2022 Lincoln Corsair Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Brake, structure, & backover prevention issues are among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

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The Lincoln Corsair is a relatively new, small luxury SUV that was launched in the U.S. in the summer of 2020. Manufactured by the Ford Motor Company, it is the Lincoln brand’s first electric all-wheel drive that delivers what is promoted as a powerful, confident, and nimble SUV.” It is also Lincoln’s best-selling vehicle.

According to Lincoln, 2022 sales were up 21.1% through the end of August. But sales don’t, of course, relate to problems and complaints.

When the 2022 model was launched, Consumer Reports said they expected it to be “much less reliable than the average new car.” Their prediction was based on data from 2020 models.

A three-star Edmunds review that gives reliability one out of five stars says there are “so many irritations that I won’t be purchasing another Lincoln. It is telling that Consumer Reports ranked Lincoln dead last in reliability and they aren’t completely wrong.”

Consumer Reports has subsequently highlighted two recalls. These are, as the law requires, listed on the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website.

The first recall, issued in March 2022, warns that the SUV’s high voltage battery might fail. If it does, the sudden loss of drive power increases the risk of a crash. While they assess that only three vehicles are affected, the second recall potentially affects 100,689 vehicles. This recall is due to an engine compartment fire risk that relates to possible engine failure.

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Most Common Problems

Consumer complaints to the NHTSA and other sources are varied. Complaints about the structure of the vehicle are considerably higher than complaints about performance. However, brakes are a problem area, as is functionality relating to the backup camera, which affects backover protection.

2022 Lincoln Corsair Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Electrical System
Back Over Prevention
Unknown Or Other
Power Train
Service Brakes
Back Over Prevention: Sensing System: Camera
Forward Collision Avoidance

Brake Problems

If your SUV brakes don’t work properly, you could be in big trouble.

A complaint to the NHTSA from a 2022 Lincoln Corsair owner in California reports several instances when the SUV’s braking system malfunctioned. For example, while driving at about 20 mph and depressing the brake pedal, the vehicle continued to move forward without slowing down. On another occasion, “the front passenger’s side wheel made contact with the curb due to the braking failure.” The failure mileage was reportedly 1,600.

A complaint from an owner in Kansas seems to be related to an electrical problem. It states that the luxury car’s three-seat memory recall positions don’t work correctly. Furthermore, the complaint claims that this has been a problem since the first 2020 model Lincoln Corsair.

“The computer-stored position does not remember the position resulting in one getting jammed against the steering wheel and jamming one’s feet into the pedals.” Instead of the seat recall feature being disabled unless stopped, “the feature can be activated when moving slowly, like when approaching a stop at a stop sign or the garage door.”

A serious result of the problem is that, when this happens, the driver cannot “press the brake or jam the gas pedal.”

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Structural Issues

There is one complaint to the NHTSA that relates to the structure of the Lincoln Corsair. The problem is that the roof of the SUV leaks water above the driver’s seat when it rains. According to the complaint, water seems to enter the roof panel through the windshield glass seal rather than the sunroof.

“The water drips on the driver seat and the steering wheel and has caused discoloration to the driver seat. This water leak distracted me while driving due to (a) sudden water leak, it is not safe as it could cause (an) accident.”

The Edmunds review mentioned above also says: “Build quality is abysmal. You never know what features will take a vacation. Liftgate? Power seats? Auto hold? The list goes on. There are more creaks, pops, squeaks, and rattles that any car should have, especially a Lincoln. Even the seats have become noisy. There is a carpeted exterior wheel liner that falls loose and looks awful. Dealer said it was fixed, twice but (it’s) still hanging loose.”

Another Edmunds review objects to so much plastic in the interior of the SUV. “Granted it is mostly in the areas that you do not readily see. But still, this is supposed to be a luxury SUV.”

Backup Camera & Radio Problems

An NHTSA complaint from an owner in Los Angeles is listed as a backover prevention problem. The issue is that the backup camera doesn’t seem to be connected to the vehicle. After doing a reset suggested by Lincoln chat, the camera still doesn’t sync with the SUV.

“I also have to manually turn (the) radio off because the screen will literally stay on and run the battery. I am simply scared to drive my new vehicle!“

An Edmunds review also criticizes the radio. “One thing that is really important to me is the sound system. The Corsair’s sounds like my transistor radio from the 1960s. What a disappointment.”

What to do if your 2022 Lincoln Corsair is a lemon? Your Lemon Rights

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  • Parvin A

    I’m a person who loves Lincoln company . But unfortunately I never ever had a worth car more than Corsair hybrid 2022. I got my car August 2022. It has a big list of issue in dealership Yonge & steeles branch . They told me you should wait for part ok I will wait but it’s just for seat problem. As well it has many problems I am paying $1000 a month but it’s look like old car no one care … inside door has noise. Seat has movement . Door was scratched . Front tire has very bad noise like helicopters… you can ask them in the branch . All of them knows they have a long list of problems. My name is …. and my car is under my business name .
    I really don’t know how should complain and to whom?
    I want to have new one or stop charging me until problem are solve .
    Give me an advise and show me a way to send them my huge complain.
    Thanks if you are caring about my request and follow up.

  • François G

    My 20222 Lincoln Corsair Hybrid was suppose to have an autonomy of 645 km. Since I have this car, I never got more than 300 km. I don’t know want to do since it already two times the car is going to the garage.

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