2022 Toyota 4Runner Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Electrical system & seating issues are among the top complaints by vehicle owners

By Brian Jones | Updated on

By Brian Jones | Updated on

The 2022 Toyota 4Runner is a top choice for busy families in the country. The automaker claims it helps owners “adventure in style,” helping to make it even more appealing. However, what customers aren’t told is that there could be a defective electrical system and that the seats are uncomfortable.

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NHTSA Complaints for the 2022 Toyota 4Runner

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Unknown Or Other
Air Bags
Vehicle Speed Control
Forward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking
Service Brakes
Forward Collision Avoidance: Adaptive Cruise Control
Electrical System
Forward Collision Avoidance: Warnings
Lane Departure: Warning
Seat Belts:critical Fasteners

Problems with the Electrical System

When it comes to driving a new SUV, families demand the latest features and they must work well. Yet, there are lots of people airing grievances about this electrical system.

Here’s one comment from a KBB review. “Sirius radio update fees are irritating.”

Aside from unwanted fees, previous Toyota models were the subject of class-action lawsuits due to the defective electrical system. In these models, the Bluetooth connection causes echoes when talking on the phone. The problem gave new meaning to the saying, “Can you hear me now?” For now, the 4Runner is only intended for customers who want to completely disconnect from everyone they love while driving, because it’s very likely no one will hear the caller when it matters the most. What a way to “adventure.”

Problems with the Seats

Sadly, the 2022 4Runner doesn’t seem to prioritize comfort either. Many complaints are surfacing about the uncomfortable seats.

Here’s one to look at from the KBB website. “The seats are not comfortable for long road trips.”

How can anyone expect Toyota to create a well-built SUV that includes comfortable seating? The automaker doesn’t even understand the basics of a fuel system, as seen by a massive recall that occurred on previous models a couple of years ago. With 700,000 Toyota vehicles recalled because of a defective fuel pump, the service centers became filled with 4Runners and other affected models. Customers were without their SUV for months some times but were still required to pay the monthly payments. If they chose to continue driving the SUV, they were put at risk because of this dangerous defect.

With this knowledge in hand, it becomes clear why Toyota isn’t focused on creating supportive seats. The company has much bigger things going on, such as catching up after all those fuel pump replacements. It would appear that customers should just be grateful that the 2022 4Runner isn’t going to burst into flames – yet.

Your Lemon Law Legal Rights

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Complaint Data

CategoryUnknown Or Other
DateNov 20, 2022
Nov. 10 trailer light connection on vehicle would not stay connected. I got under car to make connection using tape to keep the flap from coming down and pulling connection loose. Drove to yazoo city to deliver lawn mower and on return the connection had come loose again. Nov. 14 went to jackson toyota for help. Asked help from my salesman. He sent me to service where I asked 3 service people for help. Finally, after I got extremely upset at the overall lack of knowledge as to where this connection is or how it works, I was sent to ricks pro trucks in gluckstat, ms where I got help. My trailer had recently been rewired so it was not at fault like dealership suggested. I got down to check another vehicle like mine and it had the same impossible connection. I must have lights to legally pull my trailer on the highway. I believe the design and placement of this part on these vehicles is faulty thus making this an on road danger for this particular model vehicle.
CategoryAir Bags
DateSep 01, 2022
I was hit in drivers side by a vehicle that ran a red light, going approx 40 mph. The force of the collision pushed me into another vehicle. My car was new in march, had 7100 miles on it, and none of the airbags deployed, sidecurtain or steering wheel. I suffered a concussion and severe bruising.
CategoryForward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking, Service Brakes, Vehicle Speed Control
DateAug 16, 2022
On numerous occasions, while driving in a straight line with our adaptive cruise control on, our 2022 toyota 4runner will automatically actuate the vehicle's brakes when approaching a slower or stationary vehicle that is either to the left or right, but not directly in front of our vehicle. This sudden speed reduction has almost caused any following vehicles to almost collide with the back of our 4runner. It has happened to us at speeds between 30 mph and 65 mph. When it happens, one has to quickly tap the brakes to deactivate the adaptive cruise control then get on the accelerator pedal to avoid a collision with any following vehicle. We have taken our 4runner into two separate toyota dealerships on three separate occasions to have this problem diagnosed and repaired. The first dealership told us repeatedly that there is no issue. The second dealership pulled data from our vehicle and made an adjustment to the 4runner's forward camera system. Unfortunately, the day after this adjustment was made our 4runner irrationally applied the brakes when we were driving 35 mph on a straight road with no other vehicle in front of us. The problem is not fixed. We are now waiting for a response from toyota corporate.
CategoryUnknown Or Other
DateJul 01, 2022
During daytime driving and the sun is over head the glare on the instrument panel is so bad I am unable to view any of the gages. I have to drive with my hand over the dash to block the glare so my speed etc is visible. I can't tint the entire front window which is what I feel like I would have to do to stop the problem.
CategoryForward Collision Avoidance: Adaptive Cruise Control, Unknown Or Other, Vehicle Speed Control
DateApr 06, 2022
Unknown vehicle won't take speed. Only reaches 30 miles an hour, thereafter vehicle starts to excessively shake. Lane assist does not function.
CategoryElectrical System, Forward Collision Avoidance: Warnings, Lane Departure: Warning
DateFeb 14, 2022
I purchased a 2022 toyota 4runner and 9 days later the wiring harness was destroyed by rodents most like squirrels. Toyota switched to soy based wire insulation without taking precautions in the design to protect the wiring from rodents attracted to the insulation material. The resulting damage cost 00 to repair and it will take months for the harness to be in stock. This failure caused all safety features to be disabled leaving the vehicle without standard safety functions.
CategorySeat Belts:critical Fasteners, Seat Belts:front
DateFeb 07, 2022
The contact owns a 2022 toyota 4-runner. The contact stated while driving at undisclosed speed, the contact pulled into a parking lot and parked the vehicle. The contact attempted to exit the vehicle but was stuck in the front driver's seat. The contact stated that the seat belt would not release from the buckle and the retractor would not adjust out of place. The contact called the local police department who arrived at the scene and helped to loosen the seat belt retractor from the upper body and neck where the seat buckle finally loosened up and was released. The failure also recurred with the front driver's and passenger's side seats. The contact took the vehicle to a local dealer who inspected the vehicle but was unable to duplicate the failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The failure mileage was approximately 100.
CategoryAir Bags
DateDec 29, 2021
The contact owns a 2022 toyota 4runner. The contact stated that the passenger's side air bag would not activate while the contact's wife was seated in the front passenger's seat. The contact had to put weights on his wife's legs to activate the passenger's side air bag. The dealer was made aware of the failure but informed the contact that was the way the vehicle was manufactured and could not be modified. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The failure mileage was approximately 200.
CategoryBack Over Prevention: Camera System
DateDec 08, 2021
The contact owns a 2022 toyota 4runner. The contact stated that while reversing the vehicle, the back over prevention camera display was blurry. The vehicle was taken to the dealer and diagnosed that it was a normal characteristic of the vehicle. The dealer informed the contact to utilize the mirrors primarily as the cameras were used for secondary checks. The dealer informed the manufacturer of the failure, and a case was opened. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was approximately 20.

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  • Answer M

    2017 4 TRD Pro 4 Runner purchased new. Entune system is junk and has never worked properly. Dealer cannot fix after repeated tries. Dealer replaced the intire Entune Radio but still have the same problem in that the QUICK MESSAGE only works about 10% of the time for some calls and not at all for most other calls. It reports the following error message: ” A problem occured while sending the message. Would you like to retry?”. Retry never works. This is a Hands Free law state as well. This defect or inadequate engineering design is dangerous.

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