2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Tires and electrical system issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

By Brian Jones | Updated on

By Brian Jones | Updated on

When it comes to high-quality SUVs, few are as recognizable as the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee. While the automaker claims that this model has “the capacity for greatness,” some customers are quick to argue. In fact, there have been significant issues with both the tires and the electrical system.

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Problems with the Tires

The tires on an SUV can make or break the ride, especially if planning to head off-road. That’s where the problem comes in with the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Look at this Edmunds review for more information. “My biggest WTH is I bought an odd road Overland model with Quadra Trac II 4×4, Select Train management, and it comes with cheap Bridgestone Ecopia tires that aren’t designed for anything all terrain and have dangerous ratings for driving on snow/ice/slick surfaces. It’s awful buying a brand new $55K off road vehicle and immediately spending $1000 on decent all terrain tires.”

Sadly, Jeep hasn’t issued any correspondence to discuss the disappointment with customers. The silence is deafening, proving that Jeep isn’t really the brand that cares about customer desires or needs. After all, the automaker put together an off-road-focused SUV and didn’t put on special tires. Either the company really has no idea about off-roading or was simply too cheap to make the upgrade.

Problems with the Electrical System

In a search for greatness, everyone hoped that the electrical system would at least be up to par. However, this is yet another area that just lets the driver down.

Here’s a Cars.com review that illustrates just one of the problems. “The Sirius XM malfunctions, so I’m going to have to look into having that fixed.”

These are not concerns that new car owners should be thinking about. Once a driver signs on the dotted line, all systems should be a-go. However, this is only one of many electrical system issues, and Jeep is aware of what’s going on. Service Bulletin #S2008000185 talks about trouble with the Uconnect voice recognition options, while Service Bulletin #S2008000175 goes on to say that the 8.4″ touchscreen display is facing electrostatic discharge failure. What’s going to be next? With the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee, it’s anyone’s guess what might malfunction down the road. What is known is that this model comes nowhere near hitting the bar for greatness, but rather, should be happy to boast of its mediocrity instead.

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  • Ian M

    I purchased a brand new ( demo 9400 km) Jeep Grand Cherokee in Sept 2021.
    Laredo/Altitude with upgrades .

    I traded a 2017 Cherokee 3.2 litre with 140,000 km .. I had a 3.6 litre Dodge Journey R/T with 280,000 km prior to that..
    I’ve had Chyrlers my entire life and figured I knew how these vehicles perform and feel.

    Going to a Grand was in my mind a step up, with much of the same familiar equipment but in a newer -” box” with nice toys..Not quite as nice as the Cherokee Limited but larger .

    A quicker than normal test drive due to being familiar and actually testing other Manufacturers products and not finding anything i liked ( Honda/Acura/ Toyota) but I did like a Subaru Outback recently rented for vacation.Even the Subara model lacked in the ” toy” department but i was impressed with how ” tight” the machine was .

    Shortly after purchasing the Grand i decided I needed to prepare for winter by getting winter tires .
    Not having driven the Grand more than 500 km i put the winters on

    Problems become apparent but I can’t say if they were there prior.

    The winter tires were purchased at a tire retailer and 2 of the tires went on the vehicle in reverse direction.. I noticed this because I had to stop within about a half hour of the new tires being installed due to hearing what sounded like a wheel weight come of and hit the under carriage of the vehicle.

    Upon inspection I noticed the two tires installed in reverse.
    Back rto the shop to re do the job.

    Then constant shimmy/ vibration .
    So went to dealer for a ” road force ” balance which cost $299.with the winter tires on.
    This didn’t help – still constant vibration/ shimmy with high frequency but low intensity.

    So winter tires come off and go back to retailer .
    With the original tires ( ecopia) back on the problem was still there but less intense.

    Constant high frequency vibration … can feel shake in low back, arms and even abdomen.
    I drive 35,000 km highway a year – vibration throughout body and arms from driving is not desirable.

    With the original Ecopia tires back on — road test drive with service rep suggested it ws just firm suspension. BUT sales manager insisted on a road force test. Another ” road force ” tire balance but offered for free now by dealer..During the test it was found that one back tire had a severe gouge in it and they replaced the tire for free .
    I had planned on getting my winter tires from them now and got them installed 3 days later

    I will say that even after the back tire ws changed the vibration was still noticeable and even a tad more so since the air pressure was slightly higher by about 2 lbs .

    With the winter tires ( Blizzak) the road noise is substantially reduced ..( which I had not mentioned with the Ecopial

    The vibration is still constant regardless of the type of pavement – smooth surface is still awful

    So now after $2000 for new winter tires , rims and sensors —
    I am still experiencing the worst riding vehicle I’ve had in 40 years .

    Brand new 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    I guess I’ll be going back to dealer for a 6 time in 8 weeks.


    The vehicle now has 16,000 km with brand new winter tire set that I’m looking to trade in for ?
    Maybe a Subaru.

    I’ve never spent over $50 k for a car in my life .
    Even though I could have .
    I paid cash for this ( with a trade )

    But this may be the last Chrsler I ever buy .

    Sure there is road vibrations at times or even constant…….the vehicle feels everyone of them and transfers it to cabin

    I thought maybe a motor mount or drive Shaft weight or U joint??

    It’s brand new !!

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