Free Helpto Stop Capital Accounts Collections Harassment

How To Put An End to Unwanted Calls and Debt Collector Abuse and Threats.

Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

Free Helpto Stop Capital Accounts
Capital Accounts LLC is a debt collection agency, which receives a lot of consumer complaints to our law firm for debt harassment. Find out who they are, why they might be calling, and how you can stop them.

What is Capital Accounts?

Capital Accounts, LLC is a third-party debt collection agency based in Tennessee that specializes in collecting delinquent healthcare bills. Capital Accounts has received consumer complaints alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), such as failing to provide written verification of debts and using false or misleading information in an effort to collect a debt. If Capital Accounts has contacted you about delinquent financial obligations, make sure you understand your rights before you take action.

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Is Capital Accounts a scam?

They’re legit. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Capital Accounts, LLC was founded in 2003 and incorporated in 2004. The BBB established a profile page for Capital Accounts in 2005. The BBB lists Capital Accounts as a collection agency. Buzzfile estimates Capital Accounts’ annual revenue at $205,357 and the size of its headquarters staff at 2 employees.

According to its website, Capital Accounts “specializes in the collection of overdue balances…to allow…clients to free resources and focus on …core business.” Capital Accounts’ “expertise allows for more than simply cutting costs; it is about increasing business value for …companies.”

Who does Capital Accounts collect for?

The Capital Accounts website does not state specifically that it collects debts exclusively for healthcare providers. However, their Dental page states that “serving dental practices is a core part of” their collection service, and their Testimonials page consists entirely of reviews from medical and healthcare service providers. In addition to medical debts, their Commercial page also indicates that Capital Accounts is committed to the goal of “collecting overdue balances from other commercial companies.”

Capital Accounts’ collection process begins when “accounts are entered into their information system and immediately sent to the… collections department. That day, an immediate notice is sent to the debtor demanding payment in full. Within 24 hours, … experienced collectors begin making telephone contact in order to expedite recovery…Once contact is made…collectors continuously monitor the accounts to assure adherence with… financial arrangements.” Collection services include “letters, phone calls, skip tracing, credit reporting, and litigation when appropriate.”

Capital Accounts cites affiliation with the International Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA International). Their Corporate and Social Responsibility page states that Capital Accounts “makes every effort to keep consumers informed and well-educated regarding options and the possibilities available to them.” However, the Capital Accounts website does not provide any links or references to consumer protection resources, laws, or enforcement agencies. In addition, Capital Accounts states that they “strongly discourage… the use of public forums” (such as the BBB) “to spread misinformation” and warns that “posting misleading information and slander in a public forum is far from anonymous and can lead to unwanted prosecution.”

Who are we? We are Lemberg Law, a Consumer Law Firm

Lemberg Law is a consumer law firm helping victims of collection harassment and abuse. We are ranked A+ by the BBB. We’ve helped more than 15,000 consumers stop harassment and recover money from debt collectors. Harassed? Abused? Misled by a collector? Call our Helpline today!  There is no charge unless we win.

How many complaints are there against Capital Accounts?

As of December 2019, the BBB has closed 159 complaints against Capital Accounts in the preceding 3 years, with 66 complaints closed in the previous 12 months. Most of those complaints cited problems with billing and collections, although 20 complaints also cited problems with customer service.As of August 2013, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has closed 670 complaints involving Capital Accounts. Justia lists at least 8 cases of civil litigation involving Capital Accounts.

Contact Info

Capital Accounts, LLC
P.O. Box 140065
Nashville, TN 37214
Phone Number: 800-282-3214

Can Capital Accounts Sue Me or Garnish My Wages?

It is illegal for a debt collector to make empty threats to sue you or garnish your wages. It is also unlikely CA would sue you for a debt you may not owe or they cannot validate. However, debt collection agencies are known to have summoned debtors to court and garnish wages after a default judgement. Contacting an attorney BEFORE this could possibly happen would be a smart move. We’ve helped thousands of consumers fight back against unscrupulous debt collection harassers. Find out if we can help you too today!

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Unlawful Debt Harassment? Learn the Law & Sue the Collector.

Can you help me file a No Fee Lawsuit against Capital Accounts?

Absolutely.  You can sue a debt collector. Here are some Sample Complaints

In 2018, a proposed class action lawsuit was filed against Capital Accounts, LLC alleging the company violated several provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The lawsuit claimed the defendant unlawfully disclosed to a third party that the plaintiff supposedly owed a debt.

Complaints against Capital Accounts cite problems resulting from disputes about the validity of debts, the accuracy of billing and accounting practices, and allegations of harassment. In November 2019, a complainant stated that he had been receiving “calls… after making a request to Capital Accounts to stop calling.” He also said Capital Accounts representatives were “calling during work hours and after acceptable hours and charging interest that was not specified in the medical contract.” According to the complainant, Capital Accounts was “charging $4.00 of interest per month, which was not in the original billing agreement signed between him and the doctor with which he  had a missed appointment.” The complainant said that the doctor “already doubled the fee before sending it off to collections, and since then Capital Accounts had added an extra one hundred dollars and for the past three months have been charging an additional $4.00 per month.” The complainant also stated that Capital Accounts was “reporting these $4.00 increments each and every single time on his credit report in an attempt to cause as much damage as possible to his credit score.” The complainant said that he had “never signed anything within his original patient paperwork saying that interest could be added to his bill by a collection agency” and accused Capital Accounts of  “adding interest that they made up, just to add issues for him.” He said that Capital Accounts calls “incessantly, even after he had asked them to cease calling,” and that “they call… during hours that are unacceptable, such as during the middle of the workday during work hours or late in the evening during dinner time.” He also said that “eventually you reach the breaking point and lash out, and then Capital Accounts will still call …repeatedly after you have asked them not to anymore.” The complainant disputed Capital Accounts’s claim that they had sent verification of the debt, saying he had never received anything from them, either “because they …never sent it or sent it to a wrong address.” He requested a “breakdown of the charges they allege that he owed” and requested that the “debt …be removed from his credit reports and the amount be dropped to what is an acceptable amount for a missed appointment fee,” rather than “some absurd figure that… keeps changing each month in an attempt to further damage his credit.”

In response, Capital Accounts stated that they had “attached… an itemization from the creditor” showing a total amount due of over $700.00, “which includes $110.00 in accrued interest pursuant to” North Carolina state law. Capital Accounts also stated that “although the consumer claims to have requested that they cease calling him,” they stated that their “records show that they only had one conversation,” during which he “did not make such a request. Regardless, Capital Accounts “processed the complainant’s cease-communications request, and his contact information has been removed.” They also stated that “his description of the number and times of Capital Accounts’s calls is simply inaccurate.”  The consumer rejected this attempted resolution and again persisted in his objection to the interest that had been applied to the balance. He cited another state law that prohibits “collecting or attempting to collect any interest or other charge, fee, or expense

Capital Accounts Calling You?

Federal laws protect you. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) regulates the behavior of collection agencies by prohibiting actions such as the use of abusive or threatening language; harassment; or the use of false or misleading information to collect a debt. The FCRA regulates how collection agencies and creditors report delinquent debts to credit reporting agencies. Additional consumer protection laws include the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Consumer Financial Protection Act (CFPA).

Can I sue Capital Accounts for harassment?

Yes. If you want to enforce your rights, or recover money for violations — you need to sue. Federal laws provide individuals like you with a means to seek monetary damages in court. For example, the FDCPA allows consumers who have been violated to recover damages of up to $1,000, plus attorney fees and court costs.

Consumers have reported this agency harassing them from the following numbers:

  •  800-973-5402
  • 800-974-5409
  • 800-282-3214
  • 614-295-5890
  • 714-551-9375
  • 714-551-9377
  • 573-767-0233
  • 800-983-4730

Stop Debt Collection Harassment

You may have a case, if…

  • You are receiving multiple calls per week from third party collection agencies.
  • You are receiving early morning or late night calls from debt collectors
  • You are receiving calls at work from a debt collection agency
  • Debt collectors are calling your family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers
  • Collectors are threatening you with violence, lawsuit, or arrest
  • A debt collector attempts to collect more than you owe
  • You are being threatened with negative credit reporting
  • A debt collector attempts to intimidate you
  • Criminal accusations are being made towards you
  • Use of obscene language during an attempt to collect
  • Automated robocalls are being made to your phone in an attempt to collect

What our Clients are Saying

“I can’t start to tell you how happy this makes me. It is actually comforting to know that there are people ready to do the things you have done. I am really blessed to have found you guys, and was not worried about anything. I think that at the end was the best part for me, reassurance. I’ve got the release here and have signed it, I’ll fax it over the hour.”

“Thank you so much for handling my situation. Previously, I did not trust attorneys. I had bad experiences and did not think lawyers fought for you anymore. You’ve restored my faith. You took in my case, never asked for a retainer, and you won without ever having met me. Thank you.”

“If you’re not certain about this business…DONT BE!!! They’re for real when they say that they are here to assist you. It only requires a couple of brief minutes of your time to speak with a rep. I was a skeptic, but you did everything you said you would! I can not say thank you enough!”

Can You Help Me Remove Capital Accounts from My Credit Report?

We ought to be able to assist. Give us a call and we’ll explain.

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Sergei Lemberg is an attorney focusing on consumer law, class actions related to automotive issues, and personal injury litigation. With nearly two decades of experience, his areas of practice include Lemon Law (vehicle defects), Debt Collection Harassment, TCPA (illegal robocalls and texts), Fair Credit Reporting Act, Overtime claims, Personal Injury cases, and Class Actions. He has consistently been recognized as the nation's "most active consumer attorney." In 2020, Mr. Lemberg represented Noah Duguid before the United States Supreme Court in the landmark case Duguid v. Facebook. He is also the author of "Defanging Debt Collectors," a guide that empowers consumers to fight back against debt collectors and prevail, as well as "Lemon Law 101: The Laws That Lemon Dealers Don't Want You to Know."

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  • Shannon a

    They have called me for months, and won’t produce any paperwork showing me my debt. The last time they called they told me the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION was going to freeze all of my bank accounts over 3,000 dollars they say I owe. No proof, no court documents, but they are going to freeze my accounts. I told my attorney to handle it, I can’t handle the rude things they say.

  • Tracy M

    They have called me 4 times in almost less than a week,once to my supervisor on my job, once to my 15 year old child, I have verbally disputed and requested verification of debt and they refuse to send it. On the first initial phone call I verbally disputed and requested authentication plus told them not to contact me again and they have disregarded my requests. I feel that I’ve been harassed, my employer has been harassed, and my 15 year old daughter has been harassed!! This is terrible!

  • Tara W

    My company previously used them for collections. We have not however, used them in over a year. They call constantly. I have told them repeatedly we are no longer interested in their services and please remove us from their call list. The lady on the other end of the phone today was unbelievably rude. I mean RUDE. Not the best way to retain or reactivate ones clients! I would NEVER recommend Capital Accounts.

  • Heidi

    I didn’t answer the phone but called back. She asked for my number I gave it to her. She said we have no information on that number so I asked then why are you calling me asking for me? She said I don’t know I can’t even find your number in the system bye and hung up. I called back and said LOOK ya’ll are calling me and I want it to stop. She said what is your name? I told her and she said I can’t find your information but your number is attached to this name (not mine) can you provide your SSN? I said HE*L NO I don’t even know who you are and she said we don’t have any information on you so have a nice day. I said then STOP calling me.

  • Roger P

    Tried calling their number, was cussed out by someone (had not even spoke yet), and then hung up on. They denied receiving any phone calls from me previously when I called again. I asked for more information on the debt which I had paid and they provided with just a vague name and PO Box, not much more than the letter I received.

  • Bernice L

    Capitol accounts is harassing me for $103.00. My husband is very ill & I told them I can pay whatever I can afford since we live on SS. They are rude & insensitive. The number they called from is 904-685-9184. I don’t see this number listed. Just reporting them for rudeness among other things

  • Lee

    It is my guess that the callers are not working out of some professional office, as you might be imagining. They work from their homes and are paid a bounty on each debt collected. You are not dealing with “professionals.”

  • Kimberly H

    They call about once a month and give me a different amount I owe every time. They are very rude so I quit answering strange numbers. Just now they left a voicemail with only a giant belch and a woman saying “oh I’m sorry” before hanging up. I called them back to tell them what happened and it was the same woman-I could tell by her voice. I saved the voicemail.

    Absolutely ridiculous before the belch incident but this tops it!

  • Danielle

    I have asked them to cease and desist and they continue to call. Also on first call, without verifying my identity when I answered the phone, said they were calling about “my” delinquent account even though they didnt verify who I was first

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