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Unfair Employment Background Checks: Know Your Rights

Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

Be on the lookout for S2Verify as you go about your job search. S2Verify conducts background checks on behalf of employers. Discover what the company does and how it relates to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

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What is S2 Verify ?

S2Verify, LLC was founded in 2009, and is based in Georgia. The company offers employment background screening services in the United States and internationally. S2Verify boasts that its “technology has enabled [the company] to turn around over 90 percent of searches without human intervention. [Its] average turnaround time on county and statewide criminal searches is less than 24 hours” and “over 75 percent of [its] searches are reported within eight hours from our clients submitting the order.”

S2Verify offers several types of background checks. The claim to access more than 4,000 government sources in order to conduct criminal background checks. They also conduct employment and education verification, as well as drug screening tests. S2Verify caters to the finance, nonprofit, education, healthcare, retail, and oil and gas industries.

Contact Information

S2Verify, LLC
3600 Mansell Road, Suite 275
Alpharetta, GA, 30022
Phone: 855-671-1933
Website: https://s2verify.com/

Were You Harmed By False Information or Errors In Your S2Verify Report?

You may have a claim if a background check error cost you a job

Being hired or promoted depends on a number of factors, including your qualifications, experience, and education. You may be asked to give your permission for the employer to conduct a background check, and the results of that background check may make or break your chances of landing the job or promotion.

You should know that the employer is bound by a law called the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). They’re allowed to use a background check when making a hiring decision, but the employer must abide by the statute’s provisions, which seek to balance the employer’s need to know with your rights. If the employer violates the FCRA, they can be on the receiving end of a lawsuit in federal court.

Just as employers are required to abide by the FCRA, so too are background check companies like S2Verify. If a background screening company falls short, you have legal recourse.

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What are my Background Check Disclosure and Consent Rights?

A Summary of Your Rights Under the FCRA

Disclosure and consent are cornerstones of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. When it comes to disclosure, an employer must provide you with a standalone authorization in order to obtain a background report. This means that the information can’t be buried in fine print or tacked onto a job application.

In order to meet the consent requirements, you must sign the document giving the employer permission to obtain a background check.

Typically, employers don’t conduct their own background checks. Instead, they hire a company like Active Screening to carry out the screening process and submit a report. S2Verify – or another background check company – can dig deeply into your past. They may do a records search, pull a credit history, and look through court documents and criminal verdicts. However, they can’t turn over the information to the employer unless and until the employer confirms that they have and will comply with the FCRA.

Your Right to an Accurate and Legally-Compliant Report From S2Verify

There are three types of background checks an employer might request from S2Verify. The first type is a credit report. A credit report lists, among other things, your various credit accounts, balances, and payment history. The second type is a consumer report, which can include any prior names you have used, your social security number, and your credit history. It also includes interactions you have had with the justice system, such as civil lawsuits, arrests, convictions, judgments, and liens. The third type is an investigative report, which incorporates interviews with colleagues, neighbors, friends, and family members in order to ascertain your character or reputation.

While it might seem as though your life is an open book to a background check company like S2Verify, the Fair Credit Reporting Act does tap the brakes on some types of information. For example, your credit report can’t go back further than seven years, although a bankruptcy that’s up to ten years old can be listed. While criminal convictions don’t have time limits, other legal matters – whether civil or criminal – can’t be included if they’re more than seven years old.

In addition to restrictions on the length of time certain items can remain on your background check, the FCRA mandates that background check companies take reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of reports that they produce.

Your Right to Dispute an Unfair Report from S2Verify

If the employer is leaning toward not hiring or promoting you based on the information provided in a background check, the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires them to notify you in writing, and send you a copy of the report along with a summary of your FCRA rights.

One of the rights you have under the FCRA is to dispute incorrect items on your background report. It you spot inaccurate information, you should notify both the employer and the background check company. Once you have filed a dispute with S2Verify, the company has 30 days to investigate the dispute and correct any mistakes.

Your Right to Sue S2Verify

The FCRA grants you another right: the right to sue a background check company in federal court for errors or inappropriate information that causes you to lose a job or promotion. If you sue and win, you can be awarded up to $1,000 in statutory damages, actual damages, punitive damages, court costs, and legal fees.

Actual Complaints

If you’ve lost a job or promotion due to inaccuracies on your background check, you’re not alone. There are folks just like you who have fought back. They’ve sued companies like S2Verify for violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act – and they’ve won.

In many cases, the lawsuits allege that the background check company didn’t do a thorough job. As a result, the company might have listed criminal convictions that were expunged, mixed up two people with the same name, or included outdated information in the report. In other cases, the lawsuits allege that the background check contained errors, and that the company was unresponsive when the consumer filed a dispute. In cases where the background check company has a track record of the same kind of illegal maneuver, a group of consumers may file a class action lawsuit to seek relief.

Ready to Assert Your FCRA Rights?

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