2022 Genesis G80 Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Electrical system and lane departure issues are among the top complaints to the NHTSA from vehicle owners

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The 2022 Genesis G80 is the type of car people dream about when looking for a luxury model. After all, the automaker boasts of the beauty, performance and features by stating it is “creating tomorrow, today.” But customers are complaining about electrical and navigation system problems that affect their safety.

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Most Common Problems with the 2022 G80

Electrical system problems that impact navigation are the most common issues reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). There are also problems that affect the car alarm. Various structural issues are discussed on other platforms, including a popular Genesis forum.

Additionally, there is a recall (NHTSA Campaign Number 23V094000) for 65,517 Genesis vehicles including the 2021-2023 Genesis G80. The issue is that these vehicles have seat belt pretensioners that may explode when they are deployed. When a seat belt pretensioner explodes, it is likely to project metal fragments into the vehicle that could strike and injure occupants.

The recall was originally filed for 978 Genesis and Hyundai Elantra vehicles in November 2021. It was issued after a pretensioner “deployed abnormally” in a 2021 Hyundai Elantra vehicle during a crash and metal fragments injured an occupant’s leg. Hyundai then discovered “a suspect production lot containing pyrotechnic-type pretensioners that may deploy abnormally during a crash.” At the time, they didn’t know the cause of the “abnormal deployment.”

In the latest recall, issued in February 2023, Hyundai states that vehicles previously recalled under the original recall “will need to have the new remedy completed.” The new remedy is a cap that will secure the seat belt pretensioners.

2022 Genesis G80 Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Electrical System
Electrical System:instrument Panel:speedometer/odometer
Lane Departure: Assist
Lane Departure: Warning
Unknown Or Other

Problems with the Electrical System

If a company is going to charge top dollar for a luxury automobile, it should be built to the highest standards possible. Blank navigation screens aren’t acceptable to motorists, even less so when dealerships can’t fix them. Nor are alarms that activate randomly.

Navigation System Issues

An owner who had been driving a new 2022 Genesis G80 RWD 2.5T Prestige for less than 500 miles experienced navigation failure. “I got a message on my dashboard that said ‘Check Lane Change Assist Function.” It had a picture of the road and a left and right arrow on, along with a triangle and the information icon inside it. After 20 seconds the 15.5 navigation screen goes completely blank.”

But it’s not just the screen that’s the problem, because the navigation system controls more than just the screen. The complaint continues, stating that this malfunction has happened every day. “We are very nervous about driving the car not knowing what else could go wrong electronically. I took it back to the dealer and they said they have no idea what is wrong. They told me that I was not the only person who has come into the dealership with the same issue. The dealer has no idea how to make any repairs.”

In another NHTSA complaint, the owner states that the navigation system freezes sporadically, and the instrument display panel gives incorrect information. The driver seat module is also defective. “The Speed Limit Display indicated 34 when the heated seat feature was turned on, but the posted speed limit was 55. Information sent to the vehicle by GCC was never located.” He isn’t not sure whether the navigation system received the information. But even more importantly, he is “concerned for short-circuit issues with the electrical system which may cause a fire.”

Alarm Problems

The owner of a 2022 G80 is highly frustrated because of the alarm that malfunctions continuously. Car alarm problems started three months after buying the sedan. Between April 23 and October 27, 2022, “the car alarm has activated itself approximately 100 times.” Most of the time it was possible to stop the alarm using the key fob. But sometimes the only solution was to drive or move the vehicle.

The complaint states that when the issue first started, he took the sedan to the local dealer for repairs. After a week, they said there was no problem, but replaced a rear sensor before returning it. Less than a week later, the problem recurred, but the dealer wouldn’t “take the car back for repairs.” He then complained in writing to Hyundai Claims. The claim was approved and he left the G80 with a different dealership. While it was still in the shop, the “loaner G80 alarm activated itself without cause.”

More than a week later, the second dealer reported that there was “no problem.” And just over a month after that, “the alarm reactivated itself twice.”

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Vehicle Structure Problems

Damaged paint and bodywork are highlighted in a discussion on Genesis Forums. A week after receiving a brand new 2022 Genesis G80 in May 2022, the new owner posted pics on the forum. “I purchased the car from (a) dealer in another region and he shipped the car to my city so I was not able to examine the car. When I received it, with time I found out that the car was full of paint swirls, scratches and a dent. I took it to a well known detailing company which polished the car, but unfortunately it did not resolve the issue. What do you suggest I should do since I already received and accepted the car? Is this normal? Or am I over-reacting?”

The owner of a 2022 GV80 responded saying that he had also had “some issues with the matte paint.” But these were minor in comparison. “I think whatever power wash they used had some wax in it.” This, he said, “caused some streaks that could be seen, but only when I was washing the car. I’d be pretty upset if I had a dent in a brand new car, it’s not like these things are inexpensive cars.”

Ultimately, the dealer who supplied the damaged car “offered to cover the polishing fees (which did not improve the paint) and also to cover the windows heat insulation shades. I now contacted them again regarding the dent and I am trying to reach out to Genesis headquarters and awaiting their response.”

What To Do If Your 2022 G80 is a Lemon

When problems recur and affect your use or the value of your 2022 G80, you might be right in thinking you’ve bought a lemon. Every year, auto manufacturers buy back, replace or pay cash settlements to thousands of lemon owners. So, if you think you have bought a lemon, reach out to Lemberg Law to help you get rid of the problem.

All you have to do is fill out a contact form or call our Helpline and we will assess your problems free of charge. The law says that Genesis must pay the legal fees of lemon law cases.

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