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Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

Maury Cobb, Attorney at Law

Maury Cobb, Attorney at Law, LLC is a debt collection agency, which receives a lot of consumer complaints to our law firm for debt harassment. Find out who they are, why they might be calling, and how you can stop them.

Richard Maury Cobb is a graduate of Stamford University Cumberland School of Law and has been a member of the Alabama Bar Association since 2012. According to the Better Business Bureau, Maury Cobb, Attorney at Law, LLC has been in business for 3 years. They were founded locally in Birmingham, AL in 2014 and the BBB has maintained a file since 2015. The website for this business,, is currently not in operation.

The Alabama Secretary of State indicates that Maury Cobb is the registered agent for this Limited Liability Company, which is licensed to conduct “any lawful activity.” A Business Search on the Alabama Attorney General’s website did not return any records.

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Complaints against Maury Cobb, Attorney at Law, LLC

The Better Business Bureau lists a total of 27 customer complaints against Maury Cobb—21 for billing and collections issues; 6 for problems with service. Of these 27 closed complaints, only 12 were resolved to the satisfaction of the consumer. Complaints allege violations of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA). The nature of the complaints ranges from failure to provide documentation or verification of bills or offers of settlement; to rude, harassing, or abusive customer service; to FDCPA violations such as using automated dialing and calling an excessive number of times. The BBB also reports 5 negative and 1 neutral consumer review. The BBB has given this company a rating of B. Justia lists at least 13 cases of civil litigation in which Maury Cobb was named as a defendant.

Who are we? We are Lemberg Law, a Consumer Law Firm

Lemberg Law is a consumer law firm helping victims of collection harassment and abuse. We are ranked A+ by the BBB. We’ve helped more than 15,000 consumers stop harassment and recover money from debt collectors. Harassed? Abused? Misled by a collector? Call our Helpline today!  There is no charge unless we win.

Sample Case against Maury Cobb, Attorney at Law, LLC

One sample cases against Maury Cobb illustrates how this collections firm uses deceptive language in an effort to violate the rights of consumers under the FDCPA.  In January 2017, in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Division, a jury trial was granted in a class action complaint involving over 50 plaintiffs complaining of illegal collections practices on the part of the defendant, Maury Cobb, Attorney at Law, LLC. According to the FDCPA, debt collection letters must contain specific language informing recipients that they have thirty days to dispute the debt in writing. If a recipient responds with a letter of dispute, the collection agency has two choices: provide the recipient with verification of the debt, or cease and desist from further collection activity. Regardless, no collection activity can be pursued legally from the date the dispute letter is received by the collection agent until verification of the debt is received by the debtor. In this complaint, Maury Cobb allegedly mailed a debt collection letter to the plaintiff in September 2016 for a bill from T-Mobile. The letter from Maury Cobb included the language regarding debt verification required by the FDCPA. The letter also included a settlement offer presumably authorized by the creditor that offered the plaintiff substantial savings. The settlement was extended on the condition that the plaintiff pay the entire settlement amount in one payment by October 31, 2016, after which date the offer would be rescinded. However, the expiration date of the settlement offer occurred before the end of the thirty-day dispute period, thus placing the plaintiff in the position of being tempted to waive her right to dispute the debt to take advantage of a reduced payoff amount. Because the FDCPA states that, “A debt collector may not use any false, deceptive, or misleading representation or means in connection with the collection of any debt,” the motion requesting a jury trial was granted.

Press Releases of Lawsuits Brought On By Lemberg Law Against Maury Cobb, Attorney at Law, LLC

June 1, 2017. On behalf of our client, Lemberg Law recently filed a complaint in U.S. District Court, Northern District of Florida. The case, against Maury Cobb, Attorney at Law, charges the debt collection agency with violating federal law and asks for $1,000 in statutory damages under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other relief.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is very clear about when a debt collector can and cannot call a consumer. It says that debt collection agencies can’t call at times and places known to be inconvenient. Our client says that Maury Cobb, Attorney at Law, called him to collect a debt. He asked the debt collection agency to stop calling him between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. because he was at work during that time and the calls were disruptive. Nevertheless, two days later, Maury Cobb, Attorney at Law call him at 9:49 AM.

This lawsuit charges that Maury Cobb debt collection law firm violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) by engaging in harassing behavior; by contacting our client at a place and time known to be inconvenient; and by using unfair and unconscionable means to collect a debt.

April 5, 2017. On behalf of our client, Lemberg Law recently filed a complaint in U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida. The case, against Maury Cobb, Attorney at Law, charges the debt collection agency with violating federal law and asks for $1,000 in statutory damages under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, $500 to $1,500 per call in Telephone Consumer Protection Act statutory damages, plus other relief.

Debt collection phone calls can be intimidating, even when they are not for the person being call. Our client says that Maury Cobb begin robocalling his cell phone in an attempt to collect a debt from someone named Jessica. Our client knew it was a robocall because, when he answered, he heard a prerecorded message asking him to wait for the next available operator. At one point, during a live conversation, our client told a Maury Cobb debt collector that he didn’t know the person they were trying to reach, and that Jessica couldn’t be reached at his phone number. Nevertheless, Maury Cobb kept robocalling our clients’ cell phone.

This lawsuit charges that Maury Cobb debt collection law firm violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) by engaging in harassing behavior and by using unfair and unconscionable means to collect a debt. The lawsuit also charges that Maury Cobb debt collection law firm violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by robocalling our client without his consent.

Contact Information

Maury Cobb, Attorney at Law, LLC
301 Beacon Pkwy W., Ste. 100
Birmingham, AL 35209-3103
Telephone: 1-205-572-4851

Understanding Your Debt Collection Rights

Federal laws protect you. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) regulates the behavior of collection agencies by prohibiting actions such as the use of abusive or threatening language; harassment; or the use of false or misleading information to collect a debt. The FCRA regulates how collection agencies and creditors report delinquent debts to credit reporting agencies. Additional consumer protection laws include the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Consumer Financial Protection Act (CFPA).

But here’s the rub: If you want to enforce your rights, or recover money for violations — you need to sue. These laws provide individuals like you with a means to seek monetary damages in court. For example, the FDCPA allows consumers who have been violated to recover damages of up to $1,000, plus attorney fees and court costs.

Ready to Stop the Harassment?

Your debt harassment checklist:

  • You are receiving multiple calls per week from third party collection agencies
  • You are receiving early morning or late night calls from debt collectors
  • You are recieving calls at work from a debt collection agency
  • Debt collectors are calling your friends, neighbors, or coworkers
  • Collectors are threatening you with violence, a lawsuit, or arrest
  • A debt collector attempts to collect more than you owe
  • You are being threatened with negative credit reporting
  • A debt collector attempts to intimidate you
  • Criminal accusations are being made towards you
  • Use of obscene language during an attempt to collect
  • Automated robocalls are being made to your phone in an attempt to collect

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What Our Clients are Saying

“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you! Being in debt is hard enough without being harassed by collection agencies, but thanks to you I no longer have to be a victim. I did not know what to expect when I emailed your company, but from the beginning you guys were on the ball.”

“I would like to thank you and your staff for all the help you’ve provided to me. Honestly, you have a wonderful staff that has dealt professionally and been very empathetic at a time in my life when I hit a speed bump.”

“I never thought I’d finally be free of the nonstop phone calls and letters in the mail, but I finally am free. You went to work straight away, and I saw results fairly quickly. I felt like you really cared about getting me the relief I longed for. I can not thank you enough.”

Can You Help Me Delete Maury Cobb from My Credit Report?

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Sergei Lemberg

About the Author:

Sergei Lemberg is an attorney focusing on consumer law, class actions related to automotive issues, and personal injury litigation. With nearly two decades of experience, his areas of practice include Lemon Law (vehicle defects), Debt Collection Harassment, TCPA (illegal robocalls and texts), Fair Credit Reporting Act, Overtime claims, Personal Injury cases, and Class Actions. He has consistently been recognized as the nation's "most active consumer attorney." In 2020, Mr. Lemberg represented Noah Duguid before the United States Supreme Court in the landmark case Duguid v. Facebook. He is also the author of "Defanging Debt Collectors," a guide that empowers consumers to fight back against debt collectors and prevail, as well as "Lemon Law 101: The Laws That Lemon Dealers Don't Want You to Know."

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  • lorraine l

    T-Mobile of course. Me and my son have been in collections after moving from Sprint. We should have moved to a whole different carrier. I paid I C systems, who they sold the account to first. It was paid off then it was sent to Maury and Cobb to collect it all over again. They then claimed they would get back to T-Mobile, now that they bought all rights from them. So they are all in cahoots robbing consumers of their money. I believed them when I first spoke to them that there could be resolution. They will not do anything except report it to the credit bureau with the hopes of you paying it off without asking why. I believe that if you question them it becomes hostile or funny. This is terrible, they have good credit because they know how to take care of themselves and could care less about anyone else. I am the mother of a young man that paid his bills and was proud of it for them to slam his credit and think this is ok. I would not recommend T-Mobile to anyone FREE isn’t Free you will pay more than you expect.

  • Miguel C

    Back on January 25th, 2020, I called T-Mobile to cancel a service, and the person on the line told me that the cut-off cycle was on February 13th. I told them very clearly that I wanted to cancel the service but she was locked in to that someone else was going to call on February 13 and the service would be canceled, but no one called. I received a bill for the next month like if the service was still on. I called again and told them to cancel the service, but the representative was not authorized to do so, and make me wait on the phone for 45 minutes, and then told me that no one was available to help me with the cancellation and that someone would call me later, but that my service would be canceled as of Feb. 13th. No body called and thinking that everything has been taken care of, I did not call back. On March, I receive another bill as if the service has not been canceled, so I called again and waited almost two hours until someone picked my phone call, This representative was able to read a log of all my calls and notes written by all the representatives that I have called before and went ahead and canceled the service, and I told him that since I have been trying to cancel since January 25th, I should have given credit since then. He told me that he could give me credit since February 13th, but needed authorization from his supervisor which of course, was not available at that moment. He told me not to worry, that everything would be taken care of. Then, I receive another bill with the full amount (about $255.00) due. I have tried to call them back again, but it is very difficult to call and wait more than an hour for a representative that is not authorized to help at the moment. As a matter of fact, T-Mobile called me about this balance and as soon as I selected to speak with a representative, they make me wait again until I hung up after 30 minutes. Later, they gave me credit for one month of service that they billed after the account was canceled by sending me a bill for $195.07.

    To cancel this service was very difficult, but trying get someone with authority to revert charges has been an impossibility, after eight years of been a customer. It is obvious that T-Mobile hates cancellations and has placed an extremely difficult process for them. I have always pay my bills on time and have an excellent credit score. Now, after being contacted by Amsher Collections and disputing this debt twice, I received a letter from Maury Cobb Attorney at Law, LLC regarding this debt. I believe that I am a victim of T-Mobile cancellation process and for this reasons, I am disputing this debt.

  • jeff r

    my gf got a letter from them in the mail should she be worried?

  • Erica M

    These numbers keep calling me and sending me stuff in the mail stating that I owe them. I don’t owe you all anything. I have spectrum currently and don’t even owe them until next month. How can I have current service with a group that y’all are saying I’m in collections with? Please stop calling me and sending me mail. I don’t owe y’all a thing! Jesus paid it all! #PIF Thank you!

  • Annie

    omg they are calling me to… they are calling me from a 5628509546. I told her where your office. she said they are located in AL. she give me a 866-883-4378 address is 30 beacon park way AL 35209. which I look up. it does pop up anything…… I freak paid my debt to t-moblie. its not my fault the lost my phone in there location. I turn it in.. the law off is calling me to collect $110. WTF is this real?? man I own school loan that are 30,000 for years like over 10 years and they have not sent me to the law office lol so idk if this is real??????? when the girl give me the address it was wrong the phone number seem phoney… I told them take me to court for the 110 dollar ill pay it in court.

  • Lianna

    Why am I receiving calls from this number? I don’t have any outstanding late debts.

  • Rodney G

    I dont owe any money and of I knew where his damned office is I would srop it personally!!!!!

  • Shannon a

    I received a voicemail from their office. The TMobile account was supposedly terminated when we swapped over to Verizon over a year ago. We never heard anything from TMobile since until we get a collection notice a few months ago. I called to resolve that situation, and never heard another word. And now they are calling.

  • Jim


  • Ronny C

    I returned two (2) I-Phone 7 Plus back to T-Mobile at their Altamonte Springs location per their direction. Now I receive a notice of collections from this firm even threatening me with a judgment. Well, rest assured I will present myself to any court appearance required as I did what I was told. What T-Mobile’s employees did with the phones thereafter is not my problem.

  • Michelle

    How do I stop these calls?

  • Sheila B

    They are very unprofessional and will not allow u to speak to a supervisor for nothing in the world they act like they are the supervisor they need to go out of business quick I’m pissed with t mobile for using this trash of a company

  • Virginia S

    I was a customer with T-Mobile for over 10 years. Over the years, I purchased several new phones thru T-Mobile. When I tried to take advantage of the deals T-Modile was offering for phone service, I was told the offers were for new customers not current customers. This went on for several years. Finally, I got tried of paying twice as much for my service as new customers. Since, I didn’t have a contract with T-Mobile and I was on month to month contract. Which meant I could stop or switch at anytime to another service provider. My daughter’s phone was old and had stop working in March of 2017. My phone was old too but was still working. I was paying for two phone lines. I contacted T-Mobile and told them my daughter’s phone was broke and ask if I could just pay for one phone line? Per our conversation I was told I had to release the phone number or continue paying for two lines or I would loss my daughter’s phone number. I decided I was done with getting ripped off by this company. I saw the AT & T advertisement in April 2017 about buy one phone and get the second one free. I contacted AT&T in May 2017 and decided I iked their offer, so I asked them to switch me over to their service. They set up the Samsung galaxy 8 phones. One phone had been set up with my phone number and the other phone with my daughter’s number. We received the phones about 10 days later in the mail at the end of May 2017. We turned on the phones and started using them. Per AT & T once you turn on the phones and start using them our old phones will be deactivated automatic because AT&T had already contacted T-Mobile and set it up. I received a bill from T-Mobile for June 2017 and then one for July 2017 too. I contacted AT&T told them about the bills from T-Mobile, per AT&T their records show the numbers were transferred over the being of June 1, 2017. I then contacted T-Mobile told them what AT&T told me and that I was not responsible for June or July bills. T-Mobile said, I was because their billing is different, so I paid the June bill but I was not responsible for it. I refuse to pay July 2017 bill that is crazy. T-Mobile sent my June 2017 and July 2017 bills to Maury Cobb Attorney at Law collections. Also, T-Mobile added to the bill collection fees. T-Mobile needs to be fined for false billing and harassment. Also, Maury Cobb Attorney at Law LLC need to be fined too.



  • Andrea G

    I switched from T-Mobile to Verizon because I couldn’t get service at my home(despite the rep telling me we had excellent coverage in my area). After several months of calling tech support and receiving a hotspot, T-Mobile agreed that they couldn’t provide me with service and let me out of my contract. When I asked T-Mobile how I should return my phones(3 of them) they told me I could not return the phones. They advised my to trade the phones into Verizon and then use the money I get back to pay off the phones. At the time Verizon was running a $650 per line rebate, little did I know it is in store credit and bill credits but, that is another story. When I realized I would not be getting any money from Verizon to pay T-Mobile, I called to setup a payment plan. They told me the phones had to be paid in full and I could not setup a payment plan. Not having the $1750 to pay all at once and not getting any leniency from T-Mobile, I ignored the debt(No judgement please). Several months passed and in June a collection showed up on my credit report from a company called DCI for the $1750 I owed T-Mobile. At this point I contacted DCI and they offered me the opportunity to pay half of what I owed to settle the debt. I paid a little over $875 to settle the debt and within a couple a weeks my Credit Karma app showed that the debt account had been removed. Thought all was good until July when the same debt showed up on my credit report but now owned by Amcher. I am now also receiving harassing calls and letters from the Law Office of Maury Cobb. When a rude lady called me I tried to explain I had already settled that debt with DCI and she flat out called me a liar and that I would be sued if I did not pay her today! So tired of these crooks!

  • Mikaila M

    I tried canceling my account (which I had my parents, brother and fiancé on) to Verizon and it be just my fiancé and I. They wouldn’t cancel and tried to keep me as a customer. After trying and not succeeding I just transferred to Verizon anyway and my parents moved their phones (paid off btw) and their tablets (free on their promotion) to their own account. Went in store and had store representative on phone with us calling customer service to make sure all devices and number switched successfully. After 2 hours, were told by both reps everything is completed. Verizon took our iPhones (which were only a few months old) and traded them in, and according to Verizon they’ve paid our phones for T-Mobile and credited our accounts appropriately. Thinking the phones were handled and I just needed rid of my tablet and I can close account. Wrong. T-Mobile started blowing up my phone saying I owed almost $2,000! Said they haven’t received any payments or return of devices. GET THIS – the last YEAR they’ve been charging my parents monthly for the tablets and data usage, although none of the tablets data would work, come to find out part of that $2,000 was the 3 tablets that were supposed to be switched to my parents account. So they’ve been charging the tablets on with the account they wouldn’t close and coming after me to collect the debt, WHILE collecting monthly payments for the 3 devices on my parents account for a year! T-Mobile is a fucking joke! I got a call from two numbers I didn’t recognize. The few times I answered I didn’t get very far as the representative or whoever I spoke with was extremely rude and aggressive, and I couldn’t understand where he was calling on behalf of. The next time I missed a call at work and the voicemail was someone moaning and making weird noises, so I blocked the numbers. Checking my voicemail today and I see the blocked messages from this “company”. One was an automated voicemail, the next was a male giving me completely different contact information, and the next few were silence, mouse clicks, someone screaming at a Mary, and moans and groans from men. I have received a debt collection notice for T-Mobile, however, the debt collector and contact information on that notice WAS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT COMPANY in a different state! So now I’m truly confused and irritated, and not trusting anyone with any of my information.

  • Avis R

    Maury Cobb got in touch with me regarding a t mobile account. They wanted a hundred fifty. Though it would make it very tight financially I agreed to pay them.
    They took the $150 out but I didnt like the way it was worded at the bank. Maury Cobb with their phone number and no reference to an account number. I asked them if they can give this in writing in an email that they are taking it out for t-mobile and they wouldn’t. Saying that I got it in the mail which I didn’t . It looks like they took it out for themselves. I have to wait til I finish paying. They say I have 143 left. I can’t even verify this with t-mobile unless you know of a number or email I can call and ask. The next payment is coming out a week from today. The phone was prepaid, the tablet was free, a promotion by a new t mobile that had just opened. There may have been a contract with that though.

  • james g

    Maury Cobb keeps calling my wife at work! T-mobile is using them. I told them I cannot afford the large payments they want. I tried to offer 25 dollars a month. But hey are say 150 dollars is what they want at a minimum. I told them I don’t know what to do then.

    • bobby n


  • joni


    • bobby n


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