2020 Lincoln Corsair Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Powertrain, suspension, visibility, and structure issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

The 2020 Lincoln Corsair is a brand-new SUV that’s designed to help owners “chart your course,” according to the automaker. However, customers are scared to go anywhere behind the wheel. It appears that this luxury SUV suffers from a defective powertrain, harsh suspension, poor visibility and shoddy structure.

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Problems with the Powertrain

The powertrain consists of every part that takes the power from the engine and converts it to force that turns the wheels. The major component of this system is the transmission, which seems to be faulty on the Corsair.

Here’s an Edmunds review to reference. “Something I did not pay attention to while test driving is I feel every gear shift. On the highway, I feel like I am gliding on air. However, city/town driving with stop and go traffic acceleration is flawed. When I first got the car with 46 miles on her I felt every shift and stutter when pulling out of a stop. She is improving as we are nearing the break-in mileage but still, for a luxury vehicle one would expect a smoother shift versus the gentle jerk. I tried the various drive modes and excite does shift smoother.  I also feel like I can feel every bump in the road.”

This powertrain is so defective that there is even a recall for it. NHTSA Campaign Number 20V550000 states that there could be missing or loose bolts in the start-stop accumulator endcap that could cause a transmission fluid leak in select models. If this occurs, it could lead to the loss of transmission function and also a car fire. Maybe the Corsair was only meant to “chart a course” to the fire station.

Problems with the Suspension

Along with the rough transmission, customers are also complaining about the ride quality. Apparently, it’s not what’s expected for the price.

That is seen in this Edmunds review. “I should have test driven it longer as I find the suspension to be absolutely terrible. You really feel the road in this vehicle and it’s miserable on a bumpy road (my MKC was so smooth).”

It turns out that Lincoln had to issue another recall for the suspension. NHTSA Campaign Number 20V470000 states that there might not be enough clearance between the rear toe link brackets and rear coil springs, which could cause the springs to break. If this happens, the handling will be hindered dramatically. It could also cause a road hazard, either of which is an increased accident risk. At least if the owner charted a course, they would be able to find their way back thanks to the debris left behind like breadcrumbs.

Problems with the Visibility

There’s very little as important as seeing out of the car that’s being driven. However, when visibility becomes hindered, the drive is anything but enjoyable. 

Here’s an example from an Edmunds review. “When he drove the car and it was raining the wipers didn’t work properly, there was a noise inside that he could not locate. We drove the car for a while just to see if this would go away, but it didn’t.”

This is one condition that Lincoln decided not to issue communications about. Instead of helping owners see clearly, the company has chosen to keep everyone in the dark.

Problems with the Structure

One final look at the Corsair shows that the structure is anything but what was expected. 

Reference one more Edmunds review to see what’s happening. “This is hard to believe, but when it’s raining or just wet from a car wash and you have to pop the tailgate, water gets in the back and things get wet-the harder it’s raining the worse it is. I have to keep paper towels handy to wipe up!”

In this situation, Lincoln has issued more than one communication. The first, Service Bulletin #SSM 49121, states that customers are dealing with wind noise and a fluttering roof opening panel because the components weren’t adjusted correctly. Additionally, Service Bulletin #TSB 20-2233 discusses corrosion with the aluminum body panels. Imagine how disappointing it is to “chart a course” somewhere special only to show up in a luxury vehicle with rust. How embarrassing this situation could be and something that might be expected with a Ford, but not a Lincoln. Maybe it’s time owners chart their course to a different manufacturer instead.

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  • John P

    I have had no issues with our Lincoln Corsair, the ride is great, like you are driving on a cloud very quite and the acceleration is awesome. This is our third Lincoln, the MKS and MKZ are very quite to traded them in for the Corsair I am getting old . I give our car 5 for ride

  • Raphael G

    We have had no issues at all with our Lincoln Corsair, the ride is great, like you are driving on a cloud very quite and the acceleration is awesome. This is our third Lincoln. I give our car 5 stars

  • Lynn N

    I’ve had my Cosair since November 2020. The back break pads fell off. The front break pads are now bad and they won’t have parts until the end of the month. It needs new tires already. I’ve also had several issues where the hatch won’t open and service acts like I’m making it up. The screen has went black several times as well. I hate this car and I’m trading it in ASAP!

  • Mark G

    We had multiple problems with our Corsair. The first day we pick up the car, the rear hatch jammed and wouldn’t open. We returned to the dealer and had to get a loaner. The car was ready the next day.
    We had a recall done for anti lock brake system. Had to get a loaner, with the car ready the next day.
    We also had a recall for the rear suspension clearance issue. It took over 7 months before the parts were available. We traded the car before the service was performed. We had several long trips planned and did not want an unreliable car.
    There were also several gremlins that kept coming up. A tail light developed a leak and had to be replaced. ( again, requiring a loaner). The driver seat control for forward/reverse kept shorting out. We also has several times the front and rear brake controls would stop functioning and send a dash message to say auto braking would not function.
    It was time to cut our loses and find a reliable SUV!

  • Gary H

    We also have a bad vibration in passenger seat . Not very quiet ride noisy inside. Foot keeps sliding off Gass pedal. Shld b able to adjust it.

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