2022 Honda Pilot Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Issues with the powertrain, brakes and braking system are among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

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The 2022 Honda Pilot is meant to be a family-friendly SUV designed for the long haul. The automaker claims it is “made for the bold.” Yet, customers can’t deal with the boldness of the defects, including the glitchy electrical system, faulty engine and malfunctioning service brakes.

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Most Common Problems

The most common problems owners of the 2022 Honda Pilot complain about relate to forward collision avoidance and the vehicle’s brakes and braking system. Drivers report that the SUV frequently flashes BRAKE when there is no reason to brake. There are also major issues with auto braking.

Powertrain issues also rank at the top of the list of complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) along with electrical problems. But electrical problems are sometimes linked to brake issues. One that isn’t, states very simply: “Doors open while running, (the) car still driving if suddenly open the door.” That is kind of scary!

Other components and systems mentioned in NHTSA complaints are backover prevention, the engine, fuel/propulsion system, structure, and vehicle speed control. Some are mentioned in conjunction with one another.

2022 Honda Pilot Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Forward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking
Unknown Or Other
Electrical System
Service Brakes
Forward Collision Avoidance: Warnings
Forward Collision Avoidance: Adaptive Cruise Control
Power Train
Fuel/propulsion System

Brake Problems

Complaints about brake issues are varied. In some cases dealers have been able to identify the problem, in others, not.

An owner from Pennsylvania had brake problems after only 200 miles.

The complaint reads, “SUV (Honda Pilot 2022) continues to brake and lose power after (the brake pedal has been released, causing unsafe and uncontrolled stopping. (No warning lights or errors). We have almost been rear-ended due to this.”

The dealer replaced the antilock brake module. “After repairs, (the) SUV seemed to brake normally for about one week. Then (it) started doing the same thing again but way worse, to the point we didn’t think we could make it home. The sticking brakes, (and) loss of power to the SUV got so bad that it was unsafe to operate, and was towed to the dealer awaiting another repair…in shop now two times with less than 500 miles for the exact same safety issue. This braking issue could possibly cause serious accidents if not remedied soon. Hearing stories other 2022 Hondas are dealing with this issue as well….hoping no one gets seriously hurt if (this) issue is left unaddressed.”

Another braking-related complaint states that “while driving at various speeds, the braking system would erroneously activate causing the vehicle to abruptly reduce speed. Additionally, while operating the vehicle, the brake lights would randomly flash on and off. The cause of the failure was not yet determined.” This Pilot had only 1,000 miles on the clock.

When it comes to braking issues, Honda has chosen not to release any documentation at this time. For now, the automaker remains quiet, who knows why?

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Forward Collision Avoidance Problems & Brakes

There are also no manufacturer communications shared with the NHTSA by Honda about issues regarding forward collision avoidance. Yet all 5 complaints about this involve the Pilot’s braking system.

The first of these is from an owner from California who describes how, while driving on the freeway, the SUV braked “without me pressing the brake. In what has become a common problem, “There were no vehicles in front of me to trigger the Automatic Brakes sensors. The brake warning light turned on and began flashing. I was almost hit from the back by the car behind me.”

An owner from Texas describes how the Collision Mitigation Braking System “has almost gotten me rear-ended (and almost got me punched by one of them who thought I slammed on my brakes on purpose.) It’s a long story that you can read on the NHTSA website.

Other complaints describe how the SUV flashes “BRAKE” when there clearly isn’t any reason to brake. For example: “When driving on highways and interstate the vehicle flashes BRAKE when the is no reason to brake. This happens multiple times per day, in my commute.”

As an owner from Utah states, “This is a very dangerous and possibly fatal flaw. The issue is definitely ongoing.”

Powertrain Problems

Complaints about the 2022 Pilot powertrain are generally combined with engine complaints.

Both these complaints are from people in different parts of California.

Someone who leased a brand new 2022 Honda Pilot states that two weeks later “it developed a severe leaking problem with the transmission.” The original dealer replaced the transmission. “There was some sort of metallurgical fault or defect with the transmission casing, necessitating replacement of the entire transmission. The vehicle had less than 500 miles (on the clock) when this happened.”

The second complaint is from an owner. “On several occasions, while driving, my vehicle would not accelerate when I pressed the gas pedal. It stalls and then bursts forward. I have noticed that it is more prevalent when I drive off. I have taken my car to the dealer service center, and they said they could not replicate the issue.”

Aside from this problem, there are 11 manufacturer communications on file with the NHTSA. These include various technical service bulletins (TCBs) and other documentation released to dealers. One of these discusses how the CD players won’t work following an OTA update. However, Honda’s response to the matter is that “This issue is a normal occurrence, but it’s not a hardware issue.”

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  • Ang S

    Just purchased a used Honda Certified 2022 Pilot and have experienced the brake lights flashing when there isn’t a vehicle or object in front of me. It seems like the vehicle shakes a little bit when slowing down to stop, regardless of the road conditions (asphalt, gravel) which is concerning to me.

  • Eric B

    My Honda pilot slams on the brakes and on turns, my Honda link never worked also the transmission skips and seems to lose power

  • Eric B

    My 2022 Honda pilot slams the brakes on and recognizes cars across the road. HondaLink has never worked and it leaks transmission fluid

  • Mark

    My 2022 Pilot Elite constantly applies the brakes (hard pulsating)and the steering wheel shakes in both directions. Usually happens on long sweeping right turns as cars approach in their lane, the car thinks they are dangerously in front of me (They are not). No matter how many times it happens it always scares the hell out of me. This is the worst Accident avoidance system I have ever seen. Twice it has forced me off the road in to the rocky shoulder. Mechanic says “Unable to duplicate”. Been doing this since new, now with 6000 miles it is just getting annoying and seems very unsafe to me.

  • Ellie

    My 2022 Honda has only 3300 miles and going over rough roads the rear right side is thumping loudly…it is very annoying and Honda says it’s the nature of the beast, I don’t accept that. I also get the big BRAKE announcement when I am alone on a road an no one else is in sight, it happens often and the steering wheel jerks.

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