Kia Carnival & Telluride Windshield Cracking Issue

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Lemberg Law is investigating consumer complaints regarding the 2022 Kia Carnival & Telluride. Clients have been telling our law firm that the windshields for the Carnival & Telluride appear to be faulty, soft or defective causing cracks and typically need replacement as a result.

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has already logged five consumer complaints regarding this issue for the Kia Carnival in the last six months. Here are some sample complaints:

A small rock barely hit my windshield and cracked it completely across. It started as a small crack from a small pebble that progressed significantly overnight. What’s worse is that the windshield is on back order so I been waiting over a month for it to get fixed. This seems like a common occurrence as multiple Kia carnival owners had the same thing occurred. Kia needs to acknowledge the windshield is defective and cover it I should not have to go through my insurance for a defective windshield.

Bought brand new 2022 Kia carnival first family road trip something very small broke front windshield causing visibility issues. Waited 49 days for windshield components to come in. Took a second family trip on the way home passenger quarter side glass popped and shattered. Feeling a safety concern for me and my family if something bigger hit the glass of it would even attempt to slow it down.

…Our front windshield also developed a small chip near the bottom of the windshield under the wiper blades and the crack has expended rapidly while sitting still in our driveway. The crack now has splintered off into multiple cracks and expands our entire windshield. The quality and integrity of the windshield glass seems to be of poor quality and I do not feel safe to continue to drive it in fear that it will shatter. Our windshield has also been ordered through Greenway Kia through our car insurance and has no ETA on when it will be replaced either!

The NHTSA also included six complaints for the Kia Telluride for the same issue:

This 2022 Telluride EX was purchased on 7/10 and has about 1015 miles. While driving in a 35 mph zone beside a shopping center, I heard a click and then noticed that I had a chip in the windshield directly in front of the driver side. I never saw a rock or anything hit the windshield and there were no cars in front of me or passing me at the time so I don’t believe a rock hit the windshield. I am not exactly positive what happened during this low speed incident but I have never had this with any previous vehicle I have owned. I believe there is a safety issue with the glass on this windshield if it can chip or crack this easily.

12 hours after departing the dealership with my new car the windshield cracked. I was driving on the freeway and a small pebble size object hit the windshield. Immediately there was a crack and within hours it spread. The object was very tiny. The impact of the object was not strong since I actually assumed it was bird dropping that hit the car. I contacted the dealership and was informed no replacement is available at this time because the car is so new. It is also not under warranty. They have no estimated time as to when I can replace it. I am worried about the safety of my family as the crack continues to spread impacting my visibility.

Had car 5 days. Heard pebble hit windshield – immediate crack – windshield is in terrible shape. No way this should happen, just cracked immediately.

When you buy a new car, you expect it to be dependable. That’s a reasonable expectation. Oftentimes, though, manufacturers become aware of defects yet don’t take immediate steps to correct the issue, Lemberg Law is dedicated to holding car manufacturers accountable for automotive defects including Kia.

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  • Alan M

    My windshield cracked from top to bottom. I closed the drivers side door and it cracked starting under our center censors. Nothing hit it and no one touched the car. I think there is a flaw. I hope KIA takes this seriously. You can’t feel the crack from the outside just inside.

  • Brandon H

    2023 Carnival while I was stop at a red light I heard a slight cracking sound and my windshield was cracking for no reason in front of me. It has a foot long crack
    Why is this happening to Kia vehicles?

  • Latonio

    My 2023 carnival windshield Cracked when I was on my way home from work.

  • Harold

    In reference to the 2023 Kia Carnival. Cracked windshield appeared for no apparent reason. Also engine appears to be “missing” when driving at certain speeds. Was told by dealership that the new transmission in the Carnival was the issue but that it was “normal”.

  • Suresh R

    I own Kia Carnival 2022 went on a road trip to Denver from Dallas and something small as a pebble hit my windshield a small chip appeared to me while driving and overnight what looked like a small chip cracked the whole glass next day. Very disappointed the warranty doesn’t cover the repairs and I hate to replace it under the insurance to avoid high premium on my next renewal. Any suggestions please!

  • Tom V

    Our windshield just cracked today June 6th, 2023 and it was fine when we drove it stopped and got out the car and when we got back in there was a 15” inch crack starting under our drivers side wiper running up the windshield and then across. Nothing hit it and no one touched the car. This is very concerning! We have our GEICO insurance covering the replacement through safelight glass but we’ve never had a windshield do this on any car we’ve ever owned. I think there is a flaw hope KIA takes this seriously. Filed a complaint with the NHTSA

  • Juanita S

    My 2020 Kia Telluride’ s windshield cracked for no reason. No visible sign of damage from external forces. Attempted to rectify with Kia, but sadly given the run around.

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