Is Your Buick a Lemon?

Buick Lemon Law Information

What are Common Lemon Issues with Buick Vehicles?

If you’ve had ongoing problems with your Buick vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation. We’ve delivered more than $35 million to more than 25,000 consumers.

Successful lemon law claims have been brought against General Motors for various Buick vehicles, including the Buick Enclave. Common lemon issues for Buick are included below, but are not limited to:

  • Buick Enclave: Brakes Grinding, Transmission Failing/Slipping, Timing Chain Issues & Electrical Problems
  • Buick Encore: Transmission Failing/Slipping
  • Buick Envision: Electrical Problems
  • Buick Regal: Engine Failure, Timing Chain Issues & Electrical Problems
  • Buick LaCrosse: Transmission Failing/Slipping, Electrical Problems, Dashboard lights illuminated

What are Recent Recalls for Buick Vehicles?

2020 Buick Enclave Recall

Approximately 194,105 Buick Enclaves were recalled for missing bolts on the start-stop accumulator endcap. This can result in a transmission oil leak and may progress to a loss of propulsion, increasing the risk of a crash. A transmission fluid leak in the presence of an ignition source may increase the risk of fire. The recall was issued on 10/29/2020 and the recall number is N202313440.

2020 Buick Encore Recall

In September 2020, Buick recalled 105 vehicles due to potentially missing front seat rear attachment bolts. The recall states “If an occupied front seat is missing the rear attachment bolts, it may move during a crash, increasing risk of injury to the occupant.” The recall number is A202304380 and the NHSTA campaign number is 20V537000.

Don’t be stuck with a lemon. You have legal rights to cash, return or buyback.

The law makes car manufacturers pay legal fees.

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Sick of Your Buick lemon? Want to Get Justice?

The steep price of a car may lead you to believe that the manufacturers test each and every single vehicle, making sure they are defect-free, but the reality is much grimmer. Automakers know that every single car that comes off the line can’t be perfect. Nonetheless, they roll them out to customers anyways. These cars have hidden problems that owners eventually discover, causing disappointment and frustration.

Most cars have some recalls or other problems. Often dealers and manufacturers fix the damage, but still, thousands of cars fall through the cracks and into your hands.

When a car has ongoing, repeated problems, it’s known as a lemon. Around 1 percent of cars out there are “lemons.” If your new car continues to break down, despite repeated repairs, then it’s a good chance that you may have landed yourself a lemon.

Defending Your Rights Won’t Cost You a Dime

You won’t have to pay a Lemon Law lawyer to handle your lemon law case. With a trusted lemon lawyer, you pay zero costs out of your pocket. If your dealer or manufacturer aren’t playing fair, then we’re here to help you. Our friendly staff is easy to work with and will ensure you receive a more substantial settlement much faster than you would if you worked alone.

Remember that the dealers and car manufacturers aren’t on your side. Their goal is to pay as little as possible, leaving the burden on you. And their teams of lawyers will fight you, and your lemon law claims every step of the way. But you have an advantage: the law is on your side—and so is Lemberg Law.

So, What Are Your Rights?

If you own a lemon car, you have rights under your state’s laws as well as the federal law, and you may be entitled to:

  • A vehicle replacement (with either an identical or comparable model)
  • A refund totaling the price you paid for the vehicle (minus a deduction based on mileage)
  • Reimbursement for other damages and costs associated with your lemon vehicle
  • Other damages (including punitive damages)

Put Lemberg Law in The Driver’s Seat

Think for a minute. Who’s on your side? The dealer isn’t. The manufacturer isn’t. They have teams of lawyers who do nothing but fight lemon law claims.

But the law is on your side – and so are we.

Lemon law claims have an expiration date. The lemon law date varies from state to state. If you suspect you have a lemon, pick up the phone and call us. Don’t wait another day. We want to file your lemon lawsuit before time runs out.

We’ve delivered more than $35 million to more than 25,000 consumers.

If you think your Buick is a lemon, you deserve to be compensated. Lemberg Law can help you get justice – at no cost to you! Complete our form for a no-obligation case evaluation, or call toll free 877-795-3666

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