2020 Lincoln Corsair Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

We found that backover prevention, electrical system, and brake problems are the most commonly reported.

Updated on Author: Brian Jones | Reviewer: Sergei Lemberg

The 2020 Lincoln Corsair is a very new SUV model that was originally designed to help owners “chart your course,” according to the automaker. But it’s not everything it’s made out to be. Having made its debut in 2019,the 2020 Corsair has been a disappointment for many owners. Complaints include major issues with the rear view camera, vital electrics, and the brakes.

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Analysis Overview

In terms of volume, the most common complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about the 2020 Lincoln Corsair relate to backover prevention and the electrical system. Backover prevention issues relate mostly to failures of the rearview camera. Electrical system issues include this same issue as well as systems shutting down and rats eating the soy-based wiring. Complaints also indicate problems with the brakes and forward collision avoidance.

Other components and systems indicated as being problematic in NHTSA complaints include the airbags, engine, fuel/propulsion system, powertrain,steering, structure, suspension, visibility, and wheels.

Incredibly, as of mid-2024, there are nearly a quarter as many recalls that apply to this vehicle as there are complaints! Maybe people who buy Lincoln Corsair vehicles don’t like to (or can’t be bothered to) voice their discontent. Or maybe they believe (and hope) that recalls will solve their problems.

Recalls Affecting the 2020 Lincoln Corsair

The number of recalls affecting the 2020 LIncoln Corsair are alarming. They indicate that there’s a whole lot wrong with this vehicle. It’s worth noting what these are if you believe you’ve bought a lemon — particularly if the automaker has not been able to fix your stated problems.

Most recalls relate to its faulty backover prevention system. The culprit here is the rearview camera, which may not display images properly — increasing the risk of a crash.

It’s not only the 2020 Corsair that is implicated in these rearview camera recalls. The very first recall affected 620,246 vehicles manufactured by Ford, including Lincoln vehicles. That was in September 2021, and there have been another three recalls since then for this issue.

The three other recalls affect the powertrain, seat belts, and suspension of these vehicles.

  • The powertrain recall is due to missing or loose bolts on the start-stop accumulator end cap. This can lead to a fluid leak that can result in a loss of transmission function that can cause a fire.
  • The seat belt recall is due to a fault in the warning system. This should activate an audible warning sound that alerts the driver if the seat belt isn’t buckled. The danger is that an unbelted seat belt increases the risk of injury if the vehicle crashes.
  • A recall due to a suspension issue is because rear coil springs are in danger of fracturing. This is a design issue, but it can become a road hazard if the spring separates and rolls into the road.

Open Investigation

Additionally, there is an open investigation for the 2020 Lincoln Corsair relating to non-compliance of the rearview camera. The issue relates to noncompliance described by Ford Motor Company of a third-party product. It is directly related to the recall. More specifically, it is “insufficient electrical conductivity within the printed circuit board (PCB) internal to the camera leading to intermittent rearview camera operation.”

Ford names the supplier of the cameras as Magna Electronics. Opened on August 3, 2021, the investigation was still open on June 7, 2024.

2020 Lincoln Corsair Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Electrical System
Unknown Or Other
Back Over Prevention: Sensing System: Camera
Service Brakes
Forward Collision Avoidance: Warnings
Air Bags
Back Over Prevention
Forward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking

Backover Prevention

Complaints about the Corsair backover prevention system have been ongoing since August 2020. The earliest batch of complaints highlights the problem. Some of the most recent complaints draw attention to parts for the recall repair not being available. Others state that the recall repair has led to problems.

A recent complaint lodged by an owner in Texas in July 2024 states that the vehicle had been to the dealer eight times in four months. The issue was “the 360 camera recall and camera issues.” More specifically, the complaint states that “the rear camera will gray out when in reverse and CarPlay / iPhone is plugged in.”

Another complaint, also from Texas but two years earlier, states that the rear camera failed after having the recall completed. “The failure resulted in warning messages of reverse brake assist unavailable.”

The question is, Why is there no resolution after a recall has been issued?

Prior to this, between August 2020 and June 2022, owners complained that the camera was faulty. For example, an owner from Kansas stated that the “camera stopped working multiple times.” There were clearly errors, but no assistance from the dealer. Issues included a “scattered screen,” a system that “deletes saved settings,” and a faulty mirror. “I adjusted it for myself, then the mirrors automatically closed (and) the driver mirror cracked.”

An owner from Florida stated, “The camera often turns blue/black when backing up.”

Electrical System

Reported issues about the 2020 Corsair electrical system include problems with the interface and computer system, rats eating the soy-based wire covering, and supposedly completed recalls that were unsuccessful.

An owner from Virginia had a horrible experience when the electrical system totally shut down. “This happened 4 times,” the complaint states. “The battery is not dead but the electrical system shuts it down.You have to jump or separate (the) battery to reactivate (the) system.” In the most recent incident, “not even the emergency key worked to open the car.” Of course, the danger here is that if someone is in the car, you might not be able to get them out! While the owner recognizes this as a safety issue, “the dealer said there was no problem with the car.”

One of the owners who experienced the rat problem states that this led to the vehicle sometimes not starting. All the dashboard lights flash or the engine turns off. There was no denial by the dealer that the problem was the soy-based wire covering of the electrical system elements. “The service advisor knew this as well as (the) salesperson. This is an issue as if (you are) driving, (the) car could power off and cause an accident.”


Problems reported as being brake issues are strangely varied. But they do point at the service brakes as being a problem. Here are a few examples.

An owner from Michigan states that while reversing from her driveway, the vehicle seized. At the time, the brake warning light was illuminated. The driver was able to restart the vehicle, which was collected at her residence by the local dealer who said the brakes needed “updates.” The vehicle was repaired, but the failure recurred. This time, “the mechanic was unable to duplicate the failure.”

Another complaint that is registered as being a brake, forward collision avoidance, and powertrain issue, resulted in a huge $10,675.67 bill!

More Than Just a Brake Problem

“While driving with cruise control set, a pre-collision assist not available warning showed on the dashboard. Cruise control automatically switched off, and then immediately (the car) slowed even when pressing the gas pedal. The vehicle began to jerk as if the brakes were automatically activated.” The driver was eventually able to pull over and stop. But “the vehicle would only turn off and start when the emergency parking brake was applied.”

Interestingly, this was diagnosed as a “major transmission malfunction. The transmission fluid had been completely burned out and metal shavings were present. I asked how this could happen, especially when the necessary maintenance service checks and procedures were in order. The technician said he didn’t know.” The owner checked the manufacturer’s recall listing and there was a recall on the transmission but that particular recall did not affect this vehicle’s VIN.

“Now the manufacturer refuses to discuss this issue with me, stating that due to proprietary reasons, they could not offer me any further assistance or information. Total repair cost = $10,675.67, (of which) $4,000.00 has been offered as part of the Ford goodwill program. Unfortunately, all warranties have expired due to mileage, except the powertrain, which I was told did not include the transmission.”

What Can You Do If Your Corsair is a Lemon?

It doesn’t matter whether your problems tally with the problems voiced here or anywhere else, you may still have purchased a lemon. If your problem recurs and is impacting the use or value of your 2020 Lincoln Corsair, it could indicate lemon status.

Did you know that every year, auto manufacturers buy back, pay cash settlements to thousands of lemon owners or replace their vehicles? Furthermore, the law makes Lincoln pay the legal fees for lemon law cases. That means you’ve got nothing to lose!

All you need to do is call the Lemberg Law Helpline or fill out a contact form. We’ll do the rest.

Brian Jones

About the Author:

Brian Jones spent more than 30 years working as an ASE Certified Master Tech and Parts Specialist at multiple dealerships. Brian has become an authority in the industry, traveling across the country to consult for car dealerships and contributing his expertise as a writer for several major automotive publications. In his spare time, Brian enjoys working on pickup trucks, muscle cars, Jeeps and anything related to motorsports.

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  • Jim M

    2020 Corsair with 70k miles and needs a new transmission!! It’s also been in the shop 5 times to fix a recall on the backup screen. Lincoln sent a letter saying that they don’t have a permanent fix for the backup camera yet. That was 3 months ago. I despise this money pit of a car and will never buy another Lincoln.

  • Donald L

    Had my Cosair for 3 years and only problem was rear camera, no big issue, turn off engine if camera screen is blue and restart, works fine for a few months. wonderful ride and great gas mileage handles real good


    The ride is very uncomfortable due to the road noise and air noise. I have asked my dealer about it and he says there is nothing that can be done. I would think that Lincoln would make a better vehicle for all the money that I payed. I am ready to get rid of this and go to another brand.

  • Toni

    Transmission going bad on a 2020 Lincoln Corsair

  • Mary K

    I have a 2020 Corsair, I have not had any problems with my suv. I have had it on two 1800 mile trips . It now has 14,000 miles on it. Pleased as of right now. Who know what could happen tomorrow with all the things folks are saying they have problems with.



  • Dena G

    I love my Corsair but quite honestly I’ve had problem after problem none of which “really” affected its ride but it’s multi and continuous problems concerns me especially for the money. It made a rubbing or dragging sound when turning 2 times I took it in couldn’t find problem then a recall the RDU had to be replaced 2 different times only after putting all new tires on first to see if that fixed it! I finally get it back and now engine coolant over temperature and white smoke rolling out of exhaust DONT SOUND GOOD!!! Computer won’t say the issue now they are having to tear into the motor. Mind you I just got vehicle back when engine problem occurred. Lemon or just my bad luck?

  • John P

    I have had no issues with our Lincoln Corsair, the ride is great, like you are driving on a cloud very quite and the acceleration is awesome. This is our third Lincoln, the MKS and MKZ are very quite to traded them in for the Corsair I am getting old . I give our car 5 for ride

  • Raphael G

    We have had no issues at all with our Lincoln Corsair, the ride is great, like you are driving on a cloud very quite and the acceleration is awesome. This is our third Lincoln. I give our car 5 stars

  • Lynn N

    I’ve had my Cosair since November 2020. The back break pads fell off. The front break pads are now bad and they won’t have parts until the end of the month. It needs new tires already. I’ve also had several issues where the hatch won’t open and service acts like I’m making it up. The screen has went black several times as well. I hate this car and I’m trading it in ASAP!

  • Mark G

    We had multiple problems with our Corsair. The first day we pick up the car, the rear hatch jammed and wouldn’t open. We returned to the dealer and had to get a loaner. The car was ready the next day.
    We had a recall done for anti lock brake system. Had to get a loaner, with the car ready the next day.
    We also had a recall for the rear suspension clearance issue. It took over 7 months before the parts were available. We traded the car before the service was performed. We had several long trips planned and did not want an unreliable car.
    There were also several gremlins that kept coming up. A tail light developed a leak and had to be replaced. ( again, requiring a loaner). The driver seat control for forward/reverse kept shorting out. We also has several times the front and rear brake controls would stop functioning and send a dash message to say auto braking would not function.
    It was time to cut our loses and find a reliable SUV!

  • Gary H

    We also have a bad vibration in passenger seat . Not very quiet ride noisy inside. Foot keeps sliding off Gass pedal. Shld b able to adjust it.

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