2022 Ford F-150 Heat Exchanger Problems & Coolant Leak

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Lemberg Law is investigating complaints regarding exhaust heat exchanger problems relating to the 2022 Ford F-150. Vehicle owners are reporting that defective heat exchangers in the exhaust result in damaging coolant leaks that make their trucks undrivable.

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Is There a Problem with the Heat Exchanger in the Exhaust of  the 2022 Ford F-150?

Hundreds of 2022 Ford F-150 Powerboost truck owners are reporting that defective heat exchangers cause leaks that result in coolant draining from the exhaust. They are also finding that because the problem is so widespread, the major back order on parts is causing delays in having the faulty parts replaced.

We are also aware of at least one report of a new, redesigned replacement part failing.

What Exhaust Heat Exchanger Problems are 2022 Ford F-150 Owners Experiencing?

2022 Powerboost truck owners are complaining on forums that coolant levels are dropping, probably because of the exhaust heat exchanger. So far, there has only been one official complaint to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), but the issue is exactly the same as those described in forums.

NHTSA Complaint

The NHTSA complaint, filed on March 24, 2022, states, “There is a heat exchanger in the exhaust that leaks coolant and causes the engine to overheat.”

The owner of the vehicle, who is from Pompano Beach in Florida, maintains that this “has happened to over 500+ Powerboost Engines,” citing Ford Case Number: CAS-35641317-W3Y6F0.

Ironically, there is a technical service bulletin (TSB) on file with NHTSA for the 2022 Ford F-150 that relates to engine cooling, but nothing to engine heating. The TSB states that “Some 2015-2022 F-150, 2017-2022 F-Super Duty and 2018-2022 Expedition/Navigator vehicles may exhibit poor air conditioning (A/C) performance, loss of airflow and/or engine cooling fans running continuously from high A/C pressures.”

Forum Complaints

There are complaints on several F-150 forums including f150gen14.com, f150forum.com, and f150ecoboost.net. Generally, complaints are threefold. Ford F-150 owners are saying:

  1. Coolant is leaking from their trucks, with some having identified the exhaust heat exchanger as the reason
  2. They have been getting check engine light (CEL) P237C warnings
  3. Parts needed to make the repair are on backorder and they’ve been told they won’t be available anytime soon

What Owners Are Saying on Forums

F150forum.com Comments

A member of f150forum.com says on March 23, 2022:

“Took the truck to the dealership today after noticing that the coolant reservoir level was low (Only done 2500 kms from new). Turned out to be the exhaust heat exchanger leaking. Unfortunately, it seems to be a common issue and the parts are on backorder with no definitive timeline for replacement. ALL Powerboost owners, keep a close eye on your coolant reservoir level or any signs of leaks in the center area of the truck.”

Another f150forum.com member says on May 16, 2022:

“Best guess, if the coolant level is slowly dropping, it is likely the exhaust heat exchanger. There have been several reports of leaks on them, so you may be part of that club as well.”

Another member says on June 10, 2022:

“I think we’re all talking about Powerboost here. Mine also had the same issue, where coolant leaks from the exhaust heat scavenging loop used for heating up inside when (the) gas engine is off, but (the) car is running in EV mode.

“The solution is replacing that whole exhaust piece, and my part was shipped this week to the dealer. The new part has a new revision number, so I’m hoping (the) new part will permanently resolve it.”

F150gen14.com Comments

In response to another member’s comment that the situation is “discouraging as heck”:

“Yep. And I have not used the heat once in this timeframe. Just the A/C.

“My dealership has been incredibly helpful though. They topped off my fluid and said I could keep the truck this time. They also are filing a case with corporate and telling them I am threatening arbitration and requesting a buyback. The thing is I really love this truck. If it wasn’t for the issue with the heat exchanger I would have zero complaints. They really need to upgrade the part and use a different material besides plastic.”

Several members mention the CEL P237C for the exhaust heat exchanger, though several say they haven’t had leak issues (yet).

To complicate the issue, one of the comments states, “ I had no leak ever, just started with P237C, then at some point, before I checked codes again a couple weeks later I got P237F, P2C22, and P2C23.”

Clearly, they are all frustrated because there hasn’t been any resolution from Ford.

What Should You Do if Your 2022 Ford F-150 is Experiencing Heat Exchanger Problems?

Lemberg Law is currently investigating the 2022 Ford F-150 Heat Exchanger issue. If you have experienced problems relating to this issue, please help us with our class action investigation.

All you have to do is fill out our contact form or simply call us for a free case evaluation. It won’t cost you anything because the law will make Ford pay the legal fees for your claim.

Brian Jones

About the Author:

Brian Jones spent more than 30 years working as an ASE Certified Master Tech and Parts Specialist at multiple dealerships. Brian has become an authority in the industry, traveling across the country to consult for car dealerships and contributing his expertise as a writer for several major automotive publications. In his spare time, Brian enjoys working on pickup trucks, muscle cars, Jeeps and anything related to motorsports.

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  • Leo B

    Looks like I’m a member of this club to. I have 2022 F-150 Lariat Powerboost. I have a check engine light showing up as a faulty intercooler. I get messages on the dash when on the highway informing me that the power is being reduced due to engine overheating. Engine and transmission temp gauges show normal range, but I can’t maintain highway speeds and have to pull over. Some days this happens 3 or 4 times on my way to work ( 65 miles). The part was ordered back in January. The part comes in back in April, but Ford sent the wrong part and I’m back on the waiting list again. However, I’m not a priority since their records show I’ve only been waiting since April for the part.

    I call the dealer today for a status update and they tell me that some parts are going to be released end of June, but only in limited quantities. Not likely I’ll be getting one.

    But wait it gets even better. I live in Massachusetts, the truck is due for its safety inspection in July, it’ll fail inspection due to the check engine light and I’ll get a rejection sticker which allows me to drive for an additional 50 days, then if the truck isn’t fixed, it’s off the road. $66,000 for a truck a year old that I can’t drive.

    Has anyone had any luck with getting Ford to buy back these things? I can’t help but notice they’re still selling them so parts are available somewhere. I can’t sell mine this way, soon won’t be able to drive it this way. It begs the question of how much unseen damage may be occurring due to this issue.

  • james

    2022 ford F-150 Hybrid has check engine light P2C22 code. Exhaust heat exchanger valve malfunction. only 11500 miles on it.

  • Benjamin F

    2022 ford maverick hybrid with the same heat exchanger issue. Codes 237c and 237d. I’m at 38k miles and told I’m not covered under warranty.

  • Craig H

    Same frustrating Issue. Took possession of our F-150 Power Boost (Lariat) on November 4, 2022 and it currently has 10,000 mile. Engine light has been coming on intermittently since January 2, 2023 – reportedly from a faulty heat exchanger. Columbine Ford in Rifle, Co has been absolutely fabulous and has done everything they can to get the part. They have informed me that “No damage will be done to the truck”. The engine light keeps coming on and off. So the problem is – I don’t know if there is something else wrong with the truck. Been calling Ford at (866) 436-7332 and (866) 631-3788. Have been told told that the part is backordered as “emergency of escalated” and there is nothing further that can be done. Columbine Ford has had the part ordered since mid-January 2023. The Ford Reps, at the two phone numbers listed above, tell me that they will continue to contact Columbine Ford Service Staff regarding availability of the Heat Exchanger. My Thought is, “Columbine Ford is not the problem! Detroit needs to be contacted regarding availability of the Heat Exchanger!” I have also been told that there no other available Ford phone numbers to call. Where is the formal recall?

  • Frank

    Having the same problem. This is my second issue. First, a part rubbing against axle, as I recall. Has brought it to the shop and they said the recall part was fine, only to find out the part became defective to the point they were concerned axle or another major part may need to be replaced. Like many, love this truck but theses constant issues are damn frustrating!

  • Alex

    I am experiencing the same issue on a 2022 F150 Lariat with only 5,000 miles. The truck is scheduled to go in for service in two weeks and I am hoping they can resolve the issue soon but they told me I would have to pay a $150 diagnostics fee even though the vehicle is still under under the bumper-to-bumper warranty. In addition, the truck has developed some rust on the undercarriage with seems odd for a daily new truck. The rust is not a huge deal as they sell spray that can kind of fix that. Truck was built on 1/5/2022. As everybody else has mentioned, if it wasn’t for this the truck would definitely et 5 stars.

  • Matt

    Had the valve stuck open with no leak but needed replaced 11,800 miles. Took almost 4 months for the part to get replaced. Just had issue start again 24,789 miles. Check engine light same issue. Part is ordered. Different dealer no word on how long. I love everything else about the truck. This exhaust heat exchange is just a poor design.

  • James P

    I’m having the exact same issue as described. Have a service appointment this weekend, less than 9k miles on this truck…very disappointed because I’ve been loving this truck!

  • Justin

    Same issue, I bought a 2022 Powerboost Lariat In March for $78,000, Truck over heats, pro-power is disengaged. 10,000 miles

  • Dom

    Same issue

  • Chuck D

    I’m having the exact problem that’s described. Bought my 2022 Powerboost in March of 2022, and after using the generator mode once, I constantly overheat now, “ProPower” disengages until the engine has cooled down and redlines the temperature gauge within minutes of driving.

  • James R

    My 2022 F-150 King Ranch Power Boost began leaking after just two days upon my possession. My truck had 376 miles on it. Pool of liquid on driveway under front passenger seat side of truck. The service center stated it was a exhaust heat exchanger issue and coolant that runs through device is leaking. They relayed they ordered the part as an emergency order. That was on 07/20/2022. Very disappointed , the only good news is they gave me a rental vehicle until its fixed. Not sure if it affected other components of truck yet. Super dissappointed

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