2022 Toyota Tacoma Problems and Top Complaints

Airbag, seat, and brake problems are the top complaint issues received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

The Toyota Tacoma has ranked as one of the leading multi-purpose vehicles and top pickup trucks for 16 years. Designed and built in the U.S. it has been a popular pickup truck throughout the country ever since then. While it’s been an excellent seller for all these years, the Tacoma hasn’t been without problems. The 2022 model is no exception. Issues range from nonfunctional airbags and faulty brakes issues, to vehicles rolling backwards and incorrectly welded child seats. 

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NHTSA Complaints for the 2022 Toyota Tacoma

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Service Brakes
Power Train
Electrical System
Forward Collision Avoidance
Fuel/propulsion System
Air Bags

Most Common Problems with the 2022 Toyota Tacoma

Complaints to the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) about the 2022 Toyota Tacoma are varied, affecting at least nine components or systems. The categories owners have listed their complaints under are Airbags, Electrical System, Powertrain, Seats, Seat Belts, Service Brakes, Vehicle Speed Control, Visibility, and Unknown or Other.

We are highlighting those that relate to accidents and safety issues.

There have also been two recalls, one for child seats that potentially affects the safety of tens of thousands of children. The second relates to illegible labels that could allow vehicles to be overloaded, increasing the risk of a crash.

Problems with the Airbags

Airbag issues are always serious, especially when they don’t deploy. Right now, the NHTSA reports that tens of millions of Toyota Takata airbags are being recalled. The problem is that when airbags are exposed to high heat and humidity long-term they can cause them to explode when they are deployed. So, instead of saving lives, they are potentially causing injuries and death.

There have been numerous complaints about Toyota Takata airbags, so it’s no surprise that Tacoma owners are amongst them.

The first Toyota Tacoma airbag complaint was in July 2021 after the front airbags failed to deploy in an accident where the truck was rear-ended at 80 MPH. Additionally, the seat belt failed and the driver’s seat collapsed. The driver was badly injured and was in a Florida trauma unit for three weeks.

There have been four complaints to date about the airbags in the 2021 model.

In December 2021, four people were injured when a Tacoma was rear-ended and none of its airbags deployed. The most recent complaint was in July 2022. Again, four people were injured when airbags didn’t deploy when a car hit the Tacoma.

So far there is only one complaint that relates to the 2022 model. In August 2022, a California resident was rear-ended at a stop light by a car going 45 mph. Yet again the air bag sensor went on but the airbags didn’t deploy. The sensor for the seatbelt was also on but the seatbelts didn’t lock.

Both the passenger and driver were injured and taken to the emergency room. The driver was told by the insurance company not to drive the car because it isn’t safe. In any case, he states that the car “is not drivable due to these sensors and life saving features not working.”

Problems with the Brakes

Two different problems are described that relate to 2022 Tacoma brakes. One is that the brakes feel mushy and don’t work properly. The other is that the vehicle accelerates when the brake pedal is depressed.

An owner from Florida crashed because of the issue with the vehicle accelerating “while depressing the brake pedal.” His complaint states that the steering wheel locked and he wasn’t able to stop the vehicle. This ended up with him crashing into his neighbor’s house.

There were no injuries, but he contacted the police and filed a report.

An owner from Georgia states: “When starting, especially in the morning, my brake pedal is very mushy and goes very near the floor. When driving and have to break it sometimes goes down a little too far. The dealer said this was normal. I do not feel it is safe. I’ve never had a vehicle do this. If this is safe, I don’t want it.”

Problems with Vehicles Rolling Backwards

An Arizona owner reports that his Tacoma rolls backwards because Hill Assist disengages when the throttle is depressed. Light the Georgia owner who was told mushy brakes are normal, this owner was told his vehicle was operating “as designed.”

The first time this happened, he says he had a trailer in drive that “rolled backwards breaking a taillight in a jack-knife situation.” The dealership said there wasn’t a problem and refused to replace the tail light.

The next time he was in congested traffic “moving at a snail’s pace.” He was on a steep hill in stop-start traffic and when he slowly applied the throttle, “Hill Assist disengaged and the vehicle rolled backwards. Appling more throttle finally caused the transmission to engage. Now knowing how this occurred I was able to recreate (it) again and again.”

Again the dealer said there were no problems. Subsequently, he says, his wife has experienced the same problems. But they “told me that the vehicle operated as designed and no problems were found. They did tell me if I felt the vehicle was unsafe not to drive it. They indicated they would not provide documentation on the decision. Owners manual doesn’t indicate (that the) vehicle can roll backwards as Hill Assist disengages.”

Problems with the Seats

The recall for child seats mentioned above was made on July 21, 2022. Potentially it affects 75,316 vehicles, all 2022 and 2023 Toyota Tacomas. The problem is that “an insufficient weld” may prevent the child seat from being properly anchored. This allows the seat to move if the vehicle stops suddenly or crashes, and increases the risk of injury.

While dealerships were notified immediately, owner notification letters were only scheduled for September 2, 2022.

Initially dealers were told that Toyota was “developing the remedy for this issue.” Then they were advised that technicians would need training to fix the problem. On August 18, 2022, they were told that they must inspect the welds and add welds if any were identified as “insufficient.” This is a free service.

Toyota also told dealers that they expected approximately one out of every 20 vehicles (about 5%) to have at least one insufficient weld.

There is only one complaint about seats, from an owner in Washington who had heard about the recall. Complaining that there was no remedy listed for the recall, he said no dealership would issue a loaner car.

“I have two small children that use my truck as their primary transportation because we are a one car family.”

“My children have no way to get to school because Toyota can not make reliable and safe vehicles.”

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Contact us on our Helpline so that we can assess your issues and advise what we recommend you do. It’s not going to cost you anything. Toyota will have to pay your legal fees.

What’s New for 2022?

There are two new mid-size Toyota Tacoma trucks that aim at different ends of the price range.

  1. The design of the 2022 Tacoma TRD Pro is for serious off-road usage. It is also the most expensive model available. Parts are designed and tested by the Toyota Racing Development (TRD) team, and Toyota warns that the model is not suitable for amateurs.
  2. The 2022 Tacoma 4×4 Trail Edition, specifically designed for use on trails. Launched in 2021, the Trail Edition was originally based on the budget SR5 trim level. It featured several off-road features including lockable bed boxes. There is only one package for 2022, a 4×4 with a double cab.

What’s the fuel economy for the 2022 Toyota Tacoma?

There are two engine options for Toyota Tacoma trim levels:

  1. 2.7-liter cylinder engine that offers 159 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque
  2. 3.5-liter V6 engine that puts out 278 hp and has more the double (265 lb-ft) of torque

There is also a choice between a 6-speed manual transmission and a 6-speed electronically-controlled automatic transmission with intelligence. Your choice varies with the various trim levels.

It stands to reason that the V6 is less fuel-efficient than the 4-cylinder engine, but what’s the difference?

EPA Assessment of Fuel Economy

We had a look at what the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says about the 2022 Toyota Tacoma’s assessed fuel economy.

  • The most fuel-efficient models, that get 21 MPG combined city and highway driving get 4.8 gals per 100 miles. They are:
    • The 2WD, 6-cylinder, 3.5-liter, automatic, that gets 19 MPG in the city and 24 MPG on the highway.
    • The 2WD, 4-cylinder, 2.7-liter, automatic, that gets 20 MPG in the city and 23 MPG on the highway.
  • Two models get 5 gals per 100 miles with 20 MPG when driving on the highway and in the city. They have the same specs as those above but are manual models.
    • The 6-cylinder model gets 18 MPG in the city and 22 MPG on the highway.
    • The 4-cylinder model gets 19 MPG in the city and 22 MPG on the highway.
  • Those that are heaviest on fuel get 5.6 gals per 100 miles. They only get 18 MPG with combined city and highway driving.
    • The 4WD, 6-cylinder, 3.5-liter, manual 6-speed gets 17 MPG in the city and 21 MPG on the highway.
    • The 4WD double-cab MT TRD-ORP/PRO with 6 cylinders and a 3.5-liter, manual 6-speed model. It gets 17 MPG in the city and slightly less (20 MPG) on the highway.

What are the Trim Packages & Pricing for the 2022 Tacoma?

The 2022 Toyota Tacoma is available in six trim levels, the SR, SR5, TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, Limited, and TRD Pro. These are the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRPs) with notable features of each.

  • SR $26,500
    • Projector-beam headlights. Deck rail system. Front dual-zone automatic climate control for the V6.
  • SR5 $28,290
    • Integrated fog lights. 4-way power-adjustable driver’s, 10-way on V6. Front dual-control automatic climate control (V6).
  • TRD Sport $33,410
    • Smart key system. 17-inch machined alloy wheels. Optional panoramic view monitor with camera.
  • TRD Off-Road $34,690
    • Locking rear differential. 16-inch machined contrast allow wheels. Multi-terrain select with Crawl Control (CRAWL).
  • Limited $39,255
    • Panoramic view monitor with camera. Premium JBL audio with dynamic navigation. 18-inch polished alloy wheels.
  • TRD Pro $45,935
    • Machine-forged upper control arm. Heritage-inspired front grille with camera. 16-inch black alloy wheels.

What Technology does the 2022 Tacoma Have?

The tech features of the 2022 Tacoma depend on the trim. For instance, audio multimedia features vary a lot. But, even the basic SR comes with a 7-inch touchscreen, six speakers, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The system is Amazon Alexa compatible, and the phone has a hands-free capability and music streaming via Bluetooth wireless technology, Sirius XM with a 3- month trial subscription.

The TRD Off-Road trim has the same offering except that it has an 8-inch touchscreen. The Limited has all this and more, including a 3-month trial of Premium Audio and Dynamic Navigation.

The smart key system on the driver and front passenger doors aren’t available on the SR or SR5 and any manual transmission vehicles.

There is wireless mobile device- and smartphone-charging on most trims except the SR and SR5. All models have three USB ports. One is a media port, and two are charge ports.

Some trims have a urethane tilt/telescopic steering wheel with audio controls.

Complaint Data

CategoryForward Collision Avoidance, Service Brakes
DateMar 14, 2023
The contact owns a 2022 toyota tacoma. The contact stated that both the front driver's seat and front passenger's seat were vibrating while depressing the brake pedal. The vehicle was taken to the dealer, where it was diagnosed that the rear brake drums were grooved. The dealer turned the rear brake drums; however, the failure persisted. Additionally, the contact stated while driving at various speeds, the pre-collision malfunction warning light was illuminated. The contact stated that the failure also occurred upon starting the vehicle. The dealer was notified of the failure and informed the contact that the failure was caused by rainy and snowy weather; however, the contact stated that the failure had been occurring in good weather conditions as well. The dealer informed the contact that they could not diagnose the vehicle unless the warning light was illuminated at the time the diagnostic tests were being performed. The contact stated that the warning light would turn off upon turning off and restarting the vehicle. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was notified of the failure, but no assistance was provided. The failure mileage was approximately 10.
CategoryService Brakes
DateJan 22, 2023
(hsa/auto vehicle hold) upon backing out of a heated garage onto a flat, lightly snow-covered asphalt driveway, a light to medium brake apply to test out surface conditions was done, and little to no sliding was observed. Upon reaching a conclusion that it was likely safe to proceed, vehicle was shifted into reverse and upon nearing the crest of a 14% grade on a residential driveway (asphalt), brakes were lightly applied (similar pedal force to the "test"), then released once grade was almost crested. The vehicle had been shifted into neutral and clutch was released prior to applying the brakes. It seemed as if the brake pressure from the light apply was not released, and wheels remained locked causing loss of control. Abs did not activate, and steering input had little/no effect. Vehicle slid off of driving surface and struck a tree, causing damage to rear bumper, tailgate, and rear left quarter panel (no visible frame damage). Upon safely bringing the vehicle back onto the driveway surface (bottom of driveway, ~5-9% grade), a second test to see if brake pressure was trapped was performed. The vehicle was allowed to roll to ~3mph, same light pedal force as before was applied and the brake pedal was released (in neutral with clutch released). The vehicle skidded to a stop with no signs of abs or stability control activation (no lamps, etc), and about 2s later, a clicking sound was heard from the engine bay and the vehicle began rolling freely again with foot still off the pedal. No warning lamps ever illuminated, nor were any messages or functional notifications. No throttle input was given after the vehicle was shifted out of reverse.
CategoryEngine, Fuel/propulsion System, Power Train
DateJan 04, 2023
My 2022 tacoma has 1200 miles on it. While turning a corner I slowed down to make the turn when I pushed on the pedal to speed back up there was no response from the engine. It was dark outside and my dash lit up like the key was turned off. I kind of panicked and began pumping the pedal thinking I was out of gas. The fuel gage showed 3/4 an after 3 or 4 seconds it started back up. A week or so before I was at a red light when it turned green I tried to accelerate, the engine hesitated again like it was out of gas. I pumped the pedal but no response. After a few seconds it took off like a jet across the intersection and my foot was barely touching the pedal. Also while driving around 40-50 mph it feels like a stick shift vehicle that needs to be down shifted in a lower gear as there is a chunging feel which I think the transmission can't decide what gear to use. At those speeds it goes away if I manually move the shifter out of d into 4 or 5. Then it runs smooth. I took it to a toyota dealer near my house on 1/3/2023 they said they could not duplicate the problem. I said it does not happen all the time. The tech said he reset my computer.
DateJan 01, 2023
Tire size 265/65/r17 in 8000 miles on a 2022 toyota tacoma, purchased new in august 2022, I have had two nitto ridge grappler sidewall failures. Each has happened at highway speeds (55-60 mph) with adequate pressure (35 psi). No objects or road hazards were encountered. Each tire displayed significant sidewall damage resulting in rapid loss of pressure (blowout). The passenger side front and driver side rear have both experienced the failure. This is a safety concern as a rapid decrease in pressure creates unstable driving conditions. So far, I have received no response from nitto or toyota regarding the failures. Instead, I am now required to purchase two new tires. I am concerned the other two will eventually fail on the sidewalls as well.
CategoryElectrical System, Visibility/wiper
DateDec 01, 2022
I purchased my vehicle (toyota tacoma trd pro) on september 23, 2022 and identified issues with all of the exterior cameras immediately. I scheduled an appointment with toyota to inspect the problem with blurry cameras on september 29, 2022, but they advised that all 2022 vehicles have similar blurriness issues. I also own a 2018 toyota highlander that has a much more crisp image, so I know toyota has a problem with the cameras. Fast forward to approximately november 20, 2022 when my first problem occurred. I was backing into a parking space that had a shopping cart that was left on the sidewalk behind my parking space. Knowing that I was clear to park, I proceeded to back into the space, but as I started to back up, the already blurry camera flared up because of the direct sunlight and I could not observe anything. It so happens that the shopping cart started to roll towards my parking spot and hit the bumper of my truck, because of the high tailgate I was not able to observe this moving cart in my mirrors. Because of the flared and blurry camera image, I could not see the cart and the minor collision occurred. There was no damage to either my truck or the cart, but this could have been a child or animal and could have resulted injury or loss of life. As I have learned, this particular camera cannot be relied upon for the safe viewing behind the vehicle as it was intended. As my vehicle is equipped with multiple front, side, and rear cameras and they are all blurry, I would presume the problem lies somewhere with the computer or image controlling board that the cameras are attached to. This issue has not been inspected by the police or insurance company as no loss occurred and there were not faults indicated on the vehicle. Toyota did state that this was the normal operation for all 2022 vehicles and I presume this is a widespread issue what will inevitably have dire consequences down the road. Please evaluate and encourage toyota to produce a fix.
CategoryService Brakes
DateOct 26, 2022
Truck has 3900 miles on it. From day 1, the brakes almost go down to the floor when sitting at a stop. If you press the brakes normally during driving, they seem to be okay, but if you sit at a stop, you can practically push the pedal to the floor. The only time I have ever experienced this is when you have a leak in the system or one of the brake components, such as the master cylinder, has failed. I spoke to one toyota dealer and they said that there is a seal in the master cylinder that goes bad. I took my truck to my local toyota dealer yesterday and they said that this was normal and that they have had other customers report the same issue. While I believe the dealer is going off the information that they have, I believe there is something truly wrong with these tacoma brakes. I am a little terrified to drive this truck because of what could happen if I have to suddenly brake hard. I work on cars as a hobby and have done many brake repairs over the years and I have never encountered a situation like this one. The pedal is too spongy and should never go near the floor. It's unsettling, especially to those that work on cars and know how brakes are to feel and function. I think this issue needs to be investigated and toyota needs to come forward and admit that there is an issue with the tacoma brakes or post a bulletin assuring customers that this is normal operation. The dealers should not have to keep telling people that the brakes are ok.
DateAug 25, 2022
2022 toyota tacoma. Consumer stated that the new windshield design on vehicle has caused blind spots.
CategoryAir Bags, Seat Belts
DateAug 17, 2022
The truck was rear ended on 8/15 by a car going 45 miles per hour at a stop light. The air bag sensor went on and air bag did not deploy. It did not deploy when it should have. Both passenger and driver seatbelt did not lock. They did not lock. That sensor is also on. Was contacted by dealer after they were notified air bag went off when it did not go off and should have gone off. Seatbelts did not lock on impact causing injury. Car is not drivable due to these sensors and life saving features not working. Sensors are on. Insurance company says car can not be driven it is unsafe. Both driver and passenger went to emergency room. It is our sons car who is in college in colorado.
DateAug 09, 2022
There is a recall on the rear seat anchor and no remedy listed nd its almost been a month. I have two small children that use my truck as their primary transportation because we are a one car family. No dealership will issue me a loaner car. My children have no way to get to school because toyota can not make reliable and safe vehicles.
CategoryUnknown Or Other
DateJul 22, 2022
Our nonprofit agency raised funds to purchase a brand new ,000 tacoma for our food bank deliveries and when it was shipped to molokai from oahu, the air conditioner does not work. With the current heat wave, it is a danger! I called the sales dept, who referred me to management, who referred me to customer care who referred me to service dept who referred me to customer care again who referred me to sales. I called 7 different entities... An endless loop. No one will help us. There is no "authorized " toyota dealer on our island and it will cost me 00+ to ship it to honolulu, just to have someone tell us what's wrong. I don't even believe this is the way the mission and vision of toyota is carried out. The way we have been treated and devalued as a cash paying customer is beyond ethical. As a customer who just did massive fundraising to make a cash purchase for our non-profit agency of a once in a life time vehicle, I don't think I should have been disrespected, devalued, ignored or told to pay to ship the truck back at an expense of 00+ to the agency. Its a new truck!!!!!! The air conditioner does not work at all. It blows hot air. The vehicle has 23 miles on the odometer and to me, that is a new truck that should have worked. However, I realize also, things can be defective, that is why there is a warranty. But we should not have to pay for the shipping, to have a mechanic on oahu look at it. We have plenty of mechanics on our island, but no "authorized" dealer. I offered to pay for the toyota mechanic to fly over as that would be cheaper, but no one agreed to doing that. I offered the services of certified mechanics here on island to fix it and submit the bill to toyota but this too was denied. I don't see how this behavior is in alignment with the vision and guiding principles of the toyota company's mission as I read it online. I am completely shocked at the callous way I was treated and how no one will assist beyond telling me to call someone else.
CategoryService Brakes
DateJul 10, 2022
When starting especially in the morning my brake pedal is very mushy and goes very near the floor. When driving and have to break it sometimes goes down a little too far. The dealer said this was normal. I do not feel it is safe. I've never had a vehicle do this. If this is safe I don't want it.
CategoryPower Train
DateMay 28, 2022
When stopped on an hill and depressing the throttle lightly the "hill assist" disengages and allows the vehicle to roll backwards. The 1st time this occurred I had a trailer in drive and it rolled backwards breaking a taillight in a jack-knife situation. I took the vehicle to my dealership were the vehicle was checked and no problem was found. They refused to replaced the tail light as no problem was found. The 2nd time was in congested traffic moving at a snails pace. On a steep hill stop and start traffic. When I slowly applied throttle the vehicle "hill assist" disengaged and the vehicle rolled backwards. Appling more throttle finally caused the transmission to engage. Now knowing how this occurred I was able to recreate again and again. I again took the vehicle to my dealership even taking my salesman and the service technician on test drives showing them the safety concern. I was again told that no problems were found. I then took my wife on a test ride to show her how the vehicle could roll backwards on a hill in stop and go traffic. During this drive once the vehicle not only started to roll backwards but when the throttle was depressed more the vehicle stalled and continued to roll backwards until I moved my foot from the throttle to the brake. As the engine was off additional effort was required in depressing the brake. The steering was also harder to turn. Had I rolled an additional 12 feet I would have backed into a retaining wall on the passenger side. My wife has decided to take a different routes to avoid hills that have stop and go traffic. I called toyota filed case # 220407001182 which they declined to repair the taillight and told me that the vehicle operated as designed and no problems were found. They did tell me if I felt the vehicle was unsafe not to drive it. They indicated they would not provide documentation on the decision. Owners manual doesn't indicate vehicle can roll backwards as "hill assist" disengages. Safety issue
CategoryElectrical System, Vehicle Speed Control:accelerator Pedal
DateMar 22, 2022
The contact owns a 2022 toyota tacoma. The contact stated that while parked outside his residence and while depressing the brake pedal, the vehicle accelerated on its own. The contact stated that vehicles steering wheel had locked and he was not able to stop the vehicle , causing him to crash into his neighbors home. The contact stated that no warning lights had illuminated at the time the failure occurred. The contact stated that the police was contacted and a police report was filed. There were no injuries reported. The contact stated that the police then had the vehicle towed to a tow yard. The contact stated that he then contacted the manufacturer who advised him that would contact him within 72 hours. The contact stated that he had not contacted the dealer. The failure mileage was 3,500.

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  • Marcel g

    2022 Tacoma sport trd manual 4+4 … 4k not problems it’s like a great tool ,Toyota has pride in their cars they stand by their products, after so many years have passed after purchase ,they must stAy true to customers wishes in their production line ,

  • Elvis A

    Tacoma 2022 con 6.000 millas La transmisión presenta falla

    Translation: Transmission failure on a 2022 Tacoma with 6,000 miles

  • harold g

    2020 tacoma Front drivers seat upper portion leaning to right side. Unable to be comfortable resulting to back aches.

  • Carlos

    Hola tengo una tacoma 2022 en 15 días de compra he pasado 2 veces por problemas de sistema de recarga de batería no han podido resolver el problema y dicen que todo esta bien pero la alerta persiste que
    Debo hacer gracias

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