2022 Jeep Wrangler Problems and Top Complaints

Electrical, steering, and fuel system problems are among the top complaint issues received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

The 2022 Jeep Wrangler is punted as being “tried, tested, and Trail Rated,” and “a legend that keeps evolving.” But, as an 80-year-old brand that is supposedly the original icon of adventure, it’s been causing owners some unwanted adventure in recent years. Jeep wrangler owners have all kinds of problems, from faulty fuse boxes and false error codes to malfunctioning brakes and defective steering

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Most Common Problems

Some alarming issues affected the previous year’s Jeep Wrangler. A large percentage seems to impact the potential safety of the model, including serious steering defects.

Unfortunately, complaints to the NHTSA indicate that steering is also an issue with the 2022 model.

Although there is no single, identifiable problem, engine problems top the list of NHTSA complaints in terms of numbers. There are also a lot of complaints about the electrical system, most of which are also filed in the category, Engine.

Complaints to the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) cover a range of different components. In addition to those already mentioned, complaints are also filed under Fuel/Propulsion System, Power Train, Service Brakes, Structure, Suspension, Vehicle Speed Control, and Wheels.

These include other recurring issues from the 2021 model including error code malfunctions and faulty brakes.

A complaint filed under Electrical System, Service Brakes, and Engine describes a crash.

“The Wrangler accelerated while doing regenerative braking or while my foot was on the brake,” it states. This resulted in the Jeep crashing into a building, and the police were called to the scene of the accident.

“My safety and my child’s safety was put at risk … Those inside the building were also at risk. The problem has not been reproduced yet as the incident just happened.”

The complainant, from Iowa, states that insurance would be inspecting the vehicle. She intended to file a claim with Jeep too.

“I was running it in full electric mode and I don’t remember any issues.” Additionally, the Wrangler had recently been rewired.

2022 Jeep Wrangler Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Electrical System
Power Train
Unknown Or Other
Fuel/propulsion System
Vehicle Speed Control
Exterior Lighting
Service Brakes

Problems with the Engine

Complaints to the NHTSA about engine problems are varied. Here are two examples.

Wrangler Stalls

An owner from California was driving at about 25-30 mph when the Wrangler “completely died and the D on the gear shift started blinking.” She said she wasn’t able to get to the side of the road because of traffic.

“My husband and I were at risk of being rear ended as the car died without any warning. There was also a large CLUNK sound when it died.”

Coolant Issues

An owner from Illinois states that the “check engine” light went on for the first time when there were only about 2,286 miles on the clock.

“The dealer indicated it was a ‘coolant issue’ but did not provide any additional information. I dropped off my vehicle for repair on 4/25/22 at my local dealer. The vehicle was not fixed until 5/4/22.

“The check engine light went on for a second time on 5/29/22. When taking the vehicle to my local auto store the report indicated another ‘coolant’ issue. This should not be happening on a new car with less than 4,000 miles on it and 3 months old.”

Liberty Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram confirmed the diagnosis. But the owner has serious concerns:

  1. This could be a sign of additional issues, especially with under 5,000 miles on the vehicle.
  2. Unless Jeep fixes the problem, the vehicle is at risk of serious malfunction while driving. This could put the safety of the driver and passengers at risk of “a serious accident and even the possibility of death.”
  3. Continuous coolant malfunctions will put the engine block at risk which would be a serious safety and financial issue.

“The more stress on the engine and components the lifespan of the vehicle could be diminished and resale value severely affected. There were no indications of anything wrong with the vehicle prior to the check engine light coming on in both instances.”

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Electrical System Problems

Several owners report faulty codes that seem to be an electrical system problem. Another issue is the fuse box.

Faulty Error Codes

An owner from Tennessee reports multiple faulty messages in a 2022 Wrangler with only 12 miles on the clock. It happened after driving home, parking, and locking the vehicle.

“Later in the evening when I went to get into the vehicle the key fob would not unlock the vehicle. Went to unlock it with the key and anti theft was engaged.”

Then there were multiple messages from Sirius Guardian “stating our vehicle was stolen.” Not only was the Wrangler still at the house, they were “unable to shut the alarm off, unlock or lock the vehicle, or start the vehicle. No warning deployed on UConnect, just through Guardian, but the vehicle is immovable and inoperable.”

A North Carolina owner also reports error messages.

“While coasting or braking, (a) message appears stating performance limited service fuel system. Fuel economy is affected, as well.”

An owner from California had owned a brand new 2022 Wrangler for two days when the error codes started. “I went to start it in my garage and (the) instrument panel lights all started flashing. It was cycling through all of the error codes with emergency lights flashing and would not start.”

It restarted after a couple of hours, but the check engine light stayed on. “I test drove the vehicle around the block and it stopped in traffic.”

The owner had it towed to the dealership and filed the complaint two weeks later. The first diagnosis was a shifter, which they replaced. Then they said “it is the entire wiring harness.”

The dealership staff were unable to reset the error codes and refused to acknowledge that the vehicle was safe to drive.

“I am not comfortable putting my family in this vehicle.”

Fuse Seating Issues

Another owner from California maintains that his 2022 Wrangler has fuse seating issues. His complaint states:

“During routine driving at highway speed, the vehicle’s electronic stability control (ESC) warning light illuminated on the dashboard. Within seconds, the vehicle’s check engine light (CEL) also illuminated. At that point, the vehicle stalled without battery or engine power via any internal combustion or battery power. I was able to safely coast the vehicle to the side of the road narrowly avoiding any accident.

“I shut off the vehicle hoping this was some sort of electronic error since the vehicle only had 800 miles. However, when restarting the vehicle, both warning lights still remained illuminated and would not clear. I was able to successfully have the vehicle taken back to my home while inoperable.”

The owner did some research via relevant forums and discovered that many other Jeep 4XE owners claim their vehicles have fuse seating issues. So, he inspected the fuse box and found “nearly 15 fuses were improperly seated. Once seated by me, I was able to start the vehicle and the ESC and CEL light cleared.”

While the vehicle is operating normally, he says: “My wife and I live in permanent fear that this type of vehicle will stall again and we will be unable to dodge traffic to coast to the shoulder.”

His request is for the NHTSA to inspect the vehicle and its components.

Problems with the Steering

As mentioned above, steering defects were a serious problem with the previous model Jeep Wrangler. You can read more about this issue in another article we published. This refers to what has been dubbed a severe “death wobble.”

A 2022 Wrangler owner has a similar complaint. Test driving the new vehicle on a highway at 70 mph, “the steering wheel acting out and feeling loose. It was a very short drive. The dealership personnel reassured me that everything was fine with the car and I would be safe while driving it.

“I was ready to drive back home to Corpus Christi. Unfortunately, the 140 mile ride turned into a nightmare. After speeding to 60 mph on the highway, the car started acting weird. The wheel felt loose, the steering not under control. The next curve on the road, and I completely lost control over the car; the car just went into the right lane, and I was lucky the truck behind managed to stop. And then it happened again when I was slowing down. I had to stop to calm down. I was shaking and was scared to keep driving home.”

The journey home took more than three hours traveling no faster than 50 mph.

When the dealership checked and test-drove the vehicle, they found “a wobble when hitting a bump.” They changed a part, but “the main problem of the loose steering wheel hasn’t been fixed. At higher speeds the wheel goes left and right, and the car does not follow. I don’t have control of the vehicle and it goes into the right lane on its own. Very unsafe!”

Your Lemon Law Legal Rights

Even though you know in advance what components of the 2022 Jeep Wrangler might be problematic, it’s impossible to identify a lemon on the shop floor.

If you find your new Wrangler is a lemon, Lemberg Law can help you. If it is a lemon, we can negotiate a replacement vehicle, buyback, or refund at no cost to you. The law makes the manufacturer, in this case, Stellantis, pay lemon law legal fees.

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  • XKPin

    Steering Comment, my 2-cents: My 2022 Wrangler steering acted just as the article described. I live in a rural area and the paved road is, well, has ‘paved. . . .’ That said, I was always fighting the Wrangler driving home. We have several blind tight curves and handling was very sloppy. All my other vehicles have TRACKING but they NEVER acted like this!
    So I did some experimenting. I turned OFF the TRACKING and the steering improved dramatically! My assessment is that every bump caused me to fight the tracking program. With the tracking OFF, my Wrangler actually handles kinda ‘sporty’ in the same turns which caused earlier problems. Perfect handling, dependable handling, everywhere every time.
    My successful experimenting with the steering encouraged me to look into the clutch engagement issue I was having with 1st gear. Never seemed to be consistent. I’ve had a TJ, YJ, Suzuki Samurai and plethora of trucks – all with standard shifting. This was the most cantankerous clutch engagement I ever dealt with! I turned the HILL ASSIST OFF and what an improvement on every gradient or no grade! I no longer drive the Wrangler clutch like a 1st week novice.
    You know the clutch Recall for the Wranglers? I believe this IS the issue. I have 26K miles on my 2022 and the clutch never once gave me cause for concern AFTER turning the Hill Assist OFF.
    I love my Jeep but I feel IT has over-engineered the vehicle. I also appreciate the capability to cutout these ‘pre-planned qualities.’
    Ahhhh. . . . but I digress, I checked into this article because I thought I might have overlooked a steering wheel lock not mentioned in the manual. Seems the steering wheel can be turned, the emergency brake released and the transmission shifted into neutral by anyone with a rollback and theft in mind. Sure wish the steering locked mechanically. I have addressed this concern accordingly.
    Thanks for the article – nicely done. Please don’t call. My military service had not been kind to my ears.

  • Doug

    Well I had exactly that problem at 5,000kms. Told the dealer in Mexico exactly what it was and like you was told it’s fuel. They reset the engine system. Light came on again, noises were getting worse so at 10,000 service told same again they did the same. 20,000 this time in Monterrey. Same reply. Reset the warning system drive out of there on my way to Colorado, noises worse. So in the end it was camshaft 2 lifter and an ignition coil all replaced. No other issues.

  • Ed C

    Replace the engine’s lifters and have the oil pump pressure checked.

  • Raymond S

    I both a jeep wrangler unlimited (e-torque) 2022 1yer ago, in Autocentro de Caguas Puerto Rico and after 10,000 miles this lifter noise came up.
    I am being take the jeep to the dealer 3 times in the last 6 month because the noise it’s really an issue. I follow the dealer instruction on change the gasoline brand to minimize this noise and still heard the noise really bad, the dealer suggest adding a gas boots and still the same, every week and every month is worst, they said don’t worry because this is normal.
    I’dont undertand how a bought a jeep almost 50k and the noise is like normal, and it seems like is not real.
    Jeep is Jeep and the brand talk by them self. How can addresses this issue.?

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