Order after two months and I filed another motion. That one yielded a $2750 credit to my escrow. They also haven’t misapplied a payment in over 8 months. They will try and wear you down. Keep fighting.

  • Jennifer

    Could I give a negative rating to this company? SLS is making it impossible for me to secure a refi with another company. They are refusing to update my payments to the credit bureau and are reporting to the new lender that I have been late ( incorrect information). They are purposefully doing it to keep me hostage with them. I am looking to file a lawsuit at this point (costing me $500 a month in interest).

  • jOE

    Specialized loan calls almost every day & sometimes two or three times a day. We got our mortgage refinanced & WAS TOLD THAT THE LOAN WE SIGNED, WHERE SPECIALIZED LOAN GAVE THE LENDING COMPANY $20,000. TO PAY FOR CLOSING FEES, WAS ILLEGAL.

  • alyssa f

    This company should not be in business. They lack customer service, follow through, honesty / integrity & customer satisfaction.

  • Derrick

    Back in late 2013, I applied for a loan modification for a HELOC with SLS. I had gone through a divorce. Originally i was not going to get the house, but ended up getting it. The payments were 2 or 3 months behind by the time the divorce was finalized. I contacted them about a modification. They kept losing my paperwork. In February, they told me I had to re-submit because too much time had passed since I originally applied. I re-applied, and they ended up offering a modification. But, they said as part of the modification, the loan would go into re-payment status (couldn’t use the HELOC any more) and the payment would be three times what I was paying. I declined and just paid the back payments. They had told me I didn’t need to pay during the modification process. My loan was then current. Years later, I found out they had actually charged off the loan in January, before they even told me to re-apply. I found out because I was denied for a refi on the HELOC. It was part of a scheme they were running. They were intentionally delaying modifications, so they could foreclose on people. I saw a class action in California for this. But, I messed up their plan by paying all owed payments. They assumed most people couldn’t do that. That’s why their scheme was working. Anyhow, the chargeoff is still on my credit. I haven’t missed a payment since the modification, but i credit is still messed up because of it.

  • Nan

    I sent a complaint to BBB and Consumer Finance.

    Here is our experiences:

    Our Mother, that passed away, had a loan, line of credit, with Bank of America that was sold to SLS Servicing Loans. Our mother loss her restaurant (source of income) was in and out of the hospital before passing away in Oct. 2019.

    All of this happened in the span of 7 months. Back to back it was something and she failed to pay on that loan. When she. passed we took a month to process. We collected her bills and reached out to SLS to have the validate the debt.

    During this time they continued to send 3-4 letters with interested added while we had to submit paper word of being an executor of the estate. Then once we ere able to access her files they continue to send more letters and added more interest and still no proof of debt owed. When it was validated we then applied for Mortgage Loan Assistance to get our options and reduce the interest.

    They then sent an attempt to foreclose from a lawyer. They also came by the house to take pictures. What we owe compared to the value of the house is less than 5%.

    During this time we had continued to find out by calling weekly about further documents need even when online it would state something else. Also every time we called it would be something different needed. They only way we would get status updates if we called or checked or mail which would also take long to receive.

    Now we logged into our account an our application is gone and more interest has been added. We are proactive in trying to settle this with no proper communication on what do moving forward. Not one person has been consistent in assisting us. If it was not for COVID19 we believe they would try to foreclose on us. We just want all fees and interest since her passing reduced.

  • Chrishanda B

    SLS will not grant me a loan modification. Losing paper work and having me do several applications for assistance just to get turned down. House has a sale date and I’ve been trying to get home since January 2019

  • Ann H

    Around 2014 I started getting statements from SLS that said “Our records show that either you are a debtor in bankruptcy or you discharged personal liability for your mortgage loan in bankruptcy .
    We are sending this statement to you for information and compliance purposes only.it is not an attempt to collect a debt against you.”
    I would call and ask what this was about since I knew I had never done business with this company and would get a different answer each time I called.
    Finally I asked for paper work showing where I had done business with with this company. It turn out to be a HELOC for 2007 with Bank of America
    They quickly accelerated a foreclosure of a few weeks before I could find out the status of the loan and refused to work with me on some solution besides foreclosure They lied and said they had paid my 1st mortgage off as quite a bit of money is still owed on that first mortgage.This is not where I had hope to be at 76 years old and not in good health
    They are trying to evict me and I wonder what they are going to do about that 1st mortgage.I have never had a late payment on that mortgage

  • Shannon R

    I lost my home to SLS 3 years ago after trying to do home modifications loan, they apparently bought our loan from bank of America and never knew where to send my mortgage, after finding out a month later where to send our mortgage I tried to do a payment plan to which they denied me that opportunity but said I could do a home modifications loan of which I told them we already did through bank of America, after a couple of years and several applications later we lost our home and now are having to rent the last 3 years, do I have a case

  • Kim B

    Sls is awful! We have sent in multiple modifications and nothing! Most they claim they never received. You can never speak to one same person either. Nobody knows what they are doing. Mortgage was sold to them from Bank Of America. Screwed up our modification that was already in place. They are crooks! Has anyone been sued by SlS after foreclosure for the amount difference? Please message me on Facebook if you see this please.

  • Tweezie

    SLS is the worst, they put me through so much pain. My loan was transferred by Wells Fargo to SLS. I received a escrow notice that my account was short by almost $4,000.00 and if I did not make this onetime payment by May 1, 2019 that my monthly payments would increase by almost $500.00 per month. I didn’t understand how this could be possible. The problem was that SLS paid my property taxes all at one time instead of twice a year which had always been done in the past 22 years of owning my home. The reps were very rude, no one would listen to me, I didn’t know what to do I could not afford to pay almost $4,000.00 or the large increase in my monthly payments. I went to the BBB and filed a complaint. They are the only ones that made SSL take notice and listen to my complaint. I had sent them letters and also hired an attorney. The BBB helped me before the attorney sent a letter that I had written. SSL offered to spread my escrow shortage out over a five year period. I decided not to take their offer because I would end up paying over three times what the shortage was over five years. I decided to take the money from my retirement account stating a hardship just so that I would be done with this issue. I requested that my property taxes go back to being paid twice a year instead of all at one time. I was first told by a rep that they only pay taxes once a year, however when I called to make the $4,000.00 payment I spoke with a very nice lady that helped me, she transferred me to the tax department and I was told that I could request twice a year payment if my county accepts twice a year payments. My mortgage is back on track now, however I received a call from my attorney’s office this morning saying that they have a check for me from SSL for $988.36. I can’t believe they put me through so much pain, I placed a call to them, but was transferred to be called back by them, I’m still waiting for their call. I want to know what the $988.36 is for because I don’t want to have anymore problems when they do an escrow analysis report next year.

  • Mai N

    My legal concern is that SLS transferred my loan from wellsfargo without my knowledge or consent. I recently noticed this on my bank statement that mortgage had been transferred. i try to make payment online the website it not working i have to call them to make payment they charge $15 to pay over the phone , they call me everyday to ask for payment over the phone so they can charge $15 .

  • Laura W

    My first month with SLS and a nightmare!! I made payments online through Bank of America ..in the amount of my payment slip and instead of processing my payment in a normal way it went to pay down equity on the loan so now I am late. I’ve called them 3 times to try to clear it up and every time the woman puts in a request to have it done and then I call back to double check and it is not done. They also have the escrow amounts wrong on every single one of my loans. Which again have put in a request to have corrected and so far no luck. Plus get an email today from my insurance agent they are refusing to make payments on my property insurance. This company is the worst most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with in my life. No matter how many times I email or call they can’t seem to straighten my account out.

  • Sam S

    In order to get anything accomplished while dealing with this enept company called SLS, you should file a complaint with the following: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. They are a government agency that protects consumers from getting ripped off from financial institutions.

  • Chelsea L

    Four years ago, I sold my little house as a For Sale By Owner. While my house was in escrow, the officer neglected to do her due diligence and didn’t pay a debt owed to Sallie Mae. Instead of paying that debt, the money for it was transferred to Wells Fargo, the company who I bought my new house through. Fast forward a year, I got a notice from the Dept of Treasury stating I owed them $14K. Being on a tight budget, I had to file for a chapter 13 bankruptcy so I could keep my home, since any funds from the sale of my old house went into the purchase of my new house (instead of paying off what I thought was paid off in escrow).
    Keep in mind that everything is current on my house; I am not delinquent on my payments. So…I got a notice at the end of last year saying that my mortgage had been transferred from Wells Fargo to SLS. With SLS, I have not had access to any online records. I have to phone in my payments, each call takes at least 30 minutes because I have to reach a person to do it. I have had at least two escrow reviews within seven months, where my monthly payments have changed and I can’t make sense of anything. Each monthly statement shows a different amount due, wildly varying from each other. I received a statement for May, which was $300 less than normal but when I called for payment, my amount had gone up $400 instead. It took forever to get through to a person and when I did, he had no answers. First, he said I owed the extra $400. Then, he said I was caught up through July. Then, he said there was a escrow analysis done, which is why the payment went up but the system said that no letter had gone out. I asked to speak to someone in escrow and before my call was dropped (for a second time), she said I was not caught up through July and that I owed a payment for May but it wasn’t the lowered rate, but a different rate altogether.
    There seems to be egregious mismanagement of my loan and it is causing severe distress, especially since I’m on a restricted budget due to my Chapter 13 payments.
    Is there any action I can take? I’m in Oregon.

  • Caoline

    My legal concern is that SLS transferred my loan from wellsfargo without my knowledge or consent. I recently noticed this on my bank statement that mortgage had been transferred. When I called Wellsfargo, I was told that this took effect on March 1, 2019 and that a notice was sent to a Vancouver address, which I have never lived in the state. I will be calling this company this morning to get this straighten out because I have never been late on my mortgage and my house is almost paid off. I will also be going by Wellsfargo today and will be closing my accounts there because it seems as if they are continuing to try to scam people also. This is ridiculous. Everyone please keep an eye out on your bank account, they will transfer your account and you not know about it. Granted my ex husband and I are on this loan even though I was granted the house in a divorce and they know this, But they have failed to contact me.

  • Jamie A

    I had auto payments with bank of America, next thing I know I’m late on my payments to some random company I’ve never heard of. My principle balance has gone up from 80,000 to 96,000 …. how is that even possible. Then I asked for a loan modify and they did, but then 2 months later increased right back to where it was after adding another 5k to principal. Then today some old dude was outside my house after I got out of shower, walking all around the sides of my house, looking in my mailbox, looking thru the windows of my car, standing in my FRONT YARD TAKING PICTURES while I’m in my bedroom getting dressed, totally freaking me out, then pulled his car into my drive way and wouldn’t let me leave for work until I gave him my date of birth and all this creepy info…. I’m like, dude yeah… I’m behind on my mortgage, but I’m a single mom still LIVING here at the moment and you’re creeping me out. Get off my property. Unless you are the police with a badge, I don’t know you and I’m not comfortable with you creeping around my windows taking pictures while I’m inside showering. I was about to call the police. And then I’m like, if you work for sls… then you should have my date of birth… now move your f* car out of my way stalker!

  • Shaun D

    As we can all see this company is horribly dishonest, I have contacted this law firm for help. I have owned my home over 20 years and my loan was sold January 2019 to SLS from Wells Fargo, I was always 4-5 payments ahead, I have faxed and provided proof of all of my payments, I was promised they would speak with Wells Fargo and not to worry, after 20 plus sales reps multiple faxes and calls Easter weekend and I get a foreclosure notice. How can a company operate in the US like this? Please help this is a serious problem

  • Mia

    We recently discovered SLS purchased homeowners ins stating our ins was cancelled a month prior to it being due. They named themselves as payees. We never recieved a notice from our home owners ins stating we were cancelled. We had enough in our escrow account yet now they raised our payment 300.00. Im afraid they are going to do something to our home so they can collect ins money leaving us with a mortgage still. We also noticed major discrepencies in our escrow account. We never looked to see if we were owed money from closing either. I think a lawyer consult is in order ? Feelin super nervous

  • Bruce J

    I got a new mortgage in Feb 2018 with GMFS which is serviced by SLS. That was a huge mistake. SLS is horrible. Their customer service, website, and payment options are even worse. They are downright thuggish. They are rude and have been harassing me for a month “attempting to collect a debt” “because I haven’t paid my March payment”. Problem is, the March payment was made, on time like every other payment, yet they kept calling me and telling me “they haven’t received it”. Every time I call I am transferred to multiple departments, to multiple unprofessional reps, before I finally got to a supervisor. I was finally informed that even though my payment was made before the late date over the phone, accepted, debited from my account, and credited to SLS’s account, “the phone rep made a mistake and shouldn’t have accepted it.” Huh? I was informed that they are now crediting my back account back and I have to make the payment in another way. Are you kidding? It’s been over two weeks and my bank account has not been credited back yet. They even admit to their error and that the payment was actually made and they have to credit me back. All this just to use a different form of payment. These people are ridiculous and I’m afraid it is about to get worse over time.

  • Kim S

    I had my loan transferred from Wells Fargo to specialized Loan Servicing beginning in March and I was able to make that payment, but I am now trying to make my payment for April and I keep getting thrown off the website. Reading all of these comments is really scaring me. How do I get away from this company?

  • Donna E

    I to have had all most a forcloser on our house,and mos,and they told me to pay 390,00 for 3 months,and then go back to our regular payment,245.00 when we were working,we could afford it now with the 390 had to let the gas go ,we are both disabled and elderly box,and I told them we can’t live with that amount and pay elec,gas,insurance,and sat,Iwe are on fixed income,they don’t care what do we do????

  • Katina H

    Just tried to make an online payment to my mortgage company and got a message that my loan was transferred to SLS, reading all the comments. A little nervous right now

  • Carol s

    My mortgage loan was transferred to specialized loan Services..After being with WFG for over 20years never had problems with them.. I read the reviews and I am not looking forward to being part of SCAM…HELP

  • Andrew

    Same here… too much to write… pissed off… 10 years and now I get a letter from SLS mortgage that my hoa6 is unacceptable because it doesn’t state “ betterment’s and improvements”! Idiots on the phone have no knowledge of insurance declarations! They bought insurance in my townhome when I showed them proof of insurance! Is this fraud or what!!!!

  • Beth

    My BOA home equity loan was also sold to SLS in Dec 2018 but I received a letter in January from BOA to continue to send my payment to BOA. My loan has less than 2 years left. I have always paid around the first of the month, after a pension check is posted. SLS has already started calling me and my HE loan was paid for posting 2/4/2019. Now I log into BOA and my HE loan isn’t listed there. I will not put up with the phone calls.

  • Denise

    I guess I am thankful that it’s just my HELOC that was sold to this firm from Bank of America. Unfortunately, Bank of America said that this is effective February 1, 2019 and so that does not give me much time to pay off my HELOC to Bank of America so I told have to deal with these people. All of these comments are very disturbing and I am a little scared as I just really don’t need the problems that might come along with this transfer.

  • Sam S

    I applied for a loan modification with SLS, which is now in it’s 3rd month of processing without any results whatsoever. This company is a certified JOKE! Incompetent and inept personnel that should be working at car wash. Search the Internet and see the multitude of dissatisfied employees of SLS and customers of SLS. This company is owned by a holding company located in Melbourne, Australia called Computershare that probably has no idea what a terrible investment they bought into.

    SLS constantly looses the paperwork that you send them either by postal mail or email. You’ll never talk to the same person twice due to the fact that their phone system has NO extension numbers to reach the person you last talked to.

    They pay their foreclosure specialist a BONUS to put people in foreclosure. I filled a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protect Bureau, which is a US Government bureau that is responsible for protecting people that are dissatified with the dealings if financial companies.

    I really feel sorry for the people that have to deal with this immoral company. That’s my two cents worth. : – (

  • Dennis M

    I have called many times and was immediately disconnected and now I can not make an online payment
    No customer care center number goes thru

  • Dorothy H

    I get a call from SLS almost every other day and sometimes they call me two times in the same day. When I don’t talk to them they I get a letter in the mail. There are times when they try to make me send them a payment for a house I never stayed in. This has been going on for years about this same house.

  • Mini B

    SLS has a very flawed administrative system, which is really no system at all. Their phone system has no extension numbers to reach certain personnel, so therefore you’ll never get to talk to same person twice. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Managers are totally incompetent and should be flipping burgers at their local McDonald’s. Check out the complaints from employees at Indeed.com. Just keyword, specialized loan servicing on the Indeed.com site and you will see 85% disatisfied employees that either have left SLS or sticking around until a better job is found.

  • Karen F

    SLS was never able to help me refinance and o wasn’t HARP eligible either. SLS requested paperwork that they then claimed was not received. I lost my home.

  • Travis

    I have also tried to call SLS over 20 times today and it rang 4/5 times then the line went quite and hung up. I’ve been yanked around for over 3 months now trying to get my father estate situated. Beyond frustrated! Frauds!

  • Mr. M

    Hello, is SLS still in business? I have tried different phone numbers today, no luck. I just talked to someone there last week. I have tried contacting the company that owns SLS . No luck there either.
    I did some research, they have quite a number of complaints and class action lawsuits. What is going on?

  • Melissa H

    I have had similar problems with SLS mortgaging. Harassing letters x 6 sent certfied every month. Payment plans that do not work out. Try to call back and they will not answer. Cancelled our property insurance. Ruining my credit. saying they sent me a modification plan but I never received it. Putting checks through my account when they said I had to pay cash causing more charges.

  • April Y

    SLS has also stolen my home as well come this Tuesday. Illegally foreclosed and then when I was selling it they came up with a 5000 HOA lien I was never informed of until we were about to close and lwft me now with no time to do so. Refused a stay on foreclosure even though I have an active cobtract to sell. Literally needed one more day and instead they are going to take my house.

  • Rita F

    SLS May have already stolen my home ( after 12 years of torture by all involved ) they are ruthless,inhumane crooks !
    Do you work for them ? they pay many to be able to just take your home !

  • Lisa S

    I sold my house 4 months ago and Specialized Loan Servicing has yet to return my tax and insurance escrow money. The amount is $7258, not an insignificant amount. Every time I call they say, “the check is in the mail”, but it never comes. I a, sick of calling and being on hold, and being lied too.

  • Masud H

    Same as above complaints again SLS. Got loan modification from SLS after Bank of America. Since first 3 months of trial period (Sept-Nov of 2015) SLS started sending letters that they missed payments, then send delinquency report to credit company and ruined my credit. I did not miss a single payment with SLS. I have been sending certified mails by USPS to keep track of when SLS receives my mortgage payment and when they withdraw money. But the delinquency letter still keeps on coming. I need help to stop this fraudulent SLS so that my credit is recovered. I have suffered financially, immensely due to this false credit report. Can you help, Please.

  • Maria

    Hello, my mortgage was sold by DITECH to SLS in Now 2017, and THE harassment started in Feb2018!!! from the regular payments, I got inflated ESCROW and subsequently TOTAL MONTHLY bill, that I should pay 500 $ a month more, because:
    *late payments fees
    *they got condo insurance for me ( suggested I do not have one)
    *Condo maintenance/HOA / monthly fees ( I pay regularly once a month)
    After 3 month FAXING the proof of insurances, 200 .00 was removed from ESCROW, but HOA (home owners ass) is still there , despite FAXing them my checks that I am paying myself for the monthly condo maintenance / or HOA/ myself past 20 years!!! Gave them the name and the phone number of condo Manager office to claryfy, but SLS never did!!!
    Really sick and tired, I am ready to consult the real-estate lawyer!
    Please help, if you can with some advices! thanks, Maria from FL

  • Russell l

    sls is constantly calling me on the 2nd or 3rd of the month to tell me my payment is due I consider this harrasment as my payment is not late until the 15 th how can I stop these nuisance calls

  • Laurie G

    SLS is constantly sending me letters stating that I am one month behind in my mortgage payments, I am not, I did an loan mortification I believe in 2014 i have not missed any payments to date , I was sent a letter in July of 2015 stating that my impound account was negative $449.00 and that i had $189.00 in late fees on my account, so I sent them $638.00 along with my regular payment that month, to date they cannot tell me were that money went only that they can confirm it was received, not their telling me that i am still on month behind in my payments but cant tell me what month I missed and until they do I’m not sending them anymore then my regular monthly payment, so now their adding late fees every month. I’ve gone over my bank statements going back 3 yrs. I cant fine a missed payment.

  • Sallie C

    My concern is that SLS is cheating me out of my home they bought our loan from BB&T some how our life insurance on our home got turned into flood insurance of which is not reclored to have in our area my husband passed away 1/7/2017

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