2022 Subaru Outback Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Electrical, powertrain and steering issues are among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

We are investigating reported defective windshield issues with this vehicle. Did your windshield crack unexpectedly? Find out if you are eligible for compensation.

All-wheel drive fun can be found in the 2022 Subaru Outback. The manufacturer states it provides
“adventure, elevated.” However, current owners are finding more adventure than they bargained for with the defective electrical system, malfunctioning powertrain, failing steering and dangerous visibility.

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Problems with the Electrical System

A well-functioning electrical system is the key to creating a great family ride. However, this sophisticated system is causing more trouble than it is worth.

One Edmunds review states, “Subaru has wrecked an otherwise great car with its stupid touch screen panel that controls damn near everything. Besides being slow and not intuitive, the screen icons need to be pressed exactly right or they don’t work. Thus, you need to really take your eyes off the road to use the damn thing, which makes it downright dangerous, in addition to being a huge annoyance. Most troublesome is the fan speed icons. They should have made the touch screen area bigger for those. I use them all of the time and invariably I miss. A simple toggle switch would be so much better.”

It seems that Subaru hasn’t learned much over the years. It wasn’t that long ago that several model year Outback models were involved in proposed class action lawsuits because electrical system defects were leading to battery failure. There’s nothing quite as adventurous as heading out to the car in the morning only to be met with a dead battery. Wonder how long the boss will take that as an excuse for being late?

Problems with the Powertrain

Over the years, Subaru has shifted from making reliable transmissions to pieces of junk. Most customers are tired of the problems.

Just look at this Edmunds review. “I have had my car in the shop for over 25 days diagnosing an engine jerk just shortly after start-up. The conclusion is this is normal for Subaru transmissions to act in this manner. I have never owned or seen a car act in this manner. It’s actually quite annoying and makes me wonder how long before the transmission will start giving out. This makes me think long and hard if I will patronize Subaru again.”

Subaru knows that there are issues with the current transmission design. Service Bulletin #16-132-20R outlines the problems with a slipping chain with the TR580 and TR690 transmissions, causing a slew of unhappy customers. The stack of mad customers is piling up very quickly, becoming quite “elevated.”

Problems with Steering

Controlling the vehicle should be priority number one, which requires good steering. However, these Subaru models fall short of the mark.

Here’s one NHTSA complaint to read. “After 20 years of driving experience that’s probably the first car where I feel unsafe. Once in my life I had such experience which I have every day right now. It was hydroplaning on the very wet road. In another words it feels like driving under strong side wind or really wet/slippy road and car not under my full control. I already had five visits in two different Subaru dealerships. They twice did wheels allignment. But it didn’t help. The last my visit they told they can’t find and reproduce the issue. I guess I can be close my eyes for another issue but that’s can be dangerous not only but another guys on the road.”

For now, Subaru hasn’t released any information about steering trouble. But, it won’t take long until many drivers lose control and the attention is focused where it needs to be. Until then, people driving behind the Subaru Outback might think the operator is just drunk.

Problems with Windshield Cracking

Seeing clearly is something everyone takes for granted when getting in the car, but it’s become a luxury for those in the Outback.

Just check out this NHTSA review. “I feel like I should be creating 2 complaints but I have 4,400 miles have had it since September of 2021 it is currently November on a 22′ Outback wilderness and are now looking at replacing a second windshield. Driving on normal city highways and avoiding 18 wheelers. Both times the impact from what should have been just a rock chip was minimal and it didn’t even chip just immediately cracks negating any chance of a remedy with chip repair. We had a 2018 Forester and never had issues like this. Not even certain the second one was a rock chip, to be honest just suddenly was there and didn’t hear or see a rock. $2,000 in windshields in 3 months. Lovely…”

Subaru has been involved in lots of criticism for windshield integrity over the years. It looks like this continues to be a defect that hasn’t been changed. When will Subaru learn that customers are leaving the brand by droves because the level of adventure has become too expensive and stressful? No one wants to be scared every time a rock grazes the windshield.

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