Ford Expedition Shattering Sunroof Problem

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By Brian Jones | Updated on

By Brian Jones | Updated on


Lemberg Law is investigating complaints that the 2020 Ford Expedition has faulty sunroofs that explode and shatter spontaneously. Vehicle owners report that there is no warning before this happens, which makes it a huge safety risk. 

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Is There a Problem with the Sunroof Shattering in the 2020 Ford Expedition

Owners of the 2020 Ford Expedition, the manufacturer’s largest SUV, are reporting that their sunroofs explode for no reason. Many of them say that the sound is like a gunshot, which in itself can be hazardous.

There are also complaints that Ford Motor Company won’t repair vehicles under warranties.

What Problems are Ford Expedition Owners Experiencing with Sunroofs?

Many 2020 Ford Expedition owners are complaining to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about sunroof/moonroof issues. Some complaints are as simple as one from an Arizona owner who points out that the panoramic moonroof exploded while driving. Others go into greater detail.

Here are a few examples.

Owners from Missouri state:

“While driving down the highway I heard a pop in my vehicle and realized my sunroof had burst. Glass separated and flew into my car and cut myself and my 4 small children. No warning lights were on in my vehicle at this time.

“When brought to the dealership for repair, the repair shop reported that this will happen with these vehicles and to pursue reimbursement with Ford. Unfortunately, Ford reports that (the) vehicle is not under warranty and the repairs won’t be covered.”

Another owner from Missouri is traumatized by the experience.

“The MOONROOF EXPLODED. PLEASE come look at it before this kills someone!!!!!! Had the curtain been open, the glass would have gone all over my children.”

This owner maintains that the flying glass also poses a danger to those who may be driving behind or around a 2020 Ford Expedition SUV when this happens.

“It appears this has been an issue, but a recall has yet to be issued, which is mind-blowing to me – as these vehicles often are hauling large families posing a huge safety risk.”

Ultimately, the complaint emphasizes that there are no warnings and that when the moonroof exploded, there was glass everywhere. The emphatic appeal is to address the situation “before someone gets killed!”

An owner from Pennsylvania states:

In October 2020, she and her husband were traveling on the 1295 South near Jacksonville in Florida. Suddenly, they heard “an extremely loud explosion similar to a gunshot.” The noise was jarring, she says, which resulted in her husband jerking the steering wheel. But he gained control again quickly.

“We were lucky there weren’t any cars in the left lane because we could have caused an accident.”

They weren’t sure what had happened, even when they heard the sound of glass cracking above their heads. The sun visor and the sunroof were both closed. There wasn’t any damage to the visor. So, they assumed the sunroof had caused the loud bang and that it was the sunroof glass they had heard cracking.

They kept the visor closed and drove to the nearest Jacksonville dealership as quickly as they could. “If the sunroof was open, we would have been covered in broken glass.”

At the dealership, “we saw the sunroof had a large hole in it and the glass was continuing to shatter and disintegrate. It was clear from the way the glass was broken on the sunroof that it was as if the glass was blown outward from the vehicle.” This, they determined, meant that the damage wasn’t caused by something hitting the sunroof from above.

“Also, there was no damage to the interior visor of the vehicle.”

They had driven under an overpass, but there were no cars ahead of them. And there was “no other damage to the exterior of the vehicle.”

An owner from Louisiana states:

“While driving on a clear day on the interstate (no other cars around me) the rear portion of the vista panoramic sunroof exploded, sending glass everywhere.”

What Should You Do if Your Ford Expedition Sunroof Shattered?

If you experience what these 2020 Ford Expedition owners have been through, what will you do? Our suggestion is to contact Lemberg Law to see if you are eligible to join our class action investigation. It won’t cost you a cent.

All you need to do is complete our case evaluation form or call us at 844-928-4443. If you are wondering why our services are free, it’s because the law states that Ford Motor Company must pay all legal bills for lemon law cases.

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