Hyundai Kona Electric Battery Drain Problem

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By Brian Jones | Updated on

By Brian Jones | Updated on

Lemberg Law is investigating complaints that the 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric has serious battery drain problems. Vehicle owners report that their batteries drain after they have charged them overnight. They blame electrical issues.

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Is There a Problem with the Battery in the 2022 Kona Electric?

There are only 5 consumer complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about the 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric so far, and they are all about battery drain issues. There is also considerable discussion about the issue on Kona forums and complaints on other platforms too. 

What Battery Problems are Hyundai Kona Owners Experiencing?

The problem many 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric owners are experiencing is simply that their batteries keep draining. Nobody knows why or how the problem can be solved. 

A 1-star review on Edmunds dated September 9, 2022, tackles the issue head-on. But the reviewer, Sam Miller, ends up saying that “until Hyundai solves its battery issues, do not invest in this vehicle.”

In his review, he says he loved the SUV because it had smooth handling, great range, and it was exactly what he wanted for his family. That was until he received a notification telling him to “check electric vehicle system.”

He had only had the vehicle for 2 months and it had less than 1,500 miles on the clock. He took it to the dealership, “where they did not seem to have any idea how to handle the issue.” 

It took them nearly two 2 weeks to finally decide that the Kona needed “a brand new battery.” But these batteries, he says, were on a national backorder. So, Sam had to drive a gas version that didn’t suit him or his family. 

The puzzle is that there are no recalls on the 2022 Kona Electric and no manufacturer communications for electric issues filed with the NHTSA.

Kona Battery Complaints to the NHTSA

The first complaint to the NHTSA was in September 2021 from an owner in California. There was suddenly a severe drop in the full charge range. 

“The battery meter does not reflect the true and accurate available storage. You can’t depend on these readings.”

The other 4 are also from owners based in California. Most report recurring problems

One of these owners says that the 12V battery keeps draining and it is probably due to “the battery management system.” It’s happened more than 10 times and “Hyundai has refused to take any responsibility for their faulty 12V battery.” 

No mileage is specified, but the vehicle was only 7 months old. 

Another owner states that the same thing has happened 6-7 times after charging the Kona Electric overnight. 

“I think Hyundai needs a recall on this car. It killed the 12V battery after (I) fully charged the car. Something has drained the battery completely. It was very annoying when this happened.”

One of the complaints also mentions an issue with the brakes. After charging the car to 100% it went into “bricked mode” where it wouldn’t start the engine. 

Realizing that the battery was dead or drained, the owner had to jump-start the battery and reset the battery terminals. But the braking warning light stayed on.

“I think this 2022 Hyundai Kona EV has some electrical issues that Hyundai needs to fix or be aware of.”

The fifth complaint includes a bit of research that indicates this is not a new issue. Having received an “electrical system error,” he went to a dealer who said the battery was defective. 

“I began some online research into the issue. It appears that similar issues arose within previous year models, and some even resulted in fires once the battery reached 100%.” 

What Should You Do if Your Kona Has a Battery Drain Problem?

If your 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric has a battery that appears to be defective, what are you going to do? You can try approaching your dealer, or even Hyundai directly. But, if you don’t get answers, you may want to take the matter further.

Lemberg Law is investigating complaints about the 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric and its battery drain problems. And we want to help people like you. All you have to do to see if you qualify to join our class action investigation is to complete our case evaluation form or call us at 844-928-4443. 

Our services are free because the law states that Hyundai must pay all legal bills for lemon law cases.

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  • Indira

    I am having the same problem. I have a 2022 Kona Electric. It only has approx. 14,000 KM. The app is showing the battery is charged 93%. However, the car will not start. CAA jump started and it worked for about 3 minutes and it went dead again.

  • Bill D

    I have a 2021 Kona electric that I bought in December of 2021. Love the car but it started failing about one month ago after 9 months of ownership and 4500 miles. Hyundai replaced battery once, and it was not easy to get them to replace it, but the next day even the new battery failed. I cannot believe they have not tried to trace the problem. I had to buy a portable jumper and a battery monitor. I can see it is draining with this device and accompanying app. I am interested in engaging with you.

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